KKND - Krush Kill N Destroy

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"Rescue The General"

Steve Fulton - sfulton@ix.netcom.com

This Level requires patience! First, sneak over to the North Western corner of the battleground, and get the "special tank" out of the "tech-bunker". At the same time, send part of your force to the North Eastern corner of the battlefield to open the second "Tech Bunker" there, to get the free "1000 credits". Once your force is all assembled in one place, send the "special tank" down toward the "freak-a-ziod" elephant gun.

In a one-on-one blast-for-blast confrontation, the "special tank" will win. Next, move the "special tank" across the bridge, and secure the area (there will be a few small "freak" units there, which will be easily handled). While you are doing this, set up the rest of your units (except for the "infiltrators" in a guard position on the south-west corner of your base.

Send 6 "infiltrators" accross the bridges, and take the oil derrick, and the other "freak building". While you are doing all of this, be sure you have created the following buildings: "vehicle yard" and "tech center". Create a mobil "derrick", and then if you have the money, a power station.

As soon as your "infiltrators" take the "freak" buildings accross the river you will have enough money to complete this. Now, move the "special tank" to your base, and position it behind a line of ATV's. Start creating a couple more ATVs, and at the same time, increase the tech-level of your "vehicle yard" twice, so you can start producing tanks. The "freaks" will attack from the south-west continuously.

Your "special tank" should be able to take most them out, but be sure to keep it stationary behind a stationary wall of ATVs. If you don't, and are tempted to engage the enemy, it will be quickly destroyed.

You will have to replace your ATV's often, and do so. when you have collected enough oil units, start replacing the ATVs one-by-one with tanks. Take the ATV's aside, and start creating an "exbiditionary force" with them. This will take a LONG time, but it will work. The "freaks" will continue to attack, but your line of ATVs, tanks, and the "special tank" should be able to handle all attacks.

When you have good exbiditionary force (5-8 ATVs) send them accorss the bridge, with your remaining "3" infiltrators close behind. Send the ATV force in to attack the "tower" on the Eastern edge of the "freak" base, then send the remaining ATV's into the base to engage what ever Enemy units are there. (note: it is a good idea to start this attack right AFTER the "freaks" have attempted to attack your base. They will have used up their best units in the attack, and their base should be lightly defended). Send in your infiltrators to take out the "freak" "beastiary". This "knock-out" blow should turn the tide in your favor. Attack the rest of the "freak" base with your tanks, and just mop up. Battle won!

Rick Schneider - ras@ftp.com

I liked this one, mostly because it's the first mission where I found a sentinel droid. This should be the first priority - send your 4x4 over to the northwest corner of the map, and open up the bunker thingie. This will free a sentinel droid, which is one mean mother.

Send the ATV's straight over to the east to get the outpost, and then send them south over the bridge. Open up the other bunker on the way for a quick $1000. Have the ATV's and the pickup take out anything defending the enemy rig and power station, and then send in the sabateurs.

You need the cash from this to get your own production going. The AI will mostly only send waves of infantry and the occasional scorp across the top of the map to your base, which barely make more than a snack for the sentinel droid.

Make a tank or ATV or two though, just to soak up enemy fire, since the droid can't be repaired. The rig itself will be attacked once in a while by a scorp or 2, so you don't need more than 2 or 3 atv's.

If things do look tight, just send the droid south for a bit of relaxing slaughter. From that point, it's really just a matter of building up a mix of tanks and flamer ATV's to send south over the bridge and then west to the bad guys. The general is in the holding pen (I forget what it's actually called), clear the area before you free him, and then send him out of harm's way while you help the Evolved along with their evolution into slag.

Nathan Chan - dchan@axionet .com

When you start the mission go to far left of your starting point to find a Tech Bunker. Here you will get an sentinel droid. Then go all the way to the far right where you 'll find your base and if you keep going find an other tech bunker that gives you 1000 Ru's. First build a research center and upgrade your Out Post once. Then you will be able to build flamers build as many as you can. Then tell a ATV to attack the grape shot cannon quarding the bridge then send the rest of your force including sentinel droid across the bridge. Destroy the derrick and power station with your saboteurs you will gain 2300 Ru's.

Then send your force left until you are inside the enemy base blow the holding pen. You then would have saved the General.During that time Get an ATV to run over the ifantry. Then destroy the rest of the base except the grape shot cannons. Bring in the Flamers you were training to help destroy the grape shot cannons. While doing this remeber to put the general aside because he might get killed. After Destroying the Grape shots and any other enemy the mission is complete.


Michael Carrillo - farsyde@imap3.asu.edu

The easiest way to beat this level is to forget about building up your base and focus all your cash on SWAT guys.

From the start, take the jeep west to the tech bunker containing the droid. At the same time, send the rest of the force all the way east past the base to the second tech bunker and the free 1000 RU's.

Set your SWAT button to infinite production and defend the base till the cash runs out. Then take your army south across the bridge, wipe out any opposition and sabotage the 2 buildings.

Wait for your cash to run out producing SWAT guys again. Then take the whole bunch west to the enemy base. Keep to the very bottom of the screen as much as possible to avoid having your infantry wiped out by the three Grapeshot Cannons to the north of the enemy camp. Also look out for Rioters. Try to take these out with the droid or, if possible, some other vehicle. Cut through the defenders, then take out the Machine Shop, Clan Hall, and sabotage the Bestiary ASAP. Again, wait for your Command Post to finish popping out reinforcements. Finally, take out the Cannons by moving your Droid (and any other vehicles) just to the east of them. Slowly move west, taking one Cannon at a time, and allowing any vehicles you have to take as many blasts as possible for your droid.

If all else fails, use the rest of your infantry to kill the remaining towers in the same way (east to west). Only after you have taken out all of the towers should you free the Commander.


Andrew Hirt - hirta@erols.com

Take a unit over to the northwest corner, and open up the tech bunker. While you are doing this move all your other troops to the base, and open the second tech bunker. Immeditely start to make SWAT men, use all of your money for this. Destory the cannon near your base with your available troops. When you have made as many SWAT as possible start across the bridge, destory the oil rig, and power station with the saboteurs. Make more SWAT, then demolish the base, you should get there before he has any decent defences set up.

Tong Chia - tongc@crafti.com.au

I did not scout the area much and so did not find any of the hidden tech bunkers. Following is how I completed the level using the resources available.

The key is to remove the economic means of the enemy, this means forcing the computer to use up its money and destroying its powerstations. There are two in this level.

The other thing I found was that timing was critical. Attack at the wrong moment and I risk losing too many units.

The first thing I do is take out the elephant gun on the east side of the map. When it is firing it seems to focus on one unit at a time. I use the 4X4 to attract the attention on the gun and circle it with 2 ATVs and a group of 4-5 swat guys. Usually at the end of the shooting match, the 4X4 and the gun are destroyed.

To protect the base,I then create 3 additional swat guys and move the remaining units to take over the powerstation and oil derrick down south. Destroy the tanker to make life difficult for the enemy.

As I near the base, the computer will send out infantry units to engage. Line up the units in the following north south configuration: ATV,swat guys, ATV. It makes quite a killing field. I did not lose any units while the computer lost all units.

Slowly advance the line west to keep the enemy engaged otherwise they will start to divert north and attack my base. Leave the saboteurs a safe distance from the action.

Wait until there is a lull, ie enemy has exhausted all available units. This also prevents too many sneak attacks on my base. As soon as there is a lull, attack the machine gun nest. Timing is essential. I am usually able to destroy the nest before the next wave builds up strength.

The second wave of defenders is usually more difficult as there is a scorpion to con



I found this level needed balls more than patience - get the sentinel droid from the Tech bunker to the west of where you start then form up and crush all you come across. You can get the other tech bunker but I didn't bother - admittedly I finished with only the sentinel droid and the general left, but I did it first go in about 5-10 minutes. Just go hard and fast.

Chris Conley - TheKrick@Aol.Com

Ok, now, the people above this are smart, but not smart enough. Sure, send the 4x4 over to the 'Sentinel Droid'....

While he is moving, send the rest of your forces over to the 'base'. Use an ATV to get the money. Ok, now here they got stupid. I sent my Droid to kill the freakin' grape shot, but it nearly got destroyed by one grape!!! Before you send the droid, send in the two ATV's to soke up the fire, and use the Droid to take it out. While doin this, build the machine shop and the tech lab. Now send the two ATV's to the south with the 6 saboteurs. Use 3 sabs to 'get' the rig and the (power)station. Use newly stolen(or gained) money to build a derrick and power station.

Build some ATV's and please save a little. After you get enough money, build another power plant or another tanker.
*NOTE*: Do not send a large force to guard the rig, I played the level for about 40 minutes, and my rig was never attacked.

Build up a defense, using Anacanda's and flamers(not really needed), and set them as unit 1(without the droid)

Save up, build some Snakes(A.K.A: Anaconda's), and get about 8 to guard the south (not really for guarding)(also set these as group 2) When you get enough money, build about 13 more sabs. You should have 3 left, and send the sabs towards the rig to have some fun. Now the kool part....

Send the 8 or so snakes to take on the platform guard tower. When it is done, you should send in 3 sabs to take on the freakers beast pen.
(*NOTE*: When I attacked, they had no money left. You should not take this long)

Send in all of your defending force besides the droid to kill the grapes. Also use unit 2 to help. Now send in your sabs to 'get' the rest of the buildings.



When you first start the mission, get the sentry drone and use him to free your base of the annoying grapeshot cannon. Use your saboteurs to take over the buildings which gives you enough to start your base.

Once you have upgraded your vehicle thingy, build a tanker. Take the tanker through the south entrance but keep him away from any units. Go down around his power station to the derrick and block the front of it with the tanker. The AI will take no notice and run their money out. Then you can just kick their butts.


Jimmys Koutsogiorgas - Magic@ath.forthnet.gr

When you start this mission take one of your ATV go left to find the bunker! Now with Sentinel Droid destroy the Grapeshot cannon which is right near a bridge. After this go to the bridge and destroy it with 3 saboters. Then destroy the EVOLVED power station to get $1300.

WARNING: Do not spend any money. Build the machine shop then a power staion then a derrick and start getting MONEY. Place the sentinel droid near your base and the ATV's and the 4/4 Pickup down to your oil derrick ! After that wait until you get some money, build some Flame ATV's and attack... ! After destroying their machine gun Nest then go release the commander then send him near your base and then destroy the remaining EVOLVED base.

I hope you'll find this easy !



First you get the really cool robot. Then you destroy the tower near the bridge, below the base. Then you go to the far upper-right corner and get 1000 RUs. Then, send in 3 vandals, and have them take over the oil rig.

Then you start a force. Build yourself a derrick, machine shop, and of course a power station. Oh, yeah: you also need and extra 300 credits to build a power station. So, you go and send in your vandals to their power station. Then you will have an extra 1000 credits. Build 2 ATV's. Then continue your ATVs. Leave your robot near your base with 2 ATVs. Then send the rest of your ATVs to your oil rig.

Then when you have about 10 ATVs, send them in to their base. Also, with the robot. By the way, you get the robot in the upper-left corner. So, you also have to avoid the cannon towers. Their other oil rig is in the far bottom-left corner. HE HE! Your done now. Hope you Krush Kill 'n Destroy them!

Lassi Puurunen - Lpuurune@northstar.iwn.fi

At first take your 4x4 PickUp and move it to upper left corner. There you will find a tech bunker with a powerful droid. Then Move all of your troops to upper right corner. There will be some light mute resistance, but your troops are powerful enough to deal with them.

In the upper right corner you will find your abandoned outpost. Take your PickUp and move it further to the right corner. There you will find an another tech bunker that will provide with 1000 resource units. Then move all of your units across the bridge that is located below your outpost.

But, there's a little problem before that! There's a very nasty Grape Shot Cannon before the bridge! Your only alternative is to KRUSH it with all of your units. Except your PickUp that must be left to ensure the safety of you

Chen Chuck Wye - ccwye@tm.net.my

Get the ATV to northwest where a tech bunker is and pick up a Sentinial Droid. While doing this, send the others to northeast and you can find your base there.

Send your 4x4 Pickup more to right and you can find another tech bunker, which give you 1000 resourses (beware of Grapeshot canon). You should now have 2000 resourses. Now build a Machine Shop but don't build anything yet... Send all your VEHICLES including your S.Droid to destroy the Grapeshot Canon. Remember not to send your Saboteurs to fight. They will die.

After battle is won, send 6 Saboteurs accros the brigde and take out the Freakers' oil rig and Power Station. Don't get Krushed by the tank. You should get some money already. Now you can build a Power Station and a Mobile Oil Derrick and send it to the oil patch south to you base. Your tank will automatically do his job.

Set the SWAT to infinite, as you need them later. If your enemy attack now, defend you base without getting you S.Droid destroyed. If not, send your S.Droid across the bridge and destroy the enemy's tank (the tank I mentioned the very first time). After that, move into their base and destroy their Guard Tower.

If you do not want to get hurt, here's a tactic. Move away from the G.Tower. Now attack it. When your S.Droid starts to shoot two blue crystals out, quickly retreat. Repeat this tactic a few times and the G.Tower will explode, not a single bullet will touch your S.Droid. This tactic is also known as "Keep Your Distance".

Sneak behind the buildings and use the tactic again so the the Freakers can't locate you.Your enemies should be attacking you again. Use everything you've got to defend your base and as for the S.Droid, use the same tactic to destroy the other buildings espiacially the Clan Hall, because of the three Grapeshot Canons that can do some real damage, so beware. Also free the Commander from the odd looking building but don't sent him home yet because there's some more things to do.

Locate their Oil Rig Northwest from their base and "tackle" it. Beware of the Grapeshot Canon. Don't go to near to it. After their base is "cleaned up" protect your Commander on the way home, using the same route you came in.There should be a G.Tower on the way out,so destroy it with the same tactic with your S.Droid,not your Commander. You should have a lot of SWATs now,say about three rows.Stop building SWATs and build 6 ATVs(normal ATV).Once you think your force is enough to fight the 3 Grapeshot Canons,go ahead and take the Freakers to Hell.

Eric Fuhrmann - none avaliable

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......
At the start send all your forces to the east to where your camp is except the 4x4 pickup. With the pickup travel west until you find a tech buker. Bring your sentinel droid and truck back to your base and to the east of it where another bunker will give you 1000 RU's. Meanwhile build a machine shop and a derrick. Send all your forces except the sabatours down south and take out the turret after that send them over the bridge and take out the tanker. Send 3 sabatours into the power station and rig and with that money build a power station and research lab and start studying the machine shop.
keep all your forces by the side of your camp and they will always attack there except for an occasional man which you can run over with your tanker. After studying the machine shop build three more tankers. Build your forces up of anaconda tanks and send a special ops team of 10 flamethrowers and sappers down south by your rig.
After building large forces attack their base with your tanks and while the freaks are busy attack their powerstation with your special ops team. After destroying their powerplant they cannot build anything. Destroy them at will.......

Eyal Chameids - Flamemstr@hotmail.com

You have to start by getting the tank to your left. Then take your team to the right and find the base, destroy the missle thing and take the extra 1000, then move all your troops down and capture ( using the sabatours) there oil rig and power plant. Don't stay there long enough for them to get you and go up to your base. Then build a power plant and a war factory. Use the war factory to set up an oil rig at the bottom of the stage and start building, use your spider thing as defence untill you have about 5 missle launchers. Take a group of 20 swats and 10 fire atv's, wait till they attack you and get them from the side. If that didn't finish them then just do it again....

monkmonk -

My stratagy is simple, you get the droid and then go east to the other tech bunker. Get the thousand oil and make all the swat teams you can. You then take the bridge and kill all their guys. Use the sabatours on the rig and make more swat team guys. Then you just have to take out the buldings along the bottom until you reach the western side where you take out the oil rig. Then you kill the last couple buildings and take out the grape shots.

Jimmy P. Ali - jimmy@cyber.com

Here it is... First you use "force fire" on your own buildings and when you are done with that you will recieve 20,000 RU's! Then take your 4x4 to the tech bunkers... one is northeast... the other is northwest... DO NOT open them! They will automatically kill you! Go down across the bridge to the enemy camp and put 1, and only 1 "sabatoure" in each building... if any are left over go to the EXTREME southwest corner and wait for reinforcements to come and help... it takes 15min for this to work... (its kinda a secret) but they WILL come... with 4 guardian robots and 12 HEAVY bombers that you won't see in any other mission. Then after they come just mop up the rest of the Mutes.

Yezen Hammodat - hishamh@ihug.co.nz

First thing you do here is go to the west and you'll see a tech bunker. When it opens you'll get a Sentinel Droid. Now go to the far east, you'll see your outpost. Keep going and you'll see another tech bunker which will give you 1000 resources. Now build about 3 swats and a Reseach Lab. Upgrade it (if you can) and build 2 flamers. Leave your Saboteurs behind and destroy the Grape Shot Canon, get 3 saboteurs and put them into the Freakes's Oil Rig. Now ya got more money.

Destroy his 2 Power Staions (some freakes might attack you, kill them first) or sabotage it. Also destroy his 2 Oil Rigs. Now you can build a Machine Shop (if you've sabotaged a few buildings) and a Derrick. Put it where his first Oil Rig was and now you're ready to build a Power Station. When that's done, build more men, some Anaconda Tanks and a few ATVs. Attack his 3 Grape Shot Canons and destroy the Clan Hall and the Black Smith (you can sabotage the Black Smith after you've completed your base but don't try to sabotage the Clan Hall because the Grape Shot Canons might get you). Now destroy the prison and the General will be free and you'll complete this mission. PS:you can free the General after you destroy his 2 Power Stations.

Steve O'Neil - soneil@iinet.net.au

My strategy was similar to most of those posted except for a few changes.
I got the sentinel and the other bunker, then set up my base. I then used the vehicles and the sentinel together to take the canon.(spread out to reduce damage from the canon)
Next, Instead of taking out the oil rig, I took over the oil rig. Saw no sense in destroying a perfectly good oil rig to get money I would have spent on a new one anyway.
I then used two towers of both types and a heap of vehicles I made to defend the north part while I gradually built up a force in the south. When my forces were strong enough, I moved in from both directions with both forces and kicked butt, taking care to run over as many of their infantry as possible (I love doing that).

Julian Stone - jstone@student.pulteney.sa.edu.au


First what I did is find the secret bunker to the left of the starting point. I then went and took the base. I assembled all my units, except the saboteurs. I started building a power station. Attack the cannon guarding the bridge. Once you're past there infiltrate all the buildings there. Send the droid over to the base and attack the other power station and the rest is simple. The only short problem was the three cannons guarding the top of the base.

nick simpson - fax:781-8332

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......go over, get the robot, go get the free 1000 credits. Put swat on infinity, wait till they're all done then attack the grapeshot canon. Go across the bridge, attack the drill rig then the power station, then the guard tower, the beast enclosure,the power station, the drill rig, the grapeshot canons, the rest of the buildings then free the commander.

Chaos Yer don need 2 no

There are bunkers at the top corners of the map, and the good thing is the one at the left side has a SENTINEL DROID. Find out what that is and you're as good as a winner. Then go down south by the eastern bridge (1 Sentinel Droid, 3 grapeshot cannons). Note: let the puny troops eat grapeshot to preserve the Droid. Once you've blasted everything in your path go east all the way and try to outrange everything with your Droid. Try to ignore the enemy base and when you've reached the bottom left corner move north and KKND the oil derrick there. Without RU's, the enemy is harmless (though, be careful of the 3 grapeshot cannons). I almost forgot, leave YOUR base alone until now.
Kaotic strategy here!

eyal Chameids - Flamemstr@hotmail.com

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is...... You have to start by getting the tank to yourleft. then take your team to the right and find the base, destroy the missle thing and take the extra 1000, then move all your troops down and capture ( using the sabatours) their oil rig and power plant. Don't stay there long enough for them to get you and go up to your base. Then build a power plant and a war factory. Use the war factory to set up an oil rig at the bottom of the stage and start building, use your spider thing as defence until you have about 5 missile launchers. Take a group of 20 swats and 10 fire atv's, wait till they attack you and get them from the side. If that didn't finish them then just do it again....

Hellcool - charltop@planet.net.au

First go to the right with everything except the 4x4. Send it to the left and get the robot dude thing. Park your army next to your base and start making a power station as far to the bottom right as possible. Don't worry the gun won't reach you. Get the 1000 RU's out of the right side tech bunker. When you have your power plant, start building swats. Send in the 4x4 to attack the cannon, then send in the swats after it. The gun will only target the 4x4 leaving the swats to destroy it. When the gun is gone send your truck to the evolved derrick and start stealing oil.
Send in the saboteurs to take the power plant and blow up the truck. Continue to build up your base with swat etc, send in a large team of swat, and the droid to the left and into the bottom of the evolved base. First take out the guard tower then move across to the jail thing. Kill any attackers on the way. Blow up the jail and send the commander to the far right and then up into your base. Send the droid with him for protection. Use whatever swat you have surviving in his base to blow things up and generally wreak havoc. This won't finish it, but it will slow him down, if not piss him off. When the commander is safely in the top right build build build. When your army is sufficient attack, preferably from the bottom away from the guns.
It takes a long time but eventually it will work.

matt giesecke - n/a

Somewhere in the strategy list is a strategy to destroy your own base and use your saboteurs on the other buildings south of you and then hide for 15 mins. IT DOSEN'T WORK. Don't try. My strategy is get the 2 bunkers and make a LOT of flamer people. Don't even go near the grapshot cannon until you have at least 5 or 6 of them.(It saves the machines.) Kill that turret and use the sabateurs to take out the oilrig and the powerstation. Get at least 6 or 7 more flamers and leave the rest there to collect and guard the beast.(It will be attacked.)
Slowly come in and take out the machinegunners' nest and any fresh opposition. Quickly attack the powerstation and animal thingy. Destroy all of the buildings EXCEPT the headquarters. Destroying that leaves you in the open to the grapeshot cannons. Hide behind that building and send the backup flamers (at base) to attack the easternmost gun. Once they're almost in range of it send any remaining trucks or any thing hiding behind the freaker base to also attack. Take it one gun at a time, that should kill them. Then destroy any remaining buildings, saving the prision for last. That's how to pass that level.

Jonathan Holden - Swims@iafrica.com

Well I find this stage to very easy- first you start with a bunch of units and some tanks, move every body to the east and you should find an outpost. If you move east again you find this nuke sign, go to it and it will open up. It will give you 1000 units. Go back to your outpost and put SWAT on infinty. When you have no money left go kill the grape shooter, go down the bridge to the oil rig and send your 3 sabouteurs to go in. They will demolish it and you will get more $ demolish everthing and when you get the general send him to your outpost and everything should be straight forward.

Joe Ellis - smellis32@hotmail.com

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is first get the tech bunk to west from where you and then find your base. Start building lots of riflemen and then send the 4x4 pickup to get the $1000 credits. When you're done destroy the canon in front of your base then cross the bridge and destroy everything there. Destroy their base, get the general and go back to where you started, then on to the next level.

Luke Brimson -

Ok, I'll get down to business, when you start the game get the 4x4 pickup and go to the left, meanwhile send your saboteurs and tanks north-east and pick off any Evolved. With the 4x4 pickup you should have discovered a tech bunker, go up to it and a sentinel droid will come out, now gather both of them and regroup with the others. Now together go as far north as you can go and then go east, you will eventually find an Outpost (Survivor), leave everyone by it and send the 4x4 South-East avoiding the Grapeshot Cannon. You should then find another Tech Bunker, instead it has 1000 Resource Units. Send the 4x4 pickup back to the group and send them to destroy the Grapeshot Cannon. Do not fear an Evolved attack (if they do it's in small numbers).
Build a Power Station as far down to the bridge as possible. Put in a machine Shop and send your army across the bridge, by now a few Evolved shotgunners should have attacked. Do not destroy the enemy oil rig. Send some of the Saboteurs into the enemy Power Station (that way you get the resource unit value of the building) and destroy the tanker. A few dire wolfs and shotgunners would have attacked while you destroy the Power Station. Now (even if all you have left is the Sentinel Droid) go west and you'll see a machinegun nest, destroy it.
Now if there are any Evolved left attack them trying to avoid the three Grapeshot Cannons. Do not worry about the Beast Enclosure or Clan Hall just go for the Power Station. Destroy the other buildings (avoiding the Grapeshot Cannons) and go south-west and destroy their tankers. There will be a higher level you will see, go up it and destroy their oil rig and tankers. Now leave the Grapeshot Cannons and go back to your base. Build a Research lab and another Machine Shop.

fredrick wolf -

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......
First like the other strategies, send your 4x4 pick-up truck to the upper left corner of the screen, there you will get a sentinel droid (looks like a beetle) from the tech bunker. At the same time, move your whole force to the right of the map, you will find your outpost there. Tell one of your ATV to keep on going, you will get 1000 ru's from the bunker.
By the time your whole force is grouped together, a mutant that throws grenades will attack you. Then a few more other mutants (wolfs and bikes). You should build ten or more SWATs to TAKE CARE of them!
Below your base is a grape shot cannon. Use your 4x4 to distract it and tell your other three "cars" to destroy it. Your 4x4 will certainly be dead, so bring back your droid and ONE ATV to secure your base from attacks. Then your other Atv should venture down the bridge and find a power station and oil rig. Tell three sabatouers each to 'claim' the buildings and you then should have more money. Build a Mech shop to the left of your POST and a power station south of your base.
Don't build too many Swats or you won't have money to buy a derrick.
After get more money, then slowly start building up your army. When protecting your camp, you should never let the droid get into the open, use SWATs or cars to stay in front and let the droid snipe them one by one.
Note: you should kill scorps and bazookas first. They can really KILL!
After getting twenty or so SWATs and two ATVs, send them down to the rig. The mutants will stop attacking your base and start coming to your rig. Leave a 4x4 and a few SWATS to protect your camp and send the droid down to the rig.

adrian smith - not,telling

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is go up to the top left. There is a tech bunker. Get that then you stay near the top and go to the right. You will find a base. Keep your men there while 1 man goes farther right. There is 1 more tech bunker that gives you 1000 points (oil). Then go to your base and buy a oil tank building, leave the truck there for now. With the leftover money buy tons of men. Go down with all the men but 2 footmen and blow up the guard tower, then go further down. Blow up the trucks but not the oil rig, then put vandals in the other building. Now send your oil tanker to the evolved oil rig. Then do your thing bang-bang ahhh.
"retreat retreat"
"build more guys captain"
"roger "
You need some vandals so build a science lab.

Michael (Anonymous) - Compnut77@AOL.COM

I took an ATV all the way to the left of the map, and there was a tech bunker with a sentinel droid in it. At the same time, I took my 4x4 pickup to the right to find an outpost. I kept going, and I found a tech bunker with 1000 resource units. After that, I took out the grapeshot cannon right below the outpost, and I brought 3 saboteurs into their power station. Then, I built my own power station, and I USED THEIR OIL RIG TO GET MY OIL! Use the sentinel droid to defend against any attacks, along with a flame ATV. Then, when you have a lot of Flame ATV's and Anaconda tanks, attack the enemy from the southeast (where their oil rig is). Rescue the general, and blow up all the buildings. Last, go for the 3 grapeshot cannons near the north of their camp.

Dejan Brkic - balkan@intergate.bc.ca

It took me a couple of tries to beat this level. The first thing you do is get the two tech bunkers located in the two north corners. While doing that you will discover an outpost. Don't build anything. Get your atvs, 4x4s and spider droid to attack the grapeshot on the bridge to the south of your outpost. Make sure the grapeshot is not shooting your droid (you will need it). Now send all of your units south. Send three saboteurs to destroy the power station. With the money resulting build a power station and dig the enemy's rig. Set flamers to infinite. They will protect the outpost. The droid should be protecting your rig (he can kill any infantry in one shot and vehicles in two shots).
Now send some flamers to the south corner. Go west until you reach the guard tower (machinegun nest). Destroy it then send three saboteurs on the power station located southwest of the tower. Now the enemies can't build. With the remaining flamers destroy as many buildings as you can but don't destroy the detention hall (where the commander is).
When you go back to your base you should find a lot of flamers since they were set to infinite. Attack with them and destroy all grapeshots you can. Now send the remaining saboteurs and the spider droid to attack. Once all buildings are destroyed then rescue the commander and the mission will be over. If it doesn't finish check the far west, on the hill. There should be an oil rig. Destroy it. Don't forget to destroy your own oil rig because it was originally intended to be an enemy structure.

Alan aldridge -

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is go left at the start to get the 20th Century technology thing then go right to find your camp. Keep going right to get some resource units, build a machine shop and a power station. You should have no money by now. Go down and put 3 sabateures in the oil rig and 3 in the power station then all you have to do is send your robot down then across buy itself and destroy the defense tower. Then destroy the rest of the camp and last destroy the prison - the end.

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