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"Withstand The Raiding Party"

Andrew Gilbert - srckf54z@source.co.uk

This mission was pretty simple. Train loads of SWATS and group them into fives. Send 2 groups of SWATS and put them on the NW and SE sides of the Oil Rig, because that'll protect the Oil Rig and the tanker.Put the other groups in defence of your base. Build a Machine Shop,then build 1 Dirt Bike and scout to the west.You should run into 2 bike & sidecars and 1 Monster Truck. Let the Dirt Bike be destroyed.The Monster Truck and bikes will move towards your base. Let them, because they will be blown to smithereens when they enter your base (if you have loads of SWATS). Build another Dirt Bike an make it scout to the south, when it reaches a clearing make it scout westwards. Do the same destruction methods mentioned earlier to anything you encounter.

Michael Freiert - mkf6@cornell.edu

Defend the rig only long enough to build around 40 to 50 rifelmen. place half of them at the cave-like enterance to the area you started in and the other half to the right(north-east) passage into the area. hopefully you've built there, and as long as you just sit tight, althgouth this isn't really overly agressive, you can take out all further attacks incredibly easily. just stay just behind the narrowest area of each enterance, and tell the entire company at that enterance to remove it's presence when the evo's show up. getting bored? send a suicide rifleman to find teh evo's sittign around, and they will attach sooner. it's helpful to take out their biggest thing first, since that usually reduces thir firepower greatly. this stragety could be moved outside teh grotto and use the ravine to the east(left) of the oil patch, and the ravine to the south(down), but both of these areas are harder to defend.

Benjamin Neve - benN@cs.pvhs.wash.k12.ut.us

Check it-

Stock up on those cheep snipers, in three or four groups of five, put them at the main areas of oncoming attackers, and because all of the evolved units come at different times (because of slowness or speed), they'll have the freakers killed before they fire a shot. This works really well on scenario 3 of the survivors.


David Filson - 105546.3263@compuserve.com

Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is...... begin by leaving one or two riflemen in your outpost about midway between headquaters and the opening to the South. Just inside this opening, place a truck and a couple of riflemen. They will pick off intruders who try to come through. Outside this opening, just to the West, place a truck and a few riflemen to take care of the creepy-crawlies coming from that side. Place the bulk of your riflemen on the lower side of your oil rig to protect it from attacks. Place the two dirt bikes between the oil rig and your troops that are to the outside West of the gate. Since they are rather speedy, you can assign them to help your guys at the oil rig when it is under attack, then switch them temporarily to the guys just outside the opening. This seems to protect the oil rig, allow the tanker free mobility, keep the evolved from getting to the "gate," and stopping the few that do get to the "gate" from making it through to the outpost.

When things seem to be settling down a bit, you can send a dirt bike out to scout around for oil. Obviously, you will want to add riflemen as necessary. The bulk of your concentration will be in sending your dirtbikes to where they are most needed at the moment, and replacing riflemen at key places when they are killed, protecting your oil rig and the South opening. Also, try to key in on the Dire Wolfs as soon as they come into the picture. They move quickly and can be a pain.

Keep Krushin!"


Jacky Chua Soo Han - ahleng@tm.net.my

What I do in this mission is: Sent half of your unit to guard the oil rig while the rest guard the left side of the base. Set your swats to infinity and wait till you have loads of them. Then, seperate your swats to 2 groups, one go to the oil rig while the othesr go to the left side, then launch an assault instead of waiting for the freaks to do theirs. Launch the group guarding the oil rig first then the group on the left. The rest is just KKND.


Bring all units down to the oil rig. Put a 4x4, a dirtbike and ten infantry units to the west of the oil rig and do the same to the south of the rig but except of normal infantry units use 20 SWAT UNITS. The maximum resistance you will face will be 1 monster truck, a couple of bikes and some infantry which should consist of bazerkas and shotgunners.

Major Kill -

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......at the the start
you send your vehicles and a few swats down to the bottom of the oil rig. Then you build a power plant. Once that is complete put your swat men on infinite. Your forces down at the rig should now be almost dead so send down about 15 swats. When you have about 30-40 swats send them out to find their bases and KRUSH KILL 'N DESTROY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is, you make about fifty million SWATS [not really fifty million, but you get the picture]. Then you put half at one entrance and the other half at other entrance[in the vicinity of the oil derrik]. Then you just watch the evolved get blown away!

hope it works for you[what am I saying of course it will work for you]!

Mike Anderson mikeadavid@aol.com

Well to win this mission you move all your men down till you see an oil patch.Then you split into two teams; one should have 10 riflemen. This one should move west until the path gets really small then you block it with your men. Now go to your outpost and hire lots of riflemen, 20 will do. While you are doing that move the 2nd group down till you see a path that goes west, try to block it with the rest of your men. When you have trained 10 riflemen send them down to protect the pumper. Guard your base for a while till the attaking slows down. Start training riflemen until you have 40 or more, send these men down to the 2nd group then take all of them {not the ones guarding the upper entrance} through the path killing all the freakers. Once that is done take all those men to group one and move the whole army force west killing all the freakers. Watch out, there is a "HAPPY Machine" out there don't let him run over your men.I think you can take it from here so MOVE OUT!!

Christopher Cuyegkeng - ekc@globe.com.ph

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......
rescue the scout at the north,when you have found him do not bring your forces back, yet. Make a defence at the bridge so they`ll use up their forces. When they're all destroyed head south .


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