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KKnD2: Krossfire
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Download the KKND2: Krossfire patch

kknd2_eng.zip  (427K) - English language version

Download from:

Melbourne House

Also get other language version patches here:

kknd2_ger.zip   910K - German version
kknd2_kor.zip   1.3 Meg - Korean version
kknd2_thai.zip   866K - Thai version *

The KKND2 patch enables full Direct Play lobby support, so that KKND2 can be played on online gaming sites like Wireplay. It's also a good thing to have installed if you want to try out the KKND2 cheats.

The patch allows some of the earlier released non-English language versions of KKND2 to:
  • recognize and use versions of Direct X higher than 5
  • no longer start multiplayer games with resources of 0
  • no longer come up with "bad version" errors when trying to join a multiplayer game with different langage versions of the game.
(later releases did not have these problems)

* The Thai patch does not have full Direct Play Lobby Support at this time.

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