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"The Final Assault"

Joe Lin - joe.lin@cornell.edu

I don't know what that guy that left the tips about Crazy Harrys is talking about. For my money, the enemy will be sitting on top of you before you can even upgrade the Clan Hall enough to produce Crazy Harry. You have to build 2 Refineries quickly, then a Alchemy Hall, and then upgrade your Clan Hall 5 times before you can produce a single Crazy Harry. No way.

For the Evolved, the Shotgunner is the cheapest option you have for quick firepower. A mixed group of shotgunners and flamethrowers is your best bet for taking out large amounts of enemy armor. Beetles is the best anti-infantry.

So... Set up your Clan Hall midway between the two wells and the northern well. Then put down 2 Refineries, then alchemy Hall cause you want radar ASAP. Missle Crabs go to the north. If you position them right, you can take out the missle towers without getting hit in return. All this time, pump out shotgunners and flamethrowers ASAP to create a base defense. Take a squad of flamers and torch that enemy well just to make them burn the money to replace it. Now build a second clan hall close to the southern perimeter to increase the rate of infantry production. Now you are ready to put in your fixed defenses. From this point on, you can take it.


Jason Price - jgprice@tassie.net.au

With only one well, Shotgunners are the way to win this one.

First thing to do is to set Shotgunners to infinite, build a Rig and a Power Station.

Next move the Clans Men away from the front of the Clan Hall, you don't want to accidentally grab them with your shotgunners and send them to the front!

Major attacks will come from the North, North West and South East, with smaller attacks from the South, South West and North East(basically every where!).

It works best if you keep the shotgunners spread out at the front lines (eg. no more than 2 to any one square), that way they are less vulnerable to rockets and being run over. Select them two at a time to send them to the front.

It also pays (when you can afford it) to keep one or two mekaniks available, so if one of your towers takes a beating you can fix it. Lose the Southern tower and your dead!

A general tip for shot gunners: when being attacked by a Rocket Launcher or an Autocannon Tank, attack it. If you don't you'll lose large quantities of men rapidly.

Finally, just stick at it and don't go anywhere.


Jonathon Bamford - joph@psinet.net.au

Stuff other units, this level is hard and they keep on comin' and comin'. Don't bother about trying to build up a huge tank army, all you have to do is churn out as many snipers as you can, I found it much easier than trying to establish a well protected tank defensive.

The level is although a defensive mission, it is commonly known that offence is the best form of defence, try to take out all the units in the corners and explore the map whilst picking off all units. Then you will be able to see the units comming in from off screen, stick with it, half an hour!


CMDR Justin - consulmg@singnet.com.sg

Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......JUST DO IT!

Get your base ready and keep you oil tanks moving!

UPgarded all you budings and get crazy harrys out of their hall.

Get bombers and crabs and beetle.

20 to 25 crabs, 20 beetle and 150 harrys will be more than enough

Have fun


Luke Simmons

This mission is so eeezzzzzyyyyy! First build two power stations near your oil rig. Build an alchemy hall and then up grade the clan hall as much as possible. Build a rotary canon near the oilrig and send about three mechanics to help repair it when the Survivors attack and send another one to fill its place. Build another rotary canon a bit to the right of the clan hall to make sure no snipers get in. Build a rotary canon next to the grape shooter at the south of the clan hall and put about two mechanics to repair it. Below the beast enclosure build a rotary canon to stop the attacks from the east. Again build mechanics to help repair it. While you do all of the above put Pyros on infinite and build a few crazy's. Your base should hold out until the end of the mission.

Peter Jinn Did - inkiman@hotmail.com

I got a cool strategy from my brain and it works every time, it's simple you have to put the troops which are near the derrick to the side of the guard tower to protect it. While you are doing that, build one power station below the derrick and another one to the left of the first power station. After that build one alchemy hall below the clanhall and meanwhile build 1 scorpion and put it near your 1 monster truck and 1 scorpion. When your alchemy is built, upgrade the clanhall three times. Build grapeshoots at all four corners so they will not bug you for some time. While you wait upgrade the enclosure three times, and build that cute beetle of yours. If you have casualties, build that repair thing.
You should manage the rest.

Ken Wong - pohingw@tm.net.my

First, don't panic at the sound of gunshots!(They won't do much damage) Go to your northwest. Move the troops that are there to guard the guard tower. Then, build two power stations (one beside the oil-rig and one below the power station) and an alchemy hall. Go to your monster truck. Squish the troops that are attacking it and squish the snipers near the clan hall. Build a lot of shotgunners when a power station is ready and not before (I've made that mistake before). Move the leaders to the alchemy hall. Upgrade the clan hall until you can build rotary cannons and upgrade the beast enclosure until you can build beetles. Build lots of beetles and shot gunners. Station them southeast, northwest and southwest. Build a rotary cannon northwest and one southwest. You should be able to stand hold.
p.s. You can get wasps if you want to but it costs 1500 for each bomb! Don't waste money upgrading the clan hall, beast enclosure and blacksmith to max. You don't even need to build a blacksmith.

James Osborn - qebert3000@worldnet.net.com

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is, first you move your chieftains down between the middle of your clanhall and the hills below it (but keep an eye out for snipers), then you move all the guys by your beast maker thing up to the tower by your oil drill. Then build 2 power plants, send a tanker to each one so your money flow will be good, next you build an alchemy hall and upgrade it so you can build crazys.

While you're upgrading put your shotgunners on infinite then once you have flamers take shotgunners off infinite and put the flammers on infinite and distribute the guys to each of your defensive spots (in between all of this you can build some animals but not to many). Once you can build crazys put them on infinite and keep the pyros on infinite too (in between you can build some rioters or bazooka guys just for some flavour). DO NOT go out to find the slugs because you will only make them made and then they will attack and make your defence weaker . Most of your defence should be by your oil rig, the southeastern part of your defence and at the start the north eastern part because snipers come from there but then no one else comes from there. Well now your walls of defence should be good so all you have to do is wait for for them to attack

Paul Breaux - Rapidburn@aol.com

Okay, first, build a power plant directly to the right of your power plant.
Then build an alchemy hall. You don't need a blacksmith. Upgrade your clan hall to bazookas and beast enclosure to Elephants. Pump out 4 shotguns to take out the occasional sniper to the right. Wait until the snipers attack the clan hall before targeting them. Make some engineers too. Make one Rotary cannon defense below the oil rig. Gradually make large groups of bazookas and the occasional elephant and spread your defenses out. Also, make one grapeshot where the guntower was (it will be destroyed) and one between your starting grapeshot and the rotary cannon.
Keep making engineers and sending one to each defensive structure and keep spares everywhere. Only have 3 or 4 elephants at a time, concentrate on keeping up your engineers and building bazookas whenever possible. There will be one big attack, after that, if you keep building your bazookas and make sure you repair the defenses in time before they're killed, you'll be fine. The enemy will send in 2 or 3 small groups, each group consisting of a small attack to the north and one to the SE.

greg kennedy - Sstrike10

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is...... first off you need to build 2 power stations right next to each other. Build an upgrade center to the south of your outpost. Upgrade your clan hall to the highest point to where you can get your crazy harrys. Then upgrade your beast enclosure then after that build 6 crazy harrys, 6 bazooka dudes and 6 pyromaniacs; put them at the front of your base. After that build a grapeshot cannon where there is a route up by the outpost (if you want to - build a wasp and keep it until you need it) then send a truck down to look around the area. Send some pyros and harrys by the 6 king zogs. Then build 4 beetles send 2 southwest of your base and 2 up to the top. Build 6 more harrys and pyros, send 3 of each to the top and bottom of your base. Then you just keep on doing that and you should have about a 90% chance of victory (and remember if you need to use the wasp).
good luck

Robert Long - cyrilr@dyadel.net

I found this mission to be the most frustrating until I remembered the cardinal rule......OIL! The survivors keep coming and coming and coming. First set shotgunners on infinite, secondly, place two power stations - one to the right and one just below and a little to the right of the oil derrick. Next it's the forge and the alchemy hall.
By this time you're being attacked from the upper right - send the shotgunners you just made up to take 'em out! Then send a couple of groups to the left of your lower power station, backup your cannon and tower with shotgunners as they come out. (I do it in groups of three.) As soon as your alchemy hall is finished, upgrade your clan hall to get flamers and set them on infinite getting a mix of shotgunners and flamers. Don't forget to make repairmen from time to time cause if you lose your tower or cannon you're screwed. Next upgrade is for the forge twice but make sure the oil is pumping in good before cause if you upgrade too fast your clanhall production slows and you get krushed. When you're able to, make a third truck and put him on the lower power station. (This was the difference between winning and losing for me. The third truck increases your oil productivity quite a bit) Now, as the oil really starts to flow...
Upgrade your clanhall until you get autocannons, but not too fast cause you gotta keep them soldiers coming along with a scorp or two from time to time just for keeping the tanks from running over everybody! Place your autocannons one at a time letting constuction completely finish and letting a few soldiers come out before starting the next one. I placed my first autocannon on the lower right then the upper left then middle left then bottom and lastly upper right.


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