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"The Return Of The Slugs"

LUKAS Pruppacher - 101476.1645@Compuserve.com

OK. This one is real easy.

Just move the Bike, the Monster Truck and the Dire Wolf quickly to the eastern guard tower. Of course in between you set up your standard oil-rig and machine shop etc. Get those biker units haulin' out. After you got six or so, make a quick run between enemy waves to the oil rig to be found south-easternly to your base. Go down the ramp and then straight to the right. You have to destroy the guntower first. Send the second company to the north and look for the goodie bunker. It's on the north westernly plateau. In there you get a nice mech. Looks like a mad-dog or timberwolf to me. Anyway use the mech and finish off the rest of the survivors quickly.

Yeah it's quick and dirty, but it's fun to watch the mech crash down on those minky quard towers...hehehe.



Martin Thielen - modin@cww.de

Move all units to the oil drill in the south. Build infinite gunners. Leave some to defend your base. Move in for the kill (south).

MIKE JOHNS - xqqwkw@echidna.stu.cowan.edu.au

The way to win this mission is to keep on pump'n oil in.

There are a few units around your clanhall. Take these to protect your machine gun nest east of your base. Once you have blown up those stray units build a blacksmith and a mobile derrick. Once you have got your derrick send it to one of the oil patches uncovered by your units. Then you need a beast enclosure and a power station.

When these are built send your oil tanker off to the derrick to get that oil. Now that you are getting money build a few drair wolves and light units and build up your defense. Don't worry about sending any units to protect the machine gun nest north of your base as they do not attack it.

Now build an upgrading building and upgrade your clanhall and build about 5 flamethrowers and 5 crossbowers. Now send these to kill the guard tower east of your base. Once this is done you can take the remaining units north and blow the crap out of their oil platform, once that is done they have no oil.

'Cos they have no more oil that can not build any more units etc. and all you have to do is mop up the rest of the buildings.

PS: If you want to really cream 'em up you can send a fast unit up to the north of your base and take on a mech from the tech center. Send this straight back to base for it is not invincible.

Note: Do all this after attacks from the survivors at the base will be lightly defended.

Good luck.


Roke - roke@turvaja.ee


If that's what the man says, you better obey him. The western side of your campis secure, so move the forces east. Leave the berserkers at the east end of the rock passage and use the dire wolves to lure anyone you find to this nice little welcome party. If you move the returning wolf behind the berserkers, more often than not the pursuing enemy will try to get at the offender and be killed without an answering shot. With any luck at all you should finish this level without losing a single warrior.


Steven Therrien - rogert@netshop.net

Block all the entrances to your base and use the oil to create a powerful army and take out the base from the bottom, up.

Traleronga Tobasco - zilliyowog@hotmail.com

I found this level to be quite challenging. It took me all day to do this, but I finally got it. Build infinite shotgunners and kill everone on the map. Don't do what I did and get your men to shoot up your own clanhall then kill each other.

P.S. They shouldn't make the first level so bloody hard!!!!!!!!!! P.P.S This is not a crank straregy, Honest!!!


Torres Pepe -

Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is form your berserkers in groups of five so you get three groups. Put two of your wolfmen behind the berserkers and use your other wolfman for scouting the area after 2 or 3 small atacks, start scouting.south of your tents are a bike and a few gunners. All you got to do is order your wolfman to attack a gunner. After a direct hit he'll come after you so run away fast and he'll go back to where he was. Do this again a few more times or send another wolfman and pick 'em off easily. It takes about fifteen minutes or so.

Bjorn Carlsson - carlsson@ebicom.net

Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is that ya first gotta move all ya units ya have and protect the guard tower. Then ya build all ya stuff and build 4 dire wolfs and send them to da sotheast corner and run past the guard tower and destroy their rig but ya gotta do it right after a huge attack, and once ya did that take some mammoths, bikers, shotgunners, and dire wolfs and attack from two fronts northeast and southeast and ya'll finish`em really fast.

Hikurangi S-K - Schavkaa@ihug.co.nz

Move all the guys round the clanhall to the eastern (right) gun tower. Make sure no unit goes through the top gap\ramp, as then the survivors kick your butt. So build your power station, blacksmith, make them near the east oilfield. get a derrick and put it on the east oil pool. Make a power station right next to the rig, so you can get money fast. Build 9 or so bikers, 1 can help the east gun tower, make the others keep on going right until you see a gun tower. Shoot it. Also shoot up the oil rig. Go back to the gun tower and get another 9 guys. When you've got the 18, top up your guard if the guys are getting killed. Move the others north (up), over the river to the ramp. Go west to the bunker and get the awesome mech. Make a beast enclosure & more bikers, then about 9 scorpions. Get those bikers up to the survivor base (east of the mech bunker), blow up everything and voila!

Luke Williams - Lukey_Cookie@Yahoo.com

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is send all your units East to repel the initial attack by the wimps. Then you send a single biker up to the top center to rescue the 'mech and group all your fighters together. Press the attack East with your 'mech at the front taking the damage. Take out the tower first, then any other fighting units as well as the oil equipment. After that, choose your targets one by one and krush!

ken drew - none

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is you train assault riflemen on infinite and move at least 20 assault riflemen to the left of the rig. Then take another 30 a.rifle men and place them at the right of the rig. By now you should have at least 20 beside your outpost, take this team and search up north. You should find a monster truck and a few side cars - use your team and wipe them out. After that is done, you should have at least 40 a.rifle men at your base - use them to move down south. Wipe their team there and there you go MISSION COMPLETE. ......

m.molloy molloy -

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......well what you do is build up an army like in a real life war, having the infantry at the front and plenty of anaconda tanks with s.w.a.t. teams at the front. While these are attacking bring the rest of your army round the back... simple really...........!!!!!!!!!!


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