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mutants off-line

jgz -

Instead of upgrading and wasting needed money, up grade the barn and macrounit factory and start putting out doom domes. move them across the river and take out the defenses and the oil supplies. During this time build wind turbines as much as possible seeing that your oil supply will soon dwindle away. Keep building as many a Dome as possible and make the trek up through the first base. with no money coming in, any tower that is destroyed will not be replaced. You will lose many units but if you hold your ground, you will have eventually destroyed the mutant presence on the first island. For more money, build a mobile barn and place it on the island and start getting oild from those wells. Build transports, lots of Grim Reapers and Cauterisers, land near the oil well towards the rightof the second island and once you have a large enough force move into thier base. Hint: Transport all of your forces to the second island before sending them in, thus you save money on building transports and time when bringing large units across. It is a war of atrition, but remember, that is how the North defeated the South in America's Civil War....

Da Bots - anarchicandy@mailexcite.com

Oh baby!!! Its just all toooooooo easy! Should be ashamed of 'emselves them damn muttie creeps, this aint a final stand, this is a surrender!

To begin with get yer oil happening (don't bother with more than one tanker - it aint needed!) and max out the Technostudy - from there max up your Power Plant/Unit, and then simply max up your Base (that damn Barn thingy) Meanwhile you've moved your men and vehicles to the cliff edges to the West, this should be sufficent to hold off the occasional water based attack - for those paranoid few that crave a little more protection just make sure you've built some buildings near the island enterance so you can build walls and force sheild gates- from there just start building those big Wind Turbines (one at a time -quicker in the long run), when there all done ya can make the smaller windmills (but heck you shouldn't need 'em).
When you've done that (and maxed all buildings - sheesh ya don't really need to be told that do ya?) gather your force - 10 Doom domes should be enough (but hey we love big forces!!) go over West and let those Domes blast the heck out of the flimsy Deformed defences. Beware of lightning rods and keep knocking down buildings and Mutants - send in a few reinforcements and you should be able to wipe out the whole south camp - WARNING do not extend through the second force field fence north (yet) feel free to go south west but.

If ya had sense by now you would have built one or two bombers and Definitely 1-2 transport plane/s. Make a couple of Grim Reappers (..*sniff* i love them boys... they make an old Robot so happy) and fly 'em in safely to the Eastern and Western sides of the more Northern
camp and they can blast there way inwards knocking out the AA and worm defences. To kill them damn lightning rods either knock em out with a decent airforce (assuming you've smashed the AA guns) or just storm the camp from the south with a screaming big group of blood thirsty robots.

Well after that there is only another big bastard camp across the water and pidling crap here and there - knock off the AA guns the same way with transported Reapers and Bomb the heck outta lightning Rods - take the camps and smile at the fact that you've made it all happen within par time (or damn close if its your first time) - its just the same when you play Survivors so no excuses for either! Oh and remember - those damn guys at Melbourne House have seen fit to make those force field fence posts crucial to kill - so wipe 'em out whenever you see them - otherwise you wander around a damn big map trying to find why the misssion hasn't ended......*sheepish grin* awwww shucks.

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