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"Occupation Force"

Justin Halliday - Assistant Producer - KKnD

I have to say that this is actually one of the hardest missions in the game. What you need to do it to set up your base about a screen up and to the right of where your units begin.

This base position should place you directly between two oil patches, one on the right and one on the left. From this position, you can easily defend the choke point in the cliffs just to the north of your base. The first thing to do it to place your units just back from the choke point, as a defensive line. With your units holding this line, you need to develop your oil routes to both oil patches, with at least two tankers on each run.

Once you've consolidated your position here, you should upgrade your Outpost to get guard towers. Don't bother with the base level tower, build four of the missile batteries at the sides of the choke point in the cliffs.

By this stage, you should be able to successfully defend against any attacks from the north. Soon you'll probably find that you're running out of oil. You'll have to expand to the right (over the river) and possibly up towards the enemy's base.

The way to win this mission is to send a bunch of flame ATVs and tanks up the right of the map, round the back and into the enemy's base. At the same time you should attack him up from your base to take out his lower drill rig.

By this stage you should be in a pretty unlosable position and it's just a question of finishing off the rest of his buildings.


Shane Collier - Designer - KKnD

Well, I prefer to set up with my outpost to the west of the river in the southeast of the map, with two power plants working the northern deposit and one power station each assigned to the wells on the other side of the river.

Most of the attacks will come down the central valley, and these can be dealt with by setting up a defensive line around the southern edge of the plateau, but there will be the odd one down the eastern edge of the map over the bridge. Those eastern attacks will be reasonably small, and you eventually should be able to get a force together and push north along that route to the enemy's northeastern oil fields.


Keith Avitabile - avitabile1@home.com

OK....start base NE of starting point as others have mentioned. I just want to remind players that you can take a group of 3 saboteurs accross bridge and destroy enemy oil rig. You get money when you do this.

I sent flame tanks up there and left them to harass new oil rigs every time they blew up a new one would come costing the enemy millions. Eventually I sent a massive strike force accross the bridge and destroyed most of the buildings in a singe attack. Its easy pickings after that.

David Ernest - ernestde@hotmail.com

I didn't really get much of an attack down the East side, I did set up in the South Central area, though. The most important thing, of course, is money, having three rigs and at least 4 trucks working them really helps. Flame dudes are a real key. They do a lot of damage and are usually a key target so the rest of your units can pound on the mutants. Sending a force of 3-5 flame dudes to the oil rig in the upper right corner is key, do this as soon as possible. They didn't try to send any extra trucks or rigs over there for me, but it does slow them down. Build a force of Anacondas and flame tanks right under the corner by your base and some flame dudes under and to the right of them. Once your force is large enogh start an assault. Once I finally got this strategy going it worked rather well.

Daniel Fisher - zilliyowog@hotmail.com

Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is... build your base to the very far right over the river. Build missile tower thingys on your side of the river, make millions of flamers and wait for them to run out of oil. P.S. This could take hours!!!! P.P.S. we want the free t-shirt and you did say original!!


I think that the easiest way to beat this mission is to start by following the cliffs to your left. Deploy your Moble Outpost at the corner of the bend parallelto the first oil patch. There will only be one or two attacks from the south by Dire Wolves during this time. Build your Machine Shop and then your power station right next to the oil. Send your troops in a defensive formation to the point in the cliffs north of your base where it spreads out. Put another powerstation and a derrick on the next oil patch. Build at least 4 ATVs and 10 swat guys to send north with your initial forces, the first attack is about to begin.

After the Freaker are dead and running away, upgraid your base. Set the tank icon to infinite and build at least three Missile Towers at the choke point. The rest of the mission is just defending your base. When you need to, there is a total of 4 oil patches to the east. Your final attack should be with at least 20 to 30 tanks hitting the Freaks base from the east across the bridge. Have Fun!


Kevin van Bosbeke - crohinga@glo.be

What I did is: move about 1 screen up to the right just between the hill and the river and make a defense below you. Then put an power plant and a machine shop on the best spot you kan find. What you do next is put a research lab somewere in the area and upgrade your machine shop 2 times. By that time you should have a drill rig already. Also you should upgrade your outpost 2 times and make some swats. Then you should have enough money to make a missile battery and make some atvs and some anacondas and atv flamers.

Keep making swats and pyromaniacs and send 3 saboteurs to the north west with atvs atv fs and anaconda tanks, keep sending those 3 vehicles and some swats and piromeniacs to that spot. Keep kruching the derrick and after a while (this could take a bit of time) you should have enough to attack! Also now attack with your defense from the other site. This worked for me...


Ryan Olson - GOlson@Aol.com

You start by setting up in the far east and then set up your power station and get some money then build a army of about 10 atv's and 10 tanks then attack them so they don't get very big and you will slowly finish them off then it's all up to you.

Dylan Baars - baarsk@wave.co.nz

Ok, this has to be one of the harder missions in the game and this is how I finished it.

Move your MCV (or what ever u call it) and the rest of your force right until u hit the river. Set up your base here. First put two power stations up, one above your outpost the other below and to the right. Also build a Machine Shop and pump out two oil derriks. Place one of these on the patch above your base and the other on the patch across the river. (You'll use the other patch there later).

Remember those four ATV's (two flamers, two machine gunners) you had at the start? Move those up the right of the screen kill all the units along the way. Once you locate the freakers oil rig destroy it. Keep those four up there and destroy the rig each time it is rebuilt. (they dont attack, stupid AI :) ).

While u are doing that u will want to be pumping out ATV's, and when u can a research lab. Upgrade your Machine shop and then your Outpost. Once u can, build two tankers and set them going on those two oil rigs u have. U should now have two tankers to each oil rig. Now, biuld four rocket defenses. Also u can build the other two power stations now. Also build a oil derrik and send it to the other oil patch.

Okay, now u should have money pumping in. Build both types of ATV's and Anaconda tanks. Make sure u can defend your base and then start senting units up the right to reinforce those four units up there.

Timing is now critical. Wait until the freakers attack your base then sent in your attack group that you've been massing on the right. There should be no real defense there and it should be very simple.


robmc "DIEKILL" - robmc@myriad.net

The scout is in the north. Take all your army, start going north, get to the bridge, and send a well beat up cycle fella to go and find the idiot on the other side of the stream. Start coming back. Keep the idiot in the middle and you should be alright. In the unlikely event that you lose your vehicles... Put the idiot in the front and RUN LIKE HELL!!!

Tommy Grimm - tommy1@evansville.com

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......

All of these strategies would work ok for me, but the freaks would always end up defeating me. Well, the key is to attack the oil rig in the upper right corner. The evolved won't attack you when you do it, and they keep using money to buy new derricks and you can just kill them. Follow the other strategies but make sure you do this ASAP.

Joel Mikkelsen - joedlm@pronet.net.au

Gentle Krushers,
This mission took a long time to work out, but only about one and a half hours to play
Move all your units across the river to the right of the starting position, taking out the shotgun fellahs along the way. Deploy your outpost between the two oil puddles across the river, and leave room to put three power stations in. Place your vehicle factory, out of the way,
(preferably toward the bottom of the screen) and place the power station right next to the top puddle.
When you have enough money, place another powerstation on the other side of the puddle, and another right next to the bottom puddle.
By now, you should have you tech centre up
Research your outpost immediately to get missle towers, then research your vehicle factory.
place missle towers all along the shoreline to the left of your base, and block the bridge with anaconda tanks 2 colomns deep, with about 4 in reserve. The top entrance needs to be defended only by 2 normal guard towers and a support of 3 anaconda tanks (this lasted me the whole game)
the enemy will mass attack your left flank often, but they hardly ever damage your missle towers, and your barrarge of anaconda tanks almost always kill units before they get close enough to do any damage.
keeping this supply of defense up, build 6 sabotouers, then accumulate a group of 8 anacondas and 6 flamer ATV's.
move your sabotours from the top entrance of your base to his oil rig, and use three to take it and keep three in reserve
move your attack force of 8 anacondas and 6 atv's up the same entrance and take out his rightmost grapeshot cannon.
Time this attack when he mass attacks your left flank
Systematically destroy his buildings, concentrating fire on any defensive units he sends in.

Jaguar Au - zhewei@pl.jaring.my.

I took about 5 hours to destroy them. It is impossible to win if you attack them through the middle valley. Find the way right to the base and attack them through there. I attack them by crossing the middle valley using about 50 annaconda but was DEFEATED! Try to save your game before you attack. GOD BLESS YOU.

Elie Kushner - sixkush@connect.ab.ca

I thought this mission was pretty hard. How I finally beat it was: at the begining of the level you send all your units just in front of the earth blood when you grouped all your units, also the mobile base when you are grouping them, send two anaconda tanks up ahead in the little crevise to the right to shoot down on the enemies who come. You set the mobile base up in between the two earth bloods then you set up your machine shop to the right of your base then build two power plants and a reasearch lab. You put both power plants a bit below the earth blood and that should be as close as possible. Now build two oil dereks and send them to the earth bloods, have one tanker on each. Now the earth blood is flowing upgrade your base. When your base is upgraded train about 8 pyros at the start.

Now upgrade your machine shop for atv flames - get three of them, send two to the bottom and one to the top to defend. Also while doing this you continue those pyros. This time you should have been atacked a couple of times and your defence will be thin, send your two atv flames over to the right, over the river, up the hill and across the bridge. Turn right and you will see another hill, go up that and you see a oil dereck - krush it. Keep those two atv flames there, now upgrade your base again to get the misile batteries and put them where your units are in that area so when the enemy attacks they will be krushed. Now upgrade your machine shop again, with your base train those grenade guys and pyros. Your machine shop is upgraded so build two tankers one for each earth blood.

Your struggle to win battles should be mostly over if you build lots of misile bateries where your units are. Move your units ahead so the misile batteries have space. In that time the two atv flames should continue attacking the rig; I think before you train all those misile batteries take your defensive force to attack the units' oil rig and grapeshot canon to slow their oil even more. Behind the misile battery line have lots of mechanics ready to repair the misile batteries, then train an anaconda tank and a atv flame to send where your other atv flames are. Once they get there during the next attack krush the grapeshot canon then krush the clan hall then the beast cage. If they send an oil derrick break off the krushing of the clan hall or beast cage and atack the derrick then resume. Have constant training of anacondas, atv flames, pyros and grenade guys. Send most of the units to the right of the misile batteries so if the enemy attacks your units the misile batteries plus units should destroy atacks with little damage.

Continue training mechanics for the damaged misile batteries with the atvs and anoconda tanks. Continue the attack on the clan hall or beast cage then when the buildings are krushed go for the close power plants. Your oil should be low so build a derick and send it to the one below you. If you think you have a strong enough army go krushing but only if during that time you were training anacondas, atv, flames, pyros and granade guys. If you don't go krushing use that earth blood and build a stronger army. If you're still with me its an easy win!

ps: if your misile batteries get destroyed rebuild them and also keep units in front for extra fire

TOM LESLIE - Tracer415@aol.com

I know this is very hard level. First move your mobile unit north east of where you started toward the stream up by the oil.Then when you run out of oil you can place a power plant just across the stream.
Now here is a good way to beat this. Research until you can get flamers, flame atv's, and missle towers.
By now you should have about 6000 ru's then build as many missle towers as you can in front of you buildings, and form a wall.
Now you set you flame dudes on full and pump them out as fast as you can get the oil. Then take out the oil rig across the bridgewith flamers then just let them sit up there and mass a army. Then they will start to lose their grip and then krush kill and destroy! Tip: don't get the flame dudes to close to the grape shots there placed in spots where you can be picked off before you know what hit ya good luck!

Zak strategy winner Liu - bzl@ibm. net

This mission is not very hard, deploy your Optus btween the TWO oil patches, do not take too long. Set up tour base with 1 oil station, 2-3 tankers, and pyros defending your base. Keep building Flame ATV's and men until your oil runs out, then go to the other 2 oil patches with 1 tanker on each and build weapons to hold the enemy off. When your money starts to flow in, build some bombers and send them aroud the back to the freakers' base. Build more and more tanks and spread them out on the map, and when they becomes weak, hit their base from three directions and destroy the freakers. THIS MISSION IS HARD AT THE START, BUT DON'T GIVE UP!!! This mission took me 3 gos to complete.
Good luck with my strategy!

Damian Nave - dnave@usa.net

Mission 10 - Well I have a lot to say about this mission as I have restarted it about 15 million times. And am yet to complete it. Though I think my strategy is sound. The best place to put you base is at the river so you have access to 3 oil wells at once. It also stops the large amounts of enemies coming at you at once and spreads out their attacks due to the fact that your base isn't as close.

This position also gives you a great position to exploit their one major weakness in this level. It is up past the bridge. They have an oil mine that is extremely easy to destroy there as it is undefended. This only being one of three the evolved have it will not completely stop production but will slow it down. Unfortunatly any further attacks from that position with anything less than 100 guys is knocked back pretty easily and some how they still have enough men to be attacking you at the same time.

I think the best thing to do in this mission is to have a solid defense but attack often as just repelling their attacks will eventually waste out your very limited supply of oil and any other drills.

I did have a thought about bringing the whole base across the bridge, knocking out their oil mine and claming it for my own but that didn't work as the mobile outpost wasn't able to get over the bridge and that is the only way there that isn't crowded by evolved.

Concerning defence the best idea is to have LOTS of swat which can kill of elephants and other evolved vehicles very easily but also have a few heavy tanks or fire tanks to squash the infantry. Don't bother trying to attack them; it takes to much time.

They are my thoughts, if anyone has anything they think could be useful please E-mail me as this mission is REALLY starting to get on my nerves.

Lucas Patry - Duke@int-usa.net

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......

First we set up over in the Notheast corner of the map. There are three very good oil supplies up there. Then we upgraded all of our buildings. WE then set up missle launchers all around the base. We maxxed out the number allowed. We built about 20 sabatuers and 15 technitions. (They were in case we had some building damage.) Anyway, we tapped all three oil spots, with three- four oil trucks per derrik. Then we built a small force of flamers- about 30. We put 10 in front of the base, and the rest went up the back way over the bridge to the base. The sabatuers went with them. We used the sabatuers to destroy the buildings, and derreks. We gained money that way. We used the flamers to kill off all of their (the Evolved) defenses. You know the grapeshots, and the elephants. Things like that. Also while attacking we continued to build flammers. Just in case something went wrong. Anyway nothing did, and we beat the level. We found it to be very simple. It is all in how you spend your resources.

Sam Cheng - wsam@rocketmail.com

This is a very hard mission which you will face, but fear not I'll give you the most useful tips right here.

First you have to start the mission by building your campside between the cliffs (which is the gray land to the north of your starting point). Locate your base ASAP and start building the buildings. Build the power plant as close to the oil as possible. Then go up a bit and build a machine shop right beside the cliff, (to the right) build a repair bay, (right hand side of the base) build a reasch lab, and try to go as far as possible to the right hand side to build another power station { this set up is very important because it affects your ability to set up your defense}. Upgrade your base to max to be able to get the defences.

Build both cheap defences (guns) and missile defences and form a V shape when you are locating them (this helps you not to spread your force too thin) [put the gun defence up at front and missiles at the back to support your defence]. Up to this point you can concentrate on the attacks which the enemy will send. When you have enough oil upgrade your machine shop and build more vehicles. Also you will find you are running out of oil. Don't worry, extend your camp by building another power plant to the East (there are three other oil paches over there) [do not expand your camp by getting your resource at the west, the enemy will attack you from your back if you do that].

After a while you should have enough oil. Build a derrick and set it up North at the closest oil pach then build up two new missle defence with lots of Anacondas, ATV. At this point you should be strong enough to have a little surprise attack. Send an ATV in to get the enemy force out and destroy them by trapping them in your new attacking point.

Tommy Grimm - tommy1@evansville.com

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......

All of these strategies would work ok for me, but the freaks would always end up defeating me. Well, the key is to attack the oil rig in the upper right corner. The evolved won't attack you when you do it, and they keep using money to buy new derricks and you can just kill them. Follow the other strategies but make sure you do this ASAP.

greg kennedy - Sstrike10@aol.com

Ok you guys this is a toughy! Ok this mission took me a month to figure out but once you get it down IT IS A BREEZE!! I like to set up my base near the river. You don't cross the river, just when you are near the river go up. You should see 1 oil patch; set up your M.O.P. (moble outpost) north of theirs. After that build your power station as far to the right that you can of the oil patch then build your machine shop under that. After that cross the river; you should be able to put your research lab there. Once you have money put another power station near that oil rig across the river. After that build some atv and atv flame throwers, 5 of each should do (insted of atvs you can use flamers), bring them to the right of your 2nd oil station across the river. After that wait for them to attack, bring them up and destroy their derrik.

Dane Rosen - mrosen@intrawest.com

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is move all your troops to the far right. You will see a river in a "<" shape. Deploy your mobile outpost on the outside of the river at the point of the "<". Build a machine shop to the left of it and a power station above it by the oil tap in point. Make another powerstation across the river by the other tap in and then another power station below and to the right at the third tap in. You now have three oil rigs close to your power stations. Now upgrade.
Upgrade your machine shop twice so you can have Anaconda tanks and flame ATV's. Send an even amount of troops to both entrances: the one by your machine shop and the one by the third tap in point. Have missile batteries at both entrances. Once your force is big enough (I maxed out my units) then you attack. First send up your force at the third tap in point up over the bridge and then over to the left a little and then back down. Send them up as well as your other force. Attack them from two ways. Take out the derricks and the rest is simple. There are four derricks. Two are to the left, one straight up and one to the left.


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