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Vicardio Merc - vicardio@hotmail.com

So far all missions are easy- what you need to do is attack as soon as possible. That should cripple the AI at the beginning. Do not let the AI any chance of building. Attack as soon as possible.
The last mission called "Hand of God" is impossible to win. The AI just cheats big time.
Well, for start the AI has a super strong double team, whereas your ally is very weak. It doesn't help you much.
Secondly, the AI can build bombers and can build very fast, whereas you can't build at all.
The Survivors already have a superior unit, now with further handicap to the Evolved, the last mission is just impossible to finish.
The last mission of Survivor 'Tag-Team' is easy- all you need to do is spend all your money to build terrain tanks and spread them into two groups, the first group is your original given units, send them to the top left corner of the map, there is a Mech for you to pick up. Send the second group to the middle of the right hand map. Now attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You must attack all at the same time otherwise your units will widen up before you can do much damage. Just save your game before you attack than just keep on reloading the mission to practice.
Ok that is all, if any of you can find a way to beat the last mission "hand of god" let me know. This I gotta see.

Alexander Kots - kots@ecol.msu.ru

Well, there is no particular complicated strategy on this level. The only thing that should be kept in mind is that AI is a very poor defender and if you take off the big towers, the game is yours. On the other hand, if you try it in a defensive way, you are dead because of the airstrike. You cannot scatter your forces since you have to defend the narrow bridge full of attacking enemy troops. Also, your violet friend in the south-western corner is rather weak and once he is krushed, you won't survive for too long. Hence, attack at the very beginning and keep attacking.
Take all the forces you have and go to the eastern bridge. Meanwhile, build another power plant, beast facility and alchemy hall and upgrade to get krazy Harries and missile krabs and tankers as soon as possible. With the troops, take off two towers near the bridge, power plant, and machine shop. Build 4-6 scorpions and send them to help your remaining force in the blue enemy camp. As soon you can get krazy harries, set them to infinite and send groups of 5-6 units constantly once they are built to the place where the big towers cannot hit you in the enemy camp.
Destroy any buildings the blue symmetrics try to rebuild and focus on counter-attacks although these are usually rather weak, with 2-3 units. By this time, build another derrick and two tankers and send them to the oil patch that is to the south of the patch you are using from the very beginning. Build as many missile krabs as possible and send them to your main force by groups of 2-3 units so that they don't make a jam in the bridge. With the krabs and krazy harries, start taking off the big blue towers one-by-one, those that are near blue outpost. Destroy the outpost and move south to the green force. Take off their towers to the north of the green outpost and krush the green outpost.

Vicardio Merc - elohccl@alpha4.curtin.edu.au

I will take back my words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is possible to beat the AI. Although it cheats big time. Here is what you should do:
1) Build an oil rig
2) Build a power plant, and then send all your armies to your right hand side that is right in front of a bridge. Wait until all the armies arrive at the spot, now send them across the bridge and take out the defence structures; if you're skillful you will be able to keep some troops alive, so you should try to take out the oil rig as well.
3) Build another clan hall near your right hand side that is in front of a bridge.
4) While you are doing the above, don't forget to build shot-gunners and build lots and lots of them.
5) Do not build any advanced and expensive stuff at this stage.
6) As soon as you have 20 shot-gunners send them in to continue the attack where you left off just now.
7) Keep pumping shot-gunners, don't stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8) Now you should have a group of 20 shot-gunners in no time. Send them all in and join in the attack.
9) Watch out for the bombers as this is where the AI starts to cheat.
10) Don't forget to save your game frequently as you never know when the bomber's gonna drop a bomb on your troops.
11) Now you should have more than 15000 credit. You can start to build a war factory and a reserach lab. Upgrade the war factory once.
12) Remember to build the war factory right in front of the bridge.
13) Build war mastardons and scorpions and build lots of them.
14) Send them all in to join in the attack.
15) Don't stop building shot-gunners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
16) In order for your ally to join in the battle with you, you must help your ally destroy the 4 defensive structures that is blocking their way. 17) As soon as the defensive strutures are destroyed, the ally's troops will join in the battle and in no time the first (blue-color) AI player will fall and it won't be long for another AI player to fall. That is it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you didn't fare well with the instructions, try them again, I am sure it will work. You just need to practice more.


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