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"Raid The Fort"

Kenneth Leong - cb110@freenet.carleton.ca

Build strong units and weak units to even things out a and save money. Use the weaker units to distract a large group of enemy units then surprise them from behind or flank them with the larger units. Attack in waves to weaken the enemy but don't throw all of your units into one attack. Always scout around the base to learn the most likely points of attack.

Robin Toll - RTOLL@IBM.NET

Well, I tried this a few times, and found that the survivors outnumbered me just a little - but that there are other ways to win. These hints may help

1: They outnumber you, but you're smarter! Mutants have evolved to a higher level of humanity, so OUTSMART them instead of proving your brute force as stronger! For example, no mere HUMAN would ever think of sending your entire force through the desert and along the very north edge of the cliff to avoid the majority of the humans' firepower...

2: It's fun to bully the occasional human in a dark alley at night - or in a light field by day - but not when they outnumber you by a significant enough margin to win. So, RUN! Let those wheels do that for which they were designed! DON'T SIT STILL!!!!! THAT WILL KILL YOU!


Nick `Deligiorgis - mc94001@central.ntua.gr

It's as simple as it can get, although I don't think the programming team did want it to be this way. The mission commences with your units to the far west, and a quick scouting look can tell you that the opponent is just to hard to beat (far too numerous). There is no point to start messing with anyone, just send a wolf (fastest unit) find the abandoned tankers to the east. As soon as the wolf comes close to them you 'll gain control on them, so tell them immediatelly to head for the landing point to the west. Your battle units must simply support this route so take them towards the east and fire against the enemy that is trying to stop the tankers.That's all, but remember don't even try to eliminate the enemy units, you'll just be disappointed.



Remy Martin - irajeff@pl.jaring.my

You must make more than 4 group in a mission so that your enemy will scared when see more than 20 infrantry.You can make more than 100 infrantry.....


Place beserkers and shotgunners in a line just in front of the section of the map leading to your base and derrick. Build up, protect your oil and attack their southersmost derrick,(giant scorpions are a good choice).

If you continue westwards, you come across a guard tower, kill it with Giant scorpions, you find that your range is greater than its and well just blast on after that!!


Blazin' Guns - omu@piaget.moe.edu.sg

Moral of the story: Don't trust pretty women with only one eye ... the place is crawling with tanks and symetriks. Don't attempt to dig in and fight it out ... immediately get your whole force moving west. Then head north-east through a pass in a gorge. Engage a small symetrik force & their 4X4. Break off one wolf rider and proceed north east, pass their oil derrick and across a road to their guard-tower (don't stop for anything .. he is on a suicide mission to find the tankers). 4 Blue tankers will turn red (signifying u have taken over them). Get the tankers to make their way back to your original position (now marked with a white cross). By this time, your main force will have krushed their first few victims. Divide main force into two battle groups and concentrate each group on each of the tanks that is trailing and firing at your tankers. Destroy and block off any other reinforcements in this position. Your tankers by now will be almost home... save the game for later viewing and pull back whatever is left of your forces.

Ashley McLaren - amclaren@xtra.co.nz

I started this one about 8 times before I finished it...

I tried experimenting with splitting my forces into scout, rollover and mop-up units...no go. Each of the six times I tried this the Survivors outnumbered me in whatever area I was in and kicked my butt.

I eventually grouped everyone into a massive force with CTRL-1 and headed to the top left where the tankers were waiting for me to locate them. I crushed the small group of infantry down to the middle left from where you start to ensure that they did not cause any nuisance value later in the mission.

I charged straight through the base to locate the tankers and then CTRL-2 them so that I could control them separately from the diversionary force. The secret is to swamp the defences so much that they do not have time to shoot at the tankers as they escape and keep them bottled up in the North East corner of the map.

I was successful enough with this strategy that I got six tankers off and still had a couple of stragglers protecting them.


Frederik Grunta -

DON'T sent your whole force out just for the tanker, get the wolf thingy and sent him to get the tankers this does'nt kill your whole force too quickly. Send the tankers your way, (at the X) then head them off at the first ramp.

Don't bother defending the tankers, send two of them going walkies to
the other end of the map. While they're force's are chasing them just lead you tankers to the X.


I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is move east along the cliff and then go north across the valley. After that go north-east and destroy any major threats. The key to this mission is keeping all your units together and selecting them all at once, and using the concentrated firing technique (ie. have all your units selected and shoot at one thing at a time. Krush the bigger threats first). Keep going north-east and eventually you'll see a guard tower and two ATV, destroy these and take all four trucks. Select all your army (probably not a very big one anymore) and scroll through the map until you see the big X (where you started), tell your army to move here and sit back and watch the show. It is important that you don't try to kill any of them as that will just allow them to build up more units to destroy you with. You will probably lose one or two tankers but it is almost definite that you will survive with the required two tankers.

anonymous -

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......

The first time I played this mission I failed miserably because I tried to follow the roads to the enemy base. I lost every single one of my infantry dudes under the tires of tankers on the eastern edge of the map. Use the valley to the north to sneak up on the base and at the same time you will take out most of the vehicles that will give chase to your tankers once you capture them. The base is in the north eastern corner of the map. All you have to do is see the tankers and they become yours so once you see 'em just run like hell back to the newly appeared X.

Michael Smith - Duke930

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......
Head in a slight NE direction and you should see a couple of small groups of men, like Shotgunners and 4x4 pickups. That means you're close to the base. When you uncover the base, leave your men behind and then take down their guard towers. Now bring in your men and assign them tasks. They will try to rebuild their guard towers so have so men keep an eye on that. Be careful for oil tankers they will try to crush your army of men. Once the base is down they will give their last best shot by throwing everything they've got at you so have your pyromaniacs ready. Once that raid is over, there is a Northern base with 3 guard towers. Take the towers down and the other structures next to them. Grab your four oil tankers and return to your starting place.

danny brkic - dont know

All you do is take all your units to the north corner. Then when your trucks turn red make sure the enemies focus on the infantry so you can get your trucks out. Follow the trucks with your vehicles (they will shoot backwards at enemies). Then you are home free.


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