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"Battle for the Islands"

Josh Kassanchuk - Bravo@theonramp.com

Did you know...? If you send a biker east across the bridge you find a powerful MECH to fight for you!!!

Nicholas Sivaneson - nickson@pl.jaring.my Strategy Winner Week 2

For this mission, you need to act as fast as you can. First of all group your units (e.g. CTRL 1,2,3...). Group both War Mastodons together and all the infantry together, then the scopions and the dire wolf and bike. Your base is located south of your starting location. Find your base with the bikes and wolf and put the scorpions and the bikes inside.

There will be a bridge which is located to the right of the earth blood near your base. Send in the War Mastodons first to draw fire and then send in the infantry. Attack the turret located on top of the oil rig. Then krush the oil rig. Leave your infantry there to krush it if they rebuild the turret.

Now for the oil rig south of your base. While you are attacking, keep training pyromaniacs (of course build a power station and upgrade your clan hall first). Use them to krush the oil rig and cannon tower south of your base. After that, keep moving your units over the bridge and krush the nearest cannon to you. Find the third oil rig located just below the turret. Krush it! YES!! You've now managed to krush all of their oil rigs (no money, no units). Destroy all other structures and defend your only oil rig (at the top of your base). At intervals groups of three units will come to attack. Build rotary cannons and defend. After a time you will have finished the mission.

Note: The oil rigs and the base must be krushed early in the game or you won't be able to hold them. I krushed their base in about 15 minutes.


Jonathan Salama - jsalama@trianet.net

At first the enemy will be coming from both north and south. What you need to do first is to setup a couple of guard towers and maybe a mastodon in the south and concentrate your heaviest defenses in the north to protect the oil rig. You will need a large amount of money coming in so get at least a couple of power stations working the north oil rig. After a little while the attacks from the south stop and you can concentrate on the northern attacks. Keep at least 3-4 mekaniks near your guard towers to fix them while they are being attacked.

Be sure to get the mech in the North East section of the board to help you defend the Northern oil rig. You will notice that there are two attacks coming towards the oil rig. Keep defending it with mekaniks until the northen attacks stop (and they will). Now you are ready to take the oil station to the South of you. Use a missile crab to take out the cannon tower defending it (this may take a couple of tries while repairing the crab in between attacks) and have some vandals ready. Send in the vandals and blow it up. Keep the missile crab nearby and kill the derrick that they send meanwhile preparing your own derrick. Once you have the oil rig to the south, you will have to set up a power station for it. The attacks to the north will continue.

Once you have enough money put up a couple of cannons on both sides of the bridge. This with a couple of mekaniks should handle any of the main attacks that the send through there.

If you have made it this far wait until you have enough money to put some rotary cannons behind your guard towers. The enemy will atack the guard towers while you keep sendidng in mekaniks and the rotary cannons (preferably 3-4 in a vertical row) are chewing up the vehicles. Once all this is setup up it won't be long before they run out of oil considering the fact that they now only have one oil station being drained by 6-7 trucks. Once they have run out of oil it is only a matter of how fast you want to demolish them.

Remember the key to this game is to make sure that the money it takes you to defend against their attacks is less than the money it takes them to set up that attack. Once this is established just sit back and watch them drain their supplies.


Bjørn Syversen - bjoernrs@online.no

First you take a biker , and move to the north east, over the bridge you should see a nuke building, approach it and you will get a secret weapon. Go back to your forces and head down south along the raod , and when you get to the first bend, break off from the road and proceed straight forward.

When inside your own camp , set up one mastodon and a scorpion by the bridge, take the rest off your forces and move south to the end of the map , there you will find a gun tower and a rig, destroy them and set up your own rig. Protect the rig by the bridge , and start building power stations one at a time, while building soldier`s.

When you got all your power stations in place (4) you must uppgrade your stations (beasts first ) bulid some mastadont`s first while you wait for higher uppgrades.

When you have enough forces to hold the bridges, take your forces by the north bridge over to the other side , and place another rig there, build some tankers to serve it. Keep sending forces to these to points, and wait for a survivor attack, then send your northern forces over the bridge to the right of them, to destroy the towers and the rig there.

Now you move in for the kill, send your forces in, from both sides and wipe the survivors off the islands.


Joe Lin - joe.lin@cornell.edu

This is a complicated mission in that there are overwhelming numbers of enemy forces and you have very little time in which to deploy your defenses. Another problem is that you have to keep a constant eye on those chieftains you are supposed to protect.

You need to rely primarily on Shotgunners and Flamers because there is no time for anything else. You need more Power Plants (2 more) plus one more Clan Hall. 1 power plant, then a clan hall, then another power plant. Pump out riflemen ASAP and dispatch them to the perimeter. Put up a couple of machine gun guard towers near the rig just to absorb enemy fire because they will be gunning for it. Oh yeah, you need to get a few bikes specifically to go after those annoying snipers.


Lachlan Parker - umbi@mail.geocities.com

OK this level is hard to start off with. You gotta first of all send all of your units down to your base in the bottom left corner keeping some at the oil patch just above your base. Leave 1 direwolf at the top though and send him as far right as the map goes. Here u will find a tech bunker. At your base build a derrik, an alchamy hall and another power plant. send your derrik to the oil above your base and upgrade your town hall 3 times and as soon as you can build 2 grapeshot cannons below your base and 2 at the derrik.

Then start to build rotary cannons 1 at the bottom and 3 at the top and build dire wolves and men as decoys and send them to your derrik also send mekaniks up to your derrik and sit them bekind your cannons in case the're about to die. After your defence is up and running fully upgrade your beast enclosure and build some beetles and crabs.

Send these down and attack the turrets below the bridge and kill the derrik to slow down their harvesting supply. Make sure u have heaps of units to kill off any attacks though. Now build another derrik and send it down. build 2 more powerplants and direct all harvesting to the bottom derrik. Start to build your armys now mainly consisting of beetles. When u attack make sure u have back up and defence at your derrik in case their units kill u. Cut off their harvesting supply as soon as possible and destroy the turrets.


Andrew Aker - jaker1@msn.com

First thing is to send one wolf & biker far east to find a tech bunker. While you are doing that, bring down your army to your base (which is south). When you are going south you'll find an oil spot before the bridge - leave one elephant there to guard it. By now you probably have your secret weapon. Take him down to the oil spot where the elephant is then take your main army down further south to find one gunnery tower and one oil station. Destroy them both then build two derriks - send one north and one south. Build one hall and below that build two power stations to feed on the south station so you have three power stations.

Now you upgrade the beast enclosure to beetles.Build 4 - two at each oil station. After you are done with that, build one more power station to milk the north oil station, then upgrade the clan hall to the best and build two mini-gun towers at the south station and two more at the north.

The time has come for you to upgrade your beast enclosure to crabs. Build two: one for each station then build four more beetles, two elephants, two wolves, and last and surely not least four crabs. Split the army down eqully so you will be sending two beatles, one elephant, one wolf and two crabs to each station. Now don't think this is your attacking army cause it is not - this is just for protection. Your attacking army comes next.

Welcome to the end of the slugs, well only if you did everything I said. Your stations should be fully secure. Now build 8 beatles, 6 elephants and 4 crabs. When done, split as before and attack their top oil rig and their bottom oil rig. Once that is done kill all the towers then have fun blowing the #%$ out of them.


Dakenho Blood

For Mission 13 Battle for the Islands you need to get the mech fist in the top corner. Use the wolf guy for this. When you have the mech select all your units and go south. then turn right across the bridge there are two turrets. Kill them first then take out the oil rig. Once this is done move all your units left into your base which is south from the starting point, but leave the mech in his base. When all the units are in your base move the mech down, dodging all the cannon turrets and turn left. You will come to a bridge - stay there and shoot his tankers as they move past. While doing this build a derrick and alchemy hall. Move the derrick north of your base to the oil spot. When enough money build another power plant. Build 2 scorpions and keep the pyros coming fast. move them to defend your oil rig. Build another havester and keep money coming in fast.

Take his other oil rig at the south and you will slowly win.


Adam Secada - Acekid100@AOL.COM

I don't think the programmers were expecting this strategy I came across. To start, move a Dire Wolf to the East towards the Tech Bunker holding a SUPERSOLDIER; this thing can eat its way through armor and symmetric skin, so keep it at the front.

Heading south towards your base, you'll notice a large oil patch. Though it holds a TON of oil, this is the direction the symmetrics attack from, so be wary, and build there at your own risk.

Build an alchemy hall right away and upgrade your clan hall so you can get a better defense. Build a rig, but do NOT send it north. Instead, escort it with your forces to the south, where a stationary Autocannon awaits. Overwhelm and destroy that, meanwhile build power stations as far south as you can. You're gonna steal one of their patches.

You should have three power stations up, fairly close to the new rig, atop the one you destroyed. THE ENEMY WILL RETALIATE WITH INFANTRY and AUTOCANNONS, so put scorpions in the back, with your elephants and SUPERSOLDIER up front.

You will soon be supplied with a steady amount of oil, so keep upgrading the clan hall, and build AUTOCANNONS at the southern banks of both bridges: 2 at each usually works fine.

Upgrade everything else, and keep supplying your autocannons with MEKANIKS to repair when things get hectic. Once MISSLECRABS are available, make a mixture of them with beetles and send them north, to attack along the east bridge and cut off another supply line, keep building more back home to replace those in combat. TAKE OUT THE EAST RIG, NO PRISINORS! Also, be wary that the symmetrics will attack with every unit they have, once a large defense is up, but 2 Autocannons, 3-4 elephants, and 2 Misslecrabs waiting at each bank can handle practically ANYTHING!

All you need to do now is overwhelm the base from two directions: North and South. The symmetrics will soon see the light, that all evolved are superior, and look better...

simon greenwood -

Nothing radically different but a new twist

First get the Mech and move everyone down into your base

Use the mastodons to defend the bridge and move everyone else south. Build 4 shotgunners to augment the force. DO NOT BUILD A DERRICK! Start building 3 new powerstations and upgrade the clan hall. Move south and destroy the turret (the Mech is very useful). Defend the south bridge but do not destroy the survivor rig. Instead tell your tankers to go to his rig! (It does work). This means that when your opponent attacks your base you do not have to worry about the rig. Drive his tankers away, they'll quickly give up. Now build Grape shot cannon and defend the two bridges and watch oil flow in with 4 tankers. Survive long enough and upgrade to Beetles. Now take the top plain and build another rig. Now you can just smash your way in with Missile Crabs.

Ernest Chan Song Ern - inkiman@hotmail.com

I got this really good strategy, what you do is this......you will have to take one fastest troop of all, and bring it to the right of the map. After you cross the bridge, go to the top, you will see 1 very funny thing, activate it, take it and go.(speed man where is your speed)
After you do that, you take the rest of your troops south. Before long you will see your base: activate it and build 3 power stations(1 below the clanhall, 1 below the blacksmith and the last one below your first power station). When you have done that your robot should be there now. Put your fastest troops below your base, then build an alchemy hall below the third power station. Once it is done, upgrade the clanhall a.s.a.p. and build two grapeshots on top of the derrick. Once those are done build one rotary cannon after the tree beside grapeshot.
You must also build three more for the back of your base, at the same time upgrade beast en. two times. When your done you will have to build some beetles to pretect the guard tower.
your friend,ernest.

Kevin"Kamikaze" Scheb - scheb@worldnet.att.net

This mission was fun...nice scenery, lots of destruction, and it was a
fairly good challenge...for awhile. Leave one dire wolf at the start and
send the rest of your troops south until they uncover a bridge. Send
them across the bridge-where you will find a nice base. Pump out an
oil derrick, and then put your shotgunners on infinity. While you do this, send that dire wolf to the northeast part of the map. Right before the northeast bridge, you'll find a techbunker that contains a happy,
but deadly sentinel droid. Then, go back to your base (quickly) and
send your troops south to destroy an enemy oil rig. Destroy the rig and
place you derrick over the enemy rig's spot. That's enough oil for a
lifetime--create a power station and after a while, make it 2 (you need
2) power stations by creating another. Oh, bring your droid back to
your base and combine it with you other troops-no need to organize!!!

Now send all of your guys across the southern brige, near your oil
derrick. Don't worry about defense because shotgunners that are
constantly created at the base will take care of attacks-amazing, eh?!
Move slowly east until you can see a Survivor rotary cannon to your
south. Go down carefully, destroy it, and then go a little more south
and destroy the Survivor oil rig. Move west (stay out of their other
cannon's range!!) and destroy all units to the east of the enemy rig.
Now it gets fun---destroy the Survivor machine shop, go north and
destroy their outpost. STOP! Get half the shotgunners from your base
and bring them to where the enemy oil rig you just destroyed was---
now carefully combine your forces(don't get hit by the cannons)


I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is...... go for the enemy's southern rig (near their base). Don't listen to those guys that say to attack the northern rig, it never works! However, before you do any attacking, you must get the Mech by the top of the screen. Bring the Mech and your units down to your base, buy a power station below your beast enclosure. Get a portable rig, and buy about 10 shotgunners. Then attack the rig and D. Tower south of your base. You shouldn't have any trouble with them (I hope!). Then head into the enemy's base.

You will get a lot of deaths, but with combinations of attack strategies you should be able to attack what's left of their base with the Mech, 2 Mamoths, and a maybe 2 scorpions. After finishing their base, keep your survivors there, in case they get only construction ideas! While this is happening, set shotgunners to infinite and slowly upgrade your base. When fully upgraded, build those huge denfending machines, and surround your base with them. Slowly build men, and you will slowly dominate them! By the way, use that portable rig over the rig you destroyed south of your base. This will take about 40 minutes to win. And remember, your enemies will get extra tanks from the north, but with those big defense towers, you won't have any problems!

Mark Jampolski - jabawock@zeta.org.au

OK people here is what I did,

Send one dire wolf top right to pick up the high tech weapon, send another south to where your base is located, this will mean you can start building before the slower units even get there, build two power stations and an alchemy hall.
Next move the rest of your units and the high tech into your base. Send all your units south from your base where he has an oil rig and missile tower, take out the tower but leave the oil rig. Don't bother building an oil rig just send your own tankers south where he has his set up, that's why you didn't destroy it, you can use his rigs and it saves you money to build a derrick.
At this time you should have your alchemy hall upgrading your clan hall so you can start putting down defensive towers north of your base, remember you will no longer need that oil patch north of your base. I found 3 grapeshot cannons and one rotary cannon sufficient to hold of his northern attacks, with the help of a few mekaniks to keep them alive.
Until your cannons are ready to defend the north you will need to send units up on the northern bridge long enought for the money to come in.
Leave one infantry where his missile tower was located so that he can't rebuild. Take most of your units bar the ones you sent to defend the north east across the bridge. Destroy his tankers as you go. You now come up to a spot where there is a bridge to your north leading to one of his oil rigs and he has another oil rig located south of you. Don't bother taking out his missile towers and don't bother going after the oil rigs, just place your unit on the corner of the bridge out of range of his defences but in the path of his tankers. Sit there and kill anything aproaching.
This is now long enough, basically you've stopped most if not all of his oil supply and you have defended your northern entrance to your base, now collect and build for that final attack to wipe him of the map.

Mike Freeman - azmfreeman@hotmail.com

The whole key to this mission is to take out the rig and tower to the south of your base. Don't blow the rig up right away, just set your trucks to steal from it. This has the advantage of making the enemy so aggressive that he will send his forces after you as soon as he builds them rather than in a massive horde. Also, the enemy will keep building trucks to send to the plundered rig which will slow down his production. Be careful however, the southern bridge is guarded by a barrage craft, a very deadly vehicle to a defender. When you have the tech, sabotage the rig, it's more efficient if less fun. As soon as you can, build rotary death machines guarding each bridge. You might even want to consider building a grape shot tower to tear apart infantry on the southern bridge. IMPORTANT: have about four or five mechanics to repair those towers, the enemy will hit them first if you place them to the right of the southern bridge. If your units are forced to engage barrage craft on the defense, you've already lost.

Blacksmiths and repair bays are not a priority, hopefully your towers are the enemy's target. Keep your cheap units cloging up the northern bridge during that dangerous time before the tower is up. After it's up, the tower, a bunch of mechanics, and a couple of bazookas is all it takes to halt an advance. Same for the southern bridge, but you'll need your mech and every other heavy unit you have to hold the south. Don't let the slugs over the southern bridge!

dominic king - kingston@pronet.net.au

You've tried the rest? Now try the best!!! It took me a a few tries to finish this one but now I'm a master at it. First divide your men basically into two even groups of two as quick as possible. Take the first group due south past your base just underneath it. At the same time take the second group down to just in between the two bridges.

All the while you have to take a dire wolf (because he's the fastest by far than any other unit in the whole game) up north east over the northen bride to the tech bunker there, collect the mechwarrior friendly and take him along with your dire wolf to the top group. Then build a derrick and two power stations to acompany the one that's already there. Mine the oil above the northern bridge of the base. It is full and will last the length of the funds needed. Get about five oil rigs all up, to do the mining. Then upgrade everything and when the time becomes possible build only the best....MISSLE CRABS. Place them all at either the bottom or the top but don't build with money you don't have.

Unfortunately you'll have to hold the missle crabs hands as they walk across the northern bridge by moving any oil rigs on the bridge travelling south towards the big fellas as they are slow and massive and take up the whole bridge. Unfortunatley you can't repair the friendly who resembles a mechwarrior, so keep him behind the others to smoke some symmetric butt with his laser. After a while you'll just have so many missile crabs you'll be able to start up your own missle crab convention!!!
From then on it's just smooth sailin', take your masives forces at the same time to the southern oil rig and northern oil rig then proceed into the base there.

Slugman koonew - sorry !

Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......firstly send your doggy to get the robot, meanwhile send all of the troops down to your base. Upgrade your clan hall, and don't forget to bring back the robot. Now go to attack their cannon tower under your base, don't destroy their oil rig keep it for yourself. Don't forget to train the fire guy as fast as possible, also build a guard tower above your base, put some firemen with it, they will shoot your building when crossing the bridge. At that time your unit can destroy it without any big damage.

At that time they will send an autocannon tank to welcome you. After crossing their bridge, destroy the cannon tower, then the oil rig. Maybe at this time your group has just left some sick units. Now send your fire guys with the robot to attack them, destroy the power station [no money no unit], then it's up to you to clear any buildings. And don't forget to stop training the fire guy, build a derrick for yourself and destroy the survivors' oil rig. After wiping the enemy out, build some defenses to protect your own home, the autocannon tank usually attacks from down, and the barrage craft will attack from above, but they will shoot your building first then it will spin it's head at your guard tower, at that time your fireman will wipe him off. After some time, you will win the game.


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