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KKnD2: Krossfire
EvolvedSurvivorsSeries 9

Evolved level 7: The Wall Of Death

This mission is too hard. Out of 51 missions it was the blip. Sorry about that. The original was way too easy, so it got upgraded. Unfortunately this got a bit recursive. Each pass seemingly getting easier because we knew precisely how to do it. Well here is how. This is a precision mission.

  1. Make game crawl along at minimum speed and remember to save after EVERY step.
  2. Number all fighter group 1, tech & bomb 2. Keep them moving.
  3. Head northwest till just past the shallow river. Once there head south and regroup on the eastern high ground.
  4. Blow up one of the patrolling tanks and then run for it heading south past the allied camp. They are there just for show. Ignore them.
  5. Head east and then south to the small APC's waiting for you. There will be some minor bad guys hanging around but they should not be a problem. You should not have lost a man by now, and a couple of your foot troops are veterans.
  6. Drive west against minor resistance. Keep as far south as possible. Do not attack the ATV's. Stop at the cactus.
  7. Walk forward in tight formation and kill the enemy foot troops stationed on the other side of the cactus. Hopefully you are still to lose a man. Avoid the Turret
  8. Station all foot troops on the high ground an inch due south.
  9. Run one APC along the road to the west until you trigger the ATV's and run. Sucker the ATV's north of your troops and mow them down. Alternately you can blow them up with the Kamikaze.
  10. Follow the now clear road west then north. Go through the cactus to avoid the rocketeers. Approach the back of the Survy base.
  11. Now the hard Bit. The Wall of Death. The wall turns off to allow tankers and troops through. Wait for a tanker to approach the wall and gun it. The tech should be in the second APC and all the other troops are there just to take the pain.
  12. The Research Lab is just north of the wall. Unload the tech and WIN WIN Win... hang on....
Part 2

  1. Reinforcements have just arrived to the extreme east. Depending on how long Part 1 took this could be easy, it could be hard.
  2. Build like you have never built before. Go for income. If it does not make you money, ignore it. You do not need to build defences for a while.
  3. Move all combat units to the west and for a straight line out of them. Nothing should attack you for a little while.
  4. Once you have been attacked, build a Healing tent and repair your units. Try very hard to keep them alive. Make more money
  5. Kill bad guys. Did it again today in 1:25 game time, 2:00 real time. You can take it from here!