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Trevor Calder - trevor@iinet.net.au

The key to this mission is to develop the oil well across the bridge at the right time. Too soon, and the resources you've used on the derrick and tankers would have been more usefully spent on tanks. Too late, and you don't have resources coming in when needed.

Apart from the usual two power stations at the start, build a research lab and upgrade the machine shop. Concentrate on tanks until the first well is almost dry - then move east over the bridge. Put a defensive line about halfway up the east side of the map (don't neglect the defense of your buildings) then work the two oil patches available. Use at least six tankers, because the attacks are heavy ones and you will need lots of tanks to defend with. You MUST keep building tanks.

Then, when you think you have enough tanks, send a couple of motorbikes out to scout the enemy camp. It's a hard nut to crack, as there are a number of cannon waiting for you. If possible, attack just after you've defended against a mutant attack - but don't expect to find no enemy in the camp.

The real difficulty I had with this mission was the simultaneous enemy attacks from the north and east - at one time having only one tank and one flamerguy left after defending my camp.

This mission can only be won by being aggressive at the right time. Too soon, and you don't have enough forces. Too late, and you will never get the chance.
They have a lot more resources than you do..............

An excellent demo mission - not easy, but not too hard.

Alex Jankov - vladj@tig.com.au

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is.....
Build your base across the bridge, where the shrubs will help you defend and you get a full oil well. Once you establish basic defences
it's time to visit the evolved oil rig up north across the bridge. A small group of sappers and flamers should destroy the machine gun nest and the oil rig. Since the little group will get destroyed keep doing this to reduce their money flow. At your own base there should be about three tankers bringing in the oil. Once you have enough units smash the grapeshots. There is no need to hurry keep your forces there in case they want to rebuild the grapeshots. Keep on sending reinforcements and attack them from both sides to finish it off.

Reffli Palandeng - irpal@cabi.net.id

The freaky Evolved to your north-east is tough to defeat, but don't worry. All you have to do is quickly set up your base and send immediately your units available in the start of the mission to their nearest Drill Rig. As soon as you start the mission, deploy your Mobile Outpost near the oil patch, and then build Machine Shop to get Oil Derrick. Send your Oil Derrick to the nearest oil patch to create Oil Rig, next build Power Station as close as possible to the oil patch so your Oil Tanker have fastest route to the oil.

At the same time, quickly send all your units to the north-east of your main base, where you will find a Machinegun Nest and a Grapeshot Cannon guarding their Drill Rig. Separate your units into 2 groups, first group is the infantry (Sapper) and second is the vehicles. It is important to separate the Sapper because they can do splash damage to friendlies. Attack the Grapeshot Cannon with your vehicles, and the Machinegun Nest with your infantry. Also use Barrage Craft 'hit and run attacks' with their missiles so you can have minimal casualties. Then simply destroy the Drill Rig, and if you get a chance, krush the Oil Tanker as many as possible.

Next send all your units northward to their main base. First you will encounter with Beast Enclosure and Power Station guarded with some of their units. Destroy the Beast Enclosure first so they will have a little chance to create more units. Your units probably won't survive with the first wave, so build the rest of your main base, build another Oil Rig across the river in the east of your main base, and then upgrade your buildings to keep sending more units. After the Beast Enclosure destroyed, take the Blacksmith above the Beast Enclosure down, and then the Clan Hall nearby.

Hung Nguyen - Da Playah2@aol.com

Ok you first start out with a little strike force and a mobile construction yard. Bring them all up and kill the 2 little guards standing there but don't run after the guy on the dog. Then take the mobile vehicle and unload it a little north of the broken down house but leave some room to make a power station on top. Then make a machine shop to the right side of it. Make a research lab on the right side of it, make the power station right on top of the outpost. When the machine shop is ready start making the derry or that thing that costs 1000 dollars than put it right on top of the oil spill.
The power station should be ready then; take the oil tank and start pumping some gasoline. As soon as that happens a little mob will probably appear, use your team to krush n kill them. Now take the research lab and then start researching the outpost. When it's done do it again. After that start making the missile batteries right on the upper left corner of the road. Make another one a little left of it if you gave it some space! After that the mob will probably come after you again. You start panicking right now! sike just playing with ya.
You will lose some units and might even lose some missile batteries too but don't worry. After the battle's over check the whole entire area's energy and if any are low get some technicians but if some units are badly damaged don't make the repair bay ok. Trust me :-) Start replacing any lost missile batteries, when you get back up start researching your machine shop. After that's done do it again. Then get one more oil tank. Then make a derry or that thing then bring it to the oil spill on the left. After that make a power station as close as possible to it but leave some space to put 2 missile batteries on top of it.

David Zhou - weiqing_zhou@ncsu.edu

If your playing the game and just can't seem to win then..... don't listen to the other guys! What you should do is when you start out you should amass all the people you start with. Make the command post and a machineshop and a power station and a research lab and a derrick. Take the troops that you started with (you know, the missle thing, the anaconda, and those other things) and make them into a tight group. Next, you go up and right to attack the grape shot and machinegun tower. Destroy the enemy oil derrick and any tankers, KEEP YOUR GRENADERS OUT OF THE WAY FOR THAT PART OR YOU'LL HAVE SOME NICE PANCAKES!!!! Then attack the grape shot to the close top right with your remaining troops (hopefully you still have the flamer and the missle launcher and the anaconda and many grenaders) destroy the men and scorpion that are close to the grape shot after you destroy that.
Then procede to the beast building and destroy that of they'll make so mammoths. Destroy the lower red teams power station with the missle launcher and the anaconda. Use these, if you still have them at a far distance so they won't get killed by the grape shot just past that power station. Meanwhile, use your remaining grenades to destroy the clan hall. Then take all the troops you have left to destroy the blacksmith and remaining power station at a safe distance. By now you ought to have a ton of oil, so up grade the machine shop and build flamers. Use these dudes to destroy the remaining grape shot and other building that are left, do not use you remaining troops that are in enemy territory to do this or they will die.

Jason Dillman - dillman.fam@bigfoot.com

Well I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is...... Set Up Your Defense As Soon As possible. Put the ATV Flamethrower on the bridge so that if the enemy attacks that way the Flamethrower can stall them until you can bring in reinforcements. Build the Buildings in this order: Set Up the Outpost Machine Shop Oil Refinery
Build A mobile derrick. Put the mobile Derrick on the oil patch closest to your base.
Build an Upgrade Place
Upgrade the Outpost 1 time, then the machine shop once, then the outpost, then the machine shop. After everything is upgraded build another oil tanker and a missile battery. Place the Missile Battery where it can guard your buildings if the enemy attack.
While everything is upgrading build 3 bikers and send them in the front way past the guard tower and the grapeshot cannon. You should be able to get them far enough so that you can see their forces. Don't be alarmed if they come to attack, as you should win easily.
Don't get too caught up in building and upgrading that you forget to train units for defense.
Build a Repair Bay
Start To Build Up Your Forces. I recommend training ATV Flamethrowers and Flamers. At This Point You should build another derrick and another oil refinery. Place the Derrick on the oil patch to the right of the bridge. Remember to always have enough defenders so if they attack you can win. Build Another Oil Tanker. Place A Missile Battery and a few units near the Derrick to the right of the bridge. When Your oil permits build 2 more missile batteries and place them so that they protect the outpost, machine shop, and the oil refineries. Near the end of the game when you have enough money you may want to build another outpost.
When the oil patch closest to your base runs out, you may want to build another Derrick and place it on the oil patch in the south-east corner of the map. Also, build three more oil tankers to get oil from it.
One Tip: You can never have too much oil! Depending on how far the oil rig is from the nearest Power Station, you should have at least two oil tankers, and if it is far away, up to 5 or 6.
When you set up your defense, you should put the short range vehicles in front, with the longer range vehicles and short range infantry to the side. Put the long range infantry behind the vehicles.
The next tip is one of the most usefull ones. YOUR INFANTRY MUST BE PROTECTED BY VEHICLES OR THEY WILL BE RUN OVER! Remember this.
When you see the enemy come to attack, start to train Swats and Flamers to infinity.
When the Evolved come to attack, their faster units will reach you first. Use your flamers and other units to take them out. Next, all the infantry will come together, along with a few other units. Use your Flamers to take out the other units, and send in 2 or 3 ATVs or ATV Flamethrowers and run over all the infantry. Using this technique you can kill about 20 infantry without losing a unit.
For defending I love Flamers as they are cheap and powerful, but are not as good on the attack.
You should always have at least 2 engineers handy in case there is damage to your towers or buildings.
You should always have a lot of Missile Batteries.
From time to time one thing you may want to do is train a group of about 8 flamers and 4 sappers and send them up to the top of the map to attack their guard tower and Oil Rig. You will be able to kill their Tower and Rig, causing them to lose oil. Eventually they will rebuild but it will cost them.
To prepare for the final attack, I would train a combination of Flamers, Swats, ATV Flamethrowers, and Anaconda tanks.
When you are ready to attack, send one third of your units up to the top of the map to attack the Gaurd Tower and Oil Rig. Send the rest of them up to attack them through the way where the Grapeshot Cannon and Gaurd Tower are. Try to time it so that the vehicles and infantry attack at the same time. Time it so that the units that are attacking at the top of the map attack about 20 seconds sooner than the other 2 thirds of your units.
Attack the Gaurd tower and Grapeshot Cannon first. Next, work your way to the Beast Enclosure, killing any enemies in the way. Leave 1/3 of your units to destroy the Beast Enclosure, 1/3 to stand guard, and 1/3 to attack the Clan Hall. After these are destroyed, Take out the Power Plants and Blacksmith, stopping to take out any buildings they may try to rebuild. After all these are taken out, you can finish off the Oil Rigs, Towers, and the odd Unit at your leisure.
That's about it!
This is my favorite level in the demo. I have beaten it at least 20 times.

Sen Chiang - caliber@u.washington.edu

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......
In the beginning start by setting up your base. While base is setting up use the vehicles to destroy the spray gun and machine gun tower. Then get the sappers in and help out destroy the oil rig and pump. Use left over vehicles to destroy the oil rigs so sappers won't be run over. Then the Evolved will be low in funds and you will have plenty of time to build up the base and make more troops and units. You will have to destroy oil pump and rigs quickly in the beginning.

Michael Bentley - mbentley01@sprynet.com

River crossing looks hard, but actually it's very easy. As soon as the game begins drop your mobile outpost, then move the rest of your men North a bit. Next split into two separate groups with half the infantry in each, your missile truck in one, the flame thrower in the other. Send one group north to attack the Evolved oil rig (making sure to take out the machine gun nest first). If you avoid the grapeshot gun it's no prob. Then send the other group east to do the same to the other rig. On this side, avoid the machine gun nest but make sure you take out the grapeshot gun. Once you've done this it's over. The Evolved run out of $ and are unable to make another oil rig, let alone anything else. Then just sit back, take your time and build a massive army at your convenience. Sometimes they'll have a spare mastodon or so, but nothing you can't handle if you're even moderately careful.

Peter Newsome - freddy_64@hotmail.com

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is...... First you start of with a few units and a mobile outpost. Put your outpost where you can put a machine shop and a power station close enough to an oil patch. Then from your machine shop build a derrick and take it to the oil patch. Then build a research lab and a reapair bay. Start to research the machine shop then when that's finished do it again. Upgrade the outpost twice. When you have upgraded the buildings make about 6 or 7 ATV Flamethrowers and about 9 Flamers. Then build 3 or 4 Anaconda tanks. Have at least 9 or more shotgunners.
When you have enough units start the attack to the north. Have the troopers do the machinegun nest and the machines do the grapeshot cannon. Then when you have done that get the troopers and the machines into one group and start to destroy the buildings and units Evolved have. Then once you have done that you start to destroy the tankers and the oil rigs they have and a grapeshot cannon and a machinegun nest and you're done.

Arron Washington - Washington@clds.net

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is..... You know how at the begining of the mission after a while an enemy is close enough to know you're there then runs? Well...You gotta run first. Run all the way across the bridge and have the troops and tanks in front. Kill whatever moves and keep moving. Don't let them know where you are.....Then attack when you have a large force....never bring a unit back to base with a enemy following, got it???


I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......first you bring all your forces to where they usually attack then set up your outpost. Build a machine shop and power plant; make a derrik and get some money in. Make at least 9 swat infantry. After the first attack the enemy makes send your whole force at the grape shot, though you may lose many men. You'll have enough guys left to destroy the oil rig and defend the oil spot. This cuts the enemy's production by a lot. Be sure to send reinforcements because the enemy will attack [but not in great numbers or power]. If they're able to defeat you at least you didn't go out without a fight and if this were to happen you'll probably have to restart.

Mel Dearing - mel@globalserve.net

For a newbie, I must say, KKND is the best game I've played on my computer to date. I loved this game even when I hated it. In the beginning I was getting killed, I was figuring this thing out a piece at a time and folks, I have mastered it. I have 3 strategies, vastly different, but they give me great satisfaction as I destroy the enemy. It is my latest strategy that I love so much--quick, efficient, and surgeon-like. No need for multiple derricks, tankers, and energy stations. No need for a research lab either!! Do you believe me?...it can be done!

You start by highlighting all your men and guide them up tightly along the left side as quickly as possible until you can get them to concentrate between the two shacks, out of range of the 2 archers. If you see a horse, ignore him, he will go away if you stay far left, heading north fast. Once at shack, your all terrain vehicles or flamethrower should lead and just run over the 2 archers--don't take them on, just run them over!! Once done, guide all your men to a point on the edge of the bridge--hope they are all still highlighted. Right click and highlight just the outpost--open it immediately--there should be an oil patch (the driest one by the way in the whole game :) ) in the area. Build a machine shop and a power station immediately.

Once started, go back to your gang of assassins eagerly waiting for your next command. Concentrate them on to the bridge, about half way--stay out of range of machinegunners!!! Wait until all your men and vehicles are tight, then attack the machinegunner. Once destroyed, go for the oil rig ( If you swing left around the rig, you will sustain less damage from the grapeshot cannon to the right).

Doug - doug@nettrek.com.au

First, I move everything I have North to the bridge. I group all my men together then destroy the grapeshot cannon and then the machinegun nest. Destroy any tankers that are using the nearby oilrig. Then, set your outpost up to the left of the Evolved oilrig and build a power station as close to it as possible. Don't destroy the oilrig. Use it as your own! Then, just build a machine shop to the North a bit and a research centre to the South, build up your army and defenses, and KKND. :)

- - - -

I got this really kool strategy, ya see, what ya do is......

Ya take all your little cars and people to the right of your starting place, acrose the bridge, where a oil patch is. Deploy the mobile base below the oil patch and start pumping oil!!!

The computer will attack from the bridge for a short time but DO NOT place too many guard towers/cars/humans there 'cause the computer gets smarter!!! mind the trees as you defend the right-top (especally left) corner of your base. the best Defence is this

G=guard tower
H=human CC
B=your base C
C=cliff CC