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Bases (capacity)



Small (5) – armored vehicle

small base Smallest and fastest of the bunch, these bases carry light loads quickly. Carry 5 points of turrets / extras

Medium (7) – armored vehicle

medium base More armored, slightly slower and they can hold 7 points worth of turrets and extras.

Large (10) – armored vehicle

large base The big kahuna. Holds 10 points of turrets and extras, moves pretty slowly, but in a protected kinda way.

Turret (capacity)



Small APC (5)

not visible

Small Armored Personnel Carriers. They carry up to 5 infantry or one small vehicle. In armored comfort!

Large APC (10)

not visible

Large Armored Personnel Carriers. Can carry 10 infantry units or 2 small vehicles (or a combination) or 1 large vehicle. Transport craziness!

Repair attachment (7)

repair Creates a kind of Mobile Repair Bay, so big units - including aerial units - can be repaired on the go. Will repair themselves too, if there's no-one around to deal with.

Radar attachment (2)

radar Makes the Constructible a mobile radar, so you can keep an eye on that pesky enemy.

Artillery (10)

artillery Long-range weapons, but note that they have a minimum range too - so protect them if the enemy gets close.

Anti–aircraft (6)

anti-aircraft tower A weapon that can only target air units, but can move closer to where they are to get 'em.

Plasma Turret (5)

plasma turret Good, damaging weapon, best against buildings, but pretty good against everything else too.

Stealth Turret (7)

stealth The Stealth turret creates an aura of Radar Jam around it so that other friendly units close by are also hidden from enemy radar.

EMP Generator (10)

emp generator Electro Magnetic Pulse. More than a mouthful of words, this turret saps energy out of things quickly. Great against buildings, but pretty darn good against everything else too.

Sonic Boom (10)

sonic boom Good for creatin' bleedin' ear'oles. Makes a boom designed to shuder small units to death. "Gosh I'm sure there was some infantry here a second ago...". Sonic Boom affects vehicles a little, but animals moreso (the ears, y'see).

LTA (10)

localized temporary anomaly The Localized Temporal Anomaly. Creates a crazy time warp, sending enemy units a few seconds into the future so you don't have to deal with them all at once. To us boring "static rate of time" folk, the visual effect is just to make the units disappear and reappear in a few seconds' time.




Speed (1)

speed Increases the speed of the unit.

Armor (1)

armor Toughens the unit, boosting its armor rating.

Self Repair (2)

self repair Gives the unit the ability to repair itself, so long as it is not moving or attacking.

Radar Jam (2)

radar jam Creates a field around itself, preventing the unit from showing up on radar.

Destruct (2)

destruct Packs some mean explosives into your unit, so that when it does, it explodes in a nasty area-of-effect kinda way.

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