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"Protect The Convoy"

Shane Collier - Designer - KKnD

I'm not particularly good at that mission myself, but here are a few pointers.

Get groups organised quickly at the start of the game into scouting and firepower groups. Send the scouts off to make contact with the enemy and lure them back to your firepower - try to keep the damage you sustain down to a minimum. Keep the group of Rocket Launcher infantry reasonably close to the tail end of the convoy and be ready for sneak attacks.

There's a tech bunker somewhere on this map, but I can't remember where exactly. If all else fails try this one. Get some very fast units together and scream right across the map to the base in the far west. Use the little funds you have to manufacture some reinforcements and then race back to the convoy. I have seen people complete the mission that way, but the timing is tricky.


Steve Fulton - sfulton@ix.netcom.com

I played this level many many times until I realized that SPEED was the key.

First off, it is futile to attempt to create a base at the west end of the battelfield. By the time you have gotten it set up, your convoy is usually destroyed. Select ALL of your units, and move them, as quickly as possible, to the Eastern edge of the map.

Don't stop to fight off any enemy units. As soon as your first unit reaches the eastern base, create as many ATV's as possible (I think it is 8), and then race everything back to your convoy, and start blasting the cretins.

The fighting will get very heavy, and in a matter of seconds, the mutant freak-a-zoids will launch their "surprise" attack your units. By this time, you should have all 8 ATV's at your base. Send them into the fray as quickly as possible. Their added firepower should tip the tide in your favor. Also, don't forget to seize the "tech-bunker" in the south-eastern valley, near your base. I have not actually seen what is in it, but it should aid your fight on this level as well.


M Freiert - mkf6@cornell.edu

Don't wait for the convoy, group all of your troops together, and follow the road west. kill all evo's as they show up. when you get to the town, take 1 or 2 of your atv, and run over all of the foot soldiers that the evo's left to the north of the town. the convoy should be catching up to you by now, and more evo's will show up. take them out one at a time with concentrated fire power, so an almost dead evo doesn't take a truck out. after the town, you're more or less home free, but keep troops behind to wipe out a few bikers and wolves who'll show up behind the convoy, and try to take out the last few trucks.

Will Jenkins - will@myself.com

Take your forces forward to the first forest, killing all in your way. The road goes through it, creating a bottleneck. Jam it up with your vehicles. Now take a bike or two and race them all the way over to the end of the map, following the road. DON'T STOP for anything. Once you discover your base, put SWATs on infinite build. Then take your main force forward, killing everything. Try and stay far ahead of the slow moving convoy.

Once you get to a wide open space with abandoned houses on either side, take your SWATs over there. They MUST get there before the convoy does, because when the convoy arrives a swarm of Mutes comes from the houses and unless you have the SWATs they will slaughter you. Don't forget, you can run enemy men over with ATVs. Once you've survived this, the main problem is over. Keep an eye out for sneak attacks from the rear, but once the main rush is done with you won't find anything difficult to deal with.


Oscar Bonollo - oscarb@cybergold.com.au

Go ahead with all of your troops except for the rpg launchers keeping them behind you because there will be attacks from behind the convoys. Dispose of the troops and vehicles as quickly as you can. There is also a Mech in a bunker which is located at the bottom of the screen the first time you go uphill down the bottom. Then go to your left and get the mech then hurry him back as there will be a gigantic attack by Evolved shotgunners. The Mech should dispose of them pretty quickly. Then at the end-left of the level there is your base. But you don't need to build anything.

Ryan Sirianni - kefka@bigfoot.com

Make sure you have a lot of units that are able to run over things, you'll need them to run over the massive amount of Evolved troops hiding in the shacks towards on the north of the highway towards the end.

Jamie Newman

Send your vehicles ahead to scout the area. Run over any freaks and destroy all vehicles. Use your RPGs to protect the convoy, but beware when you reach the derrilict village you will be faced with an awesome ambush.

Tom Osran - tomosran@suba.com

Very simple mission once you know this tip: take off down the road w/ your units to the base at the west or left side of screen. Building as many ATV's as you can, about 8 or so, and race them back to the convoy. By that time you probably only have lost one or two. Piece of Cake with those ATVs. Without them, you don't have the firepower to stop the last minute rush.

Eben Strasheim - Jsa@cis.co.za

I got this strategy by my friend and he told me to move fast. Well I did it and it worked really well. When you start start building swat men and wait about two minutes then attack. You should attack the grapeshot cannons first and then beast enclosure first, you will maybe get an elephant to deal with, but not much. Then move on to the powerplant if you get there you are most probaly finished with that level...........If you try this you will win for sure. Thanks!!!

Robin Toll - RTOLL@IBM.NET

On this level, I found the easiest way to win is let ignore the convoy. I grouped my units and followed the road, figuring this'd get me close to the winning position... And you meet fairly heavy opposition. The opposition IS heavy, but there are important things to remember...

1st: Lots of people know that ATVs can run over infantry, and that's important on this level; but equally important is the fact that SO CAN THE CONVOY TRUCKS. When I got to the town, my units killed the few things I saw and cruised through... So that the infantry ambush attacked an undefended convoy. By the time I got back there with my units, I still hadn't lost a truck, and most of the infantry were dead - because they ran under the trucks.

2nd: Speed is important, but stupidity is common. :) I lost one truck, and I lost it to a number of trucks and scorpions who ran up and attacked the rear of the convoy while my units were somewhere else. A small rear guard (maybe two or three units) would have preven ted that.

3rd: There IS a tech bunker on this level, in clear sight of the road when you get far enough west; but it isn't exactly essential. Don't focus on getting it so much that you lose units in the process. It gives you a nice big robot to play with, but I did - and you can - win without it. Don't get so hooked up on getting the robot to protect your convoy that you forget your convoy DOES NEED PROTECTING.



Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is you take all of your tanks far to the left you'll see scorpions and guys protecting a mech base by then you'll probably beat that level in no time.

Steven and Jeffrey Therrien - rogert@netshop.net

For the Survivors level #7 break up your army into 3 groups. One group is all vehicles, another group is all men and the last group is a mixture of men and vehicles. Select each group and hit CTRL 1 for the vehicles, 2 for the men and 3 for the mixture of men and soldiers, then just hit the number and the group is automatically selected. Send group #1 ahead to take out the Freakers on the top. Then send group #2 to take out the guys on the bottom. Next take group #3 and protect the back of the convoy. You may have to try a couple times to get it to work.

Jimmys Koutsogiorgas - Magic@ath.forthnet.gr

This level is not so easy. You must be very careful to protect your tankers from anywhere. Watch out when you arrive in an abandoned city many EVOLVED infantry will come from there. Just only take an ATV (or something else) and run over them. After you finish this then some SideBikes and some Dire Wolves will attack from the back. Split your army because in front of you, you'll see 2 monster trucks and 2 dire wolves. When you arrive in this base you can built some ATV's and SWATS for FULL PRTOECTION! Hope this will help you!

Jeff Lee - Scope JA

To me this mission is pretty easy if you're good or not good at the game. First, always scout ahead with your infantry by following the road. Once you the mass Evolved infantry come from the top let them come out until they're in the clear. Then, use your vehicles and run them all over. Most of them will not even try to target you so do this quick.

Rohan French - french@sympac.com.au

To complete this mission you only barely have enough troops. First thing you do is slowly follow the road and destroy any freakers you can find. Then speed ahead of the convoy to the abandoned town. Then go to the north part and squash the troops with an ATV. Then go to the south and get all the troops except one bike to destroy the freakers. Send the bike past where the scorpion is and to the East to the Mech. Get him and get him to mop up what's left. Then send what you have left to the base (following the road). Then build some swat and wipe out the rest of the freakers!

Oliver Delgado - oliver.delgado@dol.net Strategy Winner Week 5

It was difficult at first trying other people's strategies, mainly because they were written hastily and marginally understandable. So this is made to clear it up.

Basically, you're trying to protect a truck convoy that is heading west (towards the left of the screen) on a road. It has to get to a Survivor base that is at the very, very left end of the screen. You can't see it when you first start. Your job is to protect the convoy from where you are until it gets to the base. You will face three main waves of attacks. The first wave appears from the left and top parts of the screen. These are mainly small groups of Evolved, mainly monster trucks and Dire Wolves (the guys on the red, fast-moving animals), although there are a few Scorpions. They can be easily killed. The second wave appears when the convoy passes by an abandoned village. This is the trickiest and hardest part, because most likely you'll be overwhelmed by dozens of Berserkers and Shotgunners (the men on foot) coming from all sides. The last, and final, wave will be from the rear, and it usually starts too late, like when the convoy is near the base anyway, so you don't really nedd to worry about it much.

My strategy was the following...

You have 3 Dirt Bikes when you start the mission. Immediately, make two control groups (pressing Ctrl + a number). One will only be the Dirt Bikes, the second will be everyone else. Immediately after this, take the Dirt Bikes and sprint to the base. You'll need to head west (left) through the road. You'll pass trees, mountains, and an abandoned village. You'll be shot at by some of the Evolved from the first wave, but they won't be able to catch you in the Dirt Bikes, as long as you don't try to attack them and just KEEP MOVING. The second wave of men at the village won't appear until the convoy does, so the Dirt Bikes are safe as they pass through there, too. Keep moving. Don't stop for anything. Once you've traveled for a long, long time, a base will appear. It consists of an Outpost (train men), and a Machine Shop (make vehicles). Build as many ATV's as you can! Don't bother with SWAT men or anything else. As soon as they get built, send these ATV's to the village to protect the convoy from the second wave of the attacking Evolved. If you're timing is right, that is if you moved quickly enough, all your forces will destroy the Evolved that ambush you at the village. Tiny freaks can't handle that many ATV's. You should be clear of any major danger now. That should be it. Hope this is helpful.

Miscelleaneous information:
Number One: ALWAYS PROTECT THE CONVOY. After one or two trucks blow up, you're basically finished. That is why you always keep the second group (all but the Dirt Bikes) with the convoy to protect it from foul, Evolved things.
Number Two: If you read any other tips, you'll see that there is a Tech Bunker containing 21st Century Technology. You don't need it at all to win. If you do want it, however, it is located near your base (the one that is all the way west). Precisely, it is on top a mountain SE of the base. You can tell it's a bunker because it looks like a box and it has a glowing red radiation icon on top of it. To reach it, you'll probably need the Dirt Bikes. I didn't even bother with it. That's all.


Tom Peterson

O.K You scored this really cool game, I mean really cool. But you can't pass this freakin' level. Well don't dispair, cos' remember "Where there's a will there's a way!"

Righto, what you do is this: quickly select all your troops and move them west and quickly as possible, leaving the Oil Trucks to drive alone, Kill the Freakers who will give you grief. Pass the Industrial site until you come to a man on a hill shooting missiles at you. Don't kill him, move your units around his firing range. Soon he will move. Follow the miserable Freaker. Then you will come to a ramp to go up onto the hill South of you. Go up the ramp, WARNING! there will be some enemy, send two ATV's and some Swat and a few Flamers.

Then you will be under attack, Don't sweat it just send the surviving units to help, APART FROM ONE ATV! Send the ATV West and open the Tech Bunker, It will be a robot PROTECT HIM!!!! He is the key of winning this battle. Keep him around the trucks. If you have any other units, send them forward to scout. Soon a flood of Freakers will charge down from the North, about 30 strong. don't worry, the robot will wipe out the infantry at a glance. If you keep the robot at the back of the trucks he will protect them with ease. The Freakers will only go for the trucks and not for the opposing threat, the robot. KEEP HIM AT THE BACK UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE! Then if you still have you units at the front, scouting. Kill the enemy then proceed West. You will come across your outpost. build Swat and some ATV's. You robot will be veteran and will be triggerhappy. Keep him at the back until the end of the mission.

N.B: If your robot dies then start again until you get it right.

N.B: Nobody's perfect you know!

N.B: Really, look don't be upset, please NO! don't cry, Awww geez!

Tom Peterson

Liquid -

Send all of your bikers to your base, pop out lots of atvs and high-tail it to the tech bunker. It is located in the 2nd quarter of the road. It is guarded by a scorpion, a flamer and 2 shotgunners. By the time you get the mech from the bunker the convoy should just about be reaching the spot where the infantry comes out in droves. Use your mech, for he won't be back for the next mission. Another smart thing to do in general for this level is to block the road at the start to eat up the gaps between tankers.

Kelvin Au - Kelvin@pl.jaring.my.

Piece of cake. Send all your troops to your base in the end of the road. Krush the enemies in your base. Keep building ATV while you return to protect your convoy move all your ATV to Krush the enemies in the village and protect your convoy till the end. YOU WON.(NOTE:YOU CAN ALSO TAKE MECH IN THE T.BUNKER NEAR YOUR BASE.)VERY EASY.

shabbir - shags@capital.co.za

Get your dirt bike across to the west end of the map asap.
Use some of the atvs to jam the bottle neck and slow the convoy.
Build atvs and swat at the base.
Escort the convoy and kill and crushing as the enemy comes to you.
Have your atvs ready for the hordes of mutes which will come down
from the abandoned village. As they emerge drive over them for a
mass killing.
good luck

Jamie Ernest - gameguy4@juno.com

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is ya send an ATV over to the left and hug the lower mountain side. You will run into an Evolved bike&sidecar; skip it then you should run into a path leading downwards also you should have a rocketer with you (also keep looking back to stay with the convoy!). Run over the men with your ATV and attack the scorpion. Have your rocketer to rejoin the rest of the escorters, send your ATV to the left drive up to the TECH BUNKER and a MECH will come out!! Send it up north. For lots of Evolved infantry to come out from behind the buildings use your ATV's and MECH to run over them or use the MECH to shoot the men. KRUSH KILL 'N DESTROY EVERYTHING ELSE!!!!! Use the base for reinforcements IF you send a scout.

Cameron Cushman -

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is
Take your fastest guy to the east. Keep your other men guarding the convoy. If you can get in the convoy's way so the trucks get closer together. Then when your fast guy gets to your base at the east you drive him south on to the cliff then to the west. You should find a tech bunker there. Take the thingy back to the convoy and waste the freaks.

MZA - dogg-father@most-wanted.com

In this level all you need to do is keep all your units about double the length of the trucks ahead. Approximately 3 quarters through there will be a tech bunker with a mech. Once you see this you will be rushed by 20-30 mutes and only brute force will beat them. If you're lucky and beat them you can get the mech with a pickup or recon bike and the mech will clean this up.....if not you should be able to build things very soon after stopping the mutes rush!! this should win it for you.

Jens Thuenemann - projt@aol.com

For everybody that is just about to give up on this mission, don't do that, everybody has problems with this mission, even me. I was really upset when I had tried this mission for the 24th time, so I visited this site. All the suggestions on this site were really good, however they all seemed to be lacking in some areas. So after trying all these suggestions, and still not succeding, I took little bits and pieces from many of the suggestions, and pieced them together into this master plan:
First take all of your units behind the first bottleneck (where the road narrows, and is surrounded by trees), after this I took my ATVs and destroyed all of the evolved units up to the second bottleneck. Then I took all my units, except for the rocket launchers, to the second bottleneck, and prevented the trucks from passing it. Now I took one of my dirt bikes, and went to the base (be careful no one follows you), and build 8 ATVs. Get these ATVs to the second bottleneck as quickly as possible, because all of the litle freakers should be attacking by now.
While they are moving, move your RPG launchers to the rear of the convoy, because Dire wolves will be attacking in the rear. Now, by the time the ATVs get to the rest of your troops, you shold be attacked by litle pyromaniacs. Take your ATVs and kill the Scorpion and big units first, then crush the Pyromaniacs with your ATVs. After that is done let the trucks go to the base, and leave about two ATVs behind, where your RPG launches are.
Now you have time to eliminate litle survivors (they will be attacking your base), as well as getting to the tech bunker. (You don't really need it.) I was able to get all 6 trucks through. If this doesn't help you yet, E-mail me, and I'll give personal training.

CHRIS ARCHER - Marcher@nbnet.nb.ca

1st. Take your rig up north to the Oil, with half of your men.(If you lose too many many men restart the board)
2nd. Build a Mech shop right above the post base, just below the rock pillar.
3rd. Build a power plant to the right of the rock pillar and another one up above that one.
4th. Build a lab right next to the Mech shop (very important).
5th. Build 2 more post bases, on as far left to the first one as you can get it.Then another left of that.(Your last one should be right beside the mountain ramp.)
6th. Put all men on infinity (except for the mechanics) and put the ATV on infinity. (Just the ATV). And then start on one OilRig.
7th. After you've got men, line them and the ATVs up along the mouth of the gauntlet below the ramp. And send the Oil Rig to the SW to claim that Oil THEN build an oil station as far south from the last base as possible (SW). Then start construction on two more Oil rigs.
8th. After the Lab is built, increase the Post base twice in a row, then the Mech shop twice in a row. (After your first upgrade on the base you will be able to build towers, the second upgrade will get you cannons).
9th. While doing all the above continue building men and ATVs and sending them to the mouth of the gauntlet with the rest. (After you've got quite a few start dividing them into groups, send one group after one elephant or other vehicle and the other groups to all the others) by now you should have a third OilRig (if not have patience). Send that Oil rig to the Oil north of the first oil rig, along with some foot soilders.
10th. After the first upgrade is done, build 2 towers one right below the ramp and the other right below that one, with space in between. (You will have been attacked many times by now, but if you keep supplying men you should still be around.)
11th. After the 2nd upgrade build 4 cannons (when possible) 3 at the mouth of the Gauntlet on below the other and one up North by your second oil rig. After they're built upkeep all your men in the shooting range of the cannon, so they can aid you in the battles.(Don't chase the enemy back.)
12th. Start sending men and one or two Atvs gradually to your far north oil rig, and stay close to the canon. Do not take any away from the gauntlet. Once you have about 10 or so men, and 1 or 2 hopefully of flame thrower ATVS just keep them there waiting.
13th. After quite a few battles and a lot of wins for you, wait for their biggest army to come down at you (You should have radar at this point). When the army starts to leave and head the Mouth, get about 2 Flame thrower ATVS, 10 flame thrower men and 1 Anaconda snake tank, and send them to meet the men at the North Oil rig. While their big army is attacking at the mouth, take your men at the oil rig, head to the cannon, taking out their cannon and the oil rig at the same time. Once that's done head over to the base. By then the enimy should be retreating back to their base, but you're there to meet them, along with your men at the gauntlet who you had persue them. "SANDWICH THEM". After the freakers are dead, take out their base. After step 12 you should know what to do on your own, if not "YOU Shouldn't be playing the game :) "


When the trucks are going, go in front of them and attack all of the units.{I've tried it before,it really works!} Then you kill all in front already, you will see a lot of broken houses and then guard there. There will be a lot of soldiers coming in to attack the trucks and you use vehicles to flatten the evolved units.{Your Base Is At The End!}

Boyang Xia - boyang_xia@hotmail.com

Do you really hate when the freaks ambush your convoys? If you do listen up!
(At the little village where they use tons of shotgunners and beserkers to ambush your convoys) take your ATVs and ATV flamethrowers and go north. In the village you'll see tons of guys so use your ATVs - go up to them and krush'em then that'll make it easier for the convoys!!!
note: you must be in front of the convoys, or they'll attack before you even know it!! good luck!!

ADAM (EXPLOSION) BENNETT - bennett@omen.net.au


captain killalot - andrew@nw.com.au
First race ahead and got the mech. This takes a while and a few tries but you'll find out where he is. Then take the other army to pick off the guys that might pop up. Remember that every place will probably have a guy in it. Take the mech, go up the top of the deserted city and you will find one hellava ambush. The mech will kknd them. *remember to aim for the guy closest - the bullet takes time to get there so when it gets there it will kill* Then it's time to take mr dirtbike and race across to the base. Take the mech and destroy whatever is stupid enough to be in his way. Move the small army around the convoy (the army that you have at the start) and wait for them to go out of the scene. Pretty easy huh?!

Fox - cerad@cln.it

At the beginning the mission could be a bit hard: take every unit and go west. Kill any freak which tries to stop you, then stop heavy vehicles and RPGers to the ambush place (a bit city and a bit forest, is suspicious) and with your 4x4 and Dirt Bikes search for the Tech Bunker. Since 4x4 and bikes are fast, if you don't use only one of them you could reach the bunker with ease. Don't forget to check the convoy's status! If you find the Mech enough fast, you'll waste very easily all the freaks which come from the buildings; if you don't, just hide your units, then take the ATV and chop every freak. Use the RPGers to kill some berserkers. If you reach to cope with the ambush, then go West and waste any other enemy unit. You should have the Mech at this point, so there isn't any other problem. If you really haven't the mech, it's a bit harder, but not impossible. Just reach the base and start building reinforcements (ATVs and SWATs are preferred). You can lose two trucks, so you can let them suffer a bit. Towards the end just be careful about back wolves and scorps.


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