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"Surgical Strike"

Ulf Hedlund - guru@slideware.com

This mission is really a walk in the park... Group your troops, move east where you will find friends. Then, move south, take out some enemy on the way to the drill rig down south. The rig is an easy target, then move west to the enemy base. Krush, Kill 'n Destroy!

Peter Bulford - peterbulford@ace.net.au

This mission is very easy once you master the art of luring the enemy into your trap.

Also note the Machine Gunners are the most valuable of your troops because they heal themselves and have a longer range.

You start with two groups. When you first start move the first group to the left of the screen and spread out so you can pick off the Freakers as they approach, then spread them out at the top of the cliff opposite the crossing on the river to the south so you can lure the Monster truck within range with one of the Machine Gunners, your troops will easily pick him off.

Meanwhile move group 2 across the river and along the ridgetop to meet up with group 1, use the machine gunners to pick off the Freakers near the opening to the cliffs.

If you move a machine gunner carefully to within range,the Freakers will one by one approach and Kaboom! Dead!

Once you have the two groups together at the opening to the cliffs near where you started and taken out the Monster truck and Scorpion using the same Tactiks take out the Machine Gun Tower by moving the Machine Gunners just within range and they will pecker it to death, then move up the road leading up the hill taking out any opposition on the way. Move to the west up the hill, this will put you above the camp and you will be able to kill the Commander. Mission Complete!

There is a time limit in this mission, after a while a whole sh*tload of Freakers will swarm over you so be quick!

Peter Bulford


Deltaman - deltaman@swipnet.se

Um...Is it my turn now? Oh sorry...Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......you select the three snipers and make them group 1 (or 2 or 3 or whatever). Then you go to bad guys and shoot them. If they get too close, just back off and then shoot them from distance. The snipers are soon guys and become veteran at any moment. When there are 2 ways too choose, walk down. If you encounter any vehicle pick off the guys around it and then shoot the vehicle. Allow the poor snipers to rest, and continue down. When you see a guard tower just shoot it from distance (ya see, the guard can't reach ya) When you're at bottom of map, walk left. Pick off any enemies, and continue till you see their clanhouse. Shoot the lifeguards first (watch out, one is behind a tree) and take out the leader. Voila! Mission complete!

Ben Walters - Bashy@ftech.co.uk

There are 2 groups, the first is at start 2nd on the right 1 screen down. You need to merge them. The warlord is on the left 2-3 screens down. Build up the veteran status,and the squad will be able to take on all evolved. You need to destroy the building to get to the chief.

Doug Chambers - dochambers@packer.edu

This is actually one of the easier missions. The first thing you have to realize is that while you have two groups of units, all you need to complete the mission is a single veteran sniper. Once the sniper is a veteran, you can kill any other unit on the map except for the guard towers. From then on, you just have to move slowly and try to pick off enemy units one at a time so they don't get close enough to mob you and do some real damage.

Collin Spanier - JMager8420@aol.com

The group that is on screen when this mission begins must stay and defeat a small attacking force, no big deal. Now move this same group northeast until they come across an opening in the landscape and four freakers directly south. Just below this group of freakers is your second infantry group. Have both your groups attack simultaneously, freaker sanwich.

Now move your united survivors west in the valley along the south side of the river. There will be some enemy 4x4's along with infantry within range of your self-healing veteran units, just keep moving slowly west and you may lose only a few, if any men.

Eventually you will come across a freaker Derrick just south. Continue to move very slowly and to use that veteran range and fire speed to your advantage. Use any Tankers in sight as target practice for non-veteran units. Only some 4x4's, Scropians, infantry, and two machine- gun nests stand between you and victory. With veteran units this mission becomes easy. Move slowly south-west eliminating all freakers in your way. When you get to the Beast-enclosure and Clan-hall area blow it all up. Behind the Clan-hall, or in that area is the chief you must kill. Do it and you won.


Amit Khanna - khannaa@georgetown.edu

First off you need to bring both of your groups together just to the south of where you start out. Then follow the north side of the river to the west. Use the snipers to take out any troops on the far side of the river. There will be a point at which you may cross the river near the nw corner of the board. After you cross follow the river back to the east a short way and take out a tower with the snipers (they can hit it while remaining out of its range). Then just follow the path to the south and west until you find the chief. This board is terribly easy if you just exploit the snipers long range.


Piece of cake, you can finish this mission in three minutes:
group your forces and move toward southwest, find the warlord and finish him. Destroy all enemies. Along the way your force becomes a veteran unit after a few battles, if you want you can finish all enemy units in this mission, just five or six of them but make it fast.

Jiamin Liu - JIAMIN@.ix.netcom.com

On Mission 12 Surgical Strike you start out with a couple of Snipers and a few Rocket Launchers. The first thing you do is wait and in a few seconds a few infantry which include shotgunners and a bow and arrow guy will appear. You kill all of them with your snipers. Hold off your rocket launchers. After that move everybody to the east. You will come up into an exit that leads to the river and a monster truck is waiting there. Pass that one and go to the next exit, there you'll see a lot of guys. Kill them off with your snipers. After that cross the river and there will be reinforcements.
Wait for your first group to get to the reinforcements. Then go up the hill in front of you, don't go to the east. When you're in the hill there will be a few infantry and a monster truck. Kill all the infantry with your snipers and then use everybody for the monster truck. Once that's done keep on going and you'll see a scorpian and an oil rig. Destroy them both so your sniper can shoot down the guard tower without it shooting back. Use your snipers a few feet away from the guard tower and it should have range to shoot it down.
Continue to the west but turn when you get to the area with the guard tower, don't go straight. There will be guys and a scorpian, do the same thing as what you did with the monster truck. After that you should be close to the chieftain and their base will be visible if you walk a little bit further. The chieftain is standing outside the clanhall. There will only be few guys that will stop you and after that just find the clan hall and silence the chieftain. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!


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