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jeff chiswell - chiswell@rivernet.com.au

If you stay to defend your base, you will be pounded by enemy bombers. If you are quick enough, you won't get bombed.

what you have to do is:
1> Take your full force North West along the Western edge of the valley to the top of the map
2> At the same time build 2 oil rigs and place one rig and 2 power stations at the oil spot west of your base.
3> Build a beast enclosure and start building 2 scorpions
4> By now, your force should be at the top of the map.
5> Send the 2 scorpions to join them
6> Place the second oil rig at the patch North af the base and put in 2 power stations
7> Set scorpion production to maximum
8> When the 2 scorpions reach the North, send the whole force East to destroy the cannon towers there, one at a time
9> Move in and destroy any tankers and the cannon tower in the North East

*** All thge time reinforcing with scorpions as they are produced ***

Around this time, if you have not been fast enough, the survivors will start sending bombers to pound your attack force, the method for survival is to keep moving, attack all buildings you can - macvhine shop, power stations oil rig, outpost etc while staying active. If a bomber is seen flying towards your attack force, immediately select the group and move them as far as possible away from their current position - this will minimise losses, then go back to pounding the installations.

By destroying the outpost, you stop the production of bombers, by continuing to destroy the replacement outposts as they are being built, you prevent the enemy from rebuilding power stations and machine shops as well as cannon towers etc.

Destroy any replacement buildings as they are being built - this will take away resources for building more bombers

Continually sending scorpions North will increase your force to enable you to overwhelm the entire base.

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