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Welcome to our Strategies section. Here you will find the latest strategies and detailed tactics from the designers of KKND2, as well as personal strategies from people all over the world.

We invite you to submit any strategies you have devised. These can include general tips, or perhaps tactics relating to specific levels - anything which will aid your fellow gamers!

submit your own strategy here!

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general tips

If you're playing a high tech level game, upgrade your Research Lab or equivalent as soon as possible. In the long run this will save you time and money when upgrading other buildings.

Upgrade your PowerStations to get more money from each load of oil.

Use Artillery or Aircraft to attack well defended bases on the top of cliffs.

Use units in combination to compensate for each unit's weaknesses.

Have at least two tankers on each oil route.

Bombers are good at attacking buildings whereas fighters are better at attacking vehicles and infantry.

Get to know the keyboard shortcuts:
  • [F] tells your units to fight the nearest visible enemy units.
  • [END] centres the screen on the last combat event.
  • [INSERT] selects your Research Lab.
  • [BACKSPACE] reselects the last selected group.
  • [SPACE] tells your units to stop whatever they are doing.
  • [G] tells your units to guard an area and call for help when attacked.
  • [HOME] centres the screen on your base.
If you aren't sure of a particular unit's strengths and weaknesses, go to the unit editor and check out their damage values.

Use waypoints to set up a series of buildings to attack when cleaning up a base.

Build and upgrade an Armory (or equivalent) to decrease the amount of damage that your units take in combat.

Build guard towers in combination to compensate for their weaknesses.

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