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KKnD2: Krossfire
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Retaining the post-apocalyptic setting of the prequel game, KKND2 builds upon the fast and furious real-time strategy action that gamers have come to associate with the KKND games.

KKND2 adds features that increase the strategic elements of the game. These include the addition of walls to divert or slow down the enemy, destructible bridges which can vastly alter the effectiveness or focus of an opponent's attack, and 3D terrain emulation which brings height advantage into play on hills or cliffs, as well as adding realistic line-of-sight, allowing such tactics as hiding and ambushing. New terrain types - for instance the urban environment - add variety to level layouts and change the pace of the mission, and the new unit types - amphibious and aerial units - can open up areas and routes that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Player units now have greatly improved pathfinding capabilities, as well as responding to an enhanced series of commands such as fight, patrol and defend. This should allow you a certain amount of freedom to set-and-forget defenses, without fear that the base, underpass or clifftop will be overrun by a meager enemy if you're not there to oversee the battle. Increased radar capabilities at higher tech levels within the game will aid your units in detecting the approaching enemy earlier.

The addition of a third race - the Series 9 robots - enlivens the action by increasing the number and variety of potential foes. Each of the three races has its own unique strengths and weaknesses which can be capitalized upon. For instance, Survivors have a wider range of constructible turrets, enabling them to create more unpredictable vehicles of mass destruction; Series 9 units generally last longer than the equivalent units of other races, but cannot be healed.