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KKnD2: Krossfire
EvolvedSurvivorsSeries 9

prototype 31

igz - -

you can follow the instructions of the long winded person before me or you can make life very easy. place your units so that they can offer the best defense possible (if you have made it this far you should know what to do) and up grade your marcounit and your oil refinery. Make great haste in doing so, and then get some tankbots and move them across the land bridge in the upper right corner. they can outdistance the lower level towers and then move your force on the hill on the upper right corner. take out their solar money makers and anything else while on this hill. Then move across the top of their base and take out everything. you need not destroy the towers if you have effectively taken out their base. now you have no worries from the north, build up, make your way through the evolved base and keep the 21st C units alive!

Dong Ming - mingz@cc.umanitoba.ca

Protototype 31 is this awsome level where you get 2 of the 21 century units! Your mission is to make sure the enemies don't destroy them, and KRUSH KILL N DESTROY both the Survivors and the Evolved.

In this level, you are located in the middle island with the Survivors above and the Evolved below. first, you have to make an equal defense for both sides. Put 1 of each 21 C. units on each side, and divide the rest of the troops all over the island so that there is no openning spot without a guard. Make sure to put as many troops at a place so that they have the height advantage as possible.

Build a research lab first and then an armoury. concentrate on upgrading your machine shop, armoury or you town center.

Do NOT build any far seeders, they are of no use in this battle. Build cannon towers instead if you've already upgraded your armoury to that level, and build the lightning generator as soon as possible.

For your machine shop, build 2 of those oil getters (or whatever you call it) and get oil at you recent mine. After a few attacks from both sides, and you lost some troops, start building Doom domes. Forget about the Cautesier (or whatever you call it) and build the next one (whatever it's called).

For the first part of the game, for a long long time, you should not attack but defend. The enemies obviously have more money and troops than you will ever get so don't even try to waste all your money for troops. Build a defense with a mixture of Cannon and Lightning towers and keep a few doom domes around and with the BIG help with the 21 C. units, you shouldn't get crashed. Also build some repair bots and put them near your battle field so you can repair your units (espacially the 21 C.s). BEWARE: NEVER ATTACK EARLY IN THE GAME WHEN YOU HAVE NOT ENOUGH DEFENSE. THE ENEMIES WILL BE MAD AND YOU DON'T WANT THAT!!!

Be careful to have at least 1500$ at the middle of the game when most of your constructions are done. Again, don' waste money on unneccessary units. You'd want to keep 1500$ for safety reasons. Always have at least 3 Doom Domes around when you need it. Doom Domes are a big part of this scenario thanks to their ability to travel in water to attack some less defended areas.

Don't build aircrafts, the enemies are armed with ANTI-AIRCRAFTs.

Around the end of the game,this is when you attack. You will get a certain signal. When it says on the screen "CAN NOT BUILD MORE UNITS" that means the enemies are constantly building units, and that they can't build any more because there is a limit to the numbers of unit you can have. Of course you won't be able to build any units too but you can use that as a great advantage since the enemies are wasting their time and money on units that they can't build.

THIS IS WHEN YOU ATTACK. At first send one of the 21 C. units to the Evolved side and killed that cannon tower (or the equivalent for the Evolved.) If this triggers and attack, retreat you 21 C. units to base so that all the army they have left get crushed by your invicible defense. Now send the 21 C. unit back to take out some of the Evolves' towers. For the Lightning Generator (or equivalent for the Evolved) attack it with the 21 C. unit and retreat for repair and come back to attack again. Make them use all there technicians so they can't repair anymore. Keep that on until all the lightning generators are dead and send 2 to 3 Doom Domes across to Wreck Havoc upon their doomed land. That'll be the end for the Evolved.

As for the Survivors, they won't survive any longer. Send 2 Doom Domes from water to the shore of the Survivors. (NOTE: DO NOT SEND THEM TO THE FRONT OPENNING WITH 2 CANNONS BUT SEND THEM TO THE PLACE WHERE YOU SEE ONLY ONE GUARD TOWER AND A FORCE WALL TO PROTECT IT.) Kill the force wall with the Doom Domes and attack the tower. You should get hit since you have a range advantage. After killing the Guard tower, go to this cliff to kill the Cannon tower. You also should get hurt since you have the Height advantage. Now kill whatever is near that land withought getting hit by any of there Lazer Cannons. Leave your Domes there and move one of your 21 C. units to go to the front entrance to the Survivors (the place with two Cannons) and destroy it by randomly going back for repair. (NOTE: YOU CAN ONLY REPAIR THEM BY USING A REPAIR BOT) After killing the 2 Cannons, kill the lazer towers using the same strategy. If there are still attacking units in that area, lure them into your part of the town and KKND them. After the Defense is done, KKND the rest of the stuff and "MISSION COMPLETED"!!!

submit your own strategy here!