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Roke - roke@turvaja.ee

A tough mission, good for swats and flamethrowers.

This one I had to try several times before I actually made it. I've got the weird feeling that part of the attacking enemy
(mastodons e.g.) dropped out of another wicked dimension. Correct me, if I'm wrong about that.

Your existing oil rig is awkwardly located quite far away NW of your starting point. Put another powerstation closer by. Start
building an oil rig and sent it over SE up the ramp and a bit east. Put another powerstation below the ramp and move the
existing infantry over to protect it. Train another 9-group of swats and send them northwards to the existing vehicles and put to
good use--you're being harassed there. Let the enemy attack buildings (or tankers) and then only attack them. Use technicians
to repair what's been broken. Build a research lab and tuck it away in quiet place. Upgrade the machine shop once. Train 8
flamethrower ATVs.

As it worked out for me I sent 5 of them east of the eastern power station and used 3 for defense northwards. I had used for
another group of swats there. After another enemy attack I took the 5 ATVs in the east along the map border north, found a
passage west and a ramp up north. Followed passage, took out a machinegun nest and an oil rig, then outran the screaming
mutants up the ramp, and took out another machinegun nest and oil rig. Fought with dignity against anything that followed. That
seemed to stop the activities down in the enemy camp pretty much, unfortunately the attacks from the north continued. (In the
enemy camp, I suppose, the AI tried to build two derricks to replace the fallen rigs at the same time and ran out of resources
before either was finished.)

The situation in my own camp was pretty bad. Hairy monsters were descending from the North and had taken out the drill site
with some tankers. Others had blasted the other drill site. Had to build a derrick and used the remaining single tanker to
upgrade the machine shop once more and build tankers. Ended by building a motherload of flamethrower ATVs and making a
burning tour of the map.

It might occur to you that I like flamethower stuff pretty much. True, but the point is--nothing does that much damage to an
immobile structure, has the speed and krushing abilty to accompany.

--Roke of Roke's Small KKnD Site

Mel Olson - melolson@abcs.com

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......

As the mission starts take your entire force down through the pass and work your way up the right side of the screen. Kill all evolved forces you encounter. While doing this build 6 atv's and send them along to catch up with the rest of your troops. Towards the top right you will encounter both evolved oil rigs. Split your forces and take out both oil rigs. Leave a few troops at each rig...JUST IN CASE and return to defend your base. You by now have accumulated some cash so the only thing to do now is defend your base and destroy the evolved scum! Be careful! The computer cheats! Be ready for attacks comming from the upper left and lower right after you stop the money supply. Build up an army and GO KRUSH 'EM :)

Jim mulligan - mulliga@aloha.net



I finished off this extreme demo level in short order...here's
what you do...

First, build a research lab close to the working well, then build an oil station as close to the working well as possible. Group the armament you start with and use them to kill off the strays that attack your base. Immediately build 10 swat and three 4wd trucks. When those are completed group everyone into one happy family and go up the right hand side of the screen, killing enemies as you encounter them and eventually taking out the enemy well on the upper right hand side of the screen. While this force is going up build a bunch of technicians...position them around your camp, putting at least six or so near your working well. Next build infinite swats.
Your group that took out the well up top will last a good long while up there if you take care of them. The enemy will send some more rigs out, destroy them. Eventually that brave group will be defeated but by then you will have turned out a shit load of swats. Break these swats up into three groups. One group to defend the pass on the left hand side of your base, one group to defend the pass on the right hand side of your base, and the third group to go back up and shake up the enemy by taking out both wells on his right side.
Upgrade and build some tanks, you'll need them for the final push when you actually infiltrate the enemies base. You'll need the tanks to take out his gun placements. Note: the two wells the enemy has on the right hand side are lightly defended. You can take them out with swat.
Beware: the enemy comes out of the walls! The enemy will come out of the left, even though it does not seem to be connected to his camp. but don't worry, your defense swat group and technicians can handle these groups.
That's it! Right now it takes me about 45 minutes to finish this level, but I've only played it a few times...I will probably get down to half an hour.

Logan Bartling - bartling@pacbell.net


Benedict Goh - benedictgoh@pacific.net.sg

In this mission you have no access to snipers, barrage craft and autocannon tanks, so you can forget about building these. In the beginning of the mission, move your men to your oil rig slightly at the northwest to defend it from a initial attack. At this juncture, build a power plant slightly on the left hand side of your machine shop, and build a research lab somewhere on the right of your base. Do not upgrade the outpost first, upgrade the machine shop as you'll need some anaconda tanks as soon as possible, and keep building swats. After upgrading the shop twice, it cannot be upgradeble further, so just upgrade your outpost.

Reinforce your meagre force at the oil rig with swats until you can build a least two anaconda tanks and a oil derrick. Move your whole force at the rig north to the oil patch and make sure you have at least 15 swats and 2 anaconda tanks. Set up your new oil derrick and build two tankers to access this oil rig. To be safe, movce your force only after you have repelled an attack from the evolved. Place your force a little on the right side of the rig to defend against freakers.

Do not be afraid of a raid from the east side of your base, as the freakers are bent on destroying your oil rigs. At this time if you haven't upgraded your outpost, do it as you need the missile towers real soon. Once you can build missile towers, put one at the right side of your new oil derrick. At this point you can continue to build a few anaconda tanks if you want but the thing you really need to win this mission now are some swats. Reinforce your force at the new rig with swats, and be careful of some attacks from the west side of your new oil rig, as some evolved forces will come from outside of the screen to hammer your new oil rig. A small force of twelve snipers should do the trick. If you want to you can a few anaconda tanks to help, but the real threat is from your right of the new oil rig.

At this time you should have a ton of swats at your outpost. If not build at least thirty. At this juncture you should have at least twenty swats and at least a missile tower holding the freaks to your right of your new oil rig.

Now if you have done everything correctly, you can win the game already. After the freaks fail in one raid, move your enitre force of swats at the outpost east, north, then northeast and you'll see an opening at the far right where there's no one. Move up and turn left, and you'll see a gun tower, so take it out. After the tower has been destroyed, use your swat force to kill those freakes trying to kill your force. If your force is big enough (around 30) you will be able to win. Then destory the oil rig but do not go any further! Or else you'll get destroyed by the evolved's grape cannons! Now use your force at the oil rig (should still be quite strong, otherwise build some tanks) and move them to the grape cannons, and destroy the grape cannons.

By now the whole base will be laughingly easy to take. Destroy everything at the base, and there's still a oil rig and a gun tower at the northeast of the map to take out. After you have won, good for you.

However if you still need more oil, there is one more accessible oil patch at the east side of the base, but bear in mind that the freakers will turn their attention towards this oil rig instead, so you'll need to defend it.

Strangely the freakers' objective seems to be destroying your oil rigs, not you.

Philip Sorensen - philby@castle.net.au

As soon as the game starts, send all the units you have to the right of your base, make them move up, past the mountain thing, until they find the dirt gully with 2 exits besides the one you came in (They should find some freakers on the way, they can handle them easily). While they are going, build a second power plant and start building lots of swats. Make your starting troops go left into the evolved base, they will find a machine gun nest and a rig, blow them both up, and send up some swats to kill any derricks they send. Now make your starting troops go to the gully and go up, and left where they will find another machine gun nest and rig. You should be able to take them out and hold the area. Now build a research thing, and upgrade both the machine shop and outpost. Build another derrick and make it deploy on the oil patch to the top right of your base (Your troops should have discovered it on the way to the mutes base). Build two power stations as close as possible.

Now build lots of Anacondas, flamers whatever you like. Make sure it is enough to kill 3 or so grapeshot cannons, as well as a few scorpions and bike+sidecars, send them up to the top left of your base, till they find a green strip, make them go right along the strip, and they should find the freakers front gate, complete with 2 grapeshot cannons (There is another out the back). Leave some defense back at your base, because the computer gets troops from the left and right of the map (A mastodon, 2 scorpions and some infantry each). While all this has been happening, the ai might have tried to rebuild his rigs or nests, but they should have had too few troops to send at your forces, since you've destroyed their oil supply. Now walk all over their base, sending your troops at the back to try and take out their grapeshot cannon, your swat army to the left killing mute troops, and your main army killing their 2 front grapeshot cannons. Now destroy their defenseless base. (Try to do this quick cause it's a nightmare pulling troops back if you don't have defense to deal with the ai's free units)

Noah Hearle - nahoo.net/letter

Here is a 10 step method to Krushin’ those Mutants to extinction:

1. Send your troops to the north of your base.
2. Build your Research Lab North of the Machine Shop and place two Power Stations above the Research Lab (make sure there is enough space for the tankers to manoeuvre past the old railway).
3. Upgrade the Machine Shop to full.
4. Build Anacondas, don’t build any more tankers or otherwise the Oil Rig will be clogged.
5. Upgrade the Outpost to full, then build three Saboteurs and put Flame-Throwers to infinite (they are very cheap, but effective).
6. Build a two Missile Batteries, on top of the cliffs, to the south of the base and send a few Anacondas and Flame-Throwers to guard the south passage.
7. Build a three Missile Batteries at the north passage.
8. By now you three Saboteurs should have been trained, take them, and two Anacondas, to the far right of the map, then march them north to the top of the map. Sabotage the oil rig, keeping the Anacondas out of the way to prevent oil rigs setting up.
9. If you run out of oil put the Oil Rig to the north of the previous one, close to the power stations.
10. Take a bunch of flame throwers to the east of their base and mow down everything in your path (including their second Oil Rig).

robert z - azlavsky@aol.com

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......

Take one of your fastest guys (exc. dire wolf) and head to the very top of the map with it. There will be a nuclear box, move right by it
you will get a very pretty mech. Take the mech and the other guy and head to the very bottom, very close by there will be a turn to the right you go inside there. Go forward then kill the lookout tower and destroy the oil rig - after that head up and their base is yours for the taking (or killing!!)

Trevor Calder - trevor@iinet.net.au

This mission really isn't difficult. For one thing, you can fight defensivly and still win.
Concentrate at first on building a good defense with lots of tanks (I love those tanks).
Once you can withstand an attack, then push forward. There are two routes which can be used by the mutie scum to attack - which means you only have to close two bottlenecks, and it's all over.
Then you can sit back and have fun - which I did by sending a small force up the east edge of the map, and taking out one of the two oil rigs the mutants have. Then the saboteurs went in - I used them to take out a power station about 15 times. All those tankers from the constant rebuilding made a nice traffic jam, which stopped resources getting to the enemy.
One odd thing about this mission was the change in units being built by the AI - at the start it made war mammoths, but once I could defend against heavy attacks, it switched to the motorbike and sidecar for some reason. Still, I won't complain - made my job easier :-)

James Jackson - normj@zip.com.au

Extreme Demo - "Squish"

This mission seems very hard initially, as the Evolved seem to be well defended and send waves of nasty beasts to wear you down. The key to this mission is lateral thinking - or at least thinking in north easterly direction.

My experience with most of the non eXtreme missions suggested a standard strategy -
1 Establish optimal location and defend with starting units
2 Deploy as many power stations as possible to maximise income
3 Secure a strong defense force
4 Build a second army to sneak in from the back and cripple the Evolved oil supply
5 Finish them off

This does not work in "Squish". It is not possible to defend successfully.

Finally, in desperation, I wandered around exploring the various ramps. Surprise, surprise, - in the far E corner behind the mountain is a ramp to a road which leads past BOTH of the evolved Oil Rigs. This is the weak spot.

What you need to do is this:-

o Send your troops up to your Oil Rig to defend
o Build two power stations west of the base and a Research Lab in the SW corner
o Upgrade the Machine shop to get Flame ATVs and make a lot
o Make lots of cheap Riflemen - they can't shoot straight, but they clog up the paws of the red beasts for a while.
o While the Evolved are over trying to do you in, select two Flame ATVs and send them covertly east behind the mountain
o Follow the road north, ignore the first Rig and go for the more northern one. Burn the Machine Gun nest, then the Rig
o Park one ATV on the oil splotch and the other on the nest - you have halved their resources
o Back at the ranch, the Evolved will now be a little less feisty. Show them no mercy.
o Select a small force and send it to the lower Evolved Oil Rig (behind the mountain, remember)
o The ATV way up north (not involved in a tete a tete with a Red undeployed derrick) - send it down as well
o You will have a minor squirmish with some despondant Evolved as you shoot up their last Rig
o The evolved have now been dealt a deadly blow. You may now have your way with them.
o Remember, there is no Geneva Convention in Cyberspace.

Alex Jankov - vladj@tig.com.au

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......
You have to protect the area north of the existing oil rig as soon as you start. Once your defences are up and the ru's are flowing in
its a good idea to expand to the north by putting an oil rig and a power station there. Some tanks atvs rocket towers and swat should keep em away. Don't forget about their reinforcements though keep 5 flame atvs behind the new oil rig. The south east corner of your base needs to be lightly defended from sneak attacks. The best way to attack is to take out their northernmost oil rig with a bunch of sappers and flamers-they don't even retaliate. This should slow down their attacks. By now you should have two or three power stations with about four tankers. Using a medium sized force of tanks and atvs attack their remaining oil rig and use your base defences to attack from the other side, the evolved get all confused and get crushed quite easily.

Dwight Siewert - dwight_siewert@ccm.jf.intel.com

A) Establish Resource Gathering Infrastructure:
Site the research lab as close to the NW oil well as possible, and then a power plant in close proximity to receive deliveries from both tankers. Send all initial units up the west ramp to route the initial attack of an insignificant mutant force. Mutant attacks will remain anemic for a notable period of time. Maximize the utility of that hiatus.
B) Deprive Opposition of Resource Gathering Infrastructure
Upgrade to get ATVs with flame throwers. Build 3 units, conduct them up the eastern ramp, and bivouac them out of sight of the Mutant camp. When the major Mutant assault starts up the west ramp and all Mutant forces are involved, direct the ATVs down the NE ramp, turn left down the creek bed and eliminate the machine gun nest, oil well, and any trucks that are convenient. Resume progress north, and destroy the second oil well. The probability is extremely high that you will then need to return to the first oil field and raze a new derrick. At this juncture, the main Mutant camp has insufficient resources to rebuild.
C) End Game
Upgrade to obtain ability to fabricate tanks and put a derrick on the NW oil patch with an incremental tanker and power plant. Build tanks and ATVs with incendiary devices in a expeditious fashion and deploy at east and west ends of the highlands to extirpate the late assaults. Sack the main camp at your leisure.

Hung Nguyen - Da Playah2@aol.com

Warning this is very long and very detailed - use it at your own risk!

You start of with a mobile construction yard and a little strike force. Bring it up and kill the 2 little guards up north but don't do anything to the guy on the dog. He will just distract you. After that bring the mobile yard up on top of the broken down house to the upper left right under the oil spill. Leave some room to make a powerstation. Now make a machine shop to the right of the outpost but leave some space on top for 2 missile batteries. After that make a research lab to the right of it. When the machine shop is ready make a derrick.
Bring the derrick to the oil spill north of the power station, then unload it. The power station should be ready. Get the oil tank and bring it up to the derrick. Then take the research lab and research the outpost. When it's done do it again. A little mob should probably attack you right now. Take your team and kill them but if there are any of your units that are dumb enough to take the long way reroute them. After that's over make a missile battery on top of the machine shop but close to the road.
Leave some space for another missile battery to the left! when you finish making that make another one to the left of it. A mob will probably appear by now. But this time their harder. Try to fight as close as possible to the missile batteries but don't go near their guard tower. Now scan the whole area. If some buildings are damaged get some technicians and if some missile batteries are gone replace them. Don't make a repair bay yet. Trust me :-) Now you research the machine shop. When it's done do it again. Now make one oil tank. After that put tanks to infinite. When you have like 15-20 of them stop.

Billy Harris - Bullseyehk@aol.com

When your mission starts place the research lab north of the machine shop. Have it start researching your home base. You want to get some of those nifty rocket towers up to defend your oil. Speaking of defense, move your units to the north of the oil well. Be smart and place them north-to-south, men-cars-missiles.

Next pop up a second power station up next to the oil rig as well as placing your fort on eternal swat men. Yes uncle Bullseye likes these guys for the missions. Don't worry though you may think your money will run short...it will but if you fight right there is no worry.

By now you should be ready to research your outpost again. Do this. Keep an eye out for your swat folks at ten of them show up move them to the north with your units to protect your oil.

Now the big first wave attacks. Take a car and as soon as the freaks get close run down all the foot freaks and watch them squish nicely. Then let the rest do their jobs. Time to move more swat north.

By now you should have sighted two more oil areas and a bridge. Go ahead and research your machine shop as well as build a derrick. Move the derrick to the NE oil spot and place down some rocket launchers. One on each side of the bridge. Build the repair bay north of the 1st derrick. To the east of that from where the freaks come build 3 rocket lauchers north to south and put 3 techs near there. If you move your techs to the launchers just before the attack hits say good night to the freaks. Now sit back and relax for a few.

When you have enough money saved up build the other derrick and move it to the NW oil patch. Build two more power plants one near each of the two new derricks. Take 20 swat guys and blow up the SE most derrick, it is out of oil now. Build another derrick and take it across the bridge to the oil patch. Also build enough tankers to have 4 going there. For some reason the freaks never attacked that power station. Unless of course you try to back door them from the east. Then you get attacked from both sides. Wait that comes later.

Now uncle Bullseye like this next part. You have 4 good oil rigs, 10 tankers, 5 rocket towers, a couple of cars left, if you have been repairing them, and your barrage craft left. Let the money pour in and build some tanks and atv's. Keep running over the freaks foot guys. They squish up nicely.

Sooner or later you will hit the max for building stuff. Easy enough, take have and storm the oil rig to the north. You should be able to hold it. As soon as you have built enough forces to replace the ones you lost take half again and move east across the bridge and storm them from the east.

As soon as the freaks move to intercept your attack from the east take the other half of your troops and squash them from the west. Life just doesn't get any grander then that.

All in all I spent two hours on this mission. Then again I was having a lot of fun doing it. You can do it quicker though *Grins*. Hey I got maximum enjoyment out of squashing them weirdo's.

Take care all you krushers and remember

Krush the Xtreme!

Dale Maskill - @.Aol.com.skill140
You may want to do a little reconassiance mission before you start this level just to see where your enemy is located. Then, restart you mission. You will be to far behind to defend your base effectively. The first priority is oil. First off, build two power stations with the last one being as close two your oil rig as possible. While those are under construction build your tech center, and immediately start research. Do not build while you are researching, because you will need the money for your missile batteries.
Build an infinite amount of technicians while you are defending your base. These technicians are used to constantly repair your missile batteries while you are under attack. Also keep a large amount of swat soldiers positioned next to the cliff. They can get a lot of cheap shots in on the mutants as they move in for the attack. You may even want to build a missile battery along that cliff to weaken an attack.
Once your defence system is pretty well set start building your attack force. My attack force usually consists of ATV flamethrowers and flamers. Also at this time you should also build a oil rig. When you have a large enough attack split them into two groups and attack both of the mutants oil supplies at once. It is wise to take your attack through the back, for it is reletively unprotect. As you would have noticed on your reconnassiance mission. At this point I usually have my ATV flamethrowers on infinity. Once you start your attack start drilling for more oil. Just keep sending in flamethrowers and victory will be yours.

Michael Bentley - mbentley01@sprynet.com

Squish is the toughest of the demo missions, but you can win regularly, if you're lucky. It really depends on whether you place your heavy defense in the area the Evolved attack first. If you don't, you're toast no matter what you do; they have a massive numerical and logistcal advantage. But if you survive that far, upgrade your outpost once (using the rest of your resources to defend your base). Then make a strike force of flamethrowers, 10 to 20 of them will usually work. Immediately take the strike force North by Northeast, and you will find an entrance to the Evolved camp. Knock out the oil rigs (one is located just West of the entrance, the other is somewhat North of there). If you are succesful in that, don't waste any time, start maximizing your base ASAP.

What the readme.txt doesn't mention is the the Evolved somehow are able to make relatively large amounts of mastodons, scorpions and infantry appear from the extreme Northeast corner of the map and from the extreme Southeast. Where they come from, or how the Evolved are able to make them without a beast enclosure (I've knocked it out several times and they STILL come out of nowhere!) is beyond me, but if you watch the map you be able to see them appear, and hopefully, in the words of Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest, "Get there fustest with the mostest". Eventually, even they will stop attacking, then you can marshall an attack force and perform a defeat in detail.

Will Jenkins - will@myself.com

Here's what you do: initially, upgrade your outpost as high as it'll go. Build another power station of course. Now, build ten SWATs and take them as far East as possible, then North, hugging the edge of the screen. There is a machine gun nest next to a derrick - make sure you don't get the one in the brown earth, there's one further north. Now - zap the nest, sit next to the derrick and destroy all their tankers. Don't blow up the derrick. The AI doesn't retaliate at your guys! It'll attack your base (make sure you've built some missile towers!) and after that, it'll send everything it builds directly to your base immediately - no massed attacks. The second a unit is built, it goes to your base. Almost like a production line. Three missile towers at your north entrance and two at your south is all you need. You can build up your army and run them over at your leisure.

alex popa - None

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......
You take all forces and move them north. Take the outpost, then the drill site and then the machineshop out. Then you research until you can build grapeshots and monster beetles. Two grapes and 6-10 beetles are enough to secure that wide opening at the south. Don't forget shotgunners and pyros! Then it's easy. You take some forces and secure the other entrance to your base. Build a derrick and 2 tankers and send 'em to the oil site. Build up your forces and commit a "tank rush"! For they who don't know what this means: take massive amounts of forces and overwhelm the enemy.


Motocycle is a good scouter but it has way too small a gun to attack so try to use them for a destraction unless it is your last hope
4X4 Truck is an excellent scouting truck but when it comes to combat you're better off with buying guys.
ATV's all alright for protecting your own base but don't try to evade the other guys' base, their weapons are too small.
Flame Throwers are all round good fighters, the only problem is that you need to get real close to the victims before it is useful.
Anaconda is a good distance shooter but he's very slow and not that good at manovering around any ojects.
Autocannon is very powerful and is good for taking out larger enemies and running over guys too. It is also very slow but it is good to put him in the middle or the back of your army to save him.

Steele Survivors freak! - cppaul@ozemail.com.au

I did this one not so easily but it worked. First grab your freaks take em to kill the first survivors base above you, kill one of the defences ignore the other one and then get 1 of your scorpions to run over the 7 riflemen. Then get one of your sidecar bikes to sit in front of the rig below while the rest shoot the power station, before you do this get an alchemy and upgrade your clanhall.
Start on your defences - get about 4 nests to guard your base now quickly get infinite flamers, nothing else, stick them out front, now their first team should be here or at least some it. Kill them, don't let them get behind your defences. Now get 7 dire wolves and keep the flamers coming....now move your flamers out a bit more don't forget about the first base. Get the orginal team to finsh off every thing but their guard tower, now get your all wolves and send them in their base. Don't be a knob and attack them, you will die, believe me I've been a knob and tried it, keep them away from everything, especially the S.W.A.T. Send them straight through their base out the back and you see a missile tower. Don't stand there, run up more and now theres
A TECH BUNKER yeah kill their missile tower with your bunker and kill their machine shop. Stop your flamers from coming out of the clanhall - mix them with ARCHERS SHOTGUNNERS AND BOMBERS AND the VANDALS.
Now finish off the rest. Don't forget somewhere before you get your tech bunker make another power station!!!


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