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"The Rout/Retreat"

DrEdd - epc@cs.nott.ac.uk

Firstly, I have to say, on a mission where the aim is to survive for a certain amount of time, a clock would've been nice. Never mind.

You start off with one rig to defend so move your initial force up to the top left of the rig.

Now get your research going and build power stations. Start off by researching the clanhall up to its maximum. You'll need snipers to defend later on. The initial enemy attacks are not very strong so don't waste time building the weaker towers; wait till you can build cannon towers.

How I did it (not necessarily the best way) was to place cannon towers around my base before I put one by the rig. This worked but one of them (which I put at the bottom left of the base) was rarely used so it might be better to start with one by the rig and then put a couple on the left of your base. Don't worry about defending the top edge with towers but move any snipers or rocket troops up there as you build them.

Once you get snipers, build plenty; also build loads of repair guys. When you've researched the clanhall to maximum you should research the machine shop but don't put too many resources into this until your tower defense is sorted. Don't build more than a couple of vehicles until you get tanks; defending with snipers and rocket troops works fine.

The problem you encounter before too long is that your initial rig runs dry rather quickly. In preparation for this you need to build a derrick, escort it to the top right of the map and build a cannon tower to protect it. The enemy repeatedly attacks at that position from off the edge of the map so you will need a reasonable force of men to hold it, and plenty of repairers to sustain the tower. If you can hold this position and block the enemy from slipping past then you never need to defend the top edge of your base.

You'll still only have a small oil supply so keep building derricks and advance along the top of the map, taking the oil spots and defending with a cannon tower at each one. By now you should be able to build the bigger tanks you'll need to hold off the missile crabs.

By the time you get level with your original rig, half an hour should be nearly up.

One improvement to this strategy might be to take the oil spot at the bottom left and defend it with a cannon tower. This might help suppress attacks from the bottom of the map but it's a lot easier to defend towers closer to your base.


E.J. van Sten - 127456es@student.eur.nl

This one's pretty easy... First send all the troops you start with to the west of the oil rig - they will hold against the first attacks.

What you should do now is build a research centre, and upgrade the vehicle factory twice - don't build any units in the mean time.

When upgraded, buy three tankers and direct them to the oil rig, to ensure fast income. Now upgrade the outpost to the maximum - don't build any units until you can train snipers. Set the amount of snipers to infinite, and guide the first groop to the west of the oil rig. Now upgrade the vehicle factory to the max and buy some tanks and autocannon tanks to assist the snipers. This combination is almost invincible.

Be sure to guard the base with about ten snipers to the north east.

The oil will run out very soon now, so build a derrick and send it to the north east, together with about ten snipers and two tanks, to defend the rig against the (light) attacks from the north. Direct the tankers to it. Create another defense groop, about twenty snipers and two autocannons and a tank, and send them west of the oil patch to the south west. Send another derrick there - and build a power station near it. Now move the troops at the empty derrick further north west.

Make sure there are enough snipers. Build a final derrick and move it to the patch there - you now should have enough oil to hold out.

Remember to keep the production of snipers going at all times, together with some additional tanks (losses are easily replaced that way)!


Devin Nickol - dnickol@nfinity.com

This mission isn't really all that tough if you do things in two basic steps: 1) construct an impenetrable defense for your base and then 2) attack!

The first thing to do is build a tech center right away. Then, start increasing the tech level on your outpost until you can produce the key to your defense: snipers. Once you can make snipers, put them on infinite production and use them to make a thick ring around your base. The key is to get them into place as quick as possible because they will repel all enemy attacks with ease.

While you're building up the outpost tech level build an oil derrick and an energy center (or whatever they're called :)), and go to work mining that oil patch in the northeast corner. It's important to have a stead flow of oil so that you can keep making units without ever waiting for more credits. Once your outpost is tech-maxxed and you are making snipers up the tech on your construction yard so you can make a couple extra oil trucks.

That's really about it. Once your base is defended build up a force of snipers and autocannon tanks and make a charge towards the dark red forces in the northwest. you should time it so that just before your force reaches their guns, you drop an airstrike right in the middle of their forces who will be in a big glob by their creature hut. (i use suicide cycles to scout the enemy base first)

Then use similar tactics for the light red forces in the southwest, using an airstrike to soften up their creatures first. I try to send out my main defending force to attack at that point too to catch them in a pincers.



Steve Fulton - sfulton@ix.netcom.com

In this mission, they come at you from 3 different sides: to the north, just behind your base, and from the Northwest and Southwest. My usual tactic of "teching up" the Machine Shop until I can create Barrage Craft just did not work. Instead, I found that the ground-bases defenses were the key to this mission. Start out by "teching up" your Outpost until you can create Cannon Towers. At the same time, send your ENTIRE force to the Northwest, just beyond your oil rig, to defend the onslaught from that direction. Also, be sure to build another power station very early to help finance your efforts.

When you can finally build Cannon Towers, start with 2. One to the North to defend from that direction, and one just behind your oil rig to help with the defenses in that direction. To support the North tower, you will need 5 RPG Launchers as well. Place them about 1/4 inch apart, in-line with the Cannon Tower. To be safe, create a technician to repair their Cannon Tower if it gets damaged. This small force should be able to hold off ALL attacks from the North, and will allow you to concentrate on the other two fronts.

Create 10 more RPG launchers and 2 more technicians as you build a second Cannon Tower to support your efforts to the Northwest. At this time, start upgrading your Machine Shop as well, until you can create Barrage craft. Your RPG launchers and Cannon Towers will do a good job of holding off the enemy, but you will need some heavy hardware in front of them, just to stop the freaks larger vehicle from squashing yout infantry under their tires.

Continue to build your force, and cautiously extend your supply lines to the oil well to the southwest of your base. If you move slow enough, and use enough caution, you should be able to use this strategy.


Aaron Attwaters - apattwat@learn.senecac.on.ca

Maintain your missile batteries...Start building technicians right away, and always keep 3 or 4 of them close by...as for troops, it doesn't really matter...if you upgrade to the hover barge then you will definitly win the level. At first though to cut costs use cheap troops as cannon fodder.. I prefer using the 4X4 and the ATV as they are pretty well armored and will distract the enemy as the missiles do their work..

REMEMBER! watch the damage on your defences! & 2 or three missile batteries can't hurt either..Enjoy!


Riaan Nieuwoudt - hermias@icon.co.za

I think this the level where you have to defend your base for half an hour, if I am not mistaking. The trick is to upgrade your outpost as fast as possible and to your oil supplies up and running. Then all you have to do is build tons and tons of snipers and then just pick the targets of one by one.

Joe Lin - joe.lin@cornell.edu

This mission is really lotsa fun cause you can really play with snipers. There is plenty of depth to play with and you will have to build a massive base in order to protect all your oilfields so a mobile defense-in-depth is in order.

Others have already explained how to set up your initial defenses, so I'll concentrate on the midgame strategy. Build squads of 5 snipers and disperse them throughout the map along the known approach routes. The early flame-ATV attack is risky in that if you lose that group, you are screwed. It's much more reliable (and more skillful) to wear down your enemy. 2 teams of snipers can pick off something like 2/3 of an enemy attack force before it even reaches your base. Just keep them coming and raid the enemy attack forces every step of the way. When you can afford it, you can clear the way for your snipers with bombers and blow up the guard towers one by one. 10 snipers will take out an Autocannon with only 2 losses if they are veteran.

Once the fixed defenses are down, the Evolved are toast. The only possible threat to sniper teams are Crabs and there are few of them so no problem.


CMDR ZOD - consulmg@singnet.com.sg

Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......ya ya ya! Just first if your got 6000ru(starting cost)get 3 power plants than get you derrick to any pool of oil you can find. Come on and get you oil tanks running to get more oil for attack

Secondly get the tech center and start your upgrading to the fullest!

I myself do not belive in cannon towers! I would get the missle battery becaues it is much cheaper and better in blowing mutants clean off the face of the earth.

To protect your guard towers, build unlimited snippers to blow off any reedy crabs of the red mutants. Warning: The bombardier Beetle. By the time you have got all your buildings upgraded, get bombers and auto cannon tanks. (My favourite!) Get as many as you can.

Lastly, to mince the mutants, 25 auto cannons and a large group will be enough.

Have Fun!


At Lety - ab4873@mail.sitek.ru

One of easiests levels. You can send 2 Barrage Craft to bottom with 5-6 RPG lanchers. They will stay all the time. Other troops are enough to keep country tidy.

Ryan Wells -

The secret to this mission is snipers. All you have to do is upgrade your clanhall the build snipers. You can get infinite if you want, but I only needed about 20. Build some flamers for early defense. Also get a few ATV's for running over several early infantry assaults. You will also need about 10 technicians. Once you get snipers put them in groups of 5 and place them near the openings where they attack - northeast, northwest, southwest. Build one cannon tower in the northeast and put a rig on the oil to the southwest. Now, when the mutants attack let them start shooting at your rig or cannon tower, after they are engaged move in the snipers to pick them off. If you do it right the snipers won't get hit. Then move in a technician to repair the rig or tower.

- pizzamen@pc.jaring.my

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is....first build a research lab north of your outpost, then build the machine shop - you know those freaks start their attacks from the east! so watch it! Build one powerplant north near the oil rig, then upgrade your machine thing as fast as possible till you get the derricks, put them to your patches then get some cool tanks. Upgrade your outpost and build some towers, MISSILE BATTERIES, start building bombers just when you're introduced.......airstrikes. Make sure you have groups of snipers, barrages and some autocannon tanks. These are cool!
They will attack any time so get ready! After their attack, try to build more forces. When your bombers ready....wait and built a dirt bike. Bring the bike cause it's useless to explore the enemies base. Straight away comment the bomber to bomb their base right at their soldiers. These cool bombers eliminates lots of things! Destroy their grapeshot tower on your left and ATTACK! REMEMBER - always attack when their forces are small! Get Going...................

David Kahler - DKahler@Worldnet.net

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is right in the beginning you take all your men and head west, while your guys are walking over there build a tech lab right above your outpost. The men you sent west should be encountering a grapeshot tower, take out that pathetic little thing and keep going west. While your men are moving put 4 ATV's on demand in the machine shop, by this time, your men should encounter an autocannon tower, take it out! and bring your new ATV's over. Now your tech lab should be finished, upgrade your machine shop one level and keep heading west, you should now come up to their oil trucks and stuff. I hope you haven't been wasting your time taking out buildings because timing is important for this to work. Make some ATV flame throwers and send them over, while your men are taking out the oil supply.

Through this whole process they are probably attacking you quite a bit, since you're in their town and all, don't worry, this will pay off, by now most of their oil income is destroyed, and you should have a pretty big army, so start taking out their buildings. Try to avoid towers at all cost; when most of their buildings are gone kill the power station last. In their town there should be about 4 towers left and 2 of them you can't see; they're pretty much done for now, head back to your town and guard the south end. Make another upgrade in the machine shop so you can get more trucks, and build a power station a little above your tech lab. Make an oil rig above your power station, now start cranking in the oil truck.

You should be getting attacked quite a bit from the south now but they shouldn't be getting past your defenses. Now start upgrading your outpost until you get to snipers. When you do the first upgrade, and flamers are available, make a lot of them, your defenses should be weakening but flamers are coming. Now aren't you glad you took out those losers to the west of you, you would be getting attacked twice as much if they were still there. If you haven't gotten snipers yet then keep upgrading.

I'm gonna share a secret with you, no matter what anyone says, snipers are best damn unit your money can buy - if snipers are available to you always set it to make infinite snipers, in other words they kick some major ASS! Once you have your infinite snipers it's over, never ever, ever, ever stop making them NEVER! If you're getting a lot of oil then start making some auto cannon tanks too. Get a big army up of snipers and start attacking them a bunch, when the town in the southwest is gone then go back to that other town you destroyed and take out the rest of the stuff in it.


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