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Jeff Chiswell - chiswell@rivernet.com.au

Bug hunt

This one is reasonably straightforward.

You start off inside an allied base located in the lower centre of the map.

In the centre is an island of high ground which you have to get around without alerting the enemy base in the East.

The Mission:
* Start by dividing your force into 2 groups - fighters and technicians
* Send the techs about 5 seconds behind the fighters until the remote base is reached.
* The following must be done quickly before the enemy realise what is happening:

1> Take both groups West until they can turn North skirting the central island. You should only encounter a couple of dire wolves and a shotgunner. They MUST be disposed of or they will alert the enemy base.
2> Skirt the island until you reach a narrow channel leading South - this leads to the enemy base.
3> Take the fighting group South while keeping as far West as the terrain will allow in order to avoid the enemy base. You will reach your base at the bottom of the map (you will see your starting point just to your West)
4> Set up an oil rig and 2 power stations to the South West immediately
5> Bring the techs down to refurbish the buildings
6> set up another oil rig to the East with one power station, then another power station when the first is complete.
7> start building up your forces to repel the attacks from the North East. To do this, upgrade to flame ATVs and Flamethrowers.
8> upgrade the machine shop to missile craft
9> get about 10 missile craft, 10 flame ATVs and 20 assorted flamers, swats and sappers and go North to the enemy base.
10> In the background start building flame ATVs set at maximum and send them North to support the attack group.
11> Take out the clan hall first then the beast enclosure. Any further attempts to build clan halls must be stopped - this prevents buildings such as power stations and beast enclosures being rebuilt thus preventing enemy reinforcements being produced.
12> KKnD the reminder of the base

Gather your defences, consolidate your base, raise an attack force then KKND!


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