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KKnD2: Krossfire
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Series 9 Logo Of the nine series of robotsz, created to take over all the menial tasks of humans, only one survived the great Nuclear War of 2079. Most robots (Series 1-4) were designed for city use, and since the cities were all targeted by warheads, well kaboom! The Series 9, agricultural robots, were far enough from the cities to survive the blasts.

Sure, the radiation and shockwaves freaked them out a little and they personally wiped out Series 5-8, but hey, everyone can go a little billy every now and again, right? Anyway, it took them many years to develop an understanding of what had happened (the humans had destroyed their crops and their soil - and hence their entire reason for existing), and took them more years still to develop a new emotion - Anger.

In 2140, the year of the Great Surface War, they showed up, finally, to punish the humans, only to find that the humans had plasma cannons and giant acid-spitting scorpions, and all they had were forks and shovels. So they hit their own drawing board, using ideas from the battles they had witnessed. It's now 2179, a hundred years since they were rendered bored. They've got the motive, they've got the weapons, and they've got no respect for human life. At all. Time to crash a party.

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