KKND - Krush Kill N Destroy

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michael freiert - mkf6@cornell.edu

I think this is the right level. This idea is for the 2 bridge level, the southern-most of which has to be defended.

Select all of your troops, and tell them to head south asap on the western side of the bridge they started on. cross teh southern bridge, and select all of the troops waiting for you there. Stay on the east side of the river, just off of the bridge. The surv's can only get a few units within range of you where as you have the whole bank to spread out on. Focus on their big units first having all of your company attack the biggest unit there. After a while more troops will appear behind you, look out for them and bring them to the company, then keep doing the same thing. Don't get too far out on the bridge or the surv's will have the advantage you could've had.

Martin Thielen - modin@cww.de

Move all available units to your southern drill. After you killed the enemy units move them to your northern front. Build a few scorpions to liberate the eastern oil drill. Build 2 power plants for that one. As soon as you have the resources update your beast enclosure. Build indefininte scorpions and about 10-15 mastodons and overrun the enemy.

Yusuf Hamid - Chuf@pacific.net.sg

First you destroy the anaconda tank closest to you and send your oil derrick there. Forget about the other oil patch because it is too far away. Then upgrade your structures to build the War Mastodon. After gathering a huge group of them, move up in between the two cliffs. Remember to leave about five mastodons near your clanhall as a few attacks occur there. There will come a time when the attacks from above cease, that means that they have no money, so ATTACK!

Jim Baker - ArialBomb3 @ aol.com

At first, this mission may seem like flat-out suicide, but the key is to act FAST! Since you only begin with 5 or 6 units, you musn't engage the Survivors for awhile. Simply cross the bridge, and command all of your forces to run south, along the river towards the second bridge. There, cross over the bridge to find a plethora of Scorpions and 4x4's. Join forces with the group, also another to their south, if I am not mistaken, just search around your side of the bridge. Repel the Survivors by staying midway on the bridge.

The battle will probably cost you a few units, but stick around. You have 2 options now. Since you repelled the initial attack, you can stay on the bridge and play defense, waiting, or you can go out and explore the enemy territories. The mission should be easy, that is, if you have at least 5 remaining units, some of whom might have turned veteran.


Sam Verner - Fett@hunterlink.net.au

This mission is really hard. I only won by about 2 units.

Hustle your forces down from the starting area, send the Direwolves down as far as possible on the Island. They will reveal a seemingly large force. Move those scorpions up as close to the Direwolves Island as possible. By now all forces should be cramped in the corner. Soon the Symmetrics will arive. Your starting forces will all die, but take out as much as possible, especially Flame ATVs. Move the scorpions make towards the bridge with the other troops. Make sure the Symmetrics don't cross the bridge, their easier to manage on the other side. Soon you will get reinforcements.

Good Luck!


Mark Dittrich - bdittrich@acenet.co.za

At the start of the mission, you have a small group of units in the northern area of the map. What you can't see is that there is another group towards the southern end of the map. First of all, do not cross the bridge. Line up your forces at the start of the bridge and send the Dire Wolf as far south as possible. This will uncover the hidden force.

Meanwhile, your first group should be being attacked. Take out as many vehicles as possible and use the Monster Truck to run over as many units as you can. This will weaken their force. Now, they will come for the Dire Wolf. Do not move him and keep him as far south as possible. This will give you time for your reinforcements to arrive. Move the southern group behind the trees. Place the Monster Trucks at the beginning of the trees, place the scorpions behind them and place one of the bikers on the side. This will take out quite a few of them but you will also lose a few of your own units. Do not fear though, because more reinfocements are on the way. When they come, try to place them in the same way you did with the original group.

If this is done correctly, you will win well.


Maarten Jacobs - Luc.Jacobs@ping.be

This is one of the hardest missions in the entire game. What you have to do is take all of your forces from the top bridge and quickly bring them down to the other bridge. At the bridge you'll find a bunch of units. Bring the first set of troops from the top and make them cross the bridge.

When all the units are on the east side the survivors will be there. Make sure you don't go on the bridge, instead have them come to you - it's a huge advantage. Before you know it there will be other troops there to help you out. Add them to the group and keep KILLING!


John Rice - nrice@cybergate.com

For this level don't even worry about the northen bridge. Move all of your troops west over the bridge (the one you start near) and then move them south but keep close to the shore line or else you will get you ass kicked. Once you meet with the other troops on the southern bridge put all your dudes in a big pile on the eastern side of the southern bridge so you can kill each surviver one at a time. After you kill some guys you will get more dudes from the road just add them to thr pile and let them help kick ass!

Blazin' Guns - omu@piaget.moe.edu.sg

I really hate this type of Rambo missions ... few resources, lots of enemies (inclusive of previous mission)! Gather all forces and cross the bridge to west bank and punch south (proceeding south without crossing the bridge will trap you in a canyon). The blueys will appear in their formidable array and tail you, spitting bullets and their wrath. Ignore them and keep moving south and a bridge will appear. Cross the second bridge to join up with extra forces on the east bank. The blueys will follow you across the bridge.

The choke point is when the symetriks exit the bridge. Leave enough space for 1 enemy unit to leave the bridge and surround this killing zone with your units. The enemies will be queing up on the bridge for their turn into the killing zone. The point is the symetriks can get only 1 or 2 units into action as they leave the bridge, but you are concentrating maximum firepower from all sides.

As reinforcements arrive, switch new units into the front lines and put weaken units behind so they will be shielded but can also contribute firepower. Preferably, heavy amour should ring the killing zone with softer units like scorpions and men just behind lobbing everything they have got. Just make sure that your units don't get carried away and charge into the killing zone to chase retreating enenies. Maintain the tight cordon ring around the exit of the bridge. Save the game for your archives and post-mortem .. turn up the speaker volume and enjoy your victory.


Omer SENSOY - terdogan@mag.net.tr

Well this is from the hardest levels in the game. What you have to do is to move quickly in your every command. When you start the level take all of your units and cross to bridge. After that go to the 2nd bridge which is in south. When you are doin' that the survivors will be right behind you... don't shot them just cross the bridge. Then you will have the reanforcements: take them and WAR!!!

Good luck!!


Ahmad Nazmi Kamal Adzham - KKAMAL@TM.NET.MY

Take your troop and across the bridge. Then take your troop down south until you find another bridge located south-east. You will find your original ambush team there. Go across the bridge. Take your scorpions the scorpions. There will be back up while you're playing.

GOOOOOD LUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! I FIND IT EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Jason Piorkowski - XxKKNDxX@AOL.com

Hi, this strategy really worked well for me. What i did was i took my first army (bunch of troops at the first bridge where ya start) then i went down all the way past the 2nd bridge and kept going to the bottom and then i went all over the map without getting killed until i had 1 or 2 guys left then i would cross the second bridge where i would have a ton of them waiting for mesince i was gone so long they kept building up then i kicked there @$$.

Make shure ya don't get killed when you are running away around the map. Don't worry - the badguys won't go across the bridge while you are running around like crazy. GOOD LUCK! (run around as long as you can like about 10 or 15 min then when you cross the bridge you have a ton of men trust me.

Dar L. - KillerAace@juno.com

Go take your all your troops and cross the bridge. Then just head downward until you see the south bridge where you have to defend. There will be back up there. Just keep your troops there and just use one tank to crush the men.

Alien Alien - zhewei@pl.jaring.my.

First, use your troops to clear the way that was blocked by the enemy, then build up one more power stations after your troops return to the northen area of your base.Then build up as many mammoths as you can. Place these mammoths as a line along the northen area of you base. As the time passes, you should get a big amount of mammoths or others troops. After their attack, quickly attack them by using all your troops; when you are attacking, you had better build some more troops for emergency uses. By using these ways, you can destroy them very easily.

Dar L. - KillerAace@juno.com

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......Go take your all your troops and cross the bridge. Then just head downward until you see the south bridge where you have to defend. There will be back up there. Just keep your troops there and just use one tank to crush the mens.

CP - cptheman@together.net

In this mission I found that it was very hard at first until I found all the right numbers for defense and stuff like that. Well first I moved all of my forces to the south and found an anaconda tank and someother thing that was not that strong, disposed of them quickly. After that get back to the top of your base and upgrade the beast enclosure, ONLY UPGRADE THAT ONE! Start producing war mastadons, make sure that you have 9 or 10 in the defense line. They Will be attacking you the whole time. If you really need some defense quickly build 2 or 3 scorpions.

At some point in the game they will attack the lower right hand Oil rig. Let them destroy it, do not waste your units defending it, always keep 2 or 3 Warmastadon or scorpions over there to defend on that side of your base. The only buildings you will need to build are power plants. When a voice says "earth blood low" start to build a derrick. When the derrick is completed move it to the spot where you had an old one. The survivors will not attack because they have no knowledge of it. Build 2 or 3 power stations nearby so you can get oil quickly.

Now since you should have a good defense of 9 or 10 war mastadons whenever you have completed this during any point of the game, start to make your attack force, put it to the lower right hand side of the camp, if some mastadons get killed replace them with others being made or other in the attack force, only keep 9 to 10. Keep war mastadons on infinite. Once you have a strike force of about 20 mastadons go up to their base, take out the guard towers and go straight after the oil rig, normally guys will come down to defend what is theirs, set some guys up to hold them off, once the task is completed destroy the war factory. Unless the force you have is too small defeat the other guys (if there are any). Move them back to the entrance to the base. Scroll back down to your base and send in the reinforcements. From there search the map and Krush, Kill, n' Destroy. (KKND)


I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is with your starting units west over the bridge then down until you reach a cliff then you should be able to see a bridge. Run over the bridge and you should find your scout group. Set your group up to have scorpions and other long range weapons at the back and men in front of them. To protect the men put dire wolves and monster trucks in front of the men. All this has to be done quickly as the blues are on their way. If you have done this in time you should have set up a efficient killzone. Keep an eye out for your reinforcments, they come in very handy.

Yang Gao - Blank

This is a good strategy, well at least it works for me. Do the usual things (get across the bridge, go down, get across the other bridge). When you get your reinforcements, kill the guys who're folowing you, then, get across the bridge, and keep on going left; when you reach the end, go up, then right. When you're moving your guys, don't rush it, click on a spot, let them gather around, click on another spot, let them gath- er around .... This way the fire power is close together and they will stay alive longer. Oh, and when you are searching around, KILL ANYONE you find. GOOD LUCK!!!
P.S. Remember you will have more reinforcements coming to that island where you find them in the first place.


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