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KKnD2: Krossfire
EvolvedSurvivorsSeries 9

checkpoint charlie

Saccarde - fett@hunterlink.net.au

Firstly, In this mission, the AI does NOT receive any reinforcements, so u won't get attacked from behind unless u stuff up somehow.

Secondly, Responsebots are THE definitive infantry killer in the early missions. Use them wisely to wipe out potentially deadly enemy units.

Thirdly (sorry bout this), turn SmartSelect OFF for this mission, as it can cause problems when u try to move your valuable tankeroid and some men away from danger

To start, send your veteran units east into the cluster of trees...u can send the other infantry as well, but the veterans can heal the damage.

The enemy units hiding in the trees r impossible to spot, so, when u hear gunfire, hit (s) so the units stop-they will then target the enemy themselves.

Once this is done, go back and head north, take the responsebots with u if u like, and take out the light resistance around the mountain pass.

Grab your seeders and pod launchers SE from the pass, so they're on the elevated highland area. hugging close to the cliff, u should be able to spot the 2 survivor turrets below u. Open fire with as many units as can safely hit them-be careful as some of the units may try and walk back down to get mulched by the guns. When attacking the 2nd turret (furthest south) an Anaconda tank and hover will go moving past-very bad if they get near ur forces...which is why-using ur terrain advantage-u can take them out b4 they become a threat

Once this is done, move your forces back down the pass, and head SE-the way should be clear now the turrets r out-of-action, there may be some light infantry resistance.

This is where the Responsebots (RB) r imperative. the enemy has some rocketeers stationed on an escarpment where they would mulch your slow moving infantry. Send the group of RBs north as fast as possible to avoid damage. Once they r out of the rocketeers range, spin em around en masse and take the bastards out.

It is now safe to move your forces North to the staging ground, as I call it. Here u will recieve a few reinforcements. ur "base" will be revealed -don't get excited, u have bugger all money and therefore can't build anything-this is ur final destination for the tanker, but there r a few suprises en route which may decimate ur infantry.

U'll enter a quaint (bombed-out, but quaint) little village west of the staging ground. And it remains quaint, no attacks come from the north as u might expect. there r a few infanty but nothing the RBs can't handle.

Notice the road going thru the center of the village? make sure u stop when the road stops. To the west will be a cluster of trees..seems innocent...But in actuality it hides a Barrage Craft. The best way to dispose of this bastard is with ur Spore Missiles if u have any surviving Save ur weedkillers-u'll need them in a second...

now, the infantry can go thru the trees, but the vehicles can't, which means they have to go south Around a rocky outcrop and into-a Big-Bastard- Turret (BBT for future reference) This is where the weedkillers come into their element. get them up close with some support from seeders (try and avoid using missiles or pods since they'll do more damage to the weedkillers)

Heading north again, u'll run into a rather large ribcage. Follow the spine until u see a Machine Shop from the original KKnD. above it is another BBT, stick to the same formula as b4 and u should be all right, but u'll have to send in all the infantry to minimize losses. NOTE: Don't bother trying to use RBs for the BBT-killing role..they die quicker than frogs in a blender.

Right at the end of the ribcage, is one more BBT u'll prolly have to throw almost everything u got left at this one, it doesn't matter, since after the BBT there r 3 machinegunners to kill, and then u r done. My best is 19 casualties, I'm sure u can beat it :-)


P.S I didn't mention patrolbots anywhere in my strategy anywhere, mainly due to the fact they suck. I grouped them with the tanker in case anything got close...that way they could buy me some time until I got some decent units there :-)

Ben -

What you do is send a few response bot and rocket launching bots and get up to a hill at the start of the game. The hill is to the east of them huts that are obstacles to going up north (which you find at the beginning of the game). Blow the survivor sentry turrets from this position. They can't shoot back at you. Once that is cleared, move you entire series 9 team and charge across like crazy to the end. Simple.

anonymous -

Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......first send in your infantry to clear the way, then send vehicles and your truck to destroy the remaining turrets.

submit your own strategy here!