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KKnD2: Krossfire
EvolvedSurvivorsSeries 9

bridges of Mad Son county

Sauk - sauck@geocities.com

In this (easy) mission you'll control two bases: the first is located in the left bottom part of the screen and contains the main structures (here you can begin to build a manteinance depot and to upgrade some structures, so you'll learn how things work ... this is the first real mission), while in the right top of the map you'll find the second base with a turret, the power station and the oil rig. On first send a couple of units (responsebot or patrolbot) toward your base to the north, then destroy two of the three bridges whose you find around the base: leave untouched only the middle bridge. Now build here a microunit factory and upgrade it, then build a few pod launcher to defend the bridge. Now begin to build small groups of pod launcher (5-6 units per group) directly here in the nothern base and send them to destroy one enemy turret every time. Defend your base from the counter attacks and destroy the enemies: once destroyed the turrets the base is ready to be krushed.

The par time here is 16 minutes and 40 seconds.

Good luck

Foo Yee - fooyee24@usa.net

This is the way you beat the computer's best times by a minute.

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......

In the beginning, let the Evolved attack your main base, because the defense is absolutely unbreakable. Then, go to the upper base and...

1. Order the Pod Lauchers to blow up both bridges on the left and right. ( You can't blow up the middle bridge.)

Then, go back to the main base and...

1. Research the Microunit and Macrounit Factory.
2. Build 5 Radiators and 3 Responsebots.
3. Divide your troops in the main base into 2 groups.
4. Send them to the Evolved oil rig which is at the southeast of their base.
5. Get group 1 to take out the Kneecapper and group 2 to stand and defend group 1.

Once all is finished, take out the kneecapper and the oil rig to cut out their supplies. By this time your forces in the upper base will be attacked, don't worry. Use group 1 and 2 to take out the Kneecapper and the upper base forces to take out another Kneecapper which is at the West of their base. Then...

1. Take out the Northern Kneecapper.
2. Krush, Kill 'n Destroy all their buildings quickly.


You won't need to know -

Well I got this really cool strategy, ya see, what ya do is.Once you start the mission. Go to the north east site and you can find your refinery then get everyone to fire at the bridge below the power plant. Then go back and start building 10 seeders. Keep on Building seeders 10 by 10 until you got about 50 - 60 seeders. Go to the south east site then start going north you can find the envoled derrickdestory it and the towers then go up you can find their base. Destroy it.

Abid - shajahan@emirates.net.ae

In the beginning you find yourself in a base guarded by two distance seeders. The first attack occurs in the very beginning. Unless fended off well you find yourself losing one of your distance seeders (the explosion is pretty cool). Towards the north east you find a power unit and a drill rig guarded by a distance seeder and a few units. The attacks by the freaks are concentrated here. Begin by building a micro-unit factory near the oil-base. Build a weapon control at your military-base. Upgrade micro-unit factories (the two of them). Then the macro-unit factory,weapon control,barn. While upgrading produce de-seeder infantry from the micro-unit factory in the oil base. Use these to destroy the bridge directly to the south of the oil-base (when you move the cursor over the bridge the life indicator showing the strength of the bridge is seen). Produce more units like responsebots, pod launchers,de-seeders etc and defend of any attacks. Regroup units at the road near the oil-base. Move south then slightly towards the east. Regroup and attack the knee-cappers. Continue attacks till they are destroyed. Then pick out the buildings with pod launchers.

anonymous -

Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is...... build a thingy at the top base to create radiation guys, and biuld about 30 and wipe out the enemy base below it

Ben Greening - 00GreeBJ@cgs.vic.edu.au

I have only got the demo but due to the somewhat dodgy AI build heaps of Cannon Towers or the like along the enemy attack line and often all you'll have to do is spend a few hundred bucks on techies to repair.

And another thing, I don't like the idea of restricting building on towers, because this can severely compromise easily defensible terrain, i.e. a long cliff such as the Survivors mission.

submit your own strategy here!