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It seems that seldom krushers like to submit their plan for Xtreme missions - your guys really should work hard on it.
Distress begins with a group of force without any large vehicles, all you have to do is find the idiot and get back to your base. You are given no money to build up any thing but your force is enough to finish their mission just fine.
Move all your forces heading to the north, find the way to left and continue heading to north. Turn left at the junction you will see a hill, just down the area there are two entrances; walk down and take the right one. Find your way to right you will see a teck bunker; the el presidente is in it, take him back to base and your job is done.
One thing to mention here is try hard to avoid a battle with your enemy. You can do this by walking just near the choke point cause you must go through 5 bazooka guys to near the bunker. When you get the president your force should now leave only 2/3 guys if you meet enemy the way back to base,you know what to do,
RUN LIKE HELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nate Williamson - jaguar@isource.com

To tell you the truth, this mission ain't very hard. If you haven't already noticed this, you start off with three small forces (one that you see, another along the southern border, and another all the way to the right). To really make this mission a success, you should move the southern force to the right and up a bridge and connect with the force you have there. The force that you originally see, should be moved to form a cal-d-sac on the left side of the bridge (this way, if they attack you, you will have the advantage).

Now all you have to do, is wait for more reinforcements. When you think you have a large enough force (around two or three reinforcement groups each), then, you can attack with the righthand force. You should move left, and then up, toward the northern rig and turrets. Destroy them, but be careful, as the enemy will likely attack. This however is not a problem, because if you send one of your units west from the rig, you'll find a tech bunker. When the enemy attack has subsided, attack with both forces and krush their base. If you feel lucky however, you may not even need the tech bunker (I didn't). Good luck exterminating those freaky bastards!

Alexander Kots - kots@ecol.msu.ru

Well, on this level, you don't have to build any units and do boring upgrade and neither do the mutants. To rescue this man two things are important, where is the bunker and how you can bring him back alive. Group all your units and try to kill any enemy you encounter on the way. Go north up to the last hill to the nothern edge of the map and then turn west. Go past the second hill in the southern direction and turn south. Get down to the edge of the map and turn east to the right. Go east until you see five rocket launchers. Try to kill then one-by-one beckoning with bikers. Then release el presidente and bring him back to the base. Looks pretty easy but be very careful, try to eliminate as many enemy units as possible on the way to the bunker. The mutants are not building anything on this level, so there is a plenty of time.


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