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KKnD2: Krossfire
EvolvedSurvivorsSeries 9

ground to air

sdf -

Same ides as i read but i use lot of bomber to attker and land units to atttker them too.

Wong Ian Rhee - ianrhee@hotmail.com

u start of with a huge laser with a self-destruct extra to defend your base. not much. all you receive as an ENEMY will be infantry , bazookoids, rioters, berserkers and the occasional spirit archer and martyr. and they come one by one to be picked out. instinct will tell you to get the cash coming in. then get out 1 macrounit, 1 technostudy, 1 weapon control, 1 power plant up north, and oilbot. fix oilbot up north. upgrade technostudy to the max, then the given power plant to max. then upgrade weapon control, build 1 distance seeder and 1 pod cannon at the entrance. then upgrade macrounit to max. get 2 responsebots, 5 grim reapers, 6 radiators and 6 doom domes for later. keep a look out for martyrs coming from the east. wipe them with one responsebot, place it down to avoid "unwanted incidents". Build bombers, infinity. Get out an artillery weapon to wipe out nearest AA tower. Use planes to destroy the Touch-of-Deaths and beware…. At least 3-4 more AA on your side of the map. Once a path is cleared on the west, send the doom domes from base, up north across the river, blow up undefended AA towers. Important… force fire to destroy lone Survivor hover buggy with plane on patrol path. Once path is cleared on east side of map send radiators to destroy more AA tower. Then, wipe out evolved crappy base. I finished it around par time with no casualties.

submit your own strategy here!