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Jim Baker - ArialBomb3 @ aol.com

Siege has given me much difficulty, and I find it to be frustrating.

First, amass your units into the center of the camp; you don't have enough to ward off the Anaconda tanks, at least not yet. The first attack will most likely come on the Rig you have on the southwestern border of the map, followed up by a few on the perimeters of the camp. Free up your tanker from the attack, and transport the oil quickly. As tanks move in from the north and east, you must bide your time, and start to mass produce troops. I have found that shotgunners work well, I build 5 at a time, but another good strategy is to upgrade your facilities to build Pyromaniacs, and 4x4's as well as the beasts.

Guard your base, and watch out for an enemy attack on the rig to the southeast of the map. Use that rig for added income, and constantly build more troops and Mammoths, also 4x4's and Scorpions. My tactic is to constanly use Pyro's to flank my group on either side, and concentrate the attack on the Anaconda Tanks. Build more and more, and when it comes time, use fast scout vehicles such as Dire Wolves to lure the enemy out of his camp, and into the face of your firepower.

From there, brave the war and allocate all vehicles on the heavy Survivor tanks, and Flame ATV's. Then, build more reinforcements, as you should at all times. If you have time, you can wipeout the guard towers, and save yourself the loss of troops. Build Pyro's and Mammoths and 4x4's for the entire mission, then keep a few for your camp's defense.

Move further up and blow the enemy Rig to ashes, and if you are quick enough, smash the Tanker supply lines. Move east until you find the towers, Mechanic's Shop, and the Power Plant. Bring your reinforcements in, and spilt up to finish off all of the Survivor's vehicles and structures.

This mission may take awhile to complete, but it is a good challenge.



Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is get three mastadon's to guard your base and then you put your pyromaniacs on infinity. Once you've done that they'll make a attack on your mastadons, they will win then once you've got around fifteen flamers use them as guards once they've attacked you get rest of your pyromaniacs and send them to krush kill 'n' destroy them.

Ronjohn Ayers - tech.support@metro-online.com

Immediately send your attack force south to take care of the enemies attacking your tankers and rig. Once you have disposed of the attacking force, build a power station nearby and get three tankers moving between the rig and the power station. Meanwhile move your remainder of the defense back north to protect the camp. Once you have enough oil, use your alchemy hall to upgrade your blacksmith shop. Start building monster trucks and continue to build them. Once you are safely defended, build a derrick and move it to the oil well south west of your position, also build a power plant near there and get one if not two tankers running there. By that time you should have moe than enough RU's. Continue building monster trucks, as well as a mangerie and upgrade your clan hall. Once you have taken care of their attacks, take your huge army up to the north east (mainly Monster Trucks, Scorpions and Pyromaniacs) and take out the remaining defenses and then the buildings.

Victor Ma

Build a lot of flamethrowers because they do a lot of damage. the computer will come to you all the time so bulid 2 more towers in the north of you base and bulid a lot of defence to hold them off while you bulid an offence to kill their oil plants to the north, they will have 2 towers and lots of flametanks so make sure you have good offence before you go.

if you run out of oil there is some more to the bottem right of your base and protect it as soon as possble in the beginning of the level.

The computer is very hard or should I say cheap and can kill you very fast if you don't have good defence to your base. Once you have killed their oil plants the rest is very easy.


Jeff Lee - Scope JA

First, since you can see the two of your oil rigs so you should scout to the right of your base with the units you currently have and destory them. Second, you should build every guard tower you can and build mastodons. And finally, right after the computer attacks quicky use all your forces all here.

Sam Verner - Fett@hunterlink.net.au

I found this mission pretty tricky at first. The key to winning is
Pyros, in numbers they kick ass. Make sure not to lose the
Rig SW of your base to the Anacondas down there.

Dennis Ballin - menace9@hotmail.com

First off, get rid of those pesky tanks blocking the path to your oil rigs, and don't forget to keep an eye out for survivor attacks. The start building Giant Scorpions, don't worry 'bout upgrading your buildings yet, as you will be too low on money when the survivors attack. When you have about 15 scorpions upgrade all of your buildings. build about 10 bikes. and about 5-7 war mastodoons. Then charge the survivor base with every unit.

Don't worry about survivor attacks, as your force will be strong enough to take them on. While the attack is going on keep building units( preferably giant scorpions as they are cheaper than war mastodoons) in case you get beaten back by the survivors. When you attack the survivor base head for the construction yard first, then the war factory, and take out all the tower s on your way. Once you have destroyed the war factory and the construction yard, the survivor base is pretty much up for grabs.

Hope This helps.

AvataR. aka Dennis Ballin


Gil Levntal - propro@inter.net.il

Well I got this really cool strategy, u see, what u do is... build 25 giant scorpions & destroy them from the left side & then u go up & go right & then u know what u've to do.


Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is simply first blow up their units surrounding your base and protect your tankers. Then that means you have forced them into a corner. Then just build mammoths on infinite and build around twenty pyros. Your larger resources of oil should starve them out. Every now and then move up and destroy their guard towers and exposed oil rig. This should take about an hour.

Ashley McLaren - amclaren@xtra.co.nz

This is a great mission...but like most KKND missions...hard!!

I found that the best idea with this mission was to get your Clan Hall up to Tech 2 ASAP and start building those wonderful machine gun nests. I'm impressed that in a straight shootout one of these will waste an Anaconda Tank. Mind you, building Mechaniks is a VERY GOOD SCHEME, as it allows you to restore these beasties to full strength for only 150 units.

Try placing them so that you get a crossfire effect and each nest has at least one other to provide covering fire if it comes under attack. Keep building mechaniks to restore them as they will get a serious pounding.

I upgraded the Bestiary and built plenty of War Mastodons and also Pyros which I placed behind the towers for protection and because of their long range. I started building Scorpions and Monster Trucks later to crush the infantry...Mastodons are too slow for this.

Ensure that you build another power station early on to up the cash flow and the original mobile units which started the game (those that survived) I used to attack the forces assaulting the lower right rig, while they were pre-occupied.

I never bothered to build a Menagerie as I found the machine gun nests provided enough cover for the mobile units to shoot out from safe cover without getting mauled.

Once I had staved off 6 or seven large attacks, I built up my Scorpions and Mastodons and then blockaded the Survivors inside their plateau. I then proceeded to take out the machine guns nests (5 seconds each). I then split the forces into Scorpions and everything else...the Scorpions attacked the rigs and tankers while the rest attacked the Machine Shop and then other structures.

Done deal...


Blazin' Guns - omu@piaget.moe.edu.sg

Basic strategy of a firing line with mastadons in two rows (4 per line is good), with one more row of monster trucks in front, scorpions at the side. On the flanks but away from this line, squads of 8 x shotguns per group and monster trucks. Place this just north of your base where the main attacks will come from. As the attack come in, let your machine gun nests (build a few more of these) and the firing line pick their targets. Units on the flanks should wait and attack selected hard enemy targets like tanks, flame trucks and 4x4 (in order of priority). The rationale of the composition of the firing line is to let the monster trucks shield the softer and slower firing mastadon units and flank troops can hit them in the side and maximise fire power. Avoid mastadons as flank units as they move too slowly, let them form the line. Keep an eye on the firing line, especially if a monster truck or mastadon get too eager and move forward. Call him back and retain the line.

Eventually, you will mass up groups of scorpions, mastadon and flamer reserves who are freely drinking coffee as the firing line is doing all the work. Wait for a heavy enemy attack, krush it and then send all reserves into their camp, followed by your firing line troops. Save the game ... for achives, debriefing (assuming u wear them) and to watch the video (is there a way to re-run the video clips ?).

Initially, the game opens up with your tanker and followed by rig on the south west being attacked. Assign all troops to take out these enemies but leave your mastadon to guard the north of the camp where the main attacks will soon be coming. As troops move south, put production of shotguns to infinity.

After disposing of enemies in the south, send all available troops to north and start defending. Try to move north to clear some enemy vehicles surrounding camp, then return back to north of base where u got your machine gun nests supporting you (u can skip this).

Remember you got production at infinity. Stop it and divide troops into three groups and head south west where 2 enemy tanks r waiting 4 u. U got to destroy these or else they will destroy your 2nd rig in the south west.This step is important as the AI will not let you have much time and b4 u know it, someone will announce "Our rig's being attacked" followed by "They've got one of us" then that's it ...half of oil supply gone. One good way is to get a wolf rider to search out this guys and get him to return to base. The enemies will concentrate on following him n u can katch them unaware with your shotgun squads in ambush and the support of your machine gun nests. Let this wolf rider go right into the base and move around and these symmetriks can go for a tour round your base with your guys whacking them from all sides !! By the time, they realise it, half their life is gone with the rest going soon.

Build 2 more power plants and direct the two tankers to south west rig.Now u will have 3 power plants, with 2 tankers for each rig. Build that structure that can repair things (starts with the letter "M" and costs a thousand bucks but its not M&Ms). Upgrade your clanhouse first to build machine gun nests / towers first. Then upgrade your enclosure and workshop to build mastadons and monster trucks respectively.

Save game frequently, create about 5 temp files ... it won't be an easy battle.


OGG - Logg@mts.com

OK you buld 20 flamers and kill there tankers that way they got no $$ and then destroy expensive bulding so there $$$$ goes down the drain then attack with monster trucks and men to finish them off.

Scott Teakell - Razorclaw3@aol.com

First off as soon as the mission starts your tankers begin moving to the southwest derrick, grab them and stop them in their tracks. Then send your forces down to take out the lone anaconda tank and atv. After you've done this start the tankers moving and immediately send the force up north to the camp to stop an invasion of 2 anaconda tanks and an atv. Your gun towers are able to hold of this attack but you can help and save some hp points for the towers.

While your doing this always remember to update your camp as quickly as possible. When you have a couple mammoths and scorps to spare send them southeast to pick of the 2 anaconda tanks and atv waiting there, leave the rest of your forces at the top of the base and build a couple more guard towers closer north too. When your south force has taken out the tanks and atv, then build a power station south east of the clan hall and one south west of the first station. This puts a strain on your oil supplies, but if you can hold off the other forces long enough you'll have a ton of oil.

When the stations are complete, build another station as far southeast as possible to the southeastern station near the clan hall. While your doing this put your mammoths on infinite and mass your other forces.

When the last station is complete take two dire wolfs and send them northeast to the survivor camp so you can see what your enemies are up to. Mass your forces till you have around ten Mammoths and plenty of infantry and vehicles, then wait for the Computer to send a good chunk of his force to you. Lure the force close enough so the extra guard towers can attack, then crush the force and move north quickly to the survivor machine shop and destroy it. Ignore the survivor guard towers if possible and destroy any tanker near you.

After you've destroyed the machine shop destroy the power station behind it, and then split your forces to attack the outpost and remaining power station. Then send any forces you've accumulated at your camp north to finish off the guard towers and derrick, and use your remaining forces to attack the tankers.

Lee Weiling -

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......
First ,you reseach everything while buliding 1 or 2 more power stations. You must also carry on buying pyromaniacs and scorpians plus war mastordons. I got about 10 war mastordons and 30 scorpions and over 60 pyromaniacs .Then you group and attack.Hope this works!

Nahid Punjani - gigabyte@bconnex.net

The key thing is to build Pyromaniacs.

You should upgrade your Beast Enclosure and your Clan hall. If you want you can upgrade your Blacksmith. You should build 2 repair facilities. After you upgrade your Clan hall, put your pyromaniacs on infinity and build five Mastodon's. When you have about 10 Mastodon's send your whole base in but keep building men and Mastodon's. Send your Mastodon's for the Drill Rig and let your pyromaniacs take care of the men and the buildings and also make your kill the tankers after you destroy the Drill Rig. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sam woodman - woodman@hitech.net.com

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is.....
Upgrade your clan hall to max and do the same to your beast thingy then get all of your troops and take them to your oil rig and kill all of the symmetrics that are there then build two war mastodons and take them to the other oil rig that you have been given to protect it. Then build a power plant. Then get a mix of troops; spread them around the base. Then build war mastodons, about 16 . When you think you have enough to attack and kick some serious butt - GO KICK SOME BUTT!

Azarul - adon1@yahoo.com

I find this mission frustrating at first but if you defend and attack well, it's so easy. First, eliminate the anaconda tanks who tried to destroy your oil rig at the south-west of your base. After the anconda tanks are eliminated, then prepare to defend your base! My point is that you upgrade all the buildings (if you can). My combination is like this:
1 Mastodon (2 if you have enough credits)
3 Monster trucks
3 giant scorpions
6 (10, if you afford it) pyromaniacs.

Okay, try to build an attack force just like above, (try to bring backup as well) wait for the Survivors to attack your base. After you defend it well, bring all your attack forces to the oil rig. Destroy the guard tower first. I know that the computer will try to bring his oil derrick. Destroy it. Then bring a whole battalion to destroy the computer's base. Remember: computer cannot build or produce anything without resources. Good luck.

Lee Weiling -

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......
First ,you research everything while building 1 or 2 more power stations. You must also carry on buying pyromaniacs and scorpians plus war mastordons. I got about 10 war mastordons and 30 scorpions and over 60 pyromaniaces . Then you group and attack. Hope this works!

Henry Ziegler - hziegler@sprintmail.com

This level is quite hard until you relize the fundamentals. Instead of wasting all of your money on machines and stuff in the begining, build a powerplant right away. Save both of your rigs!! Kill all of the units that come at you in the beginning. Then build and upkeep your towers at the North section of your base. Upgrade everything and build up your forces. Build a forth and final powerplant. Send A scout SO YOU CAN ALWAYS SEE what they are doing in their base. After a large attack, you should still have plenty of forces so go out and attack their base, knock out the towers and then the machine shop and then the outpost. The rest is just shooting fish in a barrel.

Jon Ziegler - VIVA EL CHE@PanterA is God.com

This level is hard until you realise what is most important....
OIL!!!!! When you start off, build another powerplant so that you have three trucks. Kill their little bands of forces at both rigs and make sure that you have three tankers after their initial attack. Upgrade the Outpost and upkeep your towers. Build up on men and machines and upgrade of course. Build your last two power stations as close to southern rig, NOT the RIG IN THE SOUTHWEST!!! You should have plenty of money rolling in and be able to replace any lost forces. Build some more towers to the north, and keep them healthy. Send one scout to their base so you can see their operation. When you see them moving out to attack, move all of your forces away from the towers and let the towers take them out. Once they are defeated, counter attack with everything you've got. Take out the oil rig and the towers, and continue to build forces in your base (you can never be too safe!) What you have attacking should be enough to take them out and if not send your reserves in to finish the job!!

Chad Kephart - Poisonelf1

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......
First thing that you have 2 do is take the monster truck and the scorpions and dire wolfs and follow your oil tankers. There should be an anaconda tank and an atv, destroy those guys. Meanwhile take your mastadon and move him up and to the left then build some dire wolfs (two) and attack the anaconda tank just sitting there. Then take the units that are by your oil rig and move them next to your top guard towers then build another clan hall and put the shotgunners on infinity. That should prove a substantial base defense, then build a couple of sidecars and five mastadons and a few pyromaniacs and KKND.

Patrick Holaday - fishman@net-master.net

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......don't let the oil tankers go out of the base, move your units to the SW of your base. Take those tanks out of order, then let the tankers get oil. Now build infinite scorpions, they are good on tanks, fast, and kill men pretty well. When you get about 20, move north to the entrance, don't get too close though, let the attack come to you, then infiltrate them at the entrance only. Then take about five to the west of the 2 towers, then to the north, put that single tower down. Take out the tankers, make them spend $$$$ on building more:).Then attack when they have no more tankers, you should have at least 6 scorpions from the many attacks they do, if not, get reinforcements, then attack them. This was hard at first for me, now I'm on the last level within 2 weeks:) HAVE FUN AND KKND (I think you know what that is!)

Siu yuen boon - ackbar53@hotmail.com

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is destroy all enemy presence in your base. By now the enemy will attack. Send troops up to reinforce. Bring forces to 2nd rig and destroy enemy forces there. Build 1 more powerplant near to the second rig. When RUs are more than enough, build 2 more powerplants. At the start, build a research lab to upgrade beast house and build mastodons 2 at atime. Repair any damaged guard towers. After a while, you should be able to krush their base. Good luck.....................................

James Wilson - kjwilson@tpgi.com.au

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is first upgrade your Beast Enclosure then then select all of your units (except the Tankers) then take them down where your tankers are going kill the enemy there. Meanwhile your upgrade should be finished so put War Masterdons on infinite then you can take some units down and destroy the enemy near the other oil rig. Build some more power stations then with all your elephants move them to the top of your base. You can also upgrade barracks and blacksmiths then when your defense is good enough (your elephants) take all of them north and destroy the enemy.

Marshy Ferreira -

Build lots and lots and lots of pyromaniacs and keep building. Keep sixty for defence and send sixty to attack. Send three mastadons and three scorpions. They will never attack you on the southwestern oil rig. Keep three mastadons for defence at the north and east perimeters of your base and four or five guard towers as flanks.


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