KKND - Krush Kill N Destroy

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Howard McClernon - howard@melbpc.org.au

Build as many missile batteries as quickly as possible to form a line of defence. It seems to keep the Evolved at bay.

Secondly, like any good campaign, a three front war against them confuses the hell out of them and results in a quick victory.

All in all, they're attack when you are small, but stay away when your forces are larger.

Logan Bartling - bartling@pacbell.net

Start the attacks now! Target the oil tower to the north first and build S.W.A.T.s, flamers, and anaconda tanks to re-enforce. You are outnumbered so attack immediately, or your dead meat!!! Send only one anaconda tank to defend the bridge(I used a missile battery, but you just need to hold the attackers off untill you can send help). Once you have taken alot of the enemy land send only 4x4 truks(they cost almost nothing so they are very effective in numbers). Don't let them attack as you are weak next to their devoloped army of ten mastadons or more!!! Protect your barrage craft as it is the most powerfull of all your machines and is ideal for taking and holding area.

As soon as you have taken the area around their first machine gun nest build a rig on the north oil puddle and build several oil tankers to keep money coming it is important to take out all the guns that block your attack routs rather than running past them and losing half the life of a 4x4 truck and crippling your strike force and having to make 25% more trucks.



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