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Kevin Rupp - krupp12w@ptd.net

At the start of the mission move your weapons over to protect your lone oil field. Build a power plant ( next to your oil field) a research lab ( above your outpost) and another power plant above the research lab. Do this all at once and also build an oil derrick. When the derrick is ready open the oil field to the north of the camp. make sure the oil tankers are using the power plant closest to their oil field. When the research lab is finished upgrade the machine shop to get flame throwers and set it to auto mode ( click at least 10 times so they are produced for the rest of the mission)

Upgrade again to get more oil tankers then work on upgrading the outpost. Once the outpost is upgraded to get missile batteries put some near your oil fields. As soon as you have about 10 flame throwers ready team them with the bazooka guys and head south. Once south head west staying a close to the ridge as possible. You will come across 2 rotary cannons, take out the one to the north ( along the ridge wall) forget the other one for now. Move on and take out the oil rig. Still hugging the ridge wall move on westward to another oil rig and take it out. By now you attack squad of flamers will be about destroyed. If you timed this right the mutants will not have the funds to rebuild the rigs. for the most part you have ended the threat from the south. Meantime you should have been cranking out the flamers back at your camp. Just continue to use these to protect the oil rigs.

Save after each attack wave!! In between attacks build another derrick and take over the oil field to the south and create more tankers. have at least three tankers on this field. Now you are really cranking in the oil. At this point you get a couple of thousand oil credits ahead as you cannot spend it fast enough. Onc


K.K. Chin - kkchin@sirim.my

This is even tougher than the "counter attack" at least for me, since I don't have a choice to select my base. The default site is very "OPEN".

Attack come from west and south. The it seem to me that the attack from the west is much stronger, maybe because the enemy base is much closer. Do put stronger defence at your west oil well.

The key is to get more RU as soon as possible.

First build a power station just to the east of the west oil well, this will reduce the traval time for you tanker (you get an extra tanker too).

Then build a research lab at the north, so you can build a power station just next to the north oil well (build an extra tancker for this well too when you done upgrading your machine shop).

While doing all this try to train a few (like 9) machanic to keep your tower in repair during atack. place machanic just below the tower so he can get in as quickly as possible.

Upgrade both machine shop and out post. Build an extra tower at the south will help to strengthen your defence.

If you can hold no long enough to gather a strong enough attack force (4 or 5 automatic thank, barrage craft, some sniper, and one bomber unit ), send them to attack the enemy base at the west. Go in from below the trees. The timing is important, start attacking right after a major attack from the west enemy base. This will ensure minimum resistance. Use the bomber unit to take out any large group of enemy force you encounter.

Destroy the beast enclosure first, then the clan hall and the power station before take out the tower next to the beast enclosure (remember to keep your unit away from the tower), destroy the oil well and power station to the west too.

You can finish up the west enemy base later since it doesn't post any threat now.

Send your units to the far west and then down south, you will find the back door to the south enemy base. Attack it from front and back. Victory will soon be yours.



Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is you build lots and lots of snipers. You place them on the west and the south side. The enemy will have two bases both on the west. When you places the snipers you will have a strong defences system. The enemy ru will run low in two hours' time. That's the time to attack them. Well good luck..... :)

Stephen Spiteri - Cassanova@rocketmail.com

In the start, do your researching and stuff and then make about 40 or 50 snipers. More if you can afford it. Send them down towards the bottom left of the screen to destory all the units and buildings you can. Trust me snipers kick ass in big numbers. Another tip would be wiping out the units the enemy have made and then send in your airstrikes. The units below if not destroyed will destroy your plane if ignored.

It took me a week to perfect my strategy but with my tips you should do it first or second go.


Bob BONZOL - Bonzol@dialix

When you start off build 2 power stations and a thing that makes stuff smarter. Then upgrade the castle to full and build lots of SNIPERS. When they're done put half of them to the left of your base and put the others at the bottom left corner of your base. When that's done build more SNIPERS - LOTS and LOTS of them and when your other SNIPERS are dead put the other group you made there. While they're holding off the army build an army of those Auto cannon tanks and send them in.

Dino Bautista - din2176@pdx.rpnet.com

Th key here is that you have to build a very good defense around your base, particularly the west and south side, as in this mission your base is very open and vulnerable. First, build 2 power stations close to the oil rigs, with the second oil rig deployed up north. Build a research lab on the north side then the second power station, so it's closer to the oil rig thereby minimizing the tankers transport time. Have your tankers transport only to the closer stations. Upgrade the machine shop till you can get more tankers, 4 up to 6 if you have more funds.

Build ATV flametrowers for your initial defense at first but then replace them later by building Anaconda tanks and leave this on auto or infinite build mode as your funds increase. Upgrade your Outpost till you get snipers and again build on infinite mode. Deploy the Anacona tanks with snipers behind them, by setting one flank on the west and one at the south. Make sure you have some close to your oil rigs.

At this point the enemy cannot penetrate your defenses and its easy to replace your lost pieces with minimal effort. You don't even have to build guard towers but you can place one tower (your choice) beside each oil rig or any weak perimeter area if you wish. Mechanics are not even necessary but you may need a few at first. At this point the enemy seem to fear your tough defense and you can attack the enemy with any strategy of your choice.

This mission appears to be difficult at first but then is actually easy when you develop the right technique.



There's an oil well above your machine shop. Get a mobile derrick to sit on it and build two power stations, one near the oil rig you got in the beginning and one near the oil rig you just built. Send an anaconda tank and at least 2 bazookas to the upper missile battery. Upgrade outpost to max and set snipers to INFINITE! Send your snipers (in groups) to points where the freakers attack. Then upgrade your machine shop to max and build some barrage crafts and autocannons and send them to defend. Also build some oil tankers.

When you have a good supply of oil, build barrage crafts and autos and let them wait. During all this build a few air strikes. When they are ready, scout the northwest base. If there's a huge army... bomb them with airstrikes. Then send in snipers and a few tanks (barrage crafts and autocannons) and wipe out the base. Expand your oil industry (build oil rigs and power stations). Doing that will give money (lots of it). Build a massive army and vapourize the remaining freakers.

Cayptain Kirk - You'll never find out!

Back home in Australia... We build... I mean I build lots of 'em Snipers and Anaconda Tanks, so I can siege into the mutant base! BUT, them nasty rascals attacked my base with them blasted grabs!!! Then I built lots of Cannon Towers (4-7)!!! That oughta keep 'em far away from my your base! And yes, you got those Snipers... use them attack along the southern side of the map and thus victory shall be yours! Alrighty then! By the way if ya want mo' tips, visit the Karhusoft page at (orion.pspt.fi/~lpuurune)

Arvid Jansson

This level is so easy so you can put it in to the bag. Build a combination of Snipers, Rocket launchers, Barrage craft and a few autocannon tanks. After you build your army you should build some aircraft and then go for attack on the black mutes. Then attack the red mutes (normal mutes). After you've killed the black mutes the rest is easy. We made this level at half an hour. The level is one of the easiest level in the game.

Carl Anderson - juenbi@aol.com

This was a tough level. As others suggest build a power plant next to oil rig#1. Next build an Oil Derik, then while you're waiting, build your RS lab as far North of your Outpost as will allow, then you can build your 3rd Power Plant closer to the Northern oil field. Send the derik to North oil field and assign Tanker #3 to it. Now you want to create Technicians; about six will do for now, place them by the Towers. You will need them to repair during the first two attacks from AI. Then build about ten ATV's. These low cost vehicles are used to draw the fire of the AI and protect troups, which allow the towers to do thier job. Then Start Upgrading. I used the Swat on unlimited and placed them in groups next to the towers. Be sure to check your build rates on vehicles, troups, and technicians as you will need to replenish them after attacks. Once you have tech level three build a couple more missle towers, one to the west of the oilrig#1 and one just south of it. Keep your atv's and techs close to the towers. About the Third attack was from the south. The first of several. Use a group of 6 atv's for this. Now you should be able to hold your own until you get tech level 5. After rech level 5 change swats to unlimited snipers. Place small groups of snipers with the swats and mix in some rpg launchers with them.

Start upgrading the Machine shop, after you get tech level 3, back up a row of 5 atv's with 3 anaconda Tanks. Place another 3 the same in between the west towers. Continue holding off the AI until you get about thirty snipers. Build about three atv's and three anaconda tanks and attack. I went to the west. Lead the tanks strike against the Grapeshot cannon followed by your snipers for a fast kill. Then take the tanks west and attack the rotary cannon, while the tanks take all the fire from the beasts etc. aim your snipers at the power station, they should be able to take that out. The AI will counter attack and just hold them off as before. Wait until they finish their attack. Take a group of ten snipers north and a group of 3 atvs and anacondas with 20 snipers west, while the snipers take out the oil rig again have the northern snipers take out the two cannons in the north, and then some and retreat. This damage will slow the AI down, but it still has you wipped two fold. The third counter attack should follow the AI's next attack, you should have a group of thirty snipers go west and clean house. You should be able to KKND all that is in that base.

Take out the oil tankers but leave the oil rig standing. Go back east to the road that leads down, you will find two rotary cannons, kill them but leave the rig standing. You will have depleted your oil supply, so use that rig to drill from, make about two or three extra tankers to service this well. The AI will attack from the South west, use your snipers (30) just east of where the first grape shot cannon was and a barrage craft and anaconda hiding behind the ridge near the opening they will hold off the AI. Next take another group of 15-20 snipers and a couple of bikes west to the ramp, use the bikes to draw fire from the rotary cannon and snipers to finish then take out that oil rig. Then retreat north atop the hill. Gear up for an attack to the south west 20 snipers and 3 atvs and three anacondas. Send them south then west. Take out the rotary cannons and any beast animals that counter attack , send the snipers to take out the oil rig. After the flow of oil is cut you can use a large group of snipers to take out the rest of the animals and base, then just desroy the oil rig you borrowed and watch the ending video. A little cat and mouse and a lot of snipers will win this level.

Jim - BIGPOP1234@aol.com

This level isn't as hard as it seems. Make sure you are sucking both oil patches with 2 tankers. Make sure to protect oil derrecks. Then upgrade outpost to max. Build 2 cannon towers near your west oil drill then put sniper on infinity. Hold off until you have tons of snipers then wipe out the base to the south. If you've made it this far you have this mission in the bag. Once the base in the south is destroyed move your snipers back to your base to help protect. Soon after a few giant attacks will come from the west, but with the snipers and towers, you won't have too much trouble fending them off. Upgrade the machine factory to max and make a few airstrikes and make some autocannon tanks, make sure to leave snipers on infinite. Then once you have a huge force move west and wipe them out, or at least take out several key buildings and finish them later.

McGoo - DEMcGee4@aol.com

Folks, I had absolutely zero trouble with this one. One word: SNIPERS. Kings of the battlefield, these units are MORE than worth their price in R&D and eventual production.

Set up your defense immediately and then research the bejesus outta of the outpost. Once you can build snipers, then research the vehicle plant. Keep advancing your defensive line til you can mount a relatively strong offensive. Never, under any circumstances, should you stop building snipers. Sure, the Beetle has a longer range, but as long as you attack the beetles, the snipers will win every time.

I've personally found that snipers are, pound for pound, credit for credit, the BEST unit available. If you don't agree, find a good psychiatrist and have a chat. Happy hunting!

Stephen Petersen - malcomh@bc.sympatico.ca

After setting up your base, buy lots of heavy artilery in a line, like
a bunch of swat and barrage crafts. Then put missle batteries and a
cannon tower behind them. Before making an attack, send in an aircraft to weaken the defenses and units, then send in your forces right after the bomb hits.

Mojo Philter -

First of all, towers are useless. Don't build even one.

Build a research lab above your outpost. Then build a power plant above that. Build another one below your base. Then build another one so you have four. Build an oil derrick and send it to the patch above the base. Put two tankers on each well.

Upgrade your outpost fully so you can get snipers. Before it's fully upgraded, build 10 snipers and 5 flamethrowers. Send all of these to the north-west by the missile tower. Don't build anything else until you can get snipers, then set them to infinite. Once you get snipers send groups of about 5 to the north-west, west, and south sides of your base.

Next, upgrade your machine shop to the max. Build 2 barrage craft, and one autocannon tank for each group of defense. About this time, send most of your snipers directly to the west. This is where most of the attacks will come from. You should have about 15 snipers at the northwest, and about 25 at the south.

There are 2 ways to do the next part. Build bikers and send them into the camp to get the evolved to attack. Or you can build bombers and wipe out a huge part of their army to get them to attack. While you are doing this, get a group of about 30 snipers, 3-5 barrage craft and 3-5 autocannon tanks. After they attack, take this force and attack them. It may take a couple of attacks from you to wipe them out, but this always works for me.

After you destroy the guys on the west, take your whole force south and attack the south base. It is a good idea to bomb them a couple times right before you attack.

This basically means, upgrade to maximum, build snipers, barrage craft, autocannon tanks, defend until you can attack. It works with most missions.

Chris Peterson - chrisp@flash.net

Snipers are definitely the coolest and most powerful defense for this mission.. Build a research center at the mission start, and keep upgrading until you can build snipers.

Put sniper build on infinite and place them around the west and
south side of your base. After the first attack, open the oil field
to the north and get some tankers going up there.

If you manage your snipers you can create an elite group of them
which heal themselves pretty quickly. About 15 or 20 elite snipers
can do HEAVY damage. Put a few flamer tanks in front of a large
group of elite snipers and you can wipe out lot's of stuff fast.

Take out the base in the SW corner first with your snipers. Make
sure you have sufficient defenses in the NW before your attack.
I built a few guard towers and put some snipers up there to protect
the NW corner.

After destroying the SW corner, you should have enough money
and elite snipers to destroy the base in the NW. I built very few
vehicles in this mission, mostly snipers and flamers.

Michael Rastello -

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......

The key is SNIPERS and BARRAGE CRAFTS in this mission. Put all your troops by the missile battery to the north. Leave some men behind by the other one. There are two other oil spots to the northeast and to the southeast. Make two drill rigs and put them there. Put power stations as close as you can to them. You might have enough oil to make another power station right next to the oil rig you started with. When you are all finished with that an attack will come from the west, be ready. Let the crazy harry from the south attack the oil rig to the south. Bring some troops and kill him. He'll probably run away (what a wuss bag).
Then make a research lab and put it anywhere you want. Upgrade the Machine Shop to the oil tankers. Make about 3 put two to the north oil rig and one to the south oil rig. Then an attack will come from the south. Make Flamethrower tanks and pick off all of them. Upgrade the Outpost to the highest and make 4 Cannon towers and put them to the west. Make plenty of snipers and while doing that upgrade the Machine Shop to the highest tech level. Make infinity snipers, infinity Barrage Craft, 6 Autocannon tanks, and infinity bazookas.
When you have a lot of men attack the southwestern base and kill it. You will be a little hurt but remember the infinity. Huge attack will come from the west. Try to kill them. If you do keep reading if you didn't then bye-bye, start all over. Bring all of your troops and kill the base on the west. If you succeed good for you and if you didn't visa versa. This was one of the hardest missions I have ever experienced.

Björn Schultze - bschultze@hotmail.com

This is an hard one so a think you will need this or another strategy to make it. After a research lab and a motorshop are built start upgrading. Produce strong defences to the west (maybe flamers and defensive buildings). Then make as many snipers as you can and attack the base to the south. Watch your oil tankers !!

Oystein Vik - oskar.vik@login.eunet.no

Well, research your car shop twice, and then research your outpost 'till you can build Snipers. Use all three oil spots, and don't build towers, they suck, but try to keep the ones you've got standing. Keep building Snipers and barrage crafts, and only Snipers and Barrage Crafts until you have a big enough army to nuke the freakers. Go for it

Nikos Bogiatzopoulos - mikana@compulink.gr

This is really the best and the safest thing you can do. It takes time but if you do that you’ll be the winner.
First build immediately three power stations. Build three oil derricks to get all of the oil near your base. Make three technicians to repair the damaged missile batteries. Build three Atvs. Then a research lab and start the first upgrade. When it's finished build three flamer ATVs and take two of them to the south side and one of them to the west side. Start the second upgrade. When it's finished start building three Anaconda tanks and take them to the west side. Build three oil tankers. Start the third upgrade and build five barrage crafts. Take the three of them to the south sides and the two of them to the west side. Start the final upgrade. Then build the final technology’s tanks the autocannons.
For now build only ten. Take five left and five down.
Then finish the third outpost’s upgrade. Build four cannon towers.
Two at the left side and two at the down side. Then finish the last upgrade. Start building seven bombers. Then the only thing you must do is the autocannon’s building. When you’ve got ten barrage crafts, five bombers and fifty autocannons attack the dark red enemy. When you are close throw on his units the four bombers. Then put the others to the fight. During the attack build autocannons, barrage crafts, snipers and bombers. No dark-red survivors. When you clean the dark-red color from the area go back to your base the most immediately you can. Then protect the down side with your war survivors and the tanks you made during the fight. When the red enemy do an attack throw the other bombers on his units. Then kill with your tanks the enemy survivors. When the attack finish, start your attack. Throw the final bomber on his new units. Destroy them for ever. Play careful and with strategy your last attack.

KELVIN W - glbkwong@gte.net

I think when you have a lot of money, you can do it.
First, go West of where you start and get the droid. Then go all the way east to get 1000 dollars free. You will find your base as you are crossing. Then send the droid near the grape shot cannon near the bridge and WAIT!!( stop when the grapeshot hits you.), then tell the droid to attack it. After the attack each time go back to your base and come down again. Keep on doing this until it's beaten. Then send those saboteurs to sabot the oil rig and the power staion. There you get more money.
Build a Machine Workshop and a Tech Lab. Upgrade your Machine Workshop to get those 850 dollars tanks and ATVs. Until you have about 15-20 tanks, 10-13 ATVs, and a lot of soldiers of all kind accept those repair guys, those 50 dollars kind and flamers. Go down to the oil rig you are using and go east so you see enemy's army, attack them all and take the power staion then the beast workshop, Clan Hall, and the 3 grape shot cannons then the pen and go up to destroy the rig.

Jack Ass - Jackass@123Jenny ABC

For this final Survivor mission you're starting off behing the 8-ball. The enemy has two camps...... oops I guess this sounds kinda familiar. Oh well all I have to say is don't overlook the map, you'll regret it. Especially if you don't save your games.

Michael Smith - Duke930

Alright, there are 5 things that will win this mission for you : Autocanon Tanks, Barrage Crafts, Snipers, Timing and Bombers. First off they set you off close to the top-right of the map: to the North is an oil field. Also to the East and to the South there are oil fields in reasonable distance. First I suggest putting a Power Plant on the right of the derrick and then a Tech Center on above the derrick. Now upgrade your Outpost while putting another power station on the left of the derrick.
Build a derrick and send it to the Northern oil field while putting in another power plant above the Tech Center. By now you should have finished upgrading your Outpost. The attacks shall soon start; so you need defenses, right? So while upgrading your Machine Shop build Canon Towers and Bombers galore. Place the Canon Towers around your power stations and derrick. Place all the Towers you're allowed to have. You should be done upgrading for the first attack so build 4 bombers, 10 snipers, 7 Autocanon Tanks and Barrage Crafts.
Once their assult has been crushed and your defenses have collapsed move your forces in slowly when you see a crowded group of Evolved infantry and units. Now comes the role of the bombers: place the bomber in the middle of the pack and watch their army crumble in a matter of seconds. Quickly move in and crush their rotary canon and Beast Enclosure. Divide your men so one half destroys their money supply while the other stops the beast enclosure from rebuilding.
Be building men in your base cause your men are weak and by now your snipers are dead. After a while the base will be gone from constant attack and bombings. After their base is leveled they will remain in the Southern base.

Shadow Warrior -

I've been working on this level for a while and most of the strategies don't work. Here's mine:
Build what the other strategies say.
To get rid of the red attack force below you send out a bike until he gets attacked by some of them and then have him retreat behind the other men that you start out with. Do this until they are dead.
If you can get a lot of flame tanks (10-15) then take out dark red's gun turrets one at a time and their oil rigs. If you can do this red will be the only attackers left.
Make sure you have upgraded your Outpost enough that you can train snipers, use them as your primary defence (if you can see a beetle attacking then either attack it first or have your snipers retreat).
Bring an oil rig guy down to the oil patch that is closer to dark reds' base. Expand and build your 2 of your best defences there so you can keep any stray dark red guys at bay. Use your men there to attack through the back door.
Use your bombers to take out any forces that red tries to muster.
When you have a strong enough attack wipe out reds' base!

Kelvin Wong - glbkwong@gte.net

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......the thing is to build snipers, autocannon and the missle car, but first build a lot of tanks to have more RUs. Now kill the Grapeshot just to the west of your buidings. Now until you have 10 autoshot, 12 missle cars, 20 snipers, go to the west and KKND! With your remaining units, go back until you have 20 auto shot, 24 missles car, and 40 snipers, go down from your building and wipe them.
If you see towers, kill them the first thing, then the beetle, crazy harry then Mastodons, Giant Scorpion, then regular people.
P.S Oh yeah, you will see a Oil Patch with a Derrik on kill it before everything. Have Fun!


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