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Alexander Kots - kots@ecol.msu.ru

Well, it looks impossible. I tried 5 or 6 times but always was killed by three dire wolves. Seems there is a certain order of things you should do. First, go south a little bit to the end of a hill and become veteran (this allows the snipers to heal over time). Then turn east and try to keep closer to the hill's edge moving straight to the east until you see a tower. Take it off and take off another one close to it. Destroy the power plant and all buildings paying occasional attention to dire wolves that are made from beast enclosure.
This should be done very fast, otherwise they start making lots of wolves and shotgunners. Then if you leave the territory of the enemy base, you get immediately attacked by an overwhelming number of units and it seems that there is no way. However, there is a tech bunker with a nice robot. To get to it go south and find a hidden passage leading south into an opening with that bunker. Get the robot and the rest is just easy walk. Attack the towers with snipers and units with the robot and finish 'em up.

Dane Rosen - mrosen@intrawest.com

I tried this strategy the first time and I won. You start at the top left of the map. Head directly south staying near the edge. As you see infantry men, send the sniper to attack it right away. Use his range to your advantage. This way he won't get hit. He will become a veteran very soon. When you come to Dire wolves and Scorpions, since they hit you a bit, wait for your veteran sniper to heal himself. When you come to the bottom of the map, head east again keeping close to the edge. You might see a machinegun tower but don't worry. Your range is better than his. When you're at the edge head north through an archway. You will see a tech bunker! Open it and get the sentinal droid (four legged spider thingy). The rest is a breeze. Use the sniper for infantry and towers and use the robot for buildings and dire wolves and scorpions.

Chris Carroll - cuttingedge@myweb.net

This is what worked for me. Take the sniper down and to the left, killing all in your way. One by one is the key, but you must make sure that you heal first (you can't heal running or firing your gun so sit back and relax). Keep going east as far as possible. Be careful - they will send two guys on dogs (or whatever you call them) to you. Keep going east till the towers. Go ahead and attack them, they can't hit you, you are too far away. 2 towers later, you will see the clan hall, the power station, and the beast enclosure. STAND TO THE LEFT OF THE POWER STATION, EVERY OIL TANKER WILL PRODUCE 1 DOGGIE AND 1 to 2 evolved archers. The beast will run right past giving you ample time to destroy them, then kill the little guys. Kill all three buildings but DO NOT TAKE OUT THE OIL. Every thing they have will come to get you! Then go around one by one and KKND them all. After a while the guys who were stationary suddenly become active and come in numbers but it still takes a little rest and movement to finish off the rest. Then take out the oil tankers. The level is Yours!


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