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"Smash The Convoy"

Niels Calles - pinky@srau.aau.dk

Speed is of the essence here. What you have to do is go South turn West and head back North ASAP. Your initial force is large enough.

Anthony Crawford - anthonyc@eniac.seas.upenn.edu

For this mission speed is of the essence.

Quickly group all you bikers together. Then group all the other stuff. Send the bikers down. Select the second group and send them to the visible area to the left that is below the cliff that they are on. This is just to get them on the right path of travel.

Go back to the bikers. Have them ignore anything that they come across. Pretty soon they will come to a road but you can't get on it here because it is blocked. This is the road the tankers are on. Keep sending the bikers along until you come to a split in the path that have been following. Go up. Get on the road and follow it until you catch the tankers. You should also change the path of the second group to put them on the road with the tankers.

Now! Get the bikes in front of the first tanker so you can block its path. Target it with the bikes and have them kill it. Have the second group target the second tanker. Try to keep the bikers alive so that you can use them to block the path of the other tankers.

(NB.) You need to have caught up and blocked the tankers path before they reach the first missle barrage craft. If not you run the risk of them getting away and having to fight too many other enemy forces. Good luck.

Jesse Einhorn - carl@northwest.com

You areadly know my name but I would like to tell you some of my strategies (I also want to tell you that I don't have the demo or the game.)

Protect your oil tankers they are one of the most valuable things. Get your war mastadons in a big circle and assign them to attack different targets but keep them grouped together so this therefore creates a volley of fire going in all directions. Those are only some of my strategies I will also add more strategies to this later.

Jan van Hensbergen - hensberg@pnc.com.au

Well, you've got to be fast, group all your units together, then speed all the way down to the bottom of the skreen, until you see a road that you kan follow. Don't worry about the enemy, as you go past your units that kan shoot, and walk at the same time (war mastodons etc)will take care of most of the enemy. as soon as you see the end of the konvoy, keep going until you see the beginning of the konvoy(or you will take too long to destroy them from behind), and then start krushing them up as they kome. Well that's it.

Ruald DeBruyn - ecotec@iafrica.com

Speed is the key too this mission.

In the start the first thing to do is select all your units and group them.

Send them all down and tell them all to attack the little car down there. When hese dead continue down and kill the next little unit them go west as soon as possible when you can go up squeeze between the first building and the wall and send all your units through there as soon as you see the ATV attack and kill it, then continue to follow the first truk you will come across a barrage craft kill it with all youv'e got when it's dead go on to follow the fist truck in the convoy (make sure you get the FIRST truck) and blow it to HELL. You Should be able to kill it before it reaches the five guys and the tank. After it's dead turn back and kill the rest.

I've finished this mission at least four times 'coz of some batch files I made deleted my save game files.

If you use this strategy right you cn kill them with minimal loss and win.


Paul Williamson - jaguar@isource.com

What the hell?! Oh well, what you want to do is rush to your base in the upper right-hand section of the map while killing everything you come across. Repair all buildings but the power station - you will be building more power stations anyway. Build an Alchemy Hall and a derrick. Make sure that you have moved ALL available units to the southern entrance to your base because it is the only entry into your base. Send your derrick to the oil patch in the northeastern corner and build two extra power stations as close to the rig as posible. You should do this to get the tankers, because there is NO tech level 3! Also, make sure your tankers go to the nearest power station. Also, make sure your tanker is actually going to and from the power station, because I have found that it must go to the power station first.

By now, your Alchemy Hall should be complete. Upgrade your Beast enclosure first and then Clan Hall. Don't bother to upgrade the Blacksmith or build towers. Put War Mastadons and Pyromaniacs on infinite. Once you have 10 or so War Mastadons, stop training pyros. By now, you should be low on oil. Build another derrick and send it to the northwestern to the oil patch and take a War Mastadon and destroy the unrepaired power station. Then build two power stations as close to your western rig as posible. Move your tankers over to this rig and use your new power stations.

By now, you should have repelled a lot of attacks, but found out that they have not attacked with a large enough force to kill you because of your War Mastadons. Once you have 30 or so War Mastadons, send them after one of the enemy retreats. This way, they will have little to destroy you, except for his turrets. Try and destroy any turrets that attack you, but make it a priority to destroy his tankers, rigs, and power stations respectively.

Once you have destroyed his oil fleet you have just about won. If you need reinforcements, continue to send down War Mastadons. Take out his remaining buildings and then destroy the turrets. After this, you've won! Good luck!

Inki Belinki - inkiman@hotmail.com

I got this really cool strategy, you see, what you do is......
you follow the roads and when you see a convoy, you just click at it. But don't just wait there to let it get crushed. Go further until you see some sappers, don't pass them cause you may die. You wantta know why, because thats the end of all convoys you must count: are there 7 convoys and if you don't you will fail your mission. But if there are, you'd better crush all of them before they pass through you. Keep your people out of the way too.
And remember that SPEED IS THE KEY.
your good old friend,INKI.


Smash the Convoy isn't very difficult. Unite all units and move them to the south. Enemy bikers aren't tough - keep moving. When you reach for a road, turn to north-west. When enemy trucks will appear, DON'T attack the last truck. Cross road before the first truck and smash it. The other trucks will share his fate real soon. I've done it... It's works. Now it's your turn.

Mark D,Agosta -

It was hard beating this level, I had to try a couple of times but anyway - what I did is I took all my units and sent them down. I killed the truck then I went straight through the buildings killing the RTV. Then I went up, passing the barrage craft, going to the first Tanker, killing it, then killed the barrage craft after that. Just kill them as they come.


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