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"It's the End of the World"

Josh Kassanchuk - Bravo@theonramp.com

The first thing you want to do is build a blacksmith building. Once that is done make a derrick and send it to the oil south of your camp. While doing this build threee power stations close by. Also build an alchemy hall. Once the oil starts flowing upgrade your clan hall so you can now build pyromanics. Set the Queue to infinity for the pyromanics. The are cheap and are good for defense. Send half have them north and half of them west to halt enemy adcancement from crossing the "bottlenecks" in these regions.

By now your fuel is running low so make two more derricks and send both west to the two nearst oil fields then build another power station. Send half of your rigs to one and half to the other once your intial fuel supply runs out. Build a motor bike and send it to the farthest left of the map beyond the cliffs. Make sure you aren't followed by the enemy and move north through the narrow channel.

You should see two missle batteries but just drive past them, you will come to the enemies oil rig. Drive behind it and have your motor bike attack it. It will take awhile but eventually it will blow up and the enemy doesn't even attack you! This will slow down the number of enemies that will attack at once and you should try doing this as early as possible. Back at the base...You want to build a beast enclouse and upgrade it to the max. You also want to build at least three grape cannons near each "bottleneck", make sure you have meckanks to repair them periodically.

While doing this you want to stockpile some mammoths and beetles near the bottlenecks as your income increases. Eventually you will amass a large army and you can sweep in and eliminate the enemy camp with ease!!


danny mcdonald - ripperdmcd@aol.com

I believe that this is mission number 11..anyway it's the one where you start on the plateau with two routes for attack.... This was very hard and it will require very fast response.

First thing, move your forces out of the way and build 3 power stations and a blacksmith shop. While they're building, take your fast forces and start moving them toward the NW conner of the screen (fast forces are monster trucks, scorpions, dire wolves and side cars). As soon as the blacksmith shop is done get a rig going. When that's done move it to the bottom oil spot and get pumping. Start a beast enclosure and an alchemy hall and upgrade your clan hall so you can use the map.

While you're doing all this you should be moving your fast forces thru the enemy guard towers to behind the oil derrick in the top left corner. Once you're behind the derrick just kill it and then move to the next one to the east. Your fast forces will soon die because a barrage craft will soon be your worst nightmare but don't worry - it's for the cause.

Back at the camp you should be making money now and at the same time upgrading your beast enclosure. You're gonna need giant beetles and fast forces so build smart. It's a two front war so don't overload one side. Use your map to watch which side they're attacking. You should be able to hold off any attack as long as you keep them busy with your fast forces.

Get yourself a strong attack force and head for the oil wells to the east. You may be able to do this with fast forces only but I used about 15 beetles plus monster trucks for the infantry. You're gonna need to add another power station and that other derrick to the west of camp before you build your attack force. At the beginning, split your bazooka men up put some on both sides to fend off attacks. Your time is limited so USE THE MAP - it's the key to beating this level.


Josh Kassanchuk - Bravo@theonramp.com

The key to victory in this battle is Pyromanics and resouce management. Upgrade your clan hall so you can start building those pyros as soon as possible. They are good in numbers at defending your base so set your recruiting queue to infinty. Send half to guard west and the other half to guard just north of your base. You should be running low on resouces by now so build two more oil rigs on the tar pits west of your base. A good way to slow down enemy advancement is to send a biker as far west as possible then far north through the channel to destroy one of the enemy's oil rigs. You should encounter two missle batteries, ignore them and go behind the oil rig and just begin firing! If you haven't been followed and you don't antagonize a near-by enemy, you should be safe!

George Tsitsibis - dimman.ts@swipnet.se

Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is to place out 3 powerplants and then waiting for the oil to drill in. Once you have a lot of money buy some pyromaniacs to protect your base.When your money is quite a lot build somke bombardieer beetles...6 of them.

When the survivors comes with a large attack you will maybe lose 2 beetles but pushing up 3 more, and on his way your army will getting bigger and bigger and when you have 17 beetles.....ATTACK AND WIPE THE POOR SURVIVORS OUT!!


Chris Conley - TheKrick@AOL.COM

Ok, listen to what's his face above me, but there is a little 'secret'...

First, set up a so called 'defense' with the mastadon and the scorpions and infantry. (sorry for redundancy)

Ok, now take the Dire Wolf (you should know what this is by now...), and head to the southwest. And.... BINGO!!! You find a Tech Bunker. With that, you should be able to get a nice defese, although I always die......


Martin Palenik - palenik@ica.net

Now here's a funny one...

Right off the bat send in your three fastest unit to the top left corner of the screen, you will find 2 Missle batteries, just run right past them and get behind the undefended Oil Rig. Destory the oil rig BUT, here's the trick, make sure you dont destroy it when the tanker is in it!. The goal here is to get the computer to rebuild the Oil Rig a few times. Each time he will get another tanker....

Now that you've destroyed the oil rig for the second ( or third ) time, the computer brings all his tankers to his other Oil Rig, near the top right of the map. Now since there's quite a few tankers running for one Rig it gets a little "crowded", hehe. All his tankers should get jamped up like a busy highway during rush hour.

No oil = no units... well u get the picture :)

I had a laugh on this one. Have fun!


Douglas Coffin

I love these strategies, but don't forget to grab the robot on the south hill!


This is actually level 11 on the game, or at least it is on mine. Close Encounters came first not after??

Anyway, the best way to start is to defend both choke points in the clif immediately.

Send a few rocket guys, the mammoth and a scorpion up to the north choke point above your setup point, move the rest of your start force west (n.b. the two oil patches) until you get to the choke point - group force around the right corner of land ramp - have one scorpion on the top of the ramp with rocket guys on his left and right (a little behind him). Put another scorpion forward a bit but on the ridge so he can shoot down into the kill zone from above.

These forces will give you about five minutes grace so go for two new power stations and all the other good stuff straight away. Go for the south oil and milk it, but send out another derrick at your leisure to the west as you ahve the choke point defended. Upgrade away, starting with the clanhall. Two grapeshot cannons will do nicely on the north choke point.

Keep sending scorpions (and of course pyros) all the while to the west, and the north choke point.

Once the south oil runs out, milk both western oili spots with at least two tankers on every run. Everything should be upgraded now. Your north defense is safe with a few grapeshot cannons, two spiders between them, mammoths behind them and of course pyros everywhere.

The west choke point is also fine with the top right side of the ramp defended with 5 spiders, 5 mammoths and lots of scorpions (and pyros of course).

As long as you keep reinforcements coming to keep your forces at a safe level you will be able to build a huge force.

Keep your base defended and attack from the west choke point after a big enemy attack. Suck out their eyes for me.


Daniel Persson - None

When I completed this level I had built eight cannon towers across the opening to the northwest where the survivers attack from. Behind the cannon towers I had a lot of mechanics standing by ready to repair any damaged buildings. Mean while i was doing this i was building an army of giant scorpions inside my base. I was pumping oil out of both the oil patches to the south with aboute three tankers on each of them.

When I ran out of oil I attacked with my giant army and DESTROYED his base!

Patrick Redreau - redreau@psinet.net.au

Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is send your War Mammoth and two scorpions north and go past the first and second missile batteries. One of your scorpions should be nearly dead so put him between the machine shop and the two power stations. Hide your mammoth and scorpion in the corner, no tankers will come. Destroy the left then the right power stations. Leave them there to die. While you are doing this you should have made a derrick and two power stations.
( The second should be closer to the drill rig.) Start making anything you want that can kill. I'll say that again, ANYTHING. I passed this level in about 20 minutes and you should be able to beat that time.

Eric Schulz - schu0261@tc.umn.edu

This is the most disgustingly easy way to complete this mission.

Take your dire wolf and get the Mech to the south. Bring the Mech through your camp. Move the Mech north on the right side of the River until you come to the wreck of a nuclear power plant. On the ridge above you'll see the survivor oil rig. Place your Mech just the south of it. There is a little crevice there between an oil pool and the nuclear station. The Mech wouldn't fit, but that is where you want it. Then just leave it alone!!! The Mech will wipe out all the tankers coming to get oil, by itself. Continue building as usual. No enemies bother to come down the right side of the river. Get cool stuff and then wipe 'em out. I positioned the Mech and then left the room, with no worries...

Ning Liang - lianggao@bouldernews.infi.net

Immediately after you start, send your dire wolf south and across the river. There will be a small cliff, and on top of it there will be a tech bunker. Immediately open it and send the Mech with the Dire Wolf back up to your base.
Build your base up as quickly as you can, building as far north and south as you can. If you noticed, there are two oil sites to the south of your base. One of them is already developed, the other isn't. Send a derrick to it.
If you built as far north as you could, you can put guard towers at the north chokepoint. Quickly upgrade your Beast Enclosure, as you will need defense as you build your guard towers. When you are at Tech Level 3 for the Beast Enclosure, build five beetles. Notice the enemy has already attacked you several times, and that you should've saved your mech so you can defend it more.
Upgrade your Clan Hall, and put Grapeshot Canons along the northern choke points (this will take quite a bit of money.) Put five Mechanics behind each (make sure the mechanics are packed together.) If the enemy starts attacking your mechanics instead of your towers, move them back. Replace your mechanics often. Also, do this with your southern Oil rig, in case the enemy decides to attack it instead.
When your oil starts running out, build two derricks (make sure to save some money for these.) As soon as your enemy's latest attack is over, tell the grapeshot canons to destroy themselves (by selecting that unit and ALT clicking them.)There will be two oil sites way up above your base (one on one side of a small river and one on the other.) Deploy one derrick at one of them, and the other at the other oil site.
Quickly build three grapeshot canons in front of the left one. Put five mechanics behind each, as you did earlier. Then, afterwards, you can put three in front of the other, which will be a great help, as they will defend the derrick and kill the approaching Oil Tankers on the cliff. Replace your mechanics as often as you need.
By now you can do everything slowly. The two derricks part is the hardest, as you will have to do it in a couple of minutes. From your beast enclosure, build nine mastodons and nine acid beetles. Send these up as a group, and they will have no trouble destroying the base, as the beetles will fire short, concentrated bursts every few seconds, while the mastodons will give continuous, almost non-stop fire. Sweep the base for stragglers. YAY! MISSION COMPLETE


I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is...... Build a beast enclosure and an alchemy hall. Now upgrade the beast enclosure till you have bombadier beetles; build a couple of these beetles and take 1, put it as close to the survivors' derrik and blow up the tankers (NOT THE DERRIK) otherwise it will go round and the missile batteries will make it go BOOM!!! THEY WON'T COME AND BLOW THE BEETLE UP! THEN JUST GO AND BLOW THEIR BASE UP - FUN HEH?

Ty hanna - FatThor10@AOL.com

More Oil

Build an Alchemy hall and upgrade your Clan Hall 2 or 3 times then build an oil Derrick on the north oil spot. Next bring all your units to defend the oil Derrick then build cannon towers all around the Derrick.

Mr Main Man -

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......
Firstly you build a power station at the lowest place you can build south of your clan hall. Make a blacksmith somewhere and straight after build another power station below your first one. Build a derrick and place it on the oil closest to your power stations (there are two that are pretty close, build it on the one to your left). Now start making infinite numbers of berserkers and shotgunners. Build an alchemy lab and upgrade your clanhall two times. Build a few machinegun nests above your clanhall and above your drill rig and also a couple grapeshot cannons. Build another power station just to the right of your other ones and place a derrick on the earth blood next to it. There is a mech at bottom middle left of the map if you would care to get it. Now you know how to get started and the next earth blood patch you drill I suggest you drill the one 2nd furtherest from you (more to the top right).

Patrick Redreau - redreau@psinet.net.au

Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is send your War Mammoth and two scorpions north and go past the first and second missile batteries. One of your scorpions should be nearly dead so put him between the machine shop and the two power stations. Hide your mammoth and scorpion in the corner, no tankers will come. Destroy the left then the right power stations. Leave them there to die. While you are doing this you should have made a derrick and two power stations.
( The second should be closer to the drill rig.) Start making anything you want that can kill. I'll say that again, ANYTHING. I passed this level in about 20 minutes and you should be able to beat that time.

David Ranger - reliant@videotron.ca

I managed to finish this stage WITHOUT building lots of vehicles or sending a mammoth to the corner.
Here is what I did:
1) build a power station in the opening to the south.
2) Build an alchemy hall to the south east
3) Get the robot in the southwest corner. It will make the difference.
4) Build the vehicle plant (or whatever it is called)
5) Make an oil derrick
6) Send it to one of the two oil patches.
7) Make a few groups of SWATS
8) deploy all your forces to guard the opening to the north. Whatever happens, your robot must not be destroyed
9) upgrade your clan hall twice then vehicle plant twice
10) make TWO grapeshot cannons in the north opening
11) make lots of mekanics
12) make another oil derrick and oil truck
13) send them both to the other oil patch
14) build 1 grapeshot cannon near the left oil drill
15) send your robot and most of your remaining vehicles to the left oil drill.
16) build 2 more Grapeshot cannons in the north. BE CAREFULL; If you completely close off the opening, the computer will send all his forces to your left oil drill. Keep at least one space open.
17) build a second grapeshot cannon at your left oil derrick
18) build 2 grapeshot cannons near the north opening
19) The only thing left to do is wait until he runs out of oil

I ran out of oil at the same time as the computer. I took him out with >40 flamers

Sam The Man - no email address

This mission is really easy if you know what to do. The first thing I did was I went down to the tech bunker with my dire wolf. The tech bunker is at the southwest corner. Then I made a power station while I was getting the robot. I built another power station as soon as I got the money, I then made a beast enclosure, and an alchemy hall. You don't really need a blacksmith. Now I upgraded my beast enclosure to it's maximum tech level. I made 7 beetles and 3 dire wolfs. You are probably wondering why I made the dire wolfs, I made the dire wolfs to take out their oil rig in the north west corner.
Once I got past the missle batteries the symmytrics didn't try to attack me. I went the most north you could go above the rig because one of the missle batteries was just out of range if you go to the far north. I took three of my beetles and went to the oil rig on the eastern side. The beetles were just in range to destroy the tankers. While all this is happening you need to make more beetles. The dire wolfs should take out the rig in about 1 minute. The beetles will then destroy all of the lasting tankers as they go to the easternmost rig. After you destroy the tankers and one of the rigs they are gone. They will attack you again with the money they had left, but this is a pitiful attack and you should fend it off with ease. I didn't stop there though, I drilled for more earthblood. I built everything I could (just for fun) and then I destroyed them!

Michael Chang - macst34+@pitt.edu

The key to make this an easy victory for you is to send a small battalion of _fast_ troops to the northwest corner of the playfield. They need to be fast since they thread past some missle batteries.
Once you get there with your troops, destroy the lone power station from behind the cacti. This will cause the survivor's tankers to reroute to the other power station causing a traffic jam.
In the mean time, shield your grounds by placing most of your troops around the entrance to the mesa a bit north of your clanhall. There are pools of earthblood around, you know what to do with them.
Be sure to raise your clan hall tech so as to get a world map. Tech it again to get a preview of symmetrics movements. Guard your west side after one or two battles since the symmetric will want to infiltrate from that end since they got slaughtered when they tried the north entrance. Remind yourself to put guard towers and later grapeshot cannons near the entrances.
If all is going well, you should be able to utilize the three earthblood pools and fend off attackers while building troops.
Soon, the symmetrics will only be able to afford to send men against you, then you know he's out of money since all his tankers are in a traffic jam.
Go and clear out the congestion.

tal sharon -

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is you build a beast enclosure and an outpost. Upgrade the beast enclosure until you can build beetles. Build first two power plants and a derrik, after that put 5 beetles to protect the base. You will also need one more power station.
Start to upgrade the outpost, meanwhile the beetles are still building. When you finish upgrading the outpost, build grapeshot canons on the doors. When your oil is finished send your beetles (15 if you can) on the enemy base from the north. Take all your units in one group and send them to the missile batteries until they destroy them. Then attack will come. Send the group on the closer barrage craft and the others' barrages. Then send them on the base. Destroy the defence tower and the units, then the machine shop and the outpost and then destroy the base.

Michael Russ - mrusscpa

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......
Make as many pyromaniacs as you can and occasionally send five of them northwest and take out the Power Station. Ignore the guard towers because if you are north of the Power Station they cannot hurt you. Meanwhile the Survivors have probably made some attacks, but they shouldn't have hurt much. Once you have around 90 pyromaniacs you should go straight in and kick as much ass as you can.


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