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"Back To The Beach"

Justin Halliday - Assistant Producer - KKnD

Back to the Beach is probably the second mission which people will have difficulty with in KKND. In this mission you begin with just an Outpost and a bunch of units.

The first thing to do here is to grab your Mobile Derrick and send it up to the oil to the north of your Outpost. Next you should build a Machine Shop to the north-west of your Outpost and from this you should build two Power Plants, one to the South of the Drill Rig and one to the West. You need to place all of these buildings as fast as possible at the start of the game.

Once you have the buildings down, you should place a small group of units to the north-west of the Drill Rig, in between the rock pillar and the raised cliff. The rest of your units should be placed to the west of the Outpost, just south of the ramp up to the middle plateau.

Once you have your units in position, you should build a Tech Lab near the Outpost and start upgrading your Machine Shop and then your Outpost as fast as you can.

While you've been doing all of this building, you will have been attacked several time by the opponent. You should have plenty of starting units to deal with his early attacks until you can get your base developed.

Build a few tanks as early as possible, and once you have you Outpost upgraded, place a couple of missile batteries (if you can afford them) near your Drill Rig to protect against attacks from the north.

At this stage you should begin to think about expanding your supply lines. This is because, quite soon, the oil deposit that you are using to the north is going to run out. You have two alternatives, take the oil further north from the one you have currently, or take the oil at the south-west corner of the map. Each of these positions has advantages as disadvantages. The oil to the north is close to your existing base but it is also very close to the opponent's oil deposit and his defenses. The other oil patch is quite far away but it is very easy to defend. The trouble is actually timing your expansion to get your Derrick to the oil patch in between enemy attacks.

Once you have consolidated your position with one or preferably, both of the oil patches, your should attempt to take out the enemy's eastern most Drill Rig. Once you have destroyed this supply post for the opponent, it should be quite straightforward to take out the rest of his weakened base.


Bum Er

In the mission:Back to the Beach, you should start out by sending your oil derrick and a couple troops to capture the oil rig north of your base. Then build two power plants and a machine shop. DO NOT WASTE MONEY WITH A TECH UPGRADER! Put your SWAT soldier units on infinity, and your mahine shop with 2 ATV units. The SWAT soldiers will come pouring out. After your oil trucks have made their rounds a couple times, start making ATVs. Build ONE every time your money equals $500. Then, once you have 50-60 soldiers and 5-6 ATVs(or more), wait for your opponent to attack and build a recon bike. Once your opponent attacks, you will easily slaughter him if you concentrate your fire. Then, move all your units up near your northern oil rig.

Your recon bike should drive in and draw the fire from the grapeshot cannon. Then send in EVERY unit against that grapeshot cannon. From there, destroy the oil rig, and the nearest grapeshot cannon, and all units you see, ESPECIALLY ENEMY DERRICKS. Soon, they will lose because of the overwhelming attack. Simply go around finding units to slaughter. You should be able to win with your first strike force. If you don't, go back to base and take all your reinforcements (units just built), and make short work of the "freakers".

Sam Verner - Fett@hunterlink.net.au

While reading the Tactiks on Slugs 8, and found you guys take a totally different approach, one reminicent of C&C....

What I did was this:

When the mission starts, begin building: Mach. Shop, x2 power stations, research lab. While this is building, I sent all starting forces up and secured the oil patch to the North. Then I built a Derrick, sent it up and plonked it down, and RUs started rolling in. Then I began to research: Outpost x2, Mach shop x2, starting with the Mach. Shop.

As soon as you can get ATV flamers, begin to produce them in force. When you get about 5, send them N to take out his Rig. The sooner you can Take and Hold this area the better, as you put a huge dent in his production.

N.B.: After destroying his rig, he will eventually send another Derrick up. Let him put it down, and soon some tankers will come. BONUS! You can kill them and the Rig.

Another N.B.: In my experience, the AI never rebuilds his tankers, could be wrong, but once you kill em, they never come back....


Vaughn Schultz - v.schultz@student.qut.edu.au

I find that the easiest way to beat this level is to, firstly send a couple of units to the northern oil patch to clear it up, followed by the derrik. You then set up your base as normal, and as quickly as possible, and upgrade your outpost so it can produce those little flaming men. Set their production to infinity and take all of your remaining squad to the enemys northern oil rig. The enemy should send units to your army before your base, but you should have at least a few flame men to rush anything, if they do attack. The flame throwers are your best weapon in this mission, all you have to do is concentrate thier fire on one particular unit at a time. As soon as you can, send your men to the enemys buildings, making sure you walk as close to the northern edge of the map as possible, to avoid missiles. You should leave a couple of flame throwers near the oil patch to kill the missile launcher when it tries to rebuild. You can take the northenmost building without worries from the launchers, but soon after that you will have to deal with them. As long as you keep up the production of flame throwing men and, when attacking, concentrate all of thier fire on the one unit, or building, you will have no trouble.

Joe Lin - joe.lin@cornell.edu

This mission is lotsa fun because it's got two new things you can do. First and foremost is that Sentinel droid. Great for defense. You don't need to pack it behind a wall of ATV's (too expensive). Blocks of infantry (preferably SWAT) will do just as well, and infantry can heal themselves.

The fun thing about this mission is that there is a hole in the enemy defenses. The "freak" base is the in SW corner, but that base's eastern side is lightly defended. Build up a pack of FLAME ATVs (4-6) periodically and just raid them. Destroy a building, then run back to your base to repair. This disrupts their production and costs them money and effort. When you have enough Flame ATV's (~20) and Flame infantry (~5 squads of 5 each) you can send them all in one massive wave and wipe out the entire enemy base in minutes.


Justin Coomes - AdmiralJDC@aol.com

I found this to be one of the hardest missions to beat because everytime they attacked me, they would tear down my defenses leaving me with nothing. By the time I had my defenses back up, though, they were attacking again. This continued until my oil had run out or they had destroyed my northern derrick.

The time I won, I tried a different strategy. I ordered all my defenders to a spot just below the ramp up to the plateau to the north west of my base. I then placed four buildings all at once, a machine shop to the NE of the outpost, a tech lab to the E of the outpost, and two power plants to the N of the machine shop. I upgraded my machine shop first, building Flame ATVs after the first upgrade and building an infinite supply of Anacondas after the second. After the machine shop upgrades, I upgraded the outpost and began training and infinite supply of flamers. After each Anaconda was made, I sent it to guard the spot indicated earlier. When I had about five flamers, I sent one tank and them up to the farther northern oil deposit and had them wait outside the grapeshot cannon's range.

After the enemy had attacked me with a large number of troops, I first sent in the tank up north to draw the cannon's fire while the flamers went in and mopped it up. My tank only lost half of its hits and since the enemy had just gotten all their units wiped out, they couldn't go up to defend their derrick. I then sent up most of my defenders to where the old derrick was and left one or two behind to take care of the occasional straggler. Since I had attacked their northern derrick, they only attacked me from the north now.

From this point, I would send every other tank made to the north, keeping it with more defenders than the south exit and making sure my flamers only moved in front of the tank defense line to take out any new derricks. The battle was pretty much won from this point. My forces continued to build until I had decided that I had enough to attack with. I used the same strategy as with their derrick, but with more flamers and tanks this time. I waited for them to finish an attack afterwhich I first sent in my northern tanks to draw fire so my flamers could go in and kill the two grapeshot cannons left. After they were gone, I sent in my smaller, southern force up to attack any mobile forces from behind and to destroy their guard tower. This destroyed all their defenses and left the base to me.

I sent all but two of my remaining tanks to the south of their base to take out their other derrick and power plant while my flamers took out the buildings. The two other tanks were there just to protect the flamers from anything sent out of the outpost, machine shop, or beast enclosure.

I did all this in about 30 - 45 minutes.


John Judd - jjudd@matcom.com.au

I found speed to be the best offence here... the longer you prepare, the bigger the forces the enemy builds and the more you get decimated defending your base. Strike quickly!

Firstly build three power stations and a machine shop. Start churning out ATV's as the enemy attacks quite regulary with it's Mastodons, etc. Once you have a reasonable force for defence build a Research Station and upgrade the machine shop twice. I didnt bother with upgrading the outpost. Send a largish force to the Oil Rig at the north of the base to defend and start building Anaconda's. The enemy will adjust its attacks to the size of your force so now is the time to move quickly.

Get about four Anacondas to the Northern Group and about five to the Western Group. Send the northern group to attack the enemy missile platform and destroy it quickly and the enemy oil rig. The enemy will respond with a force that you should be able to take out if you concentrate your fire.

When you have destroyed the enemy force move your Western Group to the enemy base and destroy the southernmost towers and quickly move to the south of the enemy base and destroy the Oil Rig. Since the enemy spent his force on the northern group there shouldnt be too much around to worry about. Once the Oil Rig has been destroyed, the enemy should not be able to build enough to be a threat before you can take out his other main buildings. After that it's simply a case of mopping up.



The trick of this level is to build a force of ATVs and flame ATVs - once you have defence under control. Spend all your money on building trucks. Start off like Justin Haliday advises, have both your tankers getting oil from the north oil deposit. If you defend well you will be able to finish without needing a new oil patch. If you do need a new one towards the end I would advise using the one to the far west - but if you don't have many forces left after the first oil rig is gone you probably want to resteart - rebuilding from here is a waste of time. I always build up as many forces as possinle fromt eh first oil patch then when it is dry I go on a rampage, wiping out all enemy forces.

Definitely build a research lab as soon as possible. Back up your defences to the west of your base first with a missile tower and gun tower, then do the same to the north.

If you can afford it, build two missile towers at each point - first priority should go to the western defence. At this point start concentrating on building up a force to attack with. It will get a bit whittled by enemy attacks but youshould be able to keep building numbers slowly.

Don't bother with men - you might want a few because you're used to them, but don't build many.

Once the missile towers are in, put ATV and flame ATV on infinite, repel a few attacks and when your oil patch is dry take all your force and attack!. It doesn't matter if you lose a few buildings - your missile towers should deal out a bit of damage if anyone comes along while you are out. Even if most of your buildings are destroyed you still win... as long as all the enemy are dead. They will not send out a force to completely wipe out your town while you are whipping their arse.

As you crush the freakers, remember that running over ground muties is what you build those AVS for.


Ynon Cohen - ynoncoen@netvision.net.il

I also had a real tough time playing this mission, but the key factor is speed. Quickly send your forces up to attack the mutoids guarding the oil patch north of your position and get the derrick up there with them. Quickly build an oil drill and simaltaneously build 2 power stations and a mach. shop. One power statiion should be to the south of your rig as close as you can to it and the second should be to the left of it. Then, build a tech. center and upgrade your mach. shop at least once. Build about 5 ATV Flamethrowers and at the same time a lot of SWATties. As soon as you have all of them ready, send all of your forces to the north to take out the grapeshot and the enemy rig. Once you finish the rig the enemy will be neutralized, as long as he doesn't rebuild his rig, so kill any derrick he sends along and any of the tankers you can find. Once he is out of oil, the rest is a piece of cake.

Atot Atot

From the start itself you oughta send your forces (all of 'em) to the NE (that is where the enemy's oil rig and buildings with less resistances) and blast them sky high! But of course, your infantries have to move thru their stronghold....but doesn't matter, if I could accomplished my mission in 15 minutes, anybody could...).

Time is the essence here. Remember! do not waste time in concentrating buildings and upgradings, Krush! Kill! n Destroy! for that is why you're playing this game!


Dave Shean - w@w140.aone.net.au

First build 10 SWAT team guys 5 to each side above the base and below the base take the derick over to the bottom left. Build 1 power stations then a weapons shop the upgrade center use the upgrade thing for the outpost twice then the weapons shop build defense to help with the attackers keep building the SWAT team guys till you think you have enogh to attack the freekerstake out the grape shots first then machine gun nests then the units after you've kill the units destroy the beast enclosure the the power station the krush the rest of the freakers.

Mikko Kortelainen - Mikorte@Iwn.fi

Everybody here reccomend that at first you take your rig to oil patch located north of your base. That's but a good advice, BUT not very useful! Because soon you will notice that the mutes will build bigger and bigger army and after a while you won't be able to hold them. I suggest that you take all of vehicles and attack! Leave some soldiers to defend your base or you send them to battle and build new ones. The Mutes base defended only with a handfull of units and a couple of Grapeshot cannons. Don't mind about the cannons or the units, go past them to the upper left corner of base. The Mutes will follow you and now that the Grapeshot cannons can't reach you, you will easily exterminate the Mute troops. But then you have to act quickly, destroy their Power Stations. Now that th

Frank Drown - bbmtom@ime.net

The secret to winning this level is the plateau....

First, send your drilling rig along with a couple of escorts north and tap the well there. Second, build a machine shop to the NW of your base and a Power Station to the north of that. Now, build a Research Lab and fully upgrade your Machine Shop ASAP. With your Machine Shop running at full potential, build an extra tanker.

Now for the juicy secret of the plateau. As RU's allow, build tanks and send them to the plateau. Set them up on either side of the northern ramp forming a shooting gallery of sorts; a gauntlet if you will. The Evolved can't seem to resist trying to take the hill from you. They will attack whatever is there to the exclusion of anything else.

While they expend troops and RU's in a futile attempt to capture the hill, (which you keep well defended,) you can concentrate on upgrading your base and drilling more oil both to the north of your first well and also far to the west. I suggest three tankers west and two north. Also, you need to build another power station to the west of your base. Now you can take your time amassing your army of tanks and whatever else you want to use to wipe out the mutant camp to the west.

Good luck and happy hunting.

Mike Moore

The trick to this level is flamers- lots of them. The "freaks" grapeshot cannon has a serious weakness: fire. first, move your starting trops to the NW to defend that attack, then go kill the wolf and shotgunners. Move your derrick into place. Build a research lab S of your outpost, a machine shop as far N as you can, and one power plant on E side of the big rock, then build another one on top of it. when you have resources upgrade your outpost and machine shop fully.

Build a few missile batteries to protect the S of your base. Build one near your oil patch and machine shop. Build: one anaconda, one atvf, one atv, and infinite flamers. When ever they attack, couter attack as soon as possible. With flamers, grapeshots go down quickly and quietly. Prevent them from rebuilding their grapeshots and you'll be fine.

George Camacho - camacho@inforamp.net

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is build millions and I mean millions of Flame ATV's with about 30 you could attack
direct and destroy everything they have in about 5 min. No reinforcements. Make sure it's after they attack so their forces are weak.
Then ATTACK!!!!!!!!

Jake Tan - jt84@mailexcite.com

Well this is how I passed one of the hardest missions.
The first thing you do is to find some oil which is planted at the north of your base. Than after that, build 2 power plants north of your base. At the same time build a research lab and start up-grading the outpost to the max. Don't build a machine shop now, wait until you have enough money.
Make a lot of flamers: about 15-20, and put them beside your outpost to the left. You will be attacked several times while you are doing this but if you keep on making flamers or grenaders while they attack you'll be fine.
When you have about $2000 or more make a machine shop at the bottom of your base and make another derick. Send it up to the next oil rig above your other one with about 10-20 men. There will be a grape shooter there so get all your men to destroy it. After you have done that put your derick at the oil rig and start sucking out some of the earth's blood because your other oil rig will be running out of oil soon.
Now you should have enough money make a missile tower (2 if you can) to the most south of your oil rig so you can destroy theirs. If you lost all your men send about 15 men up there because they will also attack from the north. The freaks will keep on sending dericks to make new oil rigs so just keep on blowing them up.
Make more oil tankers and send them up to your new one. Upgrade your machine shop twice. After a while you should have about $5000. Make about 2 missile towers to the left of your base. They will just keep on sending little groups to attack you but you should win all of them. Now make infinity flamers and grenaders and just wait until they run out of oil (they will run out of oil before you do). You will know when they run out of oil when they stop sending groups out to attack you.
Now all you have to do is group all your men together and KRUSH, KILL 'N' DETROY !!!!!!!!

Pat Bennett - patbenn611@aol.com

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......First you
gotta upgrade your O.post and your M. Shop to the max. Then you build an
oil derrick and send it to the top right corner. Of course first you should
build a couple of power stations. Now with your newly found money build four missile
thingies at the bottom of your base. Now build an army of S.W.A.T,flamers and grenade guys.
take out the grapeshot cannon nearest to the top of your base. When doing this you will notice an
oil derrick. I've told you before and i'll tell you again KILL IT!!!!!!!!!!! Now send an oil derrick to
replace the destroyed one. You should have at least 3 tankers at each derrick. Sit back and build some tanks.
Once you have enough to defend your base build another derrick. Send it to the bottom left hand side of your screen.
Build another three oil tankers and off to work they go. Now build a lot of tanks. When you attack, attack from the bottom and
the top.

George Camacho - camacho@inforamp.net

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is build millions and I mean millions of Flame ATV's with about 30 you could attack direct and destroy everything they have in about 5 min., no reinforcements. Make sure it's after they attack so their forces are weak.
then ATTACK!!!!!!!!

Erik T -

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......send your 4x4 over to go get the mech which is located in the northwest, while it is doing that go over and get the 1000 resources from the other tech bunker which is in the northeast. Don't bother building anything at your base, all that you want to do is keep the SWAT flowing in. Once the evolved have attacked once go southeast and destroy the grapeshot cannon with all the troops you have built up, make sure that none of your sabotuers are destroyed. Once you have destroyed the grapeshot cannon send your sabotuers into the oil rig and power station to destroy them and get resources. Use these resources to get more and more SWAT, but keep some of them at your base.

You will have to fight off some mutes before you can get to the buildings. The first buildings you want to destroy are the power station and the clanhall. Once you have taken these they cannot rebuild. But the fight is NOT over, you must now take the grapeshot cannons out which are located to the north of their base. Send the extra swat to be a diversion while the droid and your remaining troops take out the cannons.

Dot House -

This mission is fun once you have lots of money. The first thing to do is to put your derrick up to the north of your base. Then build two power stations, one by the big rock to the north of you, and one to the southwest for the oil patch all the way southwest. Build a machine shop and a derrick for the oil patch to the west. Upgrade the machine shop twice to build some oil tankers. Have two tankers for the oil rig up north and four tankers for the oil rig to the left. You should be rolling in lots of money. While building your oil tankers, be sure to have enough troops to defend. Once you have tons of money, you can build your army back together. Make a motorcycle and drive him up through their base so you have a visual of their base. When you have a gigantic army, invade their base on both sides. Bring some saboteurs too after you take out the guard towers.

dave elston - kynd420420@aol.com

The main key to this mission is to build 2 power stations. This brings in the money faster than just hoping that the AI will spare your pitiful life and waiting for money.
So first, you must build a machine shop to the NE of your outpost. And directly after that you must build two (2) power stations N of your machine shop (you get tankers w/each).
Once you have all of the above built and running you should have your outpost build many-a-SWAT men (infinity). This should hold you (w/a couple of ATVs) for the many upcoming evolved attacks which await you.
Now build a tech center and a repair bay and have your machine shop upgraded twice. Then upgrade your outpost 1-2 times.
Once your outpost is upgraded once, stop the SWAT production and begin building infinite flamers. It is wise 'cause @3-5 flamers will take out one of the elephants in one shot each!!!
Now just protect your derrick, repair the damaged, build lots'a flamers and sit back until you think that it is time to attack the evolved derrick to the N of your derrick.
If you do this successfully, you should get a small attack force which 20 flamers and 5 ATV's should mop up quite easily. Now that the derrick is destroyed, you have severely crippled the evolved force.
So after all of this hassle, you should be able to take out the base with a fleet of ATV's, anaconda tanks, and about 50-60 flamers.





Abhimanyu Saraf - abhi22@hotmail.com

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is send a backup of a handful of men with the oil derick towards north of your base. Set your oil base there and construct a power station nearby. Build a machine shop and an upgrading center. Upgrade your machine shop so that you can make some oil tankers. Simultaneously make some men and a few atv's. Continue making men and vehicles and survive their attacks. Keep some army at the top. Slowly advance and capture their oil derick (always keep a backup army before your attack). Keep on producing men and vehicles. Build another power station and an oil pumping station at the top.
Gather a big army and get ready to blow off the enemy. When you think you have a big enough army, attack them. Dont forget to keep a backup army because if you do not succeed they will attack your base and destroy it instantly. Send a small army from the top and a large army from the bottom. (Never attack them until you think that you have enough resources.) Attack their base and finish the mission by destroying it.

Note: You have to survive the small attacks the enemy does to vanquish you. To kill the enemy's infantry run them over by any of your heavy vehicles.(eg. atv, atvflame ......) Follow these and you will surely succeed.

ADAM (EXPLOSIVE) BENNETT - bennett@omen.net.au

The material you are about to read is highly effective! Do not, I repeat do not look at this strategy without sunglasses and an application of 15+sunscreen!

Now, some people may say "go get the mech". Either they have an eyesight disorder or have written to the wrong page. THERE IS NO MECH! A lot of people have good (and bad) strategies. I have taken some ideas from these and added on a bit (big bit).

At the start of the mission send an ATV north to wipe out the wolf and 2 shotgunners. At the same time send up your derrick. Just as your ATV is about done you will be attacked by a small group of mutes. Send all of your units to them, don't wait for them to come to you. In the meanwhile you should build a Research Lab just east of your Outpost, a Machine Shop right above and 2 Power Stations above the Machine Shop but to the far east one above the other.

Now upgrade your Outpost once and only once! Don't even bother to upgrade your Machine Shop. In this time you should build 4-6 ATV'S. Once your Outpost is upgraded put flamers to infinity. Do not build a guard tower. If you follow this plan you surely won't need any. REMEMBER THAT FLAMERS ARE THE KEY TO SUCCESS! For about every 25-30 or larger group of flamers build about 4 ATV'S. During all this time you would have been attacked a few times by large groups of mutes. You should be able to burn them to the ground if you concentrate your fire. Don't bother to fight with your ATV'S just run over the soldiers. If there aren't many but there are a lot of scorpions, mastodons etc.. send your ATV'S into the front line so that your flamers don't get squashed.

Gabi Herman -

At the begining of the level you get a small army that can with no special problems crush the enemy attack.
This little PATHETIC force is the only "army" the computer has.
The begining is the only situation in this level when the comp is actually defenceless - the best time to ATTACK...
You take all the troops you have and at 'home' manufacture swat teams (to destroy the towers later) with all the money you've got. The rest of your army will take the enemy stronghold. The comp will send all his defence to attack -you can destroy it without casualties- and then pass through the enemy canon range and start to destroy the base from the inside (north-west) in the process you will lose some infantry and maybe a bike. After there are no more buildings only cannons you destroy them one by one - Take one ATV to attract enemy fire and meanwhile the troops you built at home will shoot the tower. This way you lose one car per tower (You have 3-4 ATV`s and 4 towers to destroy it's not too complicated to do that).

jonathon t -

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is to build your base as quickly as possible. Then you build a tech lab and upgrade your outpost ONCE ONLY then build an infinite amount of flamers. By now you have recieved two to three attacks from the enemy. Wait until you have about 20 flamers then send them all up to their grapeshot cannon, wipe it out then burn the blood eater up and keep your force there. This first attack may not work but the second one will for sure. After that spread all your flamers around your base as by now the army you started off with would be wiped out. If the enemy sends a new derrick over, flame it with the earlier force kept on the ramp. By now you could upgrade everything and it is just a matter of building an army of whatever and sending it over to their base and blowing it clean off the surface. My attack army consisted of about 30 flamers only. Oops forgot to tell you at the beginning to build 4 ATVs first.

I finished this mission with 2 tries, first time I failed, second time-smashed the hell outa them in 15 minutes only. As long as you do it properly you should have no problems.

Sumanth Reddy -

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is send your atv to run over the 2 shotgunners and kill the dire wolf. Then send your Derrick up here and set it up. Then build a research lab as far north of your outpost as possible, a machine shop as far north of that, and a power station next to your rig. Use all your guys except for the one atv to kill the early attack. Okay upgrade your machine shop first and get infinite Flame atv's. NO anaconda tanks. Get three of these and kill the grapeshot Cannon at the top and then the rig. Keep your atv's there and kill the grapeshot cannon they rebuild and the many derricks they send back. Also keep sending up flame atv's to replace the ones that get killed. This MUST be done early or you will lose the mission. Okay then take your flame atv's to kill the grapeshot cannon to the left. Done that, cool. Work your atv's along the top to kill the power station so they can't get any more guys. Once you get about 17 flame atv's, it's time to go in and cause some havoc and that ought to do it for ya!

Pat Smith -

What you do is right away put your SWAT on infinte and build 2 power stations as far north as you can. Also build one machine shop. Take all of your forces and your tanker north, don't worry about the base the SWAT will take care of it. Attack the grapeshot with everything then attack and destroy their rig. RIGHT after you destroy there rig put your tanker there. Put ATV's on 3 at a time and protect the rig. With your rig there their oil is cut in half. Use the plateau to quickly transport the ATV's to the site.
Now you should have 30-40 SWATS, send them west, destroy the machine gun nest and grapeshot with concentrated fire. Then go for the rig. Be careful that the tanker doesn't roll over your troops. Keep the SWATS there for now. Take the top army destroy the grapeshot then the beast encolsure keep it there. Take the south army to destroy the power plant. Then with both armies go for the last grapeshot then the clan hall. This takes around 45 minutes to an hour but if it's done right you will win.

dejan brkic - balkan@intergate.bc.ca

For this you will need: two power stations, an outpost, some guards, and a hell of a lot of flamers. First you build your base. When it is time to attack put flamers on infinite. Go north with 5 flamers. Destroy the enemy cannon and rig. Wait there until the enemies send a derrick (they will send a lot). Kill all of them. The enemies will waste money on derricks and will send smaller attacks. Meanwhile you have a billion flamers.(some will be killed from attacks)(also you will never run out of money because your two tankers will keep balance with the flamers) Now attack. Kill cannons first then run through avoiding gunfire. When you reach the power station, destroy it and the rest is easy.


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