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"Counter Attack"

Richard Pearce - evil@ihug.co.nz

I had some trouble with this mission... at first.

Build your base over to the left of where you start by the 2 wells.

Upgrade clanhouse to max and get those crazy harrys out fast. Attacks come from north and south-west building 2-3. Rotary cannons to cover both points. Place crazy harrys and bombardier beetles around cannons and you will have a soild defence.

Next job is to take over the oil well just north of your base use the crazys and some beetles once you take it place 2 rotary cannons for defence and you will have moved your north defence line right outside the enemy north base.

IMPORTANT!!! Timing is key wait for enemy to attack then take the well with remaining forces. Build a clan house to right of new well, upgrade and then pump out the crazys. Use them to take the north base with 10 or so beetles in support. There are 2 wells west of the that new north well get them and build 3-4 power stations up around the area. Build up and then attack south-west base from the front and around the back at same time it will fold pretty quick when the crazys and beetles flood on in. Rock on!!

Remember men are the key to this game.


Joe Damore - joe777@gte.net

This was the hardest Evolved mission for me. 1. Move to your direct right to set up your base. 2. While you are doing that take your forces and destroy the oil rig directly above you. Opps watch out for those gaurd towers. 3. The Survivors will send another Oil rig, let them then destroy it. 4. the 3rd oil rig they send will not deploy. 5. While you were doing that I hope you set up 2 Oil rigs of your own. 6. You better be a fast mouser for this mission. 7. After you have put up good defensives around your base build your 3rd oil rig on the hill above you. 8. Build up your forces and get that BEE with the bomb ready to kick some Survior butt!!! 9. After you have repusled a attack from the west, BEE Bomb them and finish off that base the game is yours!!!!

Kevin Rupp - krupp12w@ptd.net

First move all of your begining stuff to the box canyon on your right. Build the clan hall to the left of the top oil field. Then build a blacksmith directly below the clanhall ( leaving enough space for mutants to easily get out of the clanhall). At the same time build a powerplant to the right of the top oil field. Under that build the alchemy hall and under that near your southern oil field build another powerplant. Both powerplants and alchemy hall should be as far to the right in the canyon as possible. Once the blacksmith is done build two oil derricks and deploy them. Once your tankers are getting oil be sure they are using the powerplant closest to the derrick they are drilling from. As soon as the Alchemy hall is done, upgrade the clan hall twice. Once this is done quickly build 3 Grapeshot cannons on the left area of your camp thus sealing you in the canyon so to speak (be sure to save room between the clanhall and the cannons for a beast enclosure).

Then upgrade your blacksmith twice and quickly get 2 more tankers for faster oil. Make plenty of Mekanics and station near the Cannons to keep them fixed up. Once the money is pouring in build a beast enclosure. Your entire camp should fit in the canyon and not go past the cliff walls on the north and south. So now you are set up snug as a bug. Upgrade the beast enclosure to get beetles, they are your main weapon here (in fact always be upgrading something until all the upgrading is done). To the northwest is another oil field being used by the evolved. Send up Vandals to take it out as you build up a force (vandals may have to take it out two to three times before you have a force ready to take it over. Hopefully this does not take you too long as you need that oil field as soon as possible. Once you make your attac


Will Jenkins - will@myself.com

On later Evolved missions, when you get the autocannon turret, base defence suddenly becomes a bit easier. May I suggest the following (NOTE: You must have a fairly large starting force for this to work, and also quite a lot of money - around 6K, less if you already have a base at the start).

Build an alchemy hall FIRST, along with your blacksmith and power station. Upgrade your clan hall to autocannon standard, then your blacksmith to oil tanker standard. You will probably have been assaulted by the enemy a few times by now, so you know where they come from. Instantly build an auto-turret to shoot at them. MAKE SURE you have money to complete it, otherwise it's useless. Have mekaniks on standby to repair it. It's much more powerful than the autocannon tank. If you can absorb a reasonably large enemy attack, and have lots of money, BUILD MORE. three in a row, with a mekanik for each one, can easily stop a massed attack especially at chokepoints. Have missile crabs and beetles behind them and you just have to cackly gleefully as that horrific onslaught of Anacondas and snipers becomes riddled with bullets and explodes as it tries to run away. To do this, you need a severely large supply of cash coming in, so it's important to build more tankers/power stations. If a derrick is far enough away from the station, you can have five tankers going in an endless circle, and the don't really get in each other's way.


David Chapman -n2127903@student.fit.qut.edu.au

Build our base down and to the right of your starting position. You should have two oil sites on your left one half screen distance above the other. Place your derrick on the bottom oil site and have 2 oil tankers (as long as close to power plant). Don't worry about building anything but 2 power plants one for each oil site, a clanhall, blacksmith and an alchemist. Upgrade your clanhall to full level and put crazy harrys on infinite. Attacks will come from both sides of your base but they consist of small groups of units until later in the game when the attacks from the right will be quite large (20 - 30 units). I found that i needed about 4 autocannon turrets with a number of crazies to hold of the major attacks from the right.

When you have built up some money build the beast enclosure and upgrade till you can build beetles. Scatter some beetles around your turrets and harries to hold off all attacks. If you send a fast unit occasionly up into the base on you upper right they will send all their units down to attack you. This can be handy if you prefer smaller more frequent attacks.

Upgrade your buildings to full and build some airstikes. For the left attacks build a turret near your upper oil derrick and have some engineers to repair it. Use this turret to attack the enemies turrets with the aid of some units. Build another derrick and place this on the oil site up to the left and again build a tower. This tower can continue to take out units and buildings. If you cannot build any more turrets use a group of 5 flamers to destroy any tower to far away from your enemy.

By this time you should have maybe 3 or more airstikes ready to go. Use this on the group of units outside top right enemies machine shop to take out lots of units. Use flamers and beetles to take out towers.

There you go!


Oleg Gevorkov - ol@sai.msu.su

This is the BEST way:

GO UP! Destroy right cannon, GO UP, destroy 2 cannons, deploy Clan Hall, quickly build 9 infantry and with remaining forces destroy the last cannon and machine shop, build another 9 infantry and spread the base by destroing another buildings and oil-station.

So you have only one side to defend (it's easy with 25-30 cheap infantry and 5-6 bombardier beetles). Spread your base down slowly, destroy remainig oil-station, build your station and build 1-2 oil-station on the left. Don't build crab and don't upgrade Clan Hall. Sorry for bad English.


A. S.

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......Don't waste any time in this mission. Build up your base quickly and make sure you have an ample amount of turrents surrounding the entrances of your base. This handles the incoming enemy and gives you time to build up your forces. Destroy any of the computers oil wells as soon as possible this will slow down their attack. Finally, there are two bases. The base on the left has two entrances. Check which one is less guarded and attack from that side. You'll find that after you've destroyed one base the other base is easy pickings .

Mystery Foratog -

This mission is hard but if you have the right strategy you would finish it. When you begin you don't have so much to defend. Go east and you can find an oil patch, build your clan hall here and base. You would have at least three Power Stations and 2 Derricks if you are to complete the mission. When you have built up your base you would start up with your defense. Build max 3 Minigun Towers and spit out Crazy Harrys and Beetles. Don't forget Technican. Now you have a defense for a while. When you have a good "Army of Lovers" you are going to attack to north. When you have killed the north, build Aircraft and go attack the west. The rest is easy but just if you have a "Army of Lovers"

Badass -

To begin, take all of the units to the top base. Wipe out the two guns on the way, pay no attention to the oil rig. Once the two guns are gone, focus fire power on the powerplant. Once it is gone, a minigun tank will pop out. It can be killed without losing any units. Then take out the other powerplant. This will defunct the top base. Then drive the surviving units back. The key to victory is to set up base while attacking the top base. Main base goes next to the top oil puddle. Build one powerplant, a blacksmith, and the alchemy hall. This should be done by the time the attack is done. Upgrade the clanhall twice. Then build two oil derriks.

Once the oil starts flowing, build a powerplant by the lower oil puddle. Put the flamers on infinite and start building machine gun nests. They should already have attacked, so put up as many nests as you can. They will be destroyed, but the enemy will focus on them. Take what ever flamers you have and kill the attacks. This will work. Start upgrading the blacksmith until oil rigs are available. Make two of these and put two rigs on each drill. Just keep making nests and you will hold them off. Make an occasional grapeshot in the back. The attacks will lessen, and then drive up and take over the enemy oil drill. Put a powerplant by it by making a chain of blacksmiths (they're cheap). Keep building nests and grapeshots and repair them when ever you can. Soon the grapeshots will only be left, and upgrade for minigunners. Once all the towers are out, start building beasthalls and upgrade to bombers. Put down another clanhall and upgrade to flamers. Soon there will be enough flamers to invade their base.

Jim - BIGPOP1234@aol.com

First, build your base to the right of where you start out. Then set up your base so that you have power plants near both oil fields. Then take your force and move north and destroy the enemy derrick, this will slow them down quite a bit. They will try to rebuild the heavy towers, just make sure to kill them before they are complete. This way the enemy will waste 1000's of RU's. Meanwhile, upgrade blacksmith so you can get more tankers, then upgrade clan hall and put crazy Harry on infinite. It'll be a close call on whether or not you have enough units to fend off the next attack, but if you do the rest of the level is cake.
As soon as possible build another clan hall and upgrade it so you can have 2 buildings pumping out the Harry's. By now the oil should be coming in so fast that even with 2 Harry's on infinite you still will be making money. Once you have multiple 1000 RU's you have a choice, you can make several towers, or upgrade beast enclosure and make about 10 beetles (a large cluster of beetles and Harrys is just devastating). Once you have an phenominal amount of units, wait for a large enemy attack and then go on the attack. Remember when you attack to leave a few guys back at the base to help defend.

TRYM AASE - tor@ha.mail.telia.com

I got this really cool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......

The first you have to do is move your mcv to the right
and establish your base. Build a beast enclosure and then an
upgrade building. Just keep building shotgunners & war mastoons.

ps!!! just keep on, don't give up -
it was that way I made it!!!!!

Howard Khor - koysim@pc.jaring.my

This is the final mission, where the freaks destroy the survivor. Here's what you do, first get some oil. Then build some war mastadons place them in front of your oil rig. Train some soldiers. Group them. Then explore the terrain. When the enemy starts attacking your soldiers, destroy 'em. Now, most of your soldiers have become elite. Return the soldiers to your ri . Replace the mastodons with these soldiers. Use this technique on another group of soldiers, making sure each group is not less then 10 and not more then 50. Then when you find the enemy's base, wait don't attack first. You disrupt their oil rigs or tankers. Then heavy army will be sure to attack you. Group ALL your elite soldiers and attack them. You shouldn't have problem finishing them. If you do have problems like attacks from the enemy recently, build war mastadons. When you destroyed their rigs, place some creatures on the spot. The elite soldiers are the best. Remember elite mastadons are as same as five elite soldiers.

Jonathan Tan - Rynox@hotmail.com

This mission is so easy first you have to build your base east where to oil patches are. Build up than max everything. Then pump out as many crazy harrys. Then get rotary guns and you probably need some missle crabs. Destroy them by attacking them and bomb their strike force. You'll probably finish with them.

Mystery Foratog -

This mission is hard but if you have the right strategy you can finish it. When you begin you don't have so much to defend. Go east and you can find the oil patch, build your clan hall here and then build up your base. You need to have at least three Power Stations and 2 Derricks if you would complete the mission. When you have built up your base start with your defense. Build max 3 Minigun Towers and spit out Crazy Harrys and Beetles. Don't forget Technican. Now you have a defense for a while. When you have a good "Army of Lovers" move your attack to the north. When you have killed the north build Aircraft and go to attack the west. The rest is easy but if you have an "Army of Lovers" play the game and have fun.

Christopher Loh - vicardio@hotmail.com

The method to win the last mission is to attack as early as possible and don't build any advanced and expensive stuff until you have got at least 15,000.

What I did is, I built a power plant and a clan hall at the beginning, and only build shot-gunners. Each time I got around 20 of them I sent them in to attack the enemy base. You should try to take out the blue-color side, as soon as the blue color gets crushed the green-color side will fall. There are four defense structures blocking the entrance for your allies, so you must try to take out the defense structures for your ally so that it can join you into the attack.
Speed is vital in this last mission.
I hope this advise can help other ppl who got stuck in this mission. If anyone needs any help in any particular mission, they can contact me; always willing to give an extra hand.


It was very very hard at first.......I've tried several times before I found out this kool strategy..
Destroy the north camp...leave out the two left cannons and oil rig....destroy the machine shop, outpost and power station. You only have one camp to worry about....next what you do is build everything fast and do your research....don't worry, you'll be fine.. build lots of crazy harries and bettles....and you know what to do next.....believe me..

Patrick Holaday - fishman@net-master.net

FORGET WHAT THEY SAY!! Deploy your clan tank right where it is (it comes in use later on)! Now take your force north and destroy those 2 towers and the tankers, not the rig!!! Now deploy a black smith as far NE possible, FAST! Build a derrick. While doing that,build two stations, one by each cliff wall far up possible, here's the fun part...STEAL THEIR OIL. Get an upgrade hall thingy, upgrade only the clan hall to max. Put that oil derrick on one of the oil spots to the eastern side, build 2 more stations to get oil from there.

Now I hope you're still upgrading that clan hall! Get 4 grapeshots straight down that side by the clan house and build shotgunners and flame men only, nothing else, that's so $$$$ will stack up. By 15 minutes in, you should have only this: Clan Hall, 4 Power Stations, 1 oil rig of yours and 1 of theirs, Black Smith, Alchemy Hall. That's all. Now put the flame dudes and shotgunners to help defend the northern attacks. Keep them on infinite or you'll pay for it.

When you have about, oh, let's say 50 flame/shotgunners north, attack that base so it's not a pest to you any more. Build some bombers, 10 at the most, 5 at the least. Now expand up where their north base was, here build a beast enclosure (2 or more), and a blacksmith(3). Upgrade those only. Now since you've got that money piled up, I guess you can build more things. Only if you have about $50,000 oil funds, build no crabs, they take up too much room. Keep the towers up in case this doesn't work and try again. E-MAIL ME IF YOU HAVE TO!

Azahari Othman - azahari_othman@yahoo.com

This one is simple..1st destroy the top left tower, set up a clanhall to the north, straight away pump up shotgunners to infinite. At the same time set up your power station and blacksmith to pump up oil, and also an alchemy hall to do research. Set at least one crab at each 'door' - an attack will come so be prepared!! Any time an attack comes make sure you set up your Grapeshots - three south and three west will hold them. Spread your shotgunners in front, three in one group. Don't forget the mechanic to stand by. After several attacks it will slow down. At that time keep pumping out crazy harrys. Send crazys and Shotgunners to attack their oil rig at the west side, then after you have at least 40 of them, split into two groups and attack ...attack..attack them. I finished this in only two tries. You don't even need a Beast Enclosure. Simple...


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