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KKnD2: Krossfire
EvolvedSurvivorsSeries 9

divide and conquer

Fadhly - eightyeight@pacific.net.sg

What ya do is destroy the lower half of the Surv base at the east and build yer base there. Build up units to compensate for the (possibly big) loss of units when attacking the base. Attack the upper half of da blue surv base, finish them off, then send a tech to get the dropship. Then blow the bridge nearest to u up! That way, no ground units can get to u and the only sea units coming in are hover buggies. Put three to five tankbots on the ridge overlooking the river near to the first bridge ya crossed to take care of them before they can get to yer base. Then airlift as many pod launchers as u want to mop up the enemy base.

This strategy is qwite tough at da beginning, but with luck and expertise u can do it!

Noah Hearle - http://ds.dial.pipex.com/hearle/

The mission starts at the bottom left of the map. In order to successfully cross the river you must keep all units together, keeping Mobile Barn safely behind armed units. There will be a small resistance as you get closer to the bridge towards the east side of the map. Be careful not to go too close to the Survivors camp to the far east. Take out the Sentry Gun before crossing the river, this will stop your units being weakened as the cross the bridge.
Set up camp north of the bridge, in the space between the oil. When you time, send a few units to destroy the bridge you came across. This will prevent any future attacks from the south-east camp. Send a Systech to open the Bunker and you will find the ultimate spying solution and transportation to get you across the river later in the mission.
The Survivor camp to the west will only send small attack parties, these can be easily fended off, due to the amount of oil puddles in you camp. Send Weed Killers to the heart of enemy camps by air. They will quickly do serious damage to enemy buildings and make their feeble attacks even more weak. When you see their empire crumbling direct 20 Tankbots to do their stuff.
By now, you should have a considerable number of troops. Airlift them to the other side of the collapsed bridge and then all together, march them towards the camp, leaving no traces of Survivor existence.

[Picture at http://ds.dial.pipex.com/hearle/

Hyper Knight -

This Level can be Really hard to conquer because it has a time limit. The way to beat it is to divide your weed killers, pod launchers away from your main army first and get them to attack first. Then send in the big guns. Also, build a base before you strike, build a marcrounit factory, a mobile oil bot and save 2000 energy for a power plant. Use the other energies to build vehicles. Once you do have 2000 energy left, strike with your force sticking as close to the bottom as you can so you do not get hit by other towers. Kill three towers only! Others are not neccesary. Send your weed killers and pod launchers to kill other units that aid the towers.

Don Beethe - gerber70@netscape.net

The method I used to finally conquer this was to move the starting troops to the oil patches in the northwest. Start the Barn in about the middle of the two oil patches. Quickly build a microfactory for a Systech. Run the systech about due east to the bunker, where a fast transport is located. Use the fast transport to take a small attack group inside the blue camp to take out all the buildings and the oil derrick. At the same time, build a macrofactory, upgrade facility and weapon control. Upgrade the weapon facility twice to get pod cannons and start with a pair of pod cannons south and east of the barn. Upgrade the macrofacility to get oil tankers and have two tankers running each of the two oil spots until they run dry. Once the force in the blue camp has taken out all buildings, fly them back to the main camp to help protect it. Continue repelling attacks until the green survivor force runs out of oil. Then take a force inside the green camp and start taking out the green survivors. Once this is accomplished, return to the blue camp and clean up the remaining cannons.

anonymous -

Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is destroy the bridge after you cross over to the second island to set up your base. Collect as much money as possible and build heavy defenses in the form of turrets. Open the bunker and collect your Dropship. Explore the whole map with it. Wait until the enemies exhaust their resources, then crush them with Tankbots.

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