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This Frequently Asked Questions section will be constantly expanded as we get more and more questions from you.

Okay, so I got the first demo, and I installed it, and it says I need DirectPlay5a. What's gone wrong???
Stay calm! You're merely one DirectX5 update short of a full set. You can get Mirosoft's DirectPlay5a - just click here.

But I already have a version of DirectPlay more recent than 5a. What's going on?
 Okay, the early release Series 9 demo had a bit of a problem recognizing newer versions of DirectPlay and Direct X. Alright, already - it was a bug. But it's fixed now, so just grab the demo again from our downloads page and you should be fine.

But I have the full game and I'm having this problem!
 If you have DirectX versions higher than 5.0, and KKnD: Krossfire won't run (where the error is along the lines of "KKnD requires DirectX5 or greater"), you may have a version of KKnD: Krossfire which does not recognize DirectX versions higher than 5. Grab the patch from our downloads page - that should fix this problem.

Whenever I start a multiplayer game, I always start off with zero resource units.
 This is a bug in the Thai version of KKnD Krossfire (which is an earlier release version than the rest of the world). Grab the patch from our downloads page - that should fix this problem.

Why do I get a "bad version" error when trying to join a multiplayer game?
 This will happen when different language versions of KKnD Krossfire are used in a multiplayer game (for example: English version playing the German version). Grab the patch from our downloads page - that should fix this problem.

My game crashes while loading the mission (when the bar shows about 90%)
 There could be a virus on your computer. We've received feedback from a couple of people who have this problem and upon removing the virus, KKnD2 works again. Please run a scan on your computer for viruses. Popular virus scanners include AntiViral Toolkit (www.avp.com) and Vet.

Will Melbourne House be releasing the urban and highlands tilesets for the KKnD Mission Editor?
 We are considering this. Stay tuned for updates on this issue.

Are there any cheats for KKnD2?
 Yes. Go check out out Cheats page

I've come across a mission I just can't do - it's Evolved level 7: The Wall Of Death. How do I finish it?
 Normally we wouldn't list a walkthrough in a FAQ, but this mission is so durned hard we're making an exception. Click to go to our Evolved level 7: The Wall Of Death walkthrough.

What is a Tech Bunker?
 A Tech Bunker contains a special unit (a 25th century unit) which is really tough and powerful. There are 6 different types of 25th century units. We'll list all of them on the site soon.

How do I open a Tech Bunker?
 You need to send a Technician, Mekanik or Systech into the Tech Bunker. In multiplayer however, you need to wait for the cross to disappear before you can send a technician in.

How do I upgrade buildings?
 Build a Research Lab/Alchemy Hall/Technostudy. Click on it, then click on the building you want to upgrade. Be aware that in early missions, you won't be able to upgrade to the max. How much you can upgrade depends on the Tech level of the particular mission. Some buildings cannot be upgraded (like towers, huts etc.).