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jeff chiswell - chiswell@rivernet.com.au

You win this one by not using the reinforcements.....

At the start, you must be quick:

Setup stage:
1> set down the mobile outpost and pump out 10 swats
2> take the full force due north to the top of the map, take out the scorpion and 3 archers on the way then east to the mutant oil rig.
3> destroy all tankers BUT BE CAREFUL NOT TO DISTURB THE SCORPION to the east - stay west of the rig.
4> when the swats are made, take them to the west of the rig and bring the original force back close to your machine shop.
5> build the 2nd, 3rd and 4th power stations one at a time and send the tankers to the mutant rig - it is full of oil
6> during step 5 build more swats to replace losses defending your base
7> add more swats to the northern force until you have about 30 up there - there will be several attacks from mamoths and scorpions but these will be easily repelled
8> keep adding swats to the defending forces around the base and the north

about this time your reinforcements will arrive at the southern edge of the map - leave them there - they will cover the mutant oil rig there and destroy any tankers coming through. This will leave the mutants only one rig to get by on thereby restricting their fighting units to monster trucks and shotgunners

When you have 40 swats in the north, 50 swats and 5 or 6 ATVs around the base, it's time to party!

Party time:
1> send the northern swat force east taking out all buildings on the way
2> overwhelm machinegun nests, kill tankers and move south.
3> you will have 2 or 3 rotary cannon to kill off but swats greater than 20 in number will prevail
4> keep working south destroying all buildings (clan hall, 3 beast enclosures, blacksmith, power stations etc)
5> once the buildings have been destroyed it is time to clean up
6> use the base defence force to meet up with the southern reinforcements taking out the rotary cannon on the way then range over the countryside until it is all cleaned up

take it smoothly and you will beat them


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