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"Release the Prisoners"

Frap Boo - dchan@axionet.com

This level is one of the easiest levels. First send all of your troops north until they spot the missile battery by this time you should waste the battery and blow up the prison. Then go west and south until you find their base then from here you get the picture .

Lim Jin Shaun - calvinb@cyberdude.com

What you do is you send your bike not wolf to the back of the prison and ask the bike to destroy it. Send the monster truck to assist the bike in destroying the prison. Make sure that the monster truck does not get hit by the missile battery. When the prison explodes, move your vehicles away and watch your forces come out of the prison. Do not worry about the missile battery as your forces will destroy it. Leave a dire wolf behind to finish off the new missile battery that they build. Send your monster truck to krush their swats and bring it back. Send all your forces to destroy the battery. After that destroy the prison and get the remaining troops and all that is left is to destroy their buildings.........

Peter Hodge -

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is...... Send your shotgunners and Rioters as far to the right as you can, then send them to the very top right of the map. (If they get shot at by the missile battery then they are not all the way over to the right.) Put these guys in group #2, your big guys go in group #2. Attack the missile battery with group 2 and as soon as the tower starts shooting back, attack it with group 1 as well. Once that's dead get everyone to shoot the prison. Put ALL your infantry in group #1 and everything but the bike and sidecar in group #2. Put your little bike just where the tower was.
Move both numbered groups across the top left of the map keeping #2 in front. And ignore those little guys that you'll see in the canyon near the tower; you can kill them later. If you've still got your monster truck get him to run over the trio of SWATS you will see. Get your big guys to go down and attack the guard tower and the little guys can kill whatever is trying to kill your big guys. Once all these are destroyed, go left, kill the guard tower, kill any units that may come up to get you, kill the derrick, kill the prison (sick of the word 'kill' yet?), and wipe out their base. Now you can go and kill those three SWAT whose lives you have extended by carrying out this strategy. And you might also want to kill the guard tower that's been rebuilt. (Don't worry, if you select him you will find out the reason why you should leave you bike there.)


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