KKND - Krush Kill N Destroy

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"Exterminate The Village"

Piotr Stasiak - piotres@free.polbox.pl

Be fast. Take the western limb and follow north. Forget about the Machinegun Nestís - just sneak them. In the base, eliminate the Beast Enclosure & the Clann Hall. Then destroy all 4 Oil Rigs and QUICKLY retreat the way you came here.

Stu Du - stuartj_Bell@hotmail.com

Look if you were a idiot like me and ignored the tech bunkers you were wrong! You can find one on this level with a big ol' killer dang SUPER POWERFULL robot that will really help on this mission. I beat the whole mission with him. Just take some guys and scan the bottom ridge until you see the tech bunker (looks like a bunker with a nuke sign on the top).

Maan Hammodat - hishamh@ihug.co.nz

It's simple,see all ya gotta do is go a little bit north then you go west and destroy the base including their 4 oil rigs. You might not be able to see the other 2 oil rigs so go up a little bit and then you'll find them. After you destroy them you have to go back to where you started.

Tom Leslie - Tracer415@aol.com

This very easy if you ignore the convoy. First head down the road about half way and you will see a group of slug units then you will see a ramp- go up it and if you go the right direction you will find a tek bunker. Open it then you will be just about unbeatable.

PS. to make it easy on ya you should see a slug standing on the mountain side, then you know that you're close to the ramp.

Erik T -

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......keep most of your troops in front of the convoy and keep an ATV or two behind to protect the rear of your convoy. Late in the mission you will see a tech bunker on the top of a cliff but don't be tempted to go and get it just leave it and concentrate on protecting the convoy. From there everything is easy.

Andrew Yasman - ajyasman@hotmail.com

If you want to win here is what you do. Take your whole force and send them up the route on the far right. This is where most of the enemy units are, but if you take them out early you don't have to wory about them later. You will come out just above the enemy base and next to the rigs. The only opposition is one or two guard towers and the few enemies at the other end of the map.

Jimmy Zong - zong@mail.utexas.edu

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......
First put down the mcv or whatever, then you build an oil rig and a power plant (preferably 2) and a vehicle plant. Then, leave the flamers at the top of your base and maybe a couple of swats and an ATV. Take the rest of your dudes and go to the bottom left of the screen. Destroy the machingun nest and all the rest in the basin. Don't bother to go up the runway for the power plant and all. Leave your dudes right on the oil patch there.(All the while you should be making ATV's and such.) Now take the dudes that you have made in the base and run to the west of the map. There you should find the second base and blow up the oil rig and everything else. Once you did this, send the second group over to the first attack site and now, you blow up everything else.


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