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"Give Me Liberty"

Scott Peacock - scottcp@plains.uwyo.edu

This level is actually pretty hard if you don't know a few thing beforehand. Most importantly, there is a robot tank that goes to the first person to get to the right place. Take a flame tank or a regular tank from your start group north until you find it. This will help a lot. The way I beat it was to build my camp barely north of an opening to a short, narrow valley. This let me have access to a couple of different oil spots as well as a couple of backups farther away for later on. Start building swat members right away, I like to keep them on infinite build all the time. Research the towers to get the missle and canon towers. These will really help.

Build a line of towers along the top of your camp. When the evolved come with their mass attack (and they will) the towers will hold them off while your men punish them. By the time that you finish off the attack force, you should still have lots of men and vehicles. Send these north. Attack the oil derrek on the way up and try to kill a few of the tankers too. The best way to beat the evolved is to take your group to the northeastern corner of the map. Watch out for the crabs and the gun towers. These are scattered around a bit, but a few hovercrafts should eliminate one. In the northeast corner is a oil derrek. Take it out. Keep an eye on the oil spot where you blew up the derrek before as they will constantly try to rebuild it. I keep a group of about 10 swat there and a couple of vehicles. The rest is a show of muscle. Hit the other side hard and you should win. Keep his money supply down and you have a definite advantage.


Eric Linchet - monk@yellowhead.comStrategy Of The Week Winner (week 1)

First you need to get the plasma tank from the tech bunker ( in the middle just slightly to the left), As you are doing this you need to move your forces and mobile base to the oilspot in the middle right of the screen. Destroy the Evolved rig and build your base around it. then with the plasma tank you can hold then off till you get enough RU's to keep building. After you get your base built, try building only barrage tanks at 1000 Ru's a pop but then their worht the money. After you get about 10 of these tanks along with your base defence move these 10 tanks to the upper right of the map take out the evoled gun turret then the oil rig.

Then build another rig and use the other oil spots at the bottom of the map, Do not use this oil for the evoled will attack it right away. while keeping your base defence up keep sending 1 or 2 of the barrage tanks up to where the ohters are near top of the map. Once you have cut him down enough then use your base defences and the tank near the top of the screen and move in for the kill should be easy. But this mission took me 5 days to figure it out, but after i figured it out it took me about 4 hours to build up the forces to take the enemy base with.

Hybrid Dirbyh - hybrid97@hotmail.com

From the outset, do a quick surgical strike on the mute's oil well (to the left and middle of the board)...at the same time set up your base in the lower left, between the two oil patches, while leaving your slower units to guard against reciprocal attacks....

Hold off the impossible attacks, deny the mute's that oil spot you initially took out, and...try to build up ... then go for it.

Note: there is a secret power up...if you can find it before they do, great...but I only find it after they have raided it (its in the upper right).


Ulf Hedlund - guru@slideware.com

Send a fast moving vehicle to the tech bunker located in the middle of the battleground, north from the starting point. In the tech bunker you will find something that could be used for protection (no, stupid, not that kind of protection!). Then, move east to find a enemy drill rig waiting to be crap.

Meanwhile, send your troops and your mobile outpost to the northeast and meet your buddys at the former drill rig. Build your outpost, machine shop, research lab and power station here, just south of the trees, east of the oil reservoir.

Create a drill rig and position it. Now, use your research lab and upgrade your machine shop to tech level four. Build another tanker, then build barrage crafts.

Upgrade your outpost to get at least missile towers (you better go for the cannon towers) and place a couple of towers to defend your base.

Now, you should be able to prepare for attack. Make sure you're not running out of oil, there's another oil patch just south of your base.

Build a force of maybe 5 or 6 barrage crafts. Move them north by the waterfront until you're almost in the north end. Here you will find a leftover from the movie "Planet of the apes", but dont spend time on taking pictures. Instead, concentrate on destroying the rotary cannon, then the oil rig. Try to keep your troops here for a while, the enemy will try to rebuild the cannon and the rig, and your mission, Jim, if you choose to accept it, is to prevent them from doing that.

What you need now is patience and more oil. Can't help you with the patience, but there's more oil in the south. Build some extra tankers and as many barrage crafts as you can afford. By now, the enemy will be out of oil and pretty defenceless. Funny, eh? Place an massive attack up north from the east side and you're done.


Patrick Ozoa - pyozoa@lava.net

OK Guys! This one is a doozy, I played this mission multiple times trying to find the right location for my outpost and believe me it is tough!

Finally I decided to check out the terrain and just see if I could find an oil puddle in a choke area. Lo and behold! A sentinel tank of some sort is located north of your original position! This is one mean mother!

Anyway take the tank and knock out the enemy's oil rig to the northeast (closest to your camp) of your starting position. Lightly guarded and they will only send another oil derrick once to try and start it up again. This will buy you tremendous amounts of time.

In fact it limits the enemies resources so much that they are unable to produce any advanced beasts or vehicles on the global level. The most that you will see attacking you are the giant crabs and beetles.

You will need to set up camp and I recommend the nearest oil puddle as you first start out. This is actually a pretty good position because you will have a few more oil puddles to the East and the West.

Upgrade your outpost as soon as you can to get the cannon towers. Further upgrades will eventually get you a barrage cannon but it will take alot of your resources to build these.

The first thing you need to do is build a wall in front of your base as the enemy will come from the north and a little from the west. In fact to accomplish this you will need to bring the sentinel tank back to your base and have it situated at the midpoint of your base location. The sentinel has a very long range and no infantry will be able to come close to your camp. It will even keep those nasty war mastadons at bay for a while.

During this time generate a few ATV's and keep them in front of your sentinel tank since you won't be able to repair any damages inflicted upon it. Build two power plants to get your RU's up quickly. Hopefully your resources will be sufficient that you will now be able to build your wall of cannons to fend off the attackers.

Four of those cannons will be strong enough to hold the enemy at bay. You will still need the tank to reinforce your wall. You may need to replace the ATV's as they start to wear down from the attacks. Keep a few of those technicians handy as they will keep your cannons in top shape and drive the enemy back with their tails between their legs.

At this point you will probably need to send another oil derrick to the puddle southeast of your location if you haven't already done so. Keep those tankers busy as you will need alot of RU's.

You will need to upgrade your machine shop 3 times to get the barrage crafts. Slow moving but enough punch to blow away anything in its path. You will need these to take out the enemy's guard towers/machine guns.

Start building the barrage crafts as they become available to you. It will be costly so you need to keep an eye on your oil derricks and listen for those guys as they start yelling oil supply low. Remember to build extra tankers as soon as you upgrade to that point.

About 8 of those barrage crafts will be good for knocking out the enemies northwest oil supply. You will need these as you start fighting off those crabs they got guarding the tankers and oil derricks.

Don't forget they have a machine gun type of tower that shows no mercy on your ATV's. In fact they fire continuously and knocked out my first attack group of ATV's that I sent along the eastern coastline.

Take out the northeast (in the enemy camp) oil derrick and keep your barrage crafts there. The enemy will try to take the position but for some reason they will concentrate on trying to attack your camp instead. Eventually they will run low on resources and at this point send in another group to take out the power station in the north. Careful more of those machine gun towers.

When launching your attack do it right after they send in their attack on your camp. They are at the weakest at this time since most of their army will attacking your camp. To accomplish this you need to build on the side a reserve army that will not engage the enemy as they attack but reserved for you to counter-attack them.

Actually at this point you're in a pretty comfortable position and the enemy will run out of oil (earth blood LOW!) From then on its just a matter of time before you build up your army of barrage crafts and totally wipe out the enemy camp!!

The key is the sentinel tank and building a wall to fend off attacks early on. The other crucial move is to wipe out the enemy's oil derrick almost immediately in the northeastern part of the terain.

Well hopefully this will kind of guide you on the road to victory but if not Keep Krushin!!


Peter Bulford - peterbulford@ace.net.au

This mission really depends on the start which is fairly tricky, you need to be able to do three things at one time.

At the first screen send the motorbikes and ATVís straight up the screen in amongst the buildings where you will find a Tech Bunker with a special tank inside, it is very important to get the tank before the enemy, otherwise they will be attacking you with it!

As soon as you have got the tank take it over to the right where the enemy has an oil rig and destroy the rig, then quickly send it back to your base because about now the Freakers will be attacking.

Leave the ATVís and bikes to knock off the new oil rig that will come soon. I leave a small force here all the time to take out the rigs as they appear (keep them off the road or passing enemy units will attack them) this reduces the force of the attacks on the base.

While all this is going on you will need to deploy the outpost on the far right of the plateau next to the cliff so that you can set the power station at the bottom of the cliff next to the oil patch. Then build a machine shop, power station and research lab.

Upgrade the Machine shop as quickly as possible so you can get another Tanker and then some Barrage Craft, these are the best defence and good fun too!

Your oil will run out fairly quickly and often so you will need to expand to the other patches, one on the right of your base and another further up the right side of the map and up to the patch that the enemy had before you knocked it off.

Most of the attacks will come down the left side of the map and should not bother the Tankers to much. When you build up a good force of Barrage Craft you can expand up the left to the other oil patches which are easily defendable and finally over-run the enemy base.

Well, thatís how I did it and it was fun!

Peter Bulford


Andrew Hirt - hirta@erols.com

This one is a lot easier then it looks. Move ahead directly north untill you find the tech bunker (Near the water filled crater). Set up your base near the tech bunker, this gives you 2 oil patches both of which have a lot in it. This location is right threw the oil truck lanes for one of the oil rigs, so you just sit there and blow up the trucks as they come by. This gives you plenty of time to build up your forces and crush the enemy in one swift blow.

Michael Kohn - Miker I am @aol.com

Well, this is a difficult battle to win. Basically if you can make it past the assault the evolved launch with their special laser tank you have a chance.

The best start is to put your initial base off to the right of your starting spot. There are 4 oil patches fairly close. Start with the oil patch to the south right away. You will have some first weak attack by the evolved but once they come with there lazer tank it gets hard. Make sure you build a research lab right away because once you get your barrage craft you will be able to defend yourself very easily by setting up a line of about 6 or so of them. Be careful because there fire rate is slow so you need several to help back each other up. Let them do the defensive work and start on your assult force.

Try to break it into two large forces and have them split up, one group going to the north west, the other going north.


Mega Duck - Megaduck@pacbell.net

Pretty easy...

First send your entire fleet north to where the Plasma tank is. Build your base directly southwest of the container where the tank came out of. Your tank should be able to hold off the enemy until you build up your forces. You have three close oil patches. Two to the west & one to the east (you have to destroy his oil rig). Of course there are the ones to the south, southwest, & southeast. You can tap into these later.

Upgrade your base up three levels so you can build cannons and rocket launchers. build about seven of these and you're home free. I eventually had so much money, I couldn't build enough at a time.

An important note for anyone to realize is that there are only two lanes that the Evolved can get through: one directly center and one east of of this. If you build your defences in the center lane, they will always attack this spot & get hammered!!!!!!!!

P.S. always build up your oil supply first.


Jerry Leow - jerry78@mbox2.singnet.com.sg

Send your tank to the northwest of the map till u see a bunker take the robot together back to the command center and wait. At the same time, send the rest of your troops to the east till u see the command center and send infinite swat and also at the same time send a tank to the northeast of the map till u see another bunker and you'll get 1000.

Leave the spider robot at the command center and attack the enemy cannon south of the command center where there's a bridge. Try to place the saboteur at the back of the attack so that they don't get killed easily. All of what was written above should be acted fast. Then go down destroy the enemy oil tank. DON'T destroy the enemy oil rigs.Tear them down till almost destruction then send in your saboteurs. That goes the same for their power stations. At the same time send the rest of the troops to destroy the enemy building and rescue the commander.

Send the commander back to the command center and order your troops to destroy all enemy building EXCEPT DON'T go close to the rest of the enemy cannon YET. After all enemy building are destroyed, send all your troops including your robot spider to the south and gather all as one group.(Remember that you've built infinite army while you're attacking?) Send all of group one and attack those cannon.



Philip Orme - porme@wizard.teksupport.net.au

Set up base to the right and a little north. After grabbing the tech bunker tank (to the right and a little bit more north) leave his oil rig alone and while fending off his attacks take the opportunity to pop his tankers. With these gone hes not getting the RU's he needs to really cause you major trouble.

By this time you should have upped your tech level a bit, build sabateurs and have some fun blowing his rig again and again while earning yourself a serious quantity of RU's, enough hopefully to biuld an army of barrage tanks to slip up the right hand side and knock out whatever's impeding their destiny in moving to the other side of the map.


Matthew Goh - gwh@tm.net.my

First things first, send one of your bikers to the tech bunker located somewhere in the middle of the map. Once you got the plasma tank(try to blast a few infantry on the way home)send them back home.

Now send your MCV (or whatever) a little to the east. Deploy!then bulid up your buildings. Remember to pester those mutes by destroying one of their rigs (located somewhere north of your base) using this flame ATV's. If they rebuild it repeat that pattern. Once you've got the research centre, research the outpost until you get missile battery. Build four of em' then research the machine shop three times to build extra harvesters (two to be exact).then reseach until you get barrage crafts. Build infinite amounts.

You should have got a substancial army by the time the plasma tank gets destroyed. Once its destroyed build more rigs and power stations. You should have at least six tankers harvesting oil. Note: oil is located on your north east and north of your base. Build a rig at the area where the mutes use to put their rig. Move your forces there to protect it. KEEP THOSE BARRAGE CRAFTS COMING IN. Alright once any of your oil rigs go dry replace em with a new one.

Once you have got around thirty barrage crafts to attck their base (located on the north of the map)you should have either destroyed the muties base or handicapped it. Build more barrage craft and FINISH HIM OFF!!!!!!!


Nitsan Robinson - nrobinso@ort.org.il

Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is first take couple of units north and get the plasma tank. Next, go to the evolved rig (north east), blast it and build your base. With the help of the plasma tank and the other units you can hold on for a while. Build one more power station and get the oil from the south (build two more asap and send one truck down and one north west). After upgrading the machine shop twice, build only anacondas and barrage crafts. Put the anacondas ahead and the barrage crafts behind in a defensive line. Quickly build at least 3 cannon towers and missile batteries behind. The plasma tank will greatly assist you, so make sure it isn't destroyed!

After u have lots of money going in, take a few units and attack the eastern rig of the evolved (you will have to destroy the guard towers first - go from the right side). After destroying the rig, they will attack you and your units up will probably be destroyed, but the worst part is that the units will attack your base so u gotta be ready, with 4-5 towers and a good defensive line.

Now the enemy will not rebuild his eastern rig (he didn't when i played). The enemy will now be slowed down, You will have time to rebuild a large group of units and attack the enemy from the east side - you may lose the first time , if u do, rebuild and reattack. the enemy will soon run out of units and money, and winning will be easy. By the way, there are two LARGE oil places west from your starting point. If u get a hold of em, u will not have a money problem.

David Ranger - reliant@videotron.ca

In this one Survival mission (#11, It may work in others), the AI was playing suicidal. here is what happened:

The AI kept attacking my base through the left side, so I built two cannon towers and I was going to use them as an ambush. Because of the positioning of the houses, at the same time I started building some cannon towers in the middle as a bigger ambush. By the time the computer next attacked, I was finishing 3 cannon towers in the middle. I sent in the dirt bike to lure him into my 2 connon towers on the left. They got close to the towers, then they turned, and headed straight to my 3 towers in the middle (at the time only 1 was finished). The other 2 towers had finished just short of the attack. My Barrage tanks also arrived just in time. The enemy ran away at the first sight of the barrage tanks. Every other time the computer attacked, he whent straight to my towers in the middle which i increased to 6. He sent in about 2 dozen craft. After the battle, I had killed 90%. he had only lightly damaged my towers.The two towers I built on the left never fired a single shot.

Dominic Qua wei han - cindyqua@cyberway.com.sg

Well this is the mission that some of you might find. This is how I did it. First build your base at the northen part of where you start, build a power station to the left and the other to the right. Quickly send a ATV or a 4x4 pickup to get the tech bunker before the freakers does. Build a vehicle factory and a research lab, upgrade your outpost to the highest level and build lots of cannon towers and missle batteries. Try to send units every minute before the freakers become invincible. By doing this you are wasting his money. After you build at least 10 ATVs,5 anaconda tanks, 5 barrage craft, 10 baazokas, 10 flamers and 10 ATV flammers (this will take quite a lot of time but this will work). As they say get your units and Krush Kill and Destroy.


This mission is not very hard if you stay cool.

Just begin the mission by sending a bike to located the tech bunker, it is just at the top not very far from where you begin. This vehicle really help you a lot defending or attack. When you bring this vehicle
back to your base don't forgot to detroy the evolved oil source a bit right down where you find the tech bunker.

Move other to right till you find a site surround by choke with an oil tap in point. Set up your base along with machine shop and two power stations. Followed by a reserch lab. Upgrade the output and machine shop till it's max level. You may do this when you have enough money. There is another oil tap in point right to your base make use of it. If you want more money you can develop the oil source centre left (the one near you)of the map. At this location they won't attack you.

You need a strong defending wall. In my opinion this is the key winning wall. All you need is three cannon shotguns and a rocket firegun at the outside line up horizontally along with five or more barrage craft just behind the gun wall. This can hold all evolved attack no matter how many they send.(this worked for me you may cheer up when you see evolved troops defeated each and every time they came down) Don't forget training mechanics prepare to the damage of all the gun wall. You may need a repair bay to all damage crafts. It's not only ecomonical to also increase your veteran units.

Send 6/9 veteran's crafts to right up of the map destroy all you see and wait there. The evolved base always have some guard even when there are attacking. My way is when they are attacking send one craft waiting upper to attack any building. Surely your craft will destroy but this move make evolved guards moving to your base. Then repeat this action the same thing will happen. Now the evolved base is guardless it's your chance and your crafts know what to do.

This strategy need a strong defend and mainly barrage craft are using ATV not really a good troop in this mission.


Zeus - drzeus@hotmail.com

Just a little tip for this mission, instead of just killing the Oil rig closest to you, send 3 sabotours into it and get the 1000 credits for it. Hell it still dies and you get the money for it too!
When I played this one I ended up sabotouring 20 of their rigs in the same position, the easiest 20000 I ever made!

David Ranger - reliant@videotron.ca

In this one Survival mission (#11, It may work in others), the AI was playing suicidal. here is what happened:

The AI kept attacking my base through the left side, so I built two cannon towers and I was going to use them as an ambush. Because of the positioning of the houses, at the same time I started building some cannon towers in the middle as a bigger ambush. By the time the computer next attacked, I was finishing 3 cannon towers in the middle. I sent in the dirt bike to lure him into my 2 cannon towers on the left. They got close to the towers, then they turned, and headed straight to my 3 towers in the middle (at the time only 1 was finished). The other 2 towers had finished just short of the attack. My Barrage tanks also arrived just in time. The enemy ran away at the first sight of the barrage tanks. Every other time the computer attacked, he went straight to my towers in the middle which I increased to 6. He sent in about 2 dozen craft. After the battle, I had killed 90%. he had only lightly damaged my towers. The two towers I built on the left never fired a single shot.

Jon scott -

This is the simplest misson in the game.
First go get the plasma tank from the teck bunker and send it left until you see a freak oil rig. DON'T kill it send the tank up the road next to you and take out the missle crabs {make sure you keep the tank moving to avoid the missles}. Next send the tank straight up and engage the rotary cannon (the tank will win), next put it just north of the cannon and let it kill all the tankers. The freaks won't have any RU's.
Now go down and take an anaconda tank and fight the missle crab waddling its way down to your base, make sure you have plenty of room and keep the anaconda moving after it destroys the crab - you'll never be attacked.

Dan Kryptowicz -

First of all to start out this mission you need to take a dirtbike, and quickly send it straight but just slightly to the left.(You must try your best to avoid enemy troops while you are doing this. I like to send the dirtbike to the far left and then swing in right.) Get the plasma tank out of the tech bunker, and find the evolved rig and krush it with the bike and the plasma tank. While you are doing this the rest of your units will be getting attacked by an evolved scouting party. Move your mobile outpost and the remainder of your units to the oil rig and build your base around it. I recommend that you should at least build four missle batteries when you have the plasma tank. When the plasma tank dies, build five missle batteries with at least three repair guys. Send at least nine flame atvs and destroy the rotary cannon and the oil rig. Build up your base and keep pumping out units including barrage crafts. The rest is simple, just storm the base with all you've got. If you fail you die. Although this plan is practicaly fool-proof.
Die evolved Die!

Paul "TBBle" Hampson - Paul.Hampson@Pobox.Com

This mission took me several goes, where I tried what several others here have suggested and built my base directly east of where you start, to no avail.
It started to get late so I went suicidal and built my base as far north as I dared...
Take your entire force north from the start to where the tech bunker is. Just to the west sit two oil patches. Build your base near the more northerly of the two. From here, you'll be able to see one of the enemy's autocannon towers. Build a power plant near both of the oil patches and have two tankers harvesting each. Plant all the usual stuffs, but your initial force should hold until barrage craft and cannon towers can be built.

Just north of your base there will be a bottleneck just wide enough for three cannon towers, with trees on the left and a building on the right. Build two cannon towers at the left, and leave the right hand spot open. Now leave a couple of barrage craft and flame ATVs around in front of the towers, as well as the plasma tank. (You did get the plasma tank, RIGHT??)
That's the base defense set. The computer will have been trying to run tankers past you for a while now, but by the time your towers go up, the AI'll have figured it out and started sending them via the eastern entrance to his base.

If you have faith in your defenses, you can start sending punitive raids against his south oil rig. However, as soon as you get in firing range of the rig, he'll send an attack down at the offending vehicles. Of course, his staging area is just north of your base, so his attack will rush your defenses, lose a few members and run away in disgrace. Of course, this is just in fun since the AI has two oil rigs with power stations working away in his base.
Anyways, once you're bored with watching the computer, you may take a force of 5-10 barrage craft and some flame ATVs for close in work, and head to the east end of the base. Find the road north from the AI's south oil rig, and follow it to the bombardier beetle. Nail it, and head north east around the little inlet to the computer's east oil rig. On the way, you will have to nail one autocannon tower, and maybe another, if you don't want to sneak by it...
Then, as is so true of so many missions in KKND, head along the edge, and get behind the buildings, levelling anything that comes to hand... and they will come to hand...

Once you've destroyed all the major buildings, and the computer has stopped rebuilding its clan hall... There's a thought. My only major gripe in this game (Apart from a couple of the mission briefings skipping, but that might have been my CD-Rom drive) is that a just-planted building has full hit points.... This is a real pain when the AI's on the back foot 'cause it just keeps replanting the clan hall as soon as one is destroyed. Also, is it just me or does the AI replace buildings at the same tech level as when they're destroyed...

Anyways, that's pretty much the end. Just take your barrage task force (Or build another if you're in a hurry or it's after 3am and before 8am :-) and finish off all those annoying autocannon towers....
Now, you may sleep... <THUNK>


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