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Roke - roke@turvaja.ee

It looks bad but it isn't.

Take the units that you have available and move them west, slightly NW. Hit the southern guard tower and if possible, ignore
the northern one. Head straight for the powerstation and take it out. That leaves you one enemy less.

Build a blacksmith fast, start building a power station next to the oil patch west of your buildings, order a derrick for the oil
patch. Build a beastiary and an alchemy hall. Upgrade beastiary twice to get beetles. Set up a line of defense across the wide
passage leading south. As soon as possible upgrade the clanhall twice and and put grapeshots on both sides of the passage,
keep the beetles in the middle. A group of 4 beetles or so, combined with the grapeshots will keep intruders away. Upgrade the
blacksmith and add two tankers--each to one of the power stations.

You sit pretty securely there. There are two passages leading south. One is used by the AI to attack, the other trails along the
western border of the arena. To stop the nonsense I built a taskforce of about a dozen beetles and four monster trucks, moved
them through the disabled enemy camp and right down to the southern border. Moved on past the passage leading towards my
own camp and blocked the next passage leading north into the enemy camp well before the guard tower and the two missile
batteries behind it.

Took the beetle force I had left at the camp and moved them down along the middle rock passage to a bend where across a
crater an enemy oil rig can be seen. Set up a beetle in the corner next to the crater, so it started showering visiting tankers. This
made the AI lose some of it's enthusiastic attempts to break through the road block I had created. Now it was just a matter of

NB! Missed Gort the Robot? You can take some fast units, dash through the enemy camp up the ledge past the lone missile
battery, and find a tech bunker with Gort. This is a showoff--you won't be needing Gort to win this mission. Actually you can't
very well get to Gort, unless the mission is pretty much over.

--Roke of Roke's Small KKnD Site

Robert Magnusson - Rempucko@algonet.se

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......
First build a blacksmith (So you can make two oil platforms)then
build that big beast producer (So you can fix your defences)
then build a chemistry lab (So you can upgrade the blacksmith so
you can build more oil tankers) then upgrade the beastfarm until
you can make these really HUGE spiders because they are very
effective but you need severeal Shotgunners to protect the
Then upgrade the Clanhall so you can build guardtowers and
the guardtower who shoots the exploding thing/s and put them
were the two oil platforms are now (Now they are operating)
to protect them from human scum...
And now you can think about the big/great victory attack...
After collecting lots of oil build 5 shotgunners, 5 pyrotechnics,
5 grenadethrowers, 5 scorpions, 5 spiders, 5 three legged tigers and
5 motorcycles.(Now I assume that you have upgraded everything
to max)...
First..........Your Forces................
Take your new recruted army to the right exit at your base and place
them there (The open felt to the right of your oilplatform)
Then you will build another little army of 5 shotgunners, you know,
the same that your first army is of...
When you have built your second army take them to the exit by
your base to the north then turn right (And at the same time you
have commanded your first army to slowly walk forward/north)
Then the two armies will meet each other and they will be twice as
Order all your infantry Shotgunners, pyros etc etc to be in the front
because the spiders will stand behind them and fire (This is a very
good method)

jason lim - jasond1@geocities.com

Soon as game start, go to north with all units. (Faster better)
There are rig, outpost and machine shop. Destroy them all.

Send all units to south border. (right before oil spot)
Build power station (near by oil better) to use 2 trucks to gather oil.
Build 4~5 shot gun guys and send them to south border.
Upgrade black smith and beast enclosure by 1 level.

Build 6~8 shot gun guys and send them to south border again.
This time spread all units by lines.
Soon massive attack will come in. Don't move.

Upgrade black smith and beast enclosure to final level.
Build oil digger and send to north oil spot with new shot gun guys.
Build power station near by them.

Some attack comes in from north. Gotta kill them all.

Build some elephant, scorpio, spider and big foot 4x4.
Send them to east and ambush them at valley right above path.

Build lots of units(all types but human) and attack to kill some.
Repeat few times.
Send some faster units to all the way inside uphill in enemy camp.
Check little house in uphill.
Cool robot will come out and help you out.

Now attack them with all units.

That should do it.
Have fun.

Logan Bartling - bartling@pacbell.net

Here it goes.
You take all your starting fast units (scorpions bikes wolves) and move
south into the enemy's base once in you proceed north, you should move fast as to minimize casualties, anyway move to the north in their base
until you see a way up a hill. You then move up until you see a missile tower. Go up past it and... You Guessed it a tech bunker loaded with a gort. Than attack the missile tower. Kill it than attack
their power stations and their oil wells. You can disable them this way. Now with the other blue side, build shotgunners until you can build flamers than build a mixture of the two, do this until you can
build granade throwers than build a mixture of the three. The survivor
oil rig is at the south and is unprotected. Use vandals to kill the rig than launch an all out attack and kill most of their buildings
and hunt down the rest of the survivors.

Thomas Honadel - thonadel@hotmail.com


First take two of the dire wolf men and one of the evolvers' dirt bike men, and go immediately to the survivor base located to the left of your base. There will be an oil well here, blow it up, and leave one of your men sitting on it; he will not face any resistance for a long time. While they are blowing up the oil well, send a few of your people to the top (north) of your base, as a few survivors will try to enter your base from the position; however, they are not much of a threat. Once the oil well is taken care of, you will not have to worry to much about the survivor base on the left, but you do have to worry about the other survivor base, as they will continue to send lots of people from the bottom (south).

Immediately build a second power station, and an Alchemy Hall, try to extend these towards the bottom of the base, so that when you put up another oil well to the south you will be able to put towers as far to the south as possible. This will increase your income, and once the Alchemy Hall is built, upgrade the clan hall twice, this will give you the grapeshot cannon, place two of them below the oil source to the south (have plenty of mechanics available to repair these, as they will get damaged). Also, build a Blacksmith shop and Beast Enclosure as soon as you can. Upgrade the Blacksmith shop once, to get the monster truck, if you have about four of these they come in handy for running over a lot of the people the survivors will send at you from the bottom of your base. Also, upgrade the Beast Enclosure after the Blacksmith shop, as the Elephants come in handy.

While you are holding off the survivors, you can make vandals to go into the buildings at the base on the left(go from the bottom, as there are a couple towers yet at the top of their base), this will give you some extra money to build some more derricks, set one up at the oil source at the top of your base, and one at the oil source at the bottom of your base. Be careful with the one at the top, as you will want to send a few people to take out the two towers, that have been left there.

Before long, the oil will start to dry-up at all three of your wells, so you must set up a derrick at the site were you blew up the survivors well at the start of the game. The best way to do this is to start building another power station, and another beast enclosure towards the bottom of your base, and up towards the survivor's old oil well, you can also put a repair shop in here. This helps, as you can build beasts twice as fast, and you will be able to put 4 grapeshot cannons around the mouth of the canyon the survivors are coming from to get to you. If you put a Mastodon between each cannon, the survivors will not have a chance. However, be careful, as off to the left, there is another path that can be used to get to you. After the survivors have made an attack on you, go into their base with about 5 mastodons, 9 pyromaniacs, a 3-5 beetles. You may want to have a back-up force of about the same size. Send one of the groups in to start taking out the towers, after the towers are gone, you can attack their buildings, and you have defeated them.

Don't count on them running out of oil, as the oil well in their base seems to have an endless supply of oil, and you can not hit it from the canyon as you cannot shot across the crater.

Martin Mikos - mikos@friko.onet.pl

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......
At first, you have to build up a big army. The best units to fight are Bettles and Mamoots. First attack, kill,krush 'n' destroy base on the west, then in the south - east. Beware of Survivors attacks, and never leave your base without care!!

Logan Bartling - bartling@pacbell.net

What you do is send all your scorpions wolves and bikes down into your enemy's base at the south (but first you must set shotguners to infinite). Once in, move past highest missile battery and... he, he, he. Use GORT THE ROBOT to disable the enemy's base (i.e. kill the power stations and the oil drills). Than you must have a great deal of shotgunners by now, so when you know your army is surperior (shouldn't take long) go in and kill them. By the way, the south base pumps out advanced units while the north uses first level units and has just one well.

Trevor Calder - trevor@iinet.net.au

The trick to winning this one is to take out the Survivor camp in the north-west corner first.
Build a second power station, a beast enclosure, and an alchemy hall.
Upgrade the beast enclosure to make war mammoths - then turn them out as fast as you can.
You'll be attacked from the north west and the south - often at the same time - by the two Survivor camps.
Once you can defend OK, attack the NW camp. That'll give you enough time to prepare a better defense for the southern attacks.
Basically, once you take out the first camp, it's in the bag - the attacks are less frequent (but heavier), so you have plenty of time to prepare a reserve force. The attacks always include a lot of infantry, so it pays to keep a number of shotgunners around - 20 or 30 of those guys chew up survivor flamers nicely:-)

Attacking the second camp won't be easy. It's a long way away, and your forces will get spread out on the way there. So try for a "staging point" just outside the enemy camp - keep enough forces there to defeat attacks. A forward defense base is the idea.
Build up a good attacking force, and go for it!

Ben Hellewell - dontfret@cancom.net

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do at the start is place all starting vehicles and men at the north access point to your base. Quickly build a research complex and upgade your machine shop twice and then build at least 2 additional oil tankers. The evolved site will attack frequently. To defend, I find that very large amounts of Flamers work best. Upgrade your base at least once and begin training Flamers as fast as you can (put the training icon for Flamers on infinity). Place the new units at the north and east entrances to your village. As your resources allow, build missile towers for deffense and Anaconda Tanks. Always place as many units as possible on the front lines to put an end to enemy attacks swiftly and to keep your casualties low. The most important thing here is to train as many soldiers as you can. The large numbers make for an adequate defense.

When you are ready to attack, you must have lots of vehicles, preferably Anaconda Tanks, as well as a large number of soldiers. His base is well defended so you need to be sure you have a very large number of units to be successful. Take out the Grapeshot Cannons first and then focus on the enemy's beast enclosure, blacksmith and power plants. Sometimes it works best to attack the enemy from above but this usually requires that you make your own base somewhat vulnerable by moving all your own units away from your own village. You can attack from the south, but it is usually a little more costly. See what works best for you. Good Luck!

Dane Rosen - mrosen@direct.ca

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is right away build a blacksmith near the bottom entrance and your beast enclosure near the top one. Start pumping out beasts and bikes with sidecars. Make another power station near your derrick. They will attack you but if you have enough guys you can defeat them. Make small patches of 5 of riflemen for defences. After you have enough money, make an alchemy hall (upgrader thingy) behind your clanhall so it is out of the way. Upgrade your clanhall first and put towers by each of your entrances (They will be beside your beast enclosure and blacksmith). Upgrade again and put your grapeshot cannon beside your other towers on each side. Upgrade your beast enclosure twice but don't do the blacksmith. After that start building up your forces by your top entrance. Sent about ten grenaders to the two towers just to the left of the top entrance. Everyone will attack them. Kill as many of them as you can. After they are all dead they will attack you. Kill them and then go for the base. You have now killed one of the two bases. In my cheap map you can see what to do. 1:The first opening. Take out the two towers. 2:Bottom entrance. Heavily guard it. 3:Small base. Destroy with top entrance guards. 4:After destroying base move top troops to this point. 5:Move bottom troops (2) to this point. 6:There is a crater here that has a derrick on the other side of it but you can't get through. 7:Move troops from 4 down path a to point 7. Move troops from 5 down path b to point 7. You have now blocked off the enemy from getting to your base. 8:Now move your troops to this point. 9:Attack the base which is here. 0:Try to send a scout up here on the grass to get the robot.
Remember that this strategy works for me every time!

|              1
           |   3    /-----\         Your Base     0    |
           |         \-----/         2        |               |
           |    4                             /               |
          |       -----    5     /-----------        9      |
           |      |       \       /                            |
           |      |       |       | 6                          |
           |  a    ------   b    -----------                 |

Dwight Siewert - Dwight_Siewert@ccm.jf.intel.com

Send all forces except one scorpion and a couple of men around the southwest point and north to take out the oil well in the north Survivor camp. Send the others north to beat back the halfhearted Survivor attack. Get everybody back to the south of the camp to intercept attacks from the Survivor's SE camp (they tend to try to sneak between the south power station and the canyon wall to atack the oil well)
Build your alchemy hall to the NW, and an power station NW of that, and put an oil rig on the north oil patch. Upgrade your clan hall as fast as you can. Put a machine gun nest immediately south of the power station, then grape shot cannon on each side to give you cross fire. The Survivors never seem to upgrade very far, so this, with a dozen flamers, will be all the defense you need for a while.
Upgrade until you can produce beetles. Send a force of mastadons and beetles south. Send a beetle up to the crater protecting the Survivor oil well. It's range allows you to attack the tankers trying to fill up. Take out the remaining north camp buildings at your leisure. Build units until you feel like taking on the survivor cannons, and take out the SE camp.

Jase Adamos - Adamos1@aol.com

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is first take your two wolves & travel along the mountain to the south. Follow the mountain into the survivors' base, go as far north as you can. Then turn north-east, get the tech bunker(you might lose 1 wolf when you get there). Use the machine and the wolf to destroy the missle pad. Then one by one destroy their base. You should be able to do it with your mechinic. Meanwhile you have built a power station, beast enclosure, blacksmith, and a upgrade thing. Put infiite build on all the icons you would like to defend your base.In a matter on minutes your machine should be almost done with the base. When it's gone assemble two strike teams: one to the north and one to the south west of your base. Take the southwest team and attack their only oil rig while still keeping a good defense. Stand ground if they try to send another one. Next take your north team and attack the two gaurd towers. When they're gone the game's practically over. Good luck!!!!

Meng Li - pli00@hotmail.com

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......
Get a group of attackers together then use your car or truck to step(that's what I call it) on enemy's infantry.
Use the infantry to help out mobiles by attacking the enemy's mobiles.

Hung Nguyen - Da Playah2@aol.com

Ok you start off with a little strike force and a clan hall. Bring the strike force to the southeastern guard tower. Wait there until a little mob appears. Kill them. After that's over go up across the river and into the woods. Go left until you see a nuclear sign on a box. Go near and and then it should rise up and you'll recieve a very helpful mech. yayyyyyyy!!!!! Now bring them back to the base. Now make a beast enclosure to the right of the clan hall. Then make a black smith to the right of the beast enclosure. Now make a power station and a derrick. Bring the derrick to the sourthern oil patch. Now after that make an academy hall. After that do some research on the clan hall and when it's done do it again. After that make a mengarie right under the beast enclosure(optional). Make a grapeshot and put it right on top of the guard tower. When that's done a mob will probably attack you. With the mech check out it's cool move and kill them. When that's over research the blacksmith. When that's done do it again. After that make an oil tank and make some more denaro. After that research that beast enclosure twice. After that make grape shots on the eastern coast line of the cliff until you can't make anymore because for some stupid reason they keep going back and forth at that same area. Now make a derrick and go bring it to the north oil patch. Make another power station too, and make another oil tank. Don't forget to reroute them.

Logan Bartling - bartling@pacbell.net

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is...... You go down with all fast units(even scorpions) into the southern enemy base.
Once in, you move way north(It doesn't matter if you loose a couple).
Move on the hill, then to the upper-right hand corner. You will recieve GORT use him to kill all power stations and/or oil rigs. With only one side to deal with you may build only shotgunners (that side deals only in small arms, nothing bigger than a four.x.four truck) soon you will massively outnumber them and then K.K.N.D.!!!!!

will miller - w.justin

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......split up your men how ever you see fit but as long as you have scorpion at the top of your base and the bottom of it. Then build a blacksmith & so on ... build infinite shotgunners these will help a lot
Take a squad of shotgunners and go to the ridge, follow it to the left you will come upon an oil derrick get rid of it. Once it is destroyed go north and wipe out the base. One less base to worry about... while doing this upgrade your base, you should be running low in oil so build a new derik put grape shot cannons next to it.

You should have many shotguners, mamoths & beetles. Now its time to scout out the symetric base. Since there is a tech bunker behind their base it will help you a lot if you get it. there is a small area down an alley to get to the symetric base you will now were it is if you can see a crater, the oil derrik and there oil trucks. Send your whole army to this spot and put two beetles as close to the crater as you can leave them there to kill off the oil trucks. When they're gone send a scout out to find the tech bunker if there are too many people wait until they attack. Then attack them with everything you have it should be enough to kill them all. If not attack again, again ... You will eventually beat them.

Melvyn Ong - okp@pc.jaring.my

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is...... 1) Use the dire wolf to scout around. The wolf is D fastest unit available in the game. Look for their oil supply lines ie tankers, oil drillers etc. When there are enough units to mount an attack, strike these important structures first.

2) Erect the beast enclosure and the chemical hall up quickly to gain access of the War Mastodon first (Research ). Use the scorpion or Mastodon to 'plow' through the pesky infantry units after destroying the survivors' vehicles.

3) Next on line is the menagerie 2 repair any damaged units.

4) Research on to get the beetles. Use the beetles at strategic places like behind or near building structures. They are useful for defence.

5) Place at least a couple of mechaniks near the machinegun nests or the grapeshot cannons. Watch the life meter of these turrets and when they turn yellow, fixed'em with the mechaniks. He! He! The survival slugs will deplete themselves trying 2 Xterminate my base.

Leonard Choo - lc88@hotmail.com

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......

This level is REALLY hard. It took me many tries before getting the strategy. Like most of the other levels, you need to start it right or the whole level becomes impossible. But once you start this way, you can beat the computer EVERY time.

The trick to this level is to take out the Survivors base just north of your position. Move ALL your units up/North and you will see two guard towers. Take out the one on the left. While you're doing this, you'll be attacked by the a Pick-up and a few infantry. You can either assign your infantry to take these out or finish off the guard tower and then these units out.

Don't bother about taking out the other guard tower, you can do this later when you have more units to spare. Your first priority now is to completely destroy this northern base, otherwise you're going to be attacked from two fronts North AND South (where the other base is).

Once you've destroyed the Northern base, build an Alchemy Hall and upgrade your Clanhall. Place all your other buildings north of your starting position. You'll find that the computer will go for your rig on the right side of your screen, you can easily account for these by setting up a gauntlet of units on the side of the trail they'll make towards your rig, and later a couple of missile towers.

Make sure you build another rig as soon as possible and drill that oil patch just north of your position, don't worry about that guard tower that you didn't take out earlier, your rig will be out of it's range.

The rest of the game is just building up your units and then sending them down to harass and then eventually take out their one remaining base.

Good Luck


I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......bring all but one scorpian and build 5 to 6 scorpians to the top and attack the defences and few guys. Then attack the power station first. It stops their oil supply a little bit. Now when you're done move everyone down and use them as a defence. Upgrade beast enclosure to beetles. Build infinity beetles and elephants. Send them down to the bottom when you have 20 or so guys. Put two beetles by the crater in front of the oil rig. When the tankers stop going to the oil rig bring the guys on the bottom and attack the machine nest and the 2 missile batteries. Then take a couple of fast guys to the north. Don't attack the missile battery until you get the really cool mech. Then the fun begins. Attack the oil rigs and then the rest will crumble.

steve gordon - dgordon@cyeene.uwa.com

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is.....this level is EASY first build up your camp build lots of animals or machines and about 25 of your best people then attack you should be able to find the enemy base if you can't I dont know WHY.

Oscar Torres - chatte@accesshub.net

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......build the beast enclosure and the Alchemy Hall right next to the Clan hall and send all of your beginning troops and vehicles to the northwest (upper left) of the map to destroy towers, troops, and enemy's Outpost, Machine Shop, Power Station, and tankers (if you don't want to use the enemy's oil rig, destroy it and put your own, but to do this, you need the Blacksmith, which I don't recommend building until after you can protect your Power Station without any problems... I never need to build it, though). While this is going on, put Giant Scorpions into production and send three or four to defend the Power Station... send another three scorpions over to help the troop in the northwest to complete the takeover of the entire region. Build another Power Station to the immediate right of the Clan Hall.
Use the Alchemy Hall to make the Beast Enclosure smarter until you have the War Mastodons and Giant Beetles. Use Dire Wolves and Giant Scorpions to defend your power station until you have enough money to amass a large group of War Mastodons (about 15-20). Use the Alchemy Hall to make the Clan Hall smarter until you have heavy guard towers and can see red dots on the world map. Place two heavy guard towers on the northwest side of the camp (as a precaution). Send your large group of War Mastodons on a suicide mission in the direction of the enemy camp, and create a large group of Giant Beetles. Send the group of Giant Beetles after the group of War Mastodons. Create a large group of Giant Scorpions and a large group of Dire Wolves and send them to clean up the rest of the map. If you like using the robot, then istead of the group of Giant Scorpions and Dire Wolves, you can use him. The robot is most definately more than adequate to finish the job. All of this can be done on the single oil rig you start the mission with. This strategy is very repeatable and you can change the way you use the animals. I have never had to build a Blacksmith.


I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......
Take all fast units, bikes, scorps etc. move down and go into their south base and go north to the top of their base, then move even more north of their base and get Gort. Then use him to destroy all power stations. Then KKND!

Michael Rastello -

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......

You bring your two dire wolves and the two sidecars to the base on the southeast corner of the map. You have to be quick here so when the missile batteries shoot you zip right by them. Next you should pass the base and a road on the north side of the base. There will be 1 missile battery defending the road. Go right past it and you will find a bunker with a robot inside of it. Get the robot and destroy the base. Meanwhile by your own base make infinity shotgunners. Take all your troops and krush,kill,N,destroy the base on the west side of the whole map. That will be the hardest part of the mission.


I got 2 really kool strategies, ya see, what ya do is......




james coco - james@cracko.com

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is...... you start by building a blacksmith, power station, and a derrik. Then you have to build up an army of ABOUT 7-8 scorpions and you can also add some other stupid little idiots if you want to watch the wussy part of your army die with ease. After that you will travel up until you see an opening, like a path, leading to a weird building. DON'T KILL OR EVEN DAMAGE IT, IT WILL TURN OUT TO BE YOUR LIFESAVER!!!. Get you army pretty close to it and it will open to reveal a killer of a robot. While this is happening you should be building some scorpions.
Here it goes. Now go up and to the right of your starting point until you see the other teams base. Kill the tower then the bad guys that will try to kill you then kill the other team's power stations and the thing thats makes the guys, then kill the tankers, then kill the thing that makes the badguys' machines, then kill the derricks and the tower then you should be done.

Eric - weric@vanircm.com

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......
Build a beast enclosure and then start building 8 or 9 dire wolves. Take your existing motorcycles and dire wolves (party 1), and send them around to the oil drill to the right. Destroy that and the power plant. Take your 8-9 dire wolves (Party 2) and send them down to meet party 1. Take them all the way down and through the enemy camp. Open the bunker at top and start blasting the Survivors away, starting with power plants and grape shot cannons. Should be a piece of cake from here on out.

Michael Beardsley - mlbeards1@juno.com

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......The first things first. Take your Bike & Sidecar and Dash up the North Passage. Then you'll see a small stream. Follow it until you can get across. Now, I know the other stratageis SAY that the base will attack you... but they won't - Now go get the Robot in the Tech Bunker. Dash back to the base with him. Now you'll be able to protect your base and save up your oil. (you were supposed to make a Blacksmith and Power Station in the beginning of each game. DUH!, if you don't understand that concept, you shouldn't be playing the game.) Now, upgrade your stuff (Beast Enclosure, Blacksmith, Clan Hall, Menagerie, etc.) and get a few tankers.
A good thing to do is build two power stations, and two derricks, and get two more tankers - that way you have 4 tankers going to two derricks. Also, to get oil fast, designate two tankers per derrick and station. Meanwhile, the survivors will try to attack you with little armys. Keep your robot in the southwest passage to nail guys as they come along. You should now have a pretty good chance against them. If you want to build a few grape shots at each passage, if they are attacking you constantly. Keep building, and making pyromanics, shotgunner, and roiters.
If you want to end the mission real quick, make 4 beetles, 2 or 3 mammoths, and an optional 3 scorpions ( 4 beetles is probably all you'll need.) Make a few infantry guys for extra support. Gather them all and your robot, send em' over and...............KKnD!

Jarrod Downs - jrdown@stpeters.hamilton.school.nz

My strategy is to pile your troops into the positions (a real oldie) that the enemy is attacking from and keep building more guys onto it (grunty guys like Giant Scorpions etc) and build an equal number of the troops, but build four or more and give (if you build four) two to the defence and two to attack, or if you're really strained for troops build (if you choose four) three for the defence and one for the attack.

Craig Lindeman - lindeman@key.net.au

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is build a blacksmith, a power station, an oil rig and a beast enclosure and then build a alchemy hall and keep on upgrading your buildings. Then get a dire wolf and go to the top of the screen; you will find a mech warrior. Then go to the bottom of the screen, turn east and destroy their rig and then KRUSH,KILL,N,DESTROY.
P.S the enemy will rapidly attack your base so stay ALERT.



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