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"Hold The Bridge"

Logan Kunz - kunz@ccia.com

This mission starts you out in a terrible position. Your base is in the southern half of the map below two bridges, which are defended by only several towers and one tank apiece. The freakers start out in a far better position, with 3 derricks operating and a large force with which to attack.

The beginning of this mission is crucial. You must keep all your defense towers intact and repel all the freakers to have a chance of winning. You will be attacked at both bridges immediately at the beginning of the mission. Order all of your towers and tanks to take out the larger attackers first. The freakers usually seem to go for the Missile Battery first, so use the technicians to repair them WHILE they are being attacked. Don't Wait!!! Send the technicians in while the towers are under attack, and keep sending technicians up from the base.

As soon as you can, start building up your base. You will need at least two power stations and two derricks to win. Build the second derrick and send it to the oil patch in the southwest. Then build another power plant on the western edge of the base to receive the oil from that derrick. While all this is happening, keep upgrading you Machine Shop until it can produce tankers. Build at least six of them (four for each derrick). Your next move will be to upgrade your machine shop two more times. There is no point to building anything less than a barrage craft.

This mission will be won by brute force, not strategic raids. You should send all units to the eastern bridge as soon as they are built, since this is where most of the freakers' attacks will come from. Array your forces along the bank of the river so they can fire at freakers who try to cross the bridge. Since the bridge is narrow, you can take the freakers out one at a time. Do not put any units on the bridge, or they will be immediately attacked and destroyed. Continue amassing forces until the freakers decide to send their whole army after you (Note: you can provoke this by sending a few fast-moving units up into their army and then running back to the bridge). Smash them as they come across the bridge and force them to retreat. At that point, start moving your forces across the bridge.

Now you can begin your attack on their base. Take the two east defense towers out, and then destroy all of their buildings while staying out of range of the other defense towers. Now it is only a matter of taking out what is left of their defense towers and derricks.


Richard Pearce - evil@ihug.co.nz

This is THE most fun mission in the game.

First build 3-4 Technicans to repair the 2 missle turrents which will take a hammering in the 1st attack. Then do the normal thing, upgrade outpost 2 max, build oil wells on oil spots , plus 4 power stations and about 6 oil trucks.

Build a ton of swat guys and snipers when u get them. With 4 cannon towers, some barrage craft and HEAPS of snipers u cant lose defending accross the bridge.

Just up from the left bridge is an oil well, use a group of snipers to keep taking it out as they rebuild it.

When u have a decent group of snipers GO RIP THE CRAP OUTTA HIM!!!

Remember, snipers kill everything!!! (pound 4 pound - the best unit in the game). The only unit to be careful of is the bombardier beetle.


Michael Kohn - Miker I Am @AOL.com

Okay, here's the deal... They got a lot of guys and they're mad as hell, so whatcha gonna do?

First, as soon as you start the mission get your tanks and technicians each over to support your towers. Right in the beginning assign your techs to repair your missile towers or you won't have them for long. Once their first attack gets through build another power staion and place it to the right between the two oil patches, then build a research lab.

Start upgrading first your vehicles, so you can get the tanker, then your outpost. Also when you first start make sure to make some extra technitions and have them ready to repair your missle towers, if you keep them near your towers it will be difficult for the evolved to destroy it. Just make sure you send them in to repair before the missle towers get destroyed, your towers will hold the evolved back while you upgrade. Keep reasearching untill you get your barrage craft then get them to support your towers. If you want you can build more towers but as long as you keep them repaired you really won't need anymore.

Don't bother attacking him untill you get your bomber, then when he has all his guys in a nice close area bomb him. You'll kill almost all of the evolved army, then with the large force you should go in and take him out. DO NOT attack him before you use your bombed, the evolved are way to fortified and you'll just waste a lot of your own guys. Another good idea is to get about 9 or so snipers and have them take out the enemy's defensive structures, they can take them out in a few shots and you won't waste a lot of your own guys. Once you take down a few of their defensive structures, bomb them then go for an all out attack - you should be able to finish him off quickly. Basically make him waste his guys attack your fortified position.

If you want you can send a group of your army over the right bridge to take out one of his oil drillers to slow him down a bit but don't think he won't retaliate. Make sure when you plan your attacks it's after he has wasted his force against your defensive position.


Amit Khanna - khannaa@georgetown.edu

As soon as the game starts you need to send one tank and one mechanic to each bridge. Start another power plant near the oil well to the south east. Also immediately set up a research lab. Pump out a few atvs for defense and move the trank from the left bridge to the right. At the same time send the tank on the right bridge across and explore the area a little so that you have a clear view of where the enemy is coming from. from this point on if you defend the right bridge they will usuall not try to go to the left.

As soon as you can get another oil rig (the one under the right bridge) going and several tankers to each. Hold the enemy off with flamers and tanks until you can build snipers and autocannons. After you get a couple of those it gets easy. Simply create a large force of snipers and autocannons. Locate his gathering place (just to the north of the line of trees across the bridge) and drop an airstrike on his troops. send a few guys to take out the oil rig to the north of the left bridge.

If you want before you attack you can send 3 or four snipers into the path that the tankers take and they will slow down his oil supply a lot.


Jon Hoch - rhochaterols.com

The key to beating "Hold the Bridge" is snipers. You should immediatly send your technicians to fix your missile towers. You should also send the tanks to defend the bridges. With their combined firepower the freakers will be nothing more than smoldering craters in the ground. After the first attack has ended, build a reserch lab. Start upgrading your Outpost right away. Don't neglect the bridges.

The second attack will come from the bridge on the right. Use your defenses to hold off the freaks and build a few swats if nessisary. After the second attack, use your machine shop to build a mobile oil derrick. Send it to the oil under the right bridge. This will allow you to build more tower and recieve more oil.

Keep upgrading your Outpost until your can make snipers. When you are ready to build snipers make lots. Send them all to the right bridge. The snipers will be able to nail the freaks from a distance and are very effective. Once a solid defence has been formed you should build another derrik south of the left bridge. Also make a power plant close to the right derrick. The snipers should be able to hold off any attacks, if not make more.

Upgrade your Machine shop until you can make everything. After it is fully upgraded you will be introduced to the joy of air strikes. Air strikes are great. You can destroy and entite freak attack party with one bomb. Don't spend too much time with the air stikes though.

You should station a group of snipers in bettween the freak oil platform and their base. The snipers will destroy every enemy rig that putters by. After their rigs are destroyed you should create a massive sniper force and wreak havok on their base. With no oil, the freaks don't stand a chance.


Jim Mulligan - mulligan@kghc.org

I figured out a way to win "Hold The Bridge" in one half hour... building NOTHING but Techs and Snipers! You DO NOT have to build a single vehicle, except for two oil derricks and you DO NOT have to build a single gun emplacement!

First, get all three oil spots generating IMMEDIATELY before you do anything else. No wait, first you build a single tech and have him/her repair the NE gun emplacement, then get all your oil patches up and running. Build a second HQ in the NE so you can produce twice the number of tech's...you'll need them. Build two HQ by the west bridge too...have them produce techs. Now you have four HQ's producing tech's... keep all existing gun emplacements viable, and start upgrading your HQs'. Upgrade them all and start turning out snipers. Defend your NE bridge with 20 snipers, and when you have about 40 additional, take out the computers Derrick right past your West Bridge.

Mass your snipers and take out the four gun emplacements that protect the computers' compound. Bring up the snipers that are coming being made. When you have a substantial little pod of snipers (about 25 mintues into the game), send a lone sniper up to lure out the computer. He'll come down and be decimated by the snipers. Go in, CAREFULLY and clean up, taking out his oil first. Remember, snipers are USELESS while moving! So plan carefully!

That's it! 30 minutes with nothing but Techs and Snipers!

Steve O'Neil - soneil@iinet.net.au

As most people have mentioned, the first few minutes of this mission are the most crucial. Defend and repair your towers and maximise your oil production quickly. One of the first things to do is get a power plant near the oil rig you start with to reduce the distance your tankers travel. Get another oil rig on one of the other oil spots as soon as you can too.
If you can hold off the enemy long enough as you upgrade, the mission becomes easy from then on. Once you've got strong defence, you can merrily build up your forces until you've got enough for a thorough overkill.
A lot of people have said they like snipers for this one. Snipers are great except for one thing. They can be run over. Autocannon tanks can't. I found a great defence was a line of these tanks in front of a line of missile barrages. Very deadly.
Once my forces were pretty strong I began having some real fun. I built up a ridiculously large force that barely fit in the area below the bridges while a few bombers were preparing. I then sent out three air strikes over their base and then moved my force right over the top of their scattered forces.
I'm not interested in a quick strike and a narrow win. I like to really krush. ;-)

sergey rus -


I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......
in this mission only snipers can help you to win.
You should build about 40 snipers and place them in front of your base and under the bridge. Your snipers will do all the work without your help.

syah mustapa - syameen@tm.net.my

You can let Evolve destroy your guard tower at the right bridge then they will stop attacking that side (there will be no heavy attack). You can just concentrate on your left side bridge. Remember! you may need up to 10 technicians just to repair your missile battery with some Anaconda and ATV to protect it. It's enough before you upgrade your building more. Sometimes, look at your right side because Evolve will try to conquer your Derrick. For $$$$$$, you need :-
2 Power Station
2 Oil Rig (left and Right)
4 Oil Tank for each Power Station

Adrian Ferrier - aferrier@ce.gatech.edu

Upgrade schup-grade, you can defeat the clock by just pumping out what you are given. Pump out men and scopions only. Build a second power station right off. Send some guys up to defend it. So you get to baby sit, move the 'leaders' up behind your beast enclosure place a scopion on each side if them. DO NOT GO EXPLORING, you will just wake up sleeping nasties. Keep some mekanics near your towers at all times. In the beginning you will have some trouble from the south, but that will eventually stop. Watch the snipers that appear from the north east, send a group in after them (include a scorpion or two), you will take some hits but you will overcome. You may get a stray truck from that direction but nothing else. Keep pumping out scorpions and men, send them to your guard towers. There will be one massive wave in which you will probably lose your towers, a power plant and a tanker truck. Be sure to repair the buildings you have left.
Don't give up, the remainder of the game will be light invasions from the north west and south east. Pump out scorpions and men, make a perimeter around your camp, when invasions happen send all you have into them, the combined fire power will take them out. DO NOT GO EXPLORING, keep your guys close. Don't bother upgrading, or building extra buildings. You will have plenty of oil, however get used to being around zero. Before you know it you will be surrounded by scopions and men, sit back and wait it out.


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