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"Rescue The Scoutt"

Michael Freiert - mkf6@cornell.edu

Basically clear the level of evo's before you cross the bridge and pull out the scout, otherwise, there is a decent chance he'll be toast trying to get back to the X. Move all of your units as one block, and don't let them string themselves out by telling them to move too far ahead, as the faster ones will produce less concentrated fire power w/o the slower ones.

Will Jenkins - will@myself.com

A squad of about five second level veteran SWATs or shotgunners can hold off the world, providing the world comes at them a few at a time. They can take down any threat quickly, and then heal. This is best seen on the rescue the scout mission, when all your heavy stuff tends to get killed and all you have left is men.

Richard Martinolich - Banger@Cyberjunkie.com

Take all you units east then north up to the bridge blasting muties as you go. when you make it to th bridge put all your units to the north side and leave them there. Make sure you leave no room for any mutant to get by.send one unit west to get the scout. Send the scout just north of your units. Wait there for the mutants to attack. leave all your units at the top of the bridge and let the mutants come. When they start to cros the bridge just let your units pick them off one at a time until no more come (this may take a while because they attack in small separated waves). When there are no mutants left just march the scout down to the starting point and your done.

Dean Leonard - Dean1000@aol.com

Recon in Force is the name of the game. Take your entire force as one big group and slowly move south then east along the road. You will encounter resistance along the way, but massed fire from your group will decimate anything in your path. Move east until just east of the road (stay off of it, unless you really like killing things). At this point move north using the same slow move and mass fire technique until you come to the bridge. Take one of your remaining vehicles (you have probably lost a few) and cross the bridge. Move west and find the lost scout. Group your combatants under one number and the scout under another. Cross south over the bridge and move east to the shore line. Move your two groups south, keeping the scout inbetween the shore and your force. You will be harassed all the way south, but by nothing major. Once at the south cliff edge move west toward you starting point. When you see the big "X" move the scout over it and victory is yours!!

Kenneth Leong - cb110@freenet.carleton.ca

Well since you have no base, no resources, and most unforturnately no backup, all you have is all you have. You gotta keep them together. Never let them wander around because they'll got killed by enemies from the dark. Also since you can't see what's hidden in the dark, (except you have been killed so many times you know exactly where their hideout is) what I do is sent a "scout" to explore the dark. Right after you see the first enemies, get a little closer, close enough that that enemy knows you're there and go for the pursuit. The tricky thing is never lead in more than what you can handle. Typically 2 to 3. After they got close to your group select them all and krush those enemies. So and and so forth. Also as you advance to the right pick a "shelter" where there is only one entrance. So you won't be under seige.

Michael Jenkinson - jenkinf@alphalink.com.au

Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is keep all your troops together and go around destroying every troop. If they are all dead, they can't hurt your scout.


1:Attack in full force(That means all units).

2:Make your way up north.

3:Try to avoid fights until you find the scout.

4:When you find the scout send all units to the bridge and fight the rest of the units.

5:After 10 minuets since the last battle send an ATV or a 4x4 to scout.

6:If there are no more enemies send the scout to the begining (there will be a giant "X")


Piotr Stasiak - piotres@free.polbox.pl

Go east by the southern edge of the map. Then turn north, and follow the road. Avoid the unnecessary combat. When the road turns left, follow constantly north. Cross the bridge, find the scout on the left, then take him to the starting point, as quickly as it’s possible.

Michael Pesano - gpesano@uriel.net

First you move all your men to the right of the screen. There should be a big gap or hill when you go to the left. Then you move all your guys north up the map, caution! stay on the road so that you can avoid heavy enemy attack from the East. Just go up and you will come to I think a bridge. Cross the bridge and go left. Some freakers will start attacking you when you cross the bridge or even get close.

You will find the scout that looks like a rifleman, and he keeps on saying "You got to get me out of here". Then go across the bridge again an go down the road South, go back to the starting area and there should be a x on where you should get back to save the scout.

There will be a lot of freakers trying to attack you so if I were you I would send the scout back to the x and with your other military men or whatever you have left, hold off at the hill on which you came down from the first time.

So when your done with this stragety tip you should complete the mission succesfuly on one turn! Have fun blowing the freakers off the land.


Victor Wong - hongww@pl.jaring.my

Make your troops into two group (vehicles and men). Let the men go heading east and follow by the vehicles and head north - try not to go to the west site. Be careful of the mutes that will come wave by wave and strike on your forces (you will be having problem when the mutes come from north and east). After heading north you reach a brige just go over the brige and the scout is at the west site. Your next move is to bring the scout get to the "x". On the way back home mutes will charge by 4-6 unit at a time. SO GOOD LUCK!

Aaron Watkins - watkon@ultra.net.au

In this mission, there is no way you will survive if you try to seek out and destroy enemy units. The scout is located up the top of the map. Once you find him, all enemy units on the map should start coming towards you. If you set up your units smartly around the bridge, you should be able to kill all of their units (who come towards you) with minimum casualties.

Costas Vlassis - lonewolf@compulink.gr

This is one the "easy" missions to do. You need first to wipe out the enemy forces until you touch the beach, then kill the truck up to the north and go back back to were you started the game - it a very well defendable space and the enemy that you'll be facing is only infantry and 3-4 trucks. After getting rid of them send ONE, only one swat along the road to the north. The lost scout is on the NW corner, the bridge is to the East, guide the scout to the bridge and then back to where "X marks the spot". Good luck!

Magnus Åman - Rougan@algonet.se

Send all your units to the east under the river. Set up your base near the oil patch. Build at least two power stations near the oil patch.

Set up about 5 ATVs and a bunch of SWAT guys to the west between the river and the plateau, and 7-8 ATVs and some SWATs to the south between your base and the main road. Then build 6-7 ATVs and SWATs and move them down to the main road. Move east to the freakers small base.

This has no defense but two guard towers. Take out the base and stay with your troops. They will continue to build there, so keep an eye on your troops there.

Then build many ATVs and SWATs and take them and your southern guard troop to the west along the road. Take out the guard towers and go on to their base. At this position you couldn't possibly lose.


Big Sal idiot - i have no idea

When Big Sal wants to win, Big Sal wins. What I do is to find the bridge as quickly as possible, I put all of my swat soldiers in the front line, and all of my heavy machinery in the back (the scout is on the other side of the bridge, so defend him well). Just wait until the freakers try and cross the bridge, they will be cut down by gunfire, before they can even make it to your men. Don't panic when the monster truck comes, because three swat soldiers can take out one monster truck in three seconds flat. Just keep on clearing, until there are no freakers left on the screen.

Adrian Constantin - adconsta@brownell.edu

In this mission you have to rescue that dumb scout that just busted his A.T.V. You start near the south-western tip of the map, surrounded by mountains. So here's what you do: you grab all your units together and you head east until you see some bike&sidecars and direwolves.

Stop! Now arrange all you units in a defensive line. Send your Rider Bike to draw the little freak freakanized vehicles and freak freakers. They come and Boom, they're all sent to their little freak hell. Now that you blew the hell out of all the freakers, sent a vehicle far north until you see a bridge, cross it and go west 13 tiles. Now you find the stupid scout who will be taken back to the Re-Training center by the ear. Get him back to where you started (following the arrow) and you freaked the freakin' freak general.


Hanibal Lector - doctor_lector@hotmail.com

Man you all did it the hard way. i found out, purely by accident, that if you do nothing for about 15-30 min. They will all come to you and you will kill them all.....Well all but one which is stuck against the light pole near where the rode turns tothe left. This is trully cool, because once they all have been wiped out you can leasurely explore the map, find the stupid scout and guide him back to the crude X wher you started from.

I usually take dirt bike out on the "safe" search.



I got this really kool strategy, ya see, I build an outpost at where the mobile outpost is then build 4 power stations. I took the oil souce in the south, east and the west. Don't send your units to the north because the enemy units will just only attack your west. Then you train infinity SWATs and when I feel secure I start building ATV's. Then I ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!

robmc "DIEKILL" - robmc@myriad.net

The scout is in the north. Take all your army, start going north, get to the bridge, and send a well beat up cycle fella to go and find the idiot on the other side of the stream. Start coming back. Keep the idiot in the middle and you should be alright. In the unlikely event that you lose your vehicles... Put the idiot in the front and RUN LIKE HELL!!!

Tim Lawlor - Lawlork@binatech.com

Here's how beat this level...
Build your outpost where it is. Then build your machine shop to the right of your outpost. Put 2 power stations on the crossing over the stream. Build SWATS on infinite and build 2 or 3 ATVs every now and again. Keep doing this to build up your defenses. Put your defense just below your base and when attacks come make your men concentrate on 1 enemy vehicle at a time. Also put 7 ATVs above your base to stop the attacks that come from there. If you run low on oil build a rig on the oil patch to the east and a power station close to it. Once you have a huge defense attack the main base. While you're doin' that build 10 ATVs and follow the road to the east and destroy the base there.

jimmy zong - zong@ mail.utexas.edu

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......
The scout is up north and you want to hurry up, because they send recruits pretty fast. Keep to the right of the screen and destroy everything you SEE.(Don't leave any monster trucks) Once you cross the bridge, leave them at the other end and take ONE swat dude to get the scout. Take the scout and leave him well behind your line.(By this time, the recruits should be here.) Just wait there and destroy them one by one. Wait a while to see if there are any more and then keep your scout dude in the middle, and run like hell.

Dima Davydov -

My name is Dima. You don't know me ??????? That's a shame!!!
This mission is not hard. Move your army to the south, then to the east, and then to the north. Pass the bridge. There you can find the scout. Sent all SWAT to defend the bridge. After some attacks you can return to the place where you began your mission. MISSION COMPLETE !!!!!!!!!!!!

Laurens Roos - laurens1@freemail.nl

This mission is not really difficult.
Group your units, and travel along the east side (right most) to avoid the enemy as much as possible. Once you reach the shore, move a little to the left and cross the bridge. Get the scout. If enemies are coming your direction, group your units to kill them.
Then, travel again at the east side, and do NOT use your scout in battle (that's only extra dangerous). Finally, move to the large X (at your starting position).
IMPORTANT: Do not engage the enemy when he's not in your way.


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