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Daud Yusof - daudy@pacific.net.sg

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is...... Go West young man until you reach the first track going north up the slope.
Bring your troops eastwards and you will be rewarded with the enemy's oil rig with 2 machine gun nests. Eliminate the 2 obtacles and set up camp around the vicinity. Do not destroy the oil rig. Why build a new machine shop just to create an oil rig if it's there for the taking. (Did I mention that it's full of oil? )
Build a beastiary and an alchemist. Upgrade your beastiary twice (or thrice ). You may also want to upgrade your outpost to get the cannon tower. Place a couple near the entrance of the slope westwards and keep a mechanic or two on stand-by.
Now it is time to go on a raid mission. Bring your forces (combination of beetles and crabs) down the northern slope and move eastwards. Take down the cannon tower and then the other buildings in an anti-clockwise fashion. Keep your distance from the other cannon tower until the very last minute when bombard them with your superior firepower.
Remember to keep enough forces to secure your camp. After you have destroyed them, the symetrics will bring their reinforment along the track south of your camp. Shouldn't pose any threat to you at this stage. Lastly, bite the hand that rocked the cradle; destroy the oil rig and you'll be victorious.



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