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Jeff Chiswell - chiswell@rivernet.com.au

The enemy are:
Survivors located to the North East
Traitors located to the North over a bridge.

With Extreme there are no half measures.

You either win or you die rather quickly.

That is why you must:

Defence stage

1> Use your initial force to protect your base from attacks by traitors from the North.
2> build a new oil rig and the full complement of power stations ASAP
3>build a beast pen and alchemy hall
4> Pop out a few scorpions and about 20 shotgunners to defend the west border, replenish as necessary
5>Upgrade the beast pen to make beetles and missile crabs
6>After a while (about 5 minutes) the blue team will send small parties to skirmish with you.
the strategy here is to distribute your forces North and West in a protective shield.
7>start making maximum beetles ASAP while upgrading to missile crabs, beetles are distributed North and West
8>make a repair bay (upgrading it to make repairs faster) to fix any sick units damaged from the skirmishes. Any repaired beetles get sent to the North while any repaired crabs and new crabs are sent West and placed in a line protecting the new oil rigs you have by now needed to set up.

After a while you will be easily repelling all attacks from all directions.

Attack Stage:

When you have about 20 missile crabs to the West and about 10 beetles, 5 or 6 mammoths and the same number of crabs to the North, keep your Western forces in a defensive pattern and send your Northern forces over the bridge into the traitors camp.

1> Knock out the 2 missile towers above the bridge
2>concentrate your attacks on the power stations and oil tankers while knocking off any defenders, gun emplacements etc that try to stop you. Note, go for the infrastructure - if you can take minimal losses by killing the power station THEN destroying the defenders, do so - the aim is to cripple them ASAP not fight drawn out battles.
3>while all this is going on, set missile crabs to Max and send them North to reinforce your activities in the traitor camp.

Leave any guns or missile towers that do not affect your efforts in destroying the buildings.

At this time the blue team will attack from the West - be ready, they should be easy to overwhelm.

4> build up your forces within the old traitor camp to about 10 mammoths and 10 missile crabs. Send them to attack the blue missile tower and oil rig in the top centre of the battle field (N.E. corner of the blue camp) this will be a bit slow as it is a bit of a bottleneck.
5> all the time, send any new units to support them.
6>send your Western forces to attack the blue team from the South while attacking their machine shop from the East with the other force. there will be a large force of defending units so it will get quite busy fo a while.

Again, the emphasis is on destroying infrastructure, stop their ability to recover and you will win.

After you kill all the buildings and units, go back and clean up any left-over rotary cannon or missile towers.

Good hunting!


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