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"Big Attack"

James Northern - northern@dialnet.net

First put an oil rig just south of the camp. Next build the power station just to the north of the oil rig. Immediately build an Alchemy Hall north of the Power Station. Upgrade clan hall. Now crank out as many shotgunners as you can until you have the pyromanic and rioter upgrade. Then start making a mix of all three send most of these just to the north of the camp to defend at the narrow point. Send the war mastodons and giant scorpions south to defend at the south edge of the cliff. Keep cranking out rioters and pyromanics and shotgunners together and upgrade to get more fuel tankers. Your oil will run low soon. Push your north defense up to the next oil field and secure it. Build another Power Station to the north of the Alchemy Hall

All the while you will be receiving constant attacks from the Survivors. I suggest having four tankers working when you have to switch them all to the north oil field. Now you should have finished upgrading all buildings. Be patient and keep cranking out the troops and start making giant beetles. Add these to your forces as you can.

The north oil rig will run out soon so make another oil rig and send it south. Push your south line east along the cliff and hold the two oil fields far east of the first south defense line. It is very important that you keep adding giant beetles. By the time you push west you should be making mostly giant beetles and war mastodons and have about 6-7 tankers working. The north defense line should be secure with troops, mixed with 4-5 grape shot cannons and 2-3 war mastodons. Caution needs to be exercised if you spread your defense too thin the survivors will quickly destroy you. once you have a third far east oil field (far from your main base and it is very close the survivor base) switch all takers to it to keep up fuel production. Now build giant beetles and war mastodons like crazy and take out the survivors southern oil rig just east of your current southern force. There are two missle batterys there. Kill them first and then the oil rig. Regroup and build your force up to strength again. (the survivors will have something waiting for you if you follow their retreat) Now in a simultaneous push bring your north defenders to offense and take them up the the plateau and go northeast to the survivors northern defense missle battery and with your southern troops smash the survivors in one massive push.

Once I figured out that in the beginning you have to make the survivors come to you and strech their offense out against your defense which you must build quickly, this map is much easier. They will hit both the north and south defense alternately coming from the ridge most of the time and probing for your weakest side. If you try to attack too soon in the game and don't have enough firepower to complete the job they will overwhelm you quickly. In my opinion the best way to win this map use good old conservative defense and stockpiling troops until there is no way they will be able to stop your offense. In the beginng they just keep hammering away at you. Don't let a short lull in the action deceive you into thinking you have enough strength to attack or they will chew you up! Good Luck! :)


Jasper de Jong - sjouke.de.jong@net.hcc.nl

The enemy starts without some battle tanks so if the level begins just attack. Use your war mastodon and your scorpions. Attack go past the top of the screen. Don't attack his missile batteries but go between his power plants and his machine shop, and attack his power plants (not his machine shop cause the he trains snipers). Then set up a base and attack. I'm sorry if there are fault words but I'm from Holland.

Darren Francou

When you first start off, start building a derrick, a power station and an alchemy hall. Send the derrick south to nearest earth blood and set it up. Send the war mastodons and scorpions to the southern oil rig. Upgrade the clan hall twice and start building infinite pyromaniacs. Send pyromaniacs north, just above your base on the left. Build two grape cannons and place them next to the oil rig.

Build another derrick and send to the top left corner and set him/her up on the earth blood at the same time move your pyros up and just right of it. Build to grape cannons right of the northern oil rig (near pyros). Send some newly trained pyros to the bottom left of the screen with the other beasties. Keep sending pyros to the top left and bottom left to help the other units out.

The bottom oil rig will soon run out so kill it but leave units that are at the bottom at the bottom. You should have lots and lots of $$$ so build a beast enclosure and upgrade it as much as you can. Start to build about 3 mastodons and 3 beetles, send these to the top left of the map and attack the survivors camp from the north. With some new pyros attack the missile batteries at the south near the their oil rig, destroy it and move onto the base from the south. Send more pyros and beastily things and wipe out the remaining survivors who won't survive too long.

This should work for you if you follow the instructions I have given you if you were so kindly to look.


billy morgan - salami1x1@aol.com

Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......you send your two scorpions and mastadon to their base right away and go right pass the two missile batteries. then you go in between the machine shop and the two power stations. Quickly blow up the power station to the left then the right(they will try to build them back, then they will run out of oil and they won't be able to finish them). While you are doing that you should have been getting oil and upgrading your clan hall and beast enclosure. When you get about 15 guys and about 6 beetles you need to attack again, kill their two missle batteries then blow up their machine shop and outpost.Then you take out their tankers and drill rig.

Justin Kindler - Gee5375792@aol.com

Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is build a power station right away then build a rig. Then blow all the money on units and attack them as soon as possible(right when the mission starts).

Attack the north area run right by the guns and attack their power stations. While doing this build units and attack. It should be fairly easy since they have no tanks to start out with, plus they don't build tanks,guys, or any weapons for a while, they build tankers. So if you follow my kick-butt instructions you should kick butt.

Justin Kindler

Jeff X -

Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......Train around 6 dire wolves and as many scorpions as possible, while building an oil rig to the south and a power station above it. Send your wolves and scorpions north and go up the ramp. Travel east and ignore the missle batteries and position yourself between the 2 power stations and machine shop. Destroy a power plant, then the machine shop, then the other power station. Then go after the missle batteries. Train more units when you are totally killed off by the batteries. Then have one massive attack on the remining buildings. Try not to run out of oil early on or you will be destroyed by barrage craft, snipers etc.

Joel Greenhalgh -

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......
When you first start send your oil drill down to the oil in the south, move all your troops up to the north, build an alchemist as far south as you can and then a power station as close as you can get to the oil drill. Then upgrade your smith twice so that you can build tankers.
During the time that you are bieng attacked by the enemy build dire wolfs and motor bikes. Split them up and put defences at the bottom and top of your map then build a second oil drill up north and a power station as close as you can to it. Build an extra tanker so that you have two mining that oil then slowy upgrade the beast enclosure and put mammmoths on max. Take all of your troops in the south across the bottom of the map and attack his missle towers first, after killing them wipe out the oil drill and hold the land for reinforcements.
Meanwhile take half of the troops you make, bring them to the north
and sneak along in the mountains towards his city <warning: takes
lotsa units, you have to battle a variety of things, once you have brought your mutants and beasts to the top push from the bottom with your new and old troops then take out the enemy's power plant with flamers. They work EXTREMLY well against buildings and men
then just bum around and kill buildings - that easy!

Tri Tran - ty.tran@student.qut.edu.au

Hmm to start the game is pretty much like other guys' strategies. Get the robot, set up the oil rig at north side, put a fair force to protect the south, do your best to protect the north. Stay cool and stay calm until the attacks from the north stop. When it stops, it's time ... get the south oil well. Use some dire wolf to open the map and watch their move at the south east, their supplies come from the north via a brige, after their one attack quickly move 3-4 monster trucks to block the bridge, heavy weapon wait by the end of the brige to stop their rescue. After a short while tankers will be taken out (since they can't get back or go to oil rig) and they will exhauste. Krush them ......

"Kamikazee Boy"Scheb -

This is a 'freaky' level...hehe...What you do is quickly build an alchemy hall (that's right you silly, little monkey!). Then you upgrade
your beast enclosure til you get those nasty ol' beetles---while you do
that, get an oil derrick and place it south on top of that glob of oil.
Also make another power plant. Once you start cranking out those
happy-go-lucky beetles, send around six to your south and keep
around 11 to 12 north of you (and if you can't do that, I can come to
your house and finish the level for you!).

Put an oil derrick on an oil glob north of your base as well to speed things up-oh yeah! Then, at
a point when those stupid, little humans (yeah, they're dumb) don't
attack, join your 11 or 12 beetles from the north with your 6 beetles in
the south. Move west and stay close to the mountain to destroy the
1st missile tower. Then kick @$$ by moving north and destroying the
enemy power plants. Then kick some booty. REMEMBER: attack
with around 18 beetles; I won with 12, but I'm really good and I only
had one beetle left.....*.....For a sequel they ought to have rabid
monkeys instead of stupid giant beetles---yeah monkeys with shaved
heads and fleas!!!

Chris Anderson - chris05@execulink.com

If you want to beat this one, first send all of your starting troops to their camp via north. While your other troops are going make your derrick and power station (NOTHING ELSE). Now crank out shot-gunners though the ying-yank! Send you first 5 shot-gunners to follow your first wave.(By now your troops should be between their machine shop and their two power-stations. Your first wave will meet up with a few of their infantry, which are easy to kill). Concentrate your attacks on the power station on the right, then left, then attack their machine shop. Now send all of the shot-gunners you've got where your first wave is. Destroy any attempts to re-build their power stations. Now sit back, up-grade and make 9 giant beetles and send them in to take out their southern towers.


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