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I love your game, it rules! It's great to see Australian stuff make it big! I've visited your page a few times now. I'd be pleased if you could include some downloadable goodies like themes and the like and a copy of the mission-by-mission guide in .txt form, but otherwise fantastic. Keep it up!


My son and I feel KKnd is one of the Best Games on any System and provides many hours of entertainment. The missions are well designed and very playable. You've done a fine job. My son's friends are all buying the game. The demo's were a good idea because I probably wouldn't have bought it if I didn't get a chance to check out the game system.


I would just like to say, what a great game. I've played Red Alert and C&C, but KKND kept my interest. A few of the missions ended up to be very easy, but a couple were quite hard. A couple of things I would like to see - Map Editor with a Random Map generation feature to keep the game playable. More scenarios! Well done on the application. Looking forward to the add ons!!


Okay, now i own the game myself, and... am loving every moment of it, is there any Map Makers out there that let you make your own levels? I am an Aussie by the way, and am Gratefull that Aussies can make kick ass games! The AUSTRALIANS are back in Business, thanks to KKND :) And i also own Cricket 97 which i love to play with a few mates aswell :) Cya! Have fun!


I am really enjoying the game. It is extremely challenging but extremely obsessive as well. It really worth 90% rating given by UK's PC Gamer.


Played the Demos to death! Bought the full version of C&C - Red Alert about a week ago, then I bought KKND a day later and I haven't even looked at C & C since. Does that tell you something about what I think of KKND? I'm up to about level 12 on the Evolved and about 8 on the Survivors and it's going great. The difficulty/learning curve seems to be just right.


Argh! I think KKnD is a TERRIFIC game, but I'm getting my butt kicked. All over the place. In spades. This thing is so challenging as to make the C&C line look like greasy kid stuff. I don't suppose you have any hints on where to get some of this 'advanced technology' that has been supposedly hidden? It sure would help. At any rate, you've put together a superb strategy game here. The way I figure it, if it makes my midterms suffer, it's worthy.


I like your game so much, i would like if i can find any new scenario on the net or if you will make like an expansion set with a new scenario.


Need MORE! Need more multiplayer maps.. The wife and I have played every multiplayer mission 5 to 10 times now.. We hook up on our two systems by modem and play play play.. Love this game. Played C&c for over a year and was very happy to see this GAME.. Better graphics and simple play.. Don't like RedAlert (To busy takes the fun out of the game).. Keep up the good work. Will watch for more of the same.
J Hadaway age 58.


One of the best game i've ever played!!
I say it beats all the others in this type of game!
Thanks for the making of the number one game!!
(sorry about my bad english :-)
Keep up the good work and make a sequel....


You Strategies page is an excellent idea and very helpful.
I've been able to complete missions I was other wise stuck on and also contribute to help others.


I really have enjoyed playing your game during my first week of ownership. I find it very challenging, sometimes even frustrating. Overall I think its a great game that could probably surpass the likes of warcraft and command and conquer, but who knows. I've played warcraft and I can say that its definitely on the same level. I wish there were more units to the game to make it even more challenging but maybe thats something you can change in the future.
Now what I'm wondering is when can we, the gaming world see a sequel to this great game. I think you have a great web site I just wish you would put some information up on it about what gamers can expect to see in the future from this game.


KKND is one of the best all around real time strategy games I have ever had the pleasure of playing, I have them all C&C with all expansions Warcraft with all expansions, the list goes on, but KKND takes the cake. The graphics are by far the best of all the games, the sheer bloodshed, it just ROCKS! I really enjoyed the ability to build multiple units and buildings at the same time, really saved my neck a few times. }:-)>
I hope you either come out with an expansion or three, or you come out with a sequel, either way I would like to see this quality in future games.

Forrest Holt
Texas City, TX


We have recently bought your game, KKND, and what a blast it was. We thought C&C and Red Alert were good, but KKND RULZ over all strategy war games!!!!!!!! It's really awsome to see Australian's rocking the world with magnificent games like this one! We've finished it with both sides now and WE want more levels or an add-on or something like a map builder as well. We've bragged on about it, to all our friends and they feel really jealous that they haven't got it yet, but we keep telling them that they are missing out! HEEPSS!!!!!!!!!!! What a cool game!



Great game guys...... couldn't stop playing it.


I absolutely LOVE warcraft 2, 1. cause it's strategy, and 2. cause you can make your own maps - therefor increasing the longterm interest of the game - esp. in multiplayer.
I absolutely LOVE kknd, 1. cause it's strategy, and 2. cause you can pump out units to beat the crap out of the enemy. Unfortunately kknd fails to provide a map editor (I guess it's because the complexity of the maps, they truly look amazing). That really breaks me.
So, is there any way at all that you could bring out a Map Editor, even if it's in an expansion pack, please oh pretty please with cream and sugar on top?

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