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"The Next Generation"

Mark Osborne - 100243,213@compuserve.com

When moving guys around, to find the computer's guys, don't let your faster units get ahead of the infantry. Instead, when you see a guy that you want to slaughter, move your guys away from him (backwards to where you are going) and wait for him to come to you. This way, you infantry are doing some damage as well and your stronger vehicles do not die so quickly. In other words, keep all your units together!

James Morrison -

Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is just group your guys together and just kill of the evolved scum. Also avoid any ambushes because of your small number of people.

Caleb Brian - JBlack1278@aol.com

Well I got this really kool strategy and what you do is take your biker guy and move him north to the first freaker then lure him back to the main group so that they can blast him. Follow this strategy the whole level moving your group along ever so carefully to keep them together. Sometimes try surrounding the freakers so that it is hard for them to really take aim at one person.

Glen McGee - jmcgee@shoal.net.au

Well first you take ALL of your forces in one big group including the construction vehicle, drive to the top of the screen, through the freaks' back door and blow away their relatively unprotected buildings. Next setup your base, take the closest oil field to your base and continue to wreak havoc. Build a huge force of anocondas and finish them. EASY!

billy morgan - salami1x1@aol.com


Set swat guys to infinite. Go north and get mech in tech bunker. When you get about 20 to 30 swat guys leave 10 at your base and sent the rest south to the oil rig. Blow it up, then move south to the rest of their base and blow it up.


Patrick Holaday - fishman@net-master.net

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, here's what ya do.KRUSH,KILL,N',DESTROY! Build lots of men (any type you want)and keep them at the EDGE of the hills. Next build a small search and destroy team, gunners, and move south of the hills. Move west and destroy that task force area full of the freakers. Now move to the north and west. Destroy those Freakers. SAVE SOME CASH (well OIL!). PIECE O' CAKE!

Alex Jones - alexjones4@aol.com

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is...... Group all of your people together and get all of the little guys then go up and take out their cannons. I don't really know how to build so I just destroy. After you do all off this just go up, take out the tankers then blow away the oil rigs and the base.

Yuh-Ruey Chen - jschen@swbell.net

Here's another strategy. This strategy is useful only when you have 4 to 8 missile batteries. Send one of those biker thingies to attack the enemy's base. This'll make them attack you. When they do this, attack their base with those big tanks and ATV Flamethrowers. Keep doing this until your enemy is weakened, then make a huge army and make a full-force attack. You'll probably lose the first time, but keep sending tanks out there. Spend all of your money. If not succeed, try, try again.

Mark A. Hole - Fakie50@aol.com

I got this really cool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......
(1. Build your base and increase the tech level as much as you can on both the Outpost and Machine shop.
(2. Build about 3 Flame machines (Hint: the machine gun vehicles don't work. They don't fire fast enough, so they die too fast and cost too much).
(3. A large infantry is good. Flame throwers are good and fast at obliterating buildings.
(4. If you put your infantry behind you vehicles they won't get run over.
These are just a few things but the best hint of all is to play and die and play and die and so on. So if you do that you will learn what is a good Machine/Infantry for battles and which ones are good for blowing up buildings. Get the registered game it has more options.

Dean Heyl - heyl@bigskytel.com

Run two oil rigs up the far left side. You will find two oil deposits. Establish drill sites. The strange thing is that the evolved will not attack your tankers if left undefended. With your new-found wealth, you can set your anaconda tanks and atv flamethrowers to infinite and KKND the freaks.


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